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troubled waters
midday, snowing | sniffing for Astred but aw

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Nero Daniels Wynter

Since arriving at the lake a short while ago, Nero had mostly stuck to the forest on the southern side of the body of water, following whatever prey happened to be in the area. Ever since he’d taken down the flat-tailed rat, however, he had been seeking them out wherever he could. They were easy prey, if he could get to them, but his aversion to getting his face chewed on more than absolutely necessary had kept him from catching them as often as he’d like. He’d kept the laceration on the side of his face clean with Kyra’s help, but his jaw still ached, and the wound still looked raw.

Eventually, his search took him across the river and into the forest on the western bank of the clear lake, thinking that he might have more success there. The creatures seemed drawn to the water for most of their needs, after all.

When he got there, however, it was the scent of prey that beckoned him forward. The forest on this side seemed almost crowded, which caused his lip to curl. More strangers to deal with. More competition for food when he was already scraping by.

There was a familiar scent here, though, something he recognized… but that seemed unlikely. The Covenant wolves had gone back to their mountain… or so they had told him, anyway. With his nose to the ground, Nero continued forward, every sense alert for signs that he might not be alone.

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Harper Citrus

Alone he was not.

Harper took to skirting along the edge of the lake, honing his fishing skills when he could and otherwise chasing juvenile deer through the marshy shallows. So far, his search had come up with some pretty lackluster results. Every wolf he had met was either rooted like a tree or crippled. How he longed for the days of his old gang, of how they’d traipse carelessly through the North, pillaging and providing with equal fervor. Though he’d never admit it out loud, he missed them. A few in particular.

But the world was a big place, infinitely more vast than any single wolf could ever imagine. Surely there was someone willing to join him in his travels. And until he found those special someones, he’d just have to be on his best behavior and greet every like-minded, physically capable wolf with a grin and an offer they couldn’t possibly turn down.

Or maybe they could, who knew. Harper couldn’t control everyone.

And look, there was someone right now! His tail began to wave eagerly, swishing around the freshly falling snow behind him.

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Nero Daniels Wynter

It didn’t take long for him to stumble across someone. The scent reached him first, and after a few moments the wolf became visible through the withered brush.

The timber male had noticed him, and though Nero wasn’t especially close to him just yet, he could see the wolf’s expression well enough to note that there was no obvious aggression. The boy decided to keep going rather than veer around him.

His head was up as he approached the stranger, plainly curious, but there was caution in the way he walked, his eyes never leaving the other wolf. The last wolf he’d met had been easy enough to get along with, a small and affable she-wolf, but Nero hadn’t encountered any other large males before.

Good afternoon,” he said when he was close enough, and while it was an effort to maintain a polite facade, he managed to do so. His lips even twitched up into a smile, wider on the uninjured side of his face.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

She was anxious to get moving.  They’d spent quite a lot of time by the lake and winter’s wraith was only growing stronger.  With the Hillside Sanctuary’s promise of support, they were no longer alone.  That didn’t mean, however, that the Lady of the Slain was willing to rely on anyone other than herself and her comrades to create a safe home for themselves.  Over the years she had discovered that most wolves were douchebags, and even the ones who weren’t couldn’t be trusted.

The blonde warrioress was patrolling to the North, eager to get a glimpse at the mountains if she could.  To assess what herself and her allies would have to venture through to reach their destination.  Catrine had said that the icy crags to the North could be hospitable.  Unfortunately, she had also admitted that her knowledge of the landscape was limited.  Perhaps it was time to find an ally who knew something of where they were to travel.

She almost missed the sudden wave of scent that drifted by.  It wouldn’t have captured the warrioress’s attention if the aroma wasn’t… familiar, somewhat.  As if she had been in the presence of it before.  The wheels in her head began spinning until Astred was able to conjure a mental picture that matched the scent.  Nero.  Elliot’s son.  She’d helped to strengthen his hunting skills alongside his sister, Kyra.  She remembered now.  Effie of the Firewing Brotherhood had sent herself and Relic to clean up her mess.  To talk to the children in an attempt to console them.  She had wanted Astred to lie when she met them.  To say that she hadn’t had any prior knowledge of Elliot’s death in order to get on the childrens’ good side.

In the end, the warrioress had refused to deceive Nero and Kyro despite a possible broken reputation.  By the end of their time together, she’d found a certain fondness growing for the boy and his sister.  Like she had once felt with Anna.  Now there was nothing but sadness when she thought of the Starlight.  A reminder to keep herself guarded against wolves she couldn’t rely on.

So what was Nero Daniels doing in the North?  She’d known himself and Kyra had planned to leave their home.  She’d known they had resentment towards the Sanctuary.  She didn’t know, though, what his plans were regarding his safety and the safety of his sister.  Not that Nero Daniels was a wolf that needed protection.  Still, Astred’s curiosity won her over and she began to move stealthily through the snow, nose to the ground.


Arriving in 1 round!~

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Nero Daniels Wynter

Nero waited a moment before his attention was drawn away from the timber male, his eyes turning toward the sounds of approach. He felt the fur along his spine bristle slightly as he realized that there were two wolves nearby, and the feeling of being outnumbered- especially by wolves who might be familiar with one another- was an uncomfortable one. Groups didn’t exactly make him nervous, but he knew all too well the damage that could be done by wolves who worked in tandem. He kept an ear turned toward the male as the sound of approach drew closer, his expression coldly alert as he waited, tail he’d out straight behind him.

He was about to call out to the stranger when he saw a flash of pale fur through the trees, his eyes narrowing slightly, nose working to draw in the scent. His speculations didn’t last long as more of the wolf became visible, and though it seemed an eternity since he’d seen or smelled her, Nero was fairly confident that this was the wolf he’d been seeking out. He half expected to see Relic moving alongside her, but maybe he was off somewhere else. He moved forward, stepping slowly and cautiously toward the Covenant wolf.

Astred?” he called out, the tension in his limbs easing just slightly. “I thought it was you I smelled.

He had no reason to feel self conscious about the state of him, his sides sunken in enough that it showed through his thick fur, but he did. There was nothing he could do about that now, though.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

So it was Nero Daniels that she had scented.  Odd.  A thousand questions burned at the tip of the warrioress’s salmon tongue and a thousand questions would be put to hold until she had greeted the boy.  It had been autumn the last time she’d seen him—and he’d grown.  She wondered if he might age into something like his father—or if time would reward him with a better fate.  She hoped the latter for him as he was one of the only few children she was fond of anymore.

Astred?  I thought it was you I smelled.

She kept her glacial eyes on the boy, but her face had softened visibly, the wisp of a grin painted on her features.  “Nero,”  A friendly wave of her tail accompanied the meeting.  Try as she may to deny a warm heart for anyone, Astred was glad to see the boy again.

“What are you doing out here—”

It was then that the warrioress noticed that Nero wasn’t alone.  Her ears pricked and fur rose along the edges of her back as the Lady of the Slain turned to take in a rather large stranger lingering a bit of a distance away.  Was he a friend?  Or was he a foe.  It seemed they would find out soon enough.

“You know him?”  She muttered to Nero, keeping her eyes on the stranger while keeping a fiercely neutral stance.  She no longer belonged to a tribe.  She had no one but three comrades to back her if things here went south.  Hopefully the stranger was just that—a stranger—and would quickly pass through so all three of them could peacefully move on with their lives.

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Nero Daniels Wynter

Astred’s greeting had a touch of warmth to it, and Nero found himself responding in kind, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips in a genuine way that he didn’t usually show to anyone but Kyra anymore. His tail gave a few wags behind him before he realized it, and he fought to rein in even that small show of goodwill, his facade becoming more neutral. He told himself that he didn’t know this wolf half as well as he wanted to, that he should be wary of her as he was everyone else. Something tugged at him when he looked at her, however, and he was loath to think of what it was.

Suspicion governed the boy’s interactions with others- not even Saelys was always exempt from it. He decided he had little to fear from the Covenant wolf, however. When she started to ask a question, he was already thinking of what to tell her, but she cut herself. Nero glanced over his shoulder briefly, and at her question, he shook his head, angling himself away from the male as he neared Astred, intending to put some distance between them and the stranger. He kept an ear turned toward the other wolf, but his focus was on the blonde she-wolf.

He was already here when I arrived,” he said, wincing slightly at the pain in his jaw as he spoke. It didn’t matter just now, and he focused on Astred.

Kyra and I are staying here, for the time being. Saelys, too. Our parents told us that it might be safe here, and… for the most part-” Aside from an enterprising she-wolf who knew who they were- “-that’s true.

What about you? I thought you and Relic lived in the mountains. Is he around?” 

ooc: i am not sure how we’re supposed to handle Harper’s presence since Citrus hasn’t posted again, especially with the new rules, so I thought having them move away was best.

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

Sure, that makes sense!

She didn’t want to admit it, but the soft smile and wag of the tail from the boy brought her a sort of fondness.  She knew better than most that it was a dangerous thing to possess for another.  She’d had it for Anna and it had crumbled beneath her paws.  She’d had it for another, long ago…

But Nero was not Anna.  He was not from her past.  Still, reluctance clouded the warrior’s mind.  Reluctance and a great deal of guarded emotions, protected by a wall of ice she had built so well herself.  She liked to think that no one could get past it, though that wasn’t the complete truth.  Damien had.  Anna had.  She had gone soft, but that needed to change now more than ever.  She wasn’t living in a paradise in the mountains anymore.  She was headed North where the cold was just as biting as the wolves who lived there.  The North was no place for the weak, only a place where the strongest survived.

He was already here when I arrived,

They had since distanced themselves from the stranger who didn’t seem like much of a threat anyways.  That wasn’t what Astred was focusing on at the moment, not when Nero’s speech harbored a shielded pain.  “You’re hurt.”  The warrioress wasted no time addressing.  She hadn’t noticed before, but the gash on the side of Nero’s face was quite demanding of attention now that the prospect of a hostile stranger was behind them.

Her mind was already spinning, conjuring ways she could get Nero to follow her back to where her comrades rested.  There, Daniel and Marceline could hopefully patch him up.  She hadn’t forgotten what the former Cleric had done for her when she’d gotten attacked by an angry badger so many months ago.  The scar would remain with her, hidden under her fur, as a reminder of who she had once been and who she was now.  Harder.  Stronger.  Smarter.

Nero told her of Kyra and Saelys, his sisters from what Astred could remember.  For the most part, he’d said.  Did that mean that the glade was not completely safe for the boy?  She doubted anywhere was.  With his hard determination and the cunning mind that both him and Kyra seemed to master, any menacing stranger that approached them would be no match for their fury.

I thought you and Relic lived in the mountains.

He still did.  Her face hardened slightly at the mention of her former Chieftain.  It was still somewhat of a sore topic; something she didn’t like to reminisce.  The choice she’d made had destroyed bonds she’d formed with wolves over months of service, but it had also opened a road of opportunity.  Opportunity to explore the world with her mate at her side and to conquer whatever challenges awaited.  Right now, that was finding a new home.

“He is not.  I… made the decision to leave the Covenant.  My family was not happy there, so now we travel together, hoping to find a new home.”

Somewhere North.  Somewhere safe.  Somewhere where no wolf could ever hurt any of them ever again.


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