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ride on time
[continuation] w/ Auberon // ~pack cache // light thunderstorm, 42°F

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Epidemic J

Epidemic managed to hold the deer firmly in her mouth, leading the knowing way to the pack’s cache. She knew that she at least managed to keep it up to date. Swishing her tail, she loosened her grip and let her the strain on her neck slacken. Flashing her amber eyes to Auberon, she let her piece of the deer drop.

Swinging upwards, she beamed,“We are here, Auberon of the Evergreens!” Now it was her turn to rip of the larger pieces of the deer and shove it in random, but close enough, holes. Maybe, she’d do it later. Or try and get the kid to help.

Jul 12, 2018 12:12 PM

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Name Player
Auberon Fitzroy Matti

The boy felt like he’d held up his half of the weight on their journey back to the Vanguar’d home. He panted but the boy had grown stronger from his first times out hunting and something always pushed him on to prove he was the strongest.

Finally with Epidemic’s words he too released his grip and plopped back into a sitting position to look around for a few moments. He’d never been here before, it was strange and interesting. It was what Icarus had described to him though. Here the forest did feel different than around the caverns. Of course, home in the caverns was always best, but this place seemed nice too.

“Do you like living here?” He asked, a little more contemplative than normal, still looking around to take in the whole place. It smelled strongly like the Vanguard, and Auberon felt a little odd being in the midst of it, but his tail wagged still.

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Ross Thorn Jill

Avoiding places which were not immediately Firefly Woods or the Labyrinth meant Ross focused almost all his attention on pack duties. The southern borders and the caches, in particular, he made a habit of visiting several times a day.

A hunt, one which had not ended successfully for him, saw him returning to the Vanguard’s territory with his jaws parted and his chest rising and falling in labored pants. Not as out of breath as he felt when his asthma flared, he was still rather tired and looked forward to checking the larders one last time before settling in for a nap.

Breathing deeply alerted him to the fact that Epidemic was nearby, but it wasn’t her scent alone he caught. Someone else was with her, and the fact the unfamiliar boy smelled of the Evergreens was the only thing which kept Ross from tensing in fear. A visit from one of their allied pack was far different than finding a total stranger in his home.

Trusting (yes, believe it or not, trusting) that Epidemic’s judgment was much like Kronos’ had been with Bastian, Ross approached them at an easy pace, letting out a low woof to avoid startling anyone when he arrived at last.

visible next round. before the earthquake, yes?

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Epidemic J

We can make it an earthquake thread if that’s good with everyone! This thread is slightlyyy backdated.

A soft smile hugged her as she took in the curious look Auberon released in wonder of the Labyrinth. She chuckled in response to his question. “I had the same look as you when I was first here.” Feeling the taxing burden of moving her body in such a crisis as hers, Epidemic took it upon herself to casually sit down.

She enjoyed talking.

She could talk all day.

If not for her favorite wolf in the entire forest woofing his way into her conversations, she would of continued talking away.

Looking back over her shoulder, the single-eye and the grumpy face was all enough for her to drop her jaw. OOF. That’s right, Epidemic could remember the last time she saw Ross. Her face scrunched together, tied tightly while it simultaneously sagged in defeat.

She had backed him up against a tree.

And he had actually wanted to be a nice guy in that moment!

Internally cringing at her self, Epidemic bleated an off-pitch “oH, hEY ROSS.”

Jul 16, 2018 05:24 PM — Post #3

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Name Player
Auberon Fitzroy Matti

That wasn’t exactly an answer to his question, but Auberon looked back at the older woman with a goofy smile. It was an interesting place. It was mostly that it was just very different from home. Maybe the caverns would seem this interesting if he hadn’t grown up there too.

He looked around again, just taking in the new place and wondering if he might get to meet some of those other wolves that Epidemic had mentioned also lived here. He certainly could smell them.

Epidemic’s call made him look around but he didn’t immediately see anyone. Her voice had sounded strange too and Auberon wasn’t sure what to make of that - good or bad. It was a packmate she was calling to right? The dark boy just waited another moment, his tail still wagging, expecting whoever arrived to be as friendly as she had been.

[I can’t really have Auberon here and back at the caverns for the earthquake ~ sorry]

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

think i mentioned it already, but yeah ross was in firefly for it~ i’m so sorry j ;_;

Ross spotted Epidemic’s fur between trees first. With the color of hers, she was nigh impossible to miss. The boy, however, boasted a dark coat, and by comparison Ross took a few moments longer to latch onto him in the ever-dusky woods. The thin veil of raindrops which penetrated the canopy didn’t help, either.

Still, as he came upon the pair he summoned as amenable an air as he could—which, in his tired state, amounted to a slack tail and neutrally-held skull. He let the former sway in a wag, though the action faltered slightly at Epidemic’s off-key greeting.

Ross tilted his head at her, having long since shoved their awkward af meeting during her heat from his mind. She was so freakin’ weird.

“Heya,” he rumbled. His gaze roved to the boy, noticing that he was young like Bastian had been. Tall, too—but most wolves were, when he compared them to himself.

He’d smelled the deer upon his approach and regarded it with subdued approval.

“Y’all hunt this together?”

Maybe the boy had brought it as a token of good will from his pack, or something. Ross wasn’t entirely sure how alliances worked.

Jul 18, 2018 10:00 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Epidemic J

omg i actually misread what you wrote wrong Jill! looooool I thought it meant that the earthquake was upcoming in this thread, not backdated before the earthquake. oof. my bad for the confusion yall

With Ross arrival through the trees, Epidemic could only cringe more and more. The edge of her lips hiked her smile higher and higher. Her amber eyes bulged out. In an accelerated push through her dark nostrils, a high-paced and loud snorted ripped through her.

Okay, she was going to act normal—though, bless Ross’ heart for switching the tension she felt from her and Ross to just focusing on the visitor. She laughed nervously, throwing a look back at Auberon to see how he was doing.

He was chill?



“It was on its way to dying so I took it out.” Yeah, Ross. Epidemic can do other things besides feel highly uncomfortable or make others feel the same way. “Then I made a friend.”

Jul 19, 2018 12:21 PM — Post #6

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[ Edited: Jul 21, 2018 12:28 PM by Epidemic ]
Name Player
Auberon Fitzroy Matti

Auberon turned to watch the new wolf who approached. A little dark colored wolf - not as dark and Auberon - and honestly smaller than any other wolf he thought he’d ever seen. It didn’t help that he seemed to be missing an eye and other scars littered his face. Auberon would have had a hard time taking his gaze away if he had wanted to.

He studied the other wolf, a little wary and a little curious. Epidemic answered his question and Auberon gave a nod in return. He realized maybe he shouldn’t stare, but he knew he was staring.

The word ‘friend’ at least brought his away a little and he finally turned his head to give Epidemic a smile. It broke whatever had captivated him and he managed to look back at the new male with a similarly friendly expression - much more his norm. “I’m Auberon from the Evergreen Wolves. Our packs are friends, and I helped Epidemic bring it back.” His tail wagged and he grinned happily.

Jul 20, 2018 10:01 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Ross Thorn Jill

oh lol my bad for not being clearer! xD

Epidemic snorted, only to calm a moment later. With his attention still rapt on the boy, Ross could only cast her a sidelong glance, but there was much confusion in his gaze.

Maybe this was what winter for females was like up close. Messed with their brains and stuff, made them act funny. He didn’t know; he’d never been around females when their condition struck.

That was a subject he did not want to linger on, so the entirety of his attention was returned to Auberon as introduced himself. Ross’ brows lifted ever so slightly to know he’d identified the boy’s scent correctly. He gave a subtle nod.

“Thought you smelled familiar. I know ‘em.” Well, he knew of the Evergreens, having only met one of their dead—but whatever.

Dead wolves were everywhere, right? Nothing to get hung up on.

He lapsed into silence then, looking to the cache and wishing to dig up a vole he knew he’d put in there recently. But doing so in front of a guest, only to take it and go to bed, was… awkward. Should he offer to help them chop up the deer and store it? Let Auberon take some back with him?

Fuck, this was why he didn’t do socializing. The bite on his ruff stung, as if it was fresh all over again. He sucked in a wobbly breath.

“Y’all… need help? With this.”

Maybe they’d say no and he could just leave and try to go to sleep.

Jul 22, 2018 05:35 PM — Post #8

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[ Edited: Jul 22, 2018 05:39 PM by Ross ]
Name Player
Epidemic J

“Yes.” She blurted out as quickly as possible. “Help is good!” Epidemic nodded her head up and down—ignoring that Ross didn’t praise her like the kid had. She could of thrown a tantrum, but she had other awkward encounters to deal with today. Instead, she’d just let him do the work that she didn’t want to do in the first place.

Flicking a flirty amber gaze over Auberon, her head quirked to the side,“You can take a piece with you, but I am expecting to follow with a hunt together, Auberon of the Evergreens.”

She didn’t know what she was doing. Her brain decided that it needed to be on autopilot for a little longer than two seconds.

Jul 22, 2018 09:13 PM — Post #9

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