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Fathom Faerall

Your name: Faerall

Current/past characters: Fathom

Why do you want to join Horizon? I’ve been looking for a new place to role-play ever since the site I used closed down. I want to get back into the swing of things since I kind of missed role-playing, haha.

If you have no active Horizon characters, please provide a short sample of your writing (any genre’s fine!):

A lone, white female with striking eyes walked along the horizon, her ivory fur blending in with the foggy atmosphere, her graceful walk along the rocks appearing as if she was floating. Soft white paws turned brown, sandy and muddy, from walking across this terrain. Fathom had never been to the coast before, and therefore it had caught her attention. It was filled with rocks, some mud, sand, strange sea plants, and, of course, the ocean. The rocks were slippery and covered with bizarre things she had never even seen before. They felt so smooth and cold and slightly wet beneath her paws, the tide had shaped and smoothed these rocks uniquely, making small grooves and flat surfaces and ledges. She quite enjoyed walking along them, looking out along the water and looking down at the strange plants she walked past.

The she-wolf took a deep breath and stopped in her path, looking out towards the ocean, where lapping waves gave her an urge to jump in and be rocked to sleep. The water was grey and gloomy looking, and freezing (she had dipped a toe in already), but all the while captivating. The she-wolf was alone for the first time in her life, but she didn’t entirely mind, and she was managing well on her own. She was feeding herself well (of course, she was a decent hunter) and had run into one irritated raccoon since she left but she defended herself just fine. Of course, it felt weird to wake up in the morning not in a den, and to a vacant land with no one else there to socialize with, but the loneliness didn’t really bother her, it almost didn’t feel any different from her previous life. She supposed she had really been lonely her entire life, then. Finally drawing her blue eyes away from the grey ocean, she continued on her path along the coastline, no destination in mind.


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Hey Faerall,

I sent you a PM!

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