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[summons] aw | Late evening, Overcast | Calling for Kopec

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

He was selfish to think he could come to the mountain without judgement, but the longer he linger by the lakeside, the more he became aware of the judgement that passed. They seemed to think he came snivelling back looking for forgiveness but all he wished for was the love of his daughter. He cared not for Igbo as he spouted his threatening words, just simply that his daughter remained by his side. Kopec was all he had left. She reminded him of Nima but her appearance was clearly his. She wore the colours of the Lascrofes with dignity. It made him proud.

Kiel kept his brows knitted together, his eyes lowered to the pebbled beaches as he wandered across the far side of the lake, a far as he could get away from the caves - his caves. He felt stupid, lingering so feebly but he couldn’t rest easy around the Hellmaw lot. There was something poisoned in the brains, a religion of sorts put in place by the Empress herself. Toxic. Disgusting. He often thought it better to do away with the old and bring in the new.

Change was much better suited when the tainted were done away with no?

He blinked, halting at the lakeside, toes within its icy depths. The shock of the chill tossed away his darker thoughts and cleared his mind. Death and murder was something he would have done months before… He’d been working on his sanity enough to know when to banish certain thoughts and when to keep others around. He couldn’t always entertain his darkest desires… Not when the cost could be so pricy. If Igbo was gone… Kopec could easily turn on her father. Igbo had been there for her afterall, more than himself.


Where was she anyway? It had been a while since the girl had been seen by himself. Sure, her scent often lingered but with Igbo following his every move… He couldn’t get a moments peace to seek her out. What better time than now he supposed… Throwing his head back, he let out a howl, welcoming her presence to him, asking her to join him.

Jul 03, 2018 01:49 PM

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Igbo Black J

Across the lake, the stranger stood howling in a territory that had melted and burned only to freeze again. The gleam in his amber eyes shot over the still, icy lake waters to pierce the large, demeaning figure. To howl as if it was his own, to turn his nose up and ignore with no humility, to remain here and fish for a daughter he did not know, Igbo Black’s gaze twisted gut-wrenching uncanny.

The Wayfarer did not want the mess he walked into to. He did not want Kopec for who she was, but only for what she represents. The fierce, phoenix girl who rose from the ashes to spit and crack bones over teeth was troubled, hurt, and well on her way to recovery. Kopec was not to be handled like an apology trophy, nor a traveling suitcase.

Igbo Black used to reflect on how Nima, Wayfarer, and himself escaped from the Kingdom. How they had all endured cuts and bruises from the crippling weight and pressure. The coloring of Kiel was not a reference to Kopec, but an entire different frame of reference, like an out of body experience that brought bile to the back of his tongue. The little man did not know if he hated Kiel for leaving, but there was spite and wraith entangled in his return.

Igbo was Kopec’s Ward, her semi-father, the shadow she ruthlessly tramples, the being she exhausted to no end, but with every fiber contained and exerted Igbo Black loved her.

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Kopec Daniels mads

Calls for her were far and few between, so when one actually did, she stood still for a moment. Her days had accumulated upon the caverns, she had lost track of how many nights she had wept and mourned for the losses that would never return to her, these caverns were her home - so why did she stare at the indentations of the slopes and rocks that were decorated with steam from the bubbling pools with no expression? She had personified to caverns, she had made it a place that boiled and bubbled their youth - but the cauldron had spit them out too early.

At the howl, she rolled her shoulders; her left ear rotating towards the entrance to the cave. Just like that, she was pulled back into the reality of the crumblings of their kingdom. Eventually, she stood up and walked towards the opening. She knew who it was, the girl had not forgotten him. He had left, come, left again, come again and had dotted upon appearing to her and be a father figure. She was the only one that remained; Naga had become very well known as a hermit, Amelia was a face she was beginning to move on from and Tychus was dead.

She was the only one that remained.

Rounding the corner, she strode up behind the tiny silhouette of Igbo. “At ease,” She mused lightly, peering down at him as she followed the freezing outline of the lake. She refrained from looking up at the point on, yellow eyes watching her paws move almost subconsciously across the stones. Stones that they had once played upon, stones that held the remnants of memories that were no more than that. Kopec felt his presence before she even rose her head up to meet him; she stopped a few feet away, tail even with her spine - but one more of confidence than of dominance and aggression.

“You called?”


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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

Turning from the waters edge, he saw the man.



His whole being raged within, a fire ignited from the swallowed thoughts of before. It was growing hard to ignore the small, persistent man. Kiel’s lip threatened to curl however he refrained, not wishing to worsen the situation any further.

He would rip into his jugular and watch the blood po-... no Kiel.

He breathed through his nostrils, a long exhale of exhaustion. He was like a leach that kept on drinking, irritating its host to the end of his patience. Kiel looked him over with narrowed eyes, sucking in a sharp breath before snorting out his exhale. His jaw was clenched until he looked up Kopec.

It took him a moment but he calmed, a faint smile growing on his lips. “Just wanted a chat. I haven’t seen you much as of late. A lingering scent around the lake but naught more than a shadow” his voice was somewhat friendly but there was a tension in his chest. His eyes would flicker to Igbo, then back to Kopec. She was strong - a growing woman in a tough world.

With igbo following him as a constant spy, looking, luring and waiting for him to slip up, he was limited to what he could say, limited to how he could speak. Such caution reminded him of how Belarus treated him before his departure, poisoning Nima’s opinion of him to the point that she herself felt the need to watch him, to stalk amongst the vegetation. He was in a prison once more, his justification lost to the wind because of a bias, paid off jury.

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Igbo Black J

The impending figure that laid or caved the foundation of what may or may not happen swaggered in, big and daunting. At ease, she spoke as if she knew what was the burden. His worries were not some mosquito to be swatted and shooed away, nor would he buckle under the pressure. Igbo silently watched as Kopec made her way over to Kiel.

If he spoke out that Kiel was bad news, then Kopec would take it as an insult against her ability to maintain herself. If he phrased it as having Kiel not being good enough, it was only throwing a pebble into a pond. Eventually, the little rock would reach the bottom with all the others. There was no winning, only Kopec’s decisions. Would she even consider Igbo?

At the moment the little man faltered, he felt his shoulders bunch up. He had been here for so long. All of the pups could of been dead, sick, injured, lost to the world, unspoken for as being loved. Igbo Black had tried his best, much like with Nima. It did not matter though, did it? Kopec took to his truthful words, but her fickle and fleeting behavior only knocked the wind from him. Unpredictable. He wished Tomas was by his side to contemplate with, to end the cycle of thinking.

Though, big wolves always wanted to do business themselves. A hind-leg shifted backwards, his fore-paw pivoted to the side. Igbo would never be a father, not in their eyes and never in Nima’s. Solemnly, the little man shifted his weight forward and took the steps to cut the distance between Kiel and himself. He stared down Kiel as he spoke, before his entire body turned to look at Kopec.

To break something that might bend, one must dare and trust.

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Kopec Daniels mads

“Just wanted a chat. I haven’t seen you much as of late. A lingering scent around the lake but naught more than a shadow.”

She blinked. “A chat.” She repeated, ears pointing forward. What could they ‘chat’ about? What he had been doing this entire time? Why he had gone and left them at a young age because he couldn’t put it upon himself to raise them? The death of his son? The cripple that broke every bone in her body who had now rotted into the stones that she called her home? The sister that refused to see her as worthy enough and the other who refused to be within the dying heat of the sun? She bit her tongue, yellow eyes scanning every fiber of his being.

Her left ear pivoted at the sound of approaching paw-steps, her suspicions that Igbo would be joining them confirmed. “You want to chat?” Her eyes met his again. “Alright.”


“I’m not angry at you.” She finally broke it and turned her entire attention back upon him. “I am disappointed with you. confused, disoriented in my life, in the grief of my losses, lost in the next step, struggling to breathe with the weight of stress upon my shoulders, growing without the chance of a childhood. My father returned once, left and returned again after the death of my brother. My sister is a hermit, my other sister is spending less time at home and more time stay away from me because I confronted her about the truth.”  She swallowed, her eyes peering down to Igbo for a brief moment before looking back up at her father.

“I invited you back here for the sole purpose of helping reform what you have left behind long ago. Not because you deserve it or have my mercy, but because it is the right thing to do. It is what Nima would have done. She would have tolerated you because you were the father of her children and you were once her mate. I know this because-” She remembered the love her mother had shown her, the forgiveness and understanding she had. “Because Nima was not only my Empress but she was also my mother.”

Her ears never once fell nor did her expression waver from his. She would watch each emotion flicker on his face. She let the information seep in in silence. Perhaps, somewhere, Nima was grinning proudly at her daughter and saying ‘now that’s how you get information through the thick-headed skull of your father.’

She felt the tension between Igbo and Kiel, they didn’t even try to hide it and boy, was it suffocating.

“So unless you want to mend the bones you have broken in the past and make amends for your wrong judgment, you may leave peacefully. If you wish to stay.” She looked between Igbo and Kiel. “I want you two to talk it out. Now.”

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

Ever so demanding but he had no quarrel. He was back not for her, not for them, just for the well being of the pack. He was not welcome otherwise. He got it. Right. So even the daughter he thought he was getting through to wasn’t in it for him. It was all about the pack.

It was always about the pack.

Why would he ever think it’d have changed?

The stubborn brute in his mind told him to leave, that this life wasn’t for him. But it wasn’t as if he was actually apart of it - he was just there to help. That he could accept. He would never be truly wanted, he felt that, so once he was done… He would leave. He wouldn’t die in the mountains alone.

So as he stood there, he looked towards the small man, his body relaxing ever so slightly as he watched every moment. His eyes remained hooded as he watched the brute, his lip no longer chomping at the bit to lift and curl.

Jokes would not be taken lightly as of that point.

After a long pause, he lowered his chin, releasing a hot breath. His eyes turned to Kopec, his face blank of expression. “I’m here to help in anyway I can. I shall leave when you have no further use of me and wish me gone. I pledge myself to you, Kopec.” His voice held meaning behind it, and internally he felt like a robot to the system but she was his daughter.

Turning his attention to the small man, bar request, he kept his voice stable.“Igbo. If we are to do this, could you please stop being my second shadow? I understand that you probably don’t trust me.” he asked with little emotion besides that of slight pleading. No matter what he said, he felt as if it would disgust the man, Kiel was - after all - a traitor to Nima.

Jul 06, 2018 11:50 AM — Post #6

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Igbo Black J

sorry for the wait!

Igbo gazed softly at Kopec, feeling himself to reach out and console the speech she spoke to her father—until it broke away from the expression Igbo Black wanted to hear, ‘my other sister is spending less time at home and more time stay away from me because I confronted her about the truth’. Darkness fell over his eyes as he let it soak him in. Tingles of exhaustion crept into his paws, numbing each individual toe.

It was not the time to add his own perspective for Kopec spoke what she felt and what she saw. The little man could only do so much to open the view a little wider as he felt it squeezed around his neck, ready to cut off his head from his body.

With an alleviated expression, Igbo spoke up,“While I am glad that you are able to reconnect with your father, Kopec, and be able to express what others may never have the chance to do, I do not see the situation entirely the same.” Amber eyes cut to Kiel, his dark lips tightened. How much of him was trampled by height Igbo Black could only imagine.

“To me, this is not simply about the foundation of maintaining a pack, but the well-being of Amelia and Naga and Kopec. There should be no pledging, nor ‘rid of me when one renders me useless’.” Kiel knew secrets he dare not share. He was nothing more than a threat Igbo wanted to end. “I do not trust one for one does not act according to one’s words, nor does one even speak truthfully.” He held himself seriously, letting his tongue filter the anger into some sensibility.

“Speak one’s mind like the proud individual you are.”The last time Igbo had seen Kiel was when he was leaving with another woman. The only time they had agreed was on not going to murder Elliot. Igbo did not believe Kiel worried for him during their ends with the Kingdom, nor did Igbo necessarily strain to see if the other man was okay. It was not until after Nima’s death and after Tychus’ death and right before the calm passing era of the Hellmaw Empire did the Wayfarer return. Why? Why?! They could not possible pin Kiel as some underling to Kopec to add some muscle and numerical strategy to the merge’s pack.

It smelled of danger and of death.

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo


He raised a brow to Igbo, otherwise lowering his expression to null. Speak his mind? i[
Sure, Kiel would love to speak his mind. Just come a little closer so I can snap your putrid, giraffe neck.

“You’re biased, for one. So anything I could say or would say would mean nothing. Two, since you are biased, how do you know what is truth and what is a lie?” he remained civil, his tones lacking the accusations he felt within. Purely monotoned in voice and his eyes dead as they watched his being.

He could practically taste the metallic that he wished would fill his mouth, however, there was nothing he could do. No. Not for a while at least.

Jul 12, 2018 10:52 AM — Post #8

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Igbo Black J

Igbo is biased? Everyone is biased. The insufferable man was only dodging the question and its reality. Igbo tossed a slow blink in return before responding coolly,“What is said or not said applies to your actions. I know from experience you do things your way or you leave. If there is a disagreement that does not fall in one’s favor, you leave. If something bores one, you leave.” An exaggeration perhaps, but the little wolf was not going to curl up and be tossed aside.

Tilting his head downwards, he let his amber jewels gleam upwards at the man. “I cannot excuse what I have been shown to be true. I only asked you speak frankly instead of dodging, because what one acts only vaguely follows what is said.”

“And since we are not standing in the past, I thought the change of context would of warranted an organic response.”

He paused, narrowing his eyes, challenging the bastard.

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

Kiel grinned.

“True. I’m a selfish prick, obviously.”

His expression fell once more, his head tilting with a cocky sort of irritation silently expressing: come at me. “I see no reason to express what you already know since you know everything of course. However, I agree. I am selfish. I do things so that they satisfy myself and myself alone. Nima and I were toxic. Belarus was her twisted snake whispering false truths. You, I respect. You remained even when the snake left he side.” A pause.

“Aren’t we all traitors in our own respect?” he smirked, straightening himself out as he began to express more and more of his sarcastic emotions. “My leaving was out of boredom and claustrophobia. I’m a vagabond. I’m worthless trash to depend upon.” he mused, finally loosing the smirk that coated his lips. He just stared - stoically as he said his piece.

What was he to do but agree with the small prick?

Not like he wanted to stick around anyway with the piece of shit pissing on every rock he walked past.

Jul 12, 2018 03:52 PM — Post #10

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Kopec Daniels mads


The dark girl snapped with a roll of her eyes, ears flattened. She had enough of the hidden testosterone and attempting to dismantle their heads with their arguing. ”You two are acting like pups fighting over a bone of a rat. What happened to talking like adults?” She stood up, her tail straight behind her.

“What happened in the past, remains in the past. Igbo, if we do not give him a chance to redeem himself then we can’t move on. Do you think I brought him here to have his throat ripped out?” A few months prior she would have, quite frankly. She peered down to her guardian with a risen eyebrow.

”I trust your outlook, Igbo, but see things the way that I see them for once, will you?”

She turned to her father. ”You’ve returned twice, how can we trust that you won’t become ‘bored’ with us again?”

Jul 14, 2018 03:28 PM — Post #11

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Igbo Black J

At Kiel’s dramatic display, Igbo stayed stoic. If not for Kopec’s interjection, he would of continued to make his own point. Trampled, again.

Disagreeing with Kopec would only mean giving Kiel a chance to step up, but she was not right. She did not know, she never did, nor did Igbo Black believed she deserved to know.

Flicking his amber eyes to meet hers, Igbo silently shook his head at her. What happens in the past remains in the past? Where was the child sitting in the caves?

“Do not speak to me like that Kopec.” His tail swished, a swirl of betrayal. “What good is bringing him back?” His brows arched, his voice rose. “Does one think what he just said was a simply a joke? What he just said was the truth.” Amber eyes warned. It was not simply paranoia, it was reality. They were not pups that bickered between each other, they were adults. They lied, manipulated, and killed so swiftly. This was no uncertain fear, nor the one that tickled and made him scream irrationally. Why? Why?!

Igbo did not dare to trust that Kopec believed her own words, could she really? The high rise of his brows dipped into confusion, surprise. She had to ask her own father why he would not get bored and leave again?

Softness weaved with criticism Igbo spoke,“You think he is your father?”

Jul 14, 2018 03:59 PM — Post #12

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Kiel Lascrofe Bonyo

He stood back and watched with eager interest.  Was Igbo breaking over that fact he wasn’t her father? It made the man internally smile.

As for Kopec’s question, he remained expressionless. “You cannot.” he uttered quietly, looking to the girl. A flicker of emotion passed across his eyes - regret. Or was it guilt?  But it soon vanished back into his hooded mask.

Jul 18, 2018 02:17 PM — Post #13

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