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Stretch my legs
Thunderstorm | Late Afternoon | AW

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Leas knew she shouldn’t stray far from the caverns at this time of year, but she needed to get out and find something to do. A walk in the trees had seemed like the best possibility, even if she could hear the occasional cracks of thunder in the distance and even if it was raining heavily upon her. The cold water didn’t exactly feel nice at this time of year, but it was a change from the frustrating, uncomfortable feeling of being in heat that had enveloped her last week.

She hadn’t strayed too far, but the dark brown woman walked quietly beneath the trees. She glanced at her stomach once, wondering if there were already pups in there. She felt like things just hadn’t been the same this winter. Rath hadn’t seemed as interested in her, he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk to her as much.

Leas wanted pups more than anything. She wanted to marvel at her belly again through the winter - this time knowing what to expect at least - and she wanted to have little bundles of fur curled up against her in the spring. She sighed and continued on.

[Day 11 of heat for my own account]

Jul 04, 2018 12:21 PM

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

The Nightshade had told herself she was staying away from the Evergreens for their own protection against cranky, hormonal Piper. But her only company in Freyar had gone…. probably hunting, or something. Wherever he sometimes wandered off to do. It left Piper some alone time to think, and she spent today wandering around the other parts of the forest to do so.

When the ebony queen caught Leas’ scent nearby, her chocolate frame just visible ahead, her first thought was to realize how excited she became, and mused about how comfortable life had been since joining the Evergreens. Itd become ber second home, and she couldn’t imagine leaving it.
Her next thought was one of worry: what if Leas was looking for her? Shed been absent from the caves quite a few days now, but she didn’t wander all that far, did she?


The name called from her maw before she willed it to, and Piper trotted forward to catch up to the Aide. To make sure she knew she was just keeping away until her heat ended, not that she was…. distancing herself.

Maybe she was over thinking things. Maybe she would apologize for nothing, and she could simply share her good news.

Jul 05, 2018 11:31 AM — Post #1

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Leas turned her head, ears perked forward at her name. She smiled as she realized it was Piper. She felt like she hadn’t seen the darker woman around as much recently, but she was still present. Perhaps the winter was an odd time for all of them.

“Hello Piper,” she responded, turning back to approach as her tail wagged gently. “I just needed to take a walk,” she explained, somewhat lamely she thought. She wasn’t sure what to say about why she was out of the caverns otherwise. She wondered if Piper had come out here to find her for something specific.

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Lilac Skye

She came. Yes, Lilac came. She was born a traveler and would never stop traveling.


She didn’t want to join a pack, nor have pups for that matter. She wanted to be alone for now. The teenager looked around, she saw two wolves and decided to keep her distance.

Jul 09, 2018 08:55 AM — Post #3

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Piper Nightshade Raven Marie

When Leas turned and greeted her with a smile, Piper knew she was wrong to worry. She could have carried about her solitary day without interruption, but at least it was Leas and not someone else.

The chocolate woman explained she was just out for a walk, and Piper nodded, her own smile growing.

“Sorry I haven’t been around. Trying to keep my distance while I’m in heat. Don’t want to seem cranky.”

After a pause, she realized she may be intruding. Her ebony brow furrowed momentarily. Leas was in heat too, and Piper knew she wasn’t particularly bubbly during this time of year, even if she did admittedly want to gush about Freyar. The other woman was unheard, unscented, and unseen, and therefore Piper didn’t care.

“You don’t mind my company, do you?”

Jul 10, 2018 02:35 PM — Post #4

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Leas missed the presence of the younger wolf further off. She smiled at Piper instead, her attention caught up in the presence of the older woman she admired.

The chocolate brown woman smiled and gave a little nod in response, she understood that urge to some degree. Though, she had spent much of her time with the pack, as she had for months, as she always did.

“I’m sure you aren’t cranky,” she reassured gently. “I don’t mind company at all. It would be nice, actually.” Because, well, Rath didn’t often say all that much, and the pups were young. Leas had always enjoyed the thought of another adult woman she could be just friends with.

While perhaps it wasn’t the most casual topic, but Leas felt like their mutual current situations were something to talk about. “Rath and I are hoping for pups in the spring…trying for them.” That was a more elegant way to phrase it. Indeed, Leas really hoped there would be pups.

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Lilac Skye

She listened in on their conversation, the brown female was talking about having pups. Oh goody, children. She thought. The black female was probably a friend of the pup-wanting wolf.

She still sat, watching, waiting. Wondering if anyone would notice her.

Jul 20, 2018 01:50 AM — Post #6

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Absinthe Lilja

I hope you don’t mind me sticking her in here!  She’s about a round or two away from Leas and Piper (but isn’t advancing on them) and is trying to sneak up on Lilac~ :))

Absinthe had been about.  She wouldn’t admit it to any living soul, but she was looking for something.  A gift.  For Margarita.  Her first—and probably only—friend.  It was strange, depending on someone the way she was beginning to depend on the Fairy Goddess.  After all, it was a lonely world of frightened wolves.  Not her, though.  At least, not when she was around her source of strength.  That was what Rita was becoming to her.  Strength.  Happiness. 

It took the pale shadow little time to realize that flowers didn’t grow in the wintertime.  Despite the season, a cold rain drenched the girl’s shoulders and thunder roared overhead.  It was quite difficult to see two feet in front of her through the mist that rose as a defiance to the ground’s temperature versus the air’s.

It wasn’t long before Absinthe circled back to head towards the caverns.  Despised them she did, but they offered the promise of dry fur and Margarita.  Her hunt for a gift had been spoiled by the rain and the thunder and all the girl wished for now was to head back to where she came from.

Perhaps she would have made it, too, if she didn’t pause to take in several voices that sounded off close by.  Curiosity ebbed at the pale shadow until she found her paws moving in the direction of the sound, masked by thunder and rainfall. 

Scent was hard to detect through the water that fell from the sky, but it was only reasonable for Absinthe to conclude that the wolves in the distance were of the Evergreens.  Several feet away from her was a greyscale figure, appearing to watch the other two wolves in the area.

Rath and I…

Absinthe caught.  Immediately her ears perked and tail bristled.  Rath could only be short for Rathbone, the male who had intruded on her first meeting with Margarita.  She didn’t especially like the timber adult, but his role in the pack had sounded important.  Maybe this woman—though she was hard to see and hear over the mist and sound of the storm—was a friend of his.

The child was more interested in the form that sat in front of her, listening to the conversation that was taking place.  Of course, Abs was still quite a ways away from the figure, but she slowly crept closer, green eyes intently focused on the girl.  Was she also of the Evergreens?  Or was she a rogue like herself?

Such a curiosity.

Jul 20, 2018 03:06 PM — Post #7

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