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[summons] [Margarita and Absinthe] | Afternoon | AW

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

A new wolf had been around the caverns recently, and Leas couldn’t just ignore the new girls’ scent. Rath hadn’t mentioned her, nor had anyone else. It seemed that her scent mingled about with Margarita’s, and Leas had been meaning to make sure the palest pup had settled back into her home again as well.

Really, her heat had been a very distracting time, and she was glad that it had passed now. It was too early to tell if she was having pups but every morning she woke up desperately hoping that there would be some sign that day that she was. She’d have to wait, be patient. There were plenty of pups in the caverns already to look after, but she felt strongly about having more.

Taking a little breath she cleared her worried but excited thoughts from her head and instead turned her nose towards the ground, trying to search out the girls she was looking for. “Marg,” she called softly, not even knowing the other girls name to call for her specifically.

Jul 07, 2018 10:19 AM

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Margarita maiyev

Margarita tried to spend as little time around the caverns as possible. Most of her days were spent looking for new haunts to waste her days, waiting to find a place that felt better suited to her. She’d begun caching plants again, too, though most were dead, and she didn’t know what any of them were used for. She wondered if she ever would; if it would ever be anything except a way to pass time.

Marg. The syllable came from around the caverns. Luckily, she was close enough to hear it, and meandered in that direction. Finally, she found Lees. A bitter taste came to her tongue.

“Huh,” she huffed disinterestedly through a plant’s stem, setting it down at her feet thereafter. It was wilted, but the brown woman may have recognized it as beebalm.

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

The smaller white pup appeared around a corner and Leas favored the girl with a gentle smile. Marg was looking better again, and Leas could only hope the pup was flourishing some here. Scotch had seemed very intent on being a part of the girls life, though Leas didn’t recall seeing him around for a little while.

“Has Piper been teaching you about plants as well?” Leas asked gently, nodding towards what Marg had in her mouth. Leas didn’t recognize it herself, but then her herbal lessons had been somewhat short, and here they were in another winter and Leas had hopes of having more pups. She had plenty of other things to keep her busy.

‘I wanted to ask you about another girl I’ve smelled around the caverns, is she your friend?” Leas didn’t even have a name for the other wolf, but she hoped that Marg might be able to tell her something more.

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Absinthe Lilja

She heard Margarita’s name being called.  Except it wasn’t a name that Absinthe would have used for her new acquaintance.  It wasn’t one she was rather fond of, either.  The pale child much preferred ‘Rita’, or in her own mind, ‘Fairy Goddess’.  Still, the girl couldn’t ebb the flow of curiosity that hit her hard in the chest when Margarita’s name echoed throughout the caverns in a voice that was not hers.

Slowly at first, but speeding up when she gained confidence, Absinthe slunk through the shadows, keeping to the sides of the walls that would best conceal her figure.  She should have been born dark like her sire.  Though he wouldn’t have liked that much, it certainly would have aided Absinthe in her time of need for stealth.

She was getting better at being sneaky.  Better at being unheard.  She was the shadow of the caverns, the White Wraith.  Rarely seen, rarely heard.  It was Margarita she was here for, not Rathbone or Maurdie or any of the other Evergreens.  Margarita was the reason she stayed.  For now.

Up ahead, she could see the two wolves in a beam of light from the cavern’s mouth.  She came as close as she dared where she was sure that she was invisible from sight.  Maybe Margarita would notice her presence.  Maybe the other woman she was talking to would.  Maybe none of them would notice and the girl could go on remaining invisible.  She was there to listen, not to partake in the action.

And listen she did.  She heard the name ‘Piper’ and something about plants.  Absinthe liked plants.  Especially the pretty ones.  Flowers, they were called.  Sometime she was going to get out of the caverns and find some pretty flowers for Margarita. 

It was when her presence was mentioned that Absinthe’s pearly ears pricked.  Was she Margarita’s friend.  Yes.  No.  Absinthe wasn’t sure what the proper label for herself and Margarita would be.  For Absinthe, she didn’t need one.  She only needed Margarita, as Margarita was enough for her.

Still, the girl refrained herself from coming out of the shadows.  Maybe she would if Margarita said she could.  If the Fairy Goddess told her it was safe.  Until either of them noticed her or the other child gave her permission to appear, Absinthe would remain in darkness.



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Margarita maiyev

Rita’s face was characteristically expressionless as the brown woman spoke to her. Piper. She barely knew the name; had seen its beholder around the caverns, but they’d never spoken. Should Margarita have sought her out? Or perhaps the other way around? Regardless, it hadn’t happened. To Lees’ first question, the girl shook her head.

Then, she asked about Absinthe. Only then did a hint of light enter into her features. Her ears leaned forward slightly, lidded eyes opening a subtle bit more.

Was she her friend?

She nodded. The girl didn’t have to consider her response. No one else had been there for her so reliably, whether it was by Margarita’s own accord that she was alone, or some unspoken shunning that had been initiated. No one wanted to talk to the girl from a dead family. No one liked an audience with someone so perpetually sad.

Absinthe was the only thing she knew anymore. She was the only one who was always there.

Rita’s eyes wandered, only to find her there, watching from the shadows. Her gaze flicked away quickly in an effort to keep her concealed.

“Her name’s Abby,” she told Lees, testing the name on her tongue, wondering if Absinthe would approve. So far, she liked it.

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Leas Fitzroy Matti

Leas focused her attention on the girl with a gentle smile. It seemed that Marg had not been learning from Piper, but it still begged the question of why she was carrying a plant around then. “Would you like to learn more about plants and healing from her?” Leas asked hopefully. There seemed to be more pups interested in that than she had expected, but she hoped to encourage the girl if she had an interest.

Her smile grew when Marg agreed that the new girl was her friend. That seemed good at least, promising. Leas followed the white pups gaze so that her own eyes landed on the small, new wolf who it seemed had been watching them.

The other girl - Abby - didn’t look particularly young, but she was tiny, and not fed as well as Leas might have wished. “Hello dear,” Leas greeted in her most motherly tone. This wasn’t the first strange pup she had encountered and she could only assume it would not be the last. Abby lurking in the darkness gave Leas the impression of her being a shy child, but then that wasn’t new to her either. “My name is Leas and I hope you’ve found our home here comfortable.” She wanted to give the girl an opportunity to voice any thoughts she had.

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Absinthe Lilja

Absinthe pinpointed the exact moment Margarita’s eyes left Leas to travel to hers.  Their eyes met—green on gold—but only for a moment.  Rita was defending her hiding spot.  The thought brought a smile to the pale child’s face, though she quickly eradicated it.

Her name’s Abby,

Ab-by.  Absinthe mouthed it out to herself in silence, trying out the sounds and rolling the vowels around in her mouth.  It was like ‘Abs’, but… different.  More.  She liked it.  In fact, Absinthe liked it so much that her white tail began to thump lightly on the ground.  It only stopped when she realized that the caverns were silent.  So, slowly, Absinthe raised her green eyes… to meet the brown woman’s gaze.  Shoot.

Hello, dear.

The tone.  The softness.  It was… unnerving.  It was the way her dam had spoken to her on several occasions, before…

The pale child shrunk further into the shadows, eyes narrowing and tail curling around her side.  Not a word was allowed to escape from her maw.  Her name was Leas.  She hoped that Absinthe had found their home comfortable.  Maybe Absinthe would have done something; emerged from the darkness or offered something other than a sullen and mistrusting gaze, but she did not.  She didn’t trust the brown woman.

Not because of how she had been talking about her and not because of her attempt to greet Absinthe, but because of her voice.  It was the voice of her dam, and her dam had betrayed her.

Maybe the woman’s name was Leas to Margarita.  To Absinthe, she would be forever known as, ‘Leas Not to be Trusted’.

Jul 18, 2018 04:21 PM — Post #6

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Margarita maiyev

“Would you like to learn more about plants and healing from her?”

Rita had always fostered an interest for plants. She still remembered the day Lees had showed her the herb cache, though not as fondly as before. An opportunity to learn more would definitely benefit her. Whether or not she’d follow through the commitment was another question, though; one she didn’t really want to confront. Nonetheless, Rita nodded, giving a quiet mm to express her approval.

Then, Lees turned her head. She saw Margarita look to the edge of the cavern, and now she’d discovered Absinthe. The girl grit her teeth behind her lips. Shit. It wasn’t of any consequence for Abby to be seen, but why would she be sneaking around if she didn’t want to avoid that?

Whatever Absinthe wanted to do, Rita wanted to help, even if it seemed pointless. She’d already managed to fuck that up, too, though.

As was expected, Abby didn’t speak. That wasn’t unexpected of her, and Rita wasn’t surprised. The girl moved to stand at her side, staying a pace or so forward.

“I found her alone in the clearing,” the girl explained. She didn’t exactly want to be talking to Lees about Absinthe—or anything, for that matter—but offering up a few details now to be left alone later was better than being pestered for knowledge.

She knew Abby didn’t want to speak, either. Rita knew that feeling pretty well, hence why she tended to avoid the caverns. For her, though, she’d build a wall of words; anything to keep her comfortable.

Jul 22, 2018 03:37 PM — Post #7

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