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we’ll be down here, living how we want
[continuation] early spring / early morning / cloudy / day after "and when the flame burns..."

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Margarita maiyev

They were out. Out of the woods, out of the dingy cavern, out of the permissive and stuck-up Evergreen Wolves. Rita may have been walking for hours, but she felt lighter than air. She never had to sleep there again, never had to talk to another Fitzroy, never had to listen to Lees babble about some shit, never had to be told she was useless ever again. She had never experienced liberation like that.

The alabaster wolf walked with a particularly uncharacteristic skip in her step. Whatever sorrow the geysers once held was flooded over by her joy for freedom.

“Just gotta make it to the river,” she mused, looking over her shoulder towards Absinthe. “Then, we can go wherever we want.”

Sep 04, 2018 10:57 PM

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Absinthe Lilja

Absinthe had an unusual pep in her step.  Usually, the scraggy young lass slunk across the lands like a lowly beetle, taking her time to go from somewhere to get to somewhere.  Not today.  Today, they were free.  Not just her, but Margarita too, the friend she’d never expected to find.  Freedom meant everything to Abby.  The posers and poisoners could keep their perfumed lies and cheats.  Margarita and Absinthe, they were headed on to a better life still.

Even her snowy companion seemed to enjoy the lack of the pines that lined the evergreen forest.  Here there was nothing but snow and ice and rock, the former which would melt in the weeks to come.

That reminded her.

Spring had arrived.  Her least favorite and yet ever-changing season.  A year ago she had been many miles away, birthed into a pack that would scorn her for a genetic misfortune.  Many months later, she had a friend.  A home that came along with her.  And more genuine happiness than she could ever forge before.

Make it to the river.

Absinthe’s mildew eyes shot up, catching the last part of her friend’s statement.  Slowly, her gaze dispersed from her precious Fairy Goddess northwards to where the supposed river resided.  The scrawny girl thought she remembered passing through one on her journey south from the mountains but that seemed like a lifetime ago.  Back when a wolf by the name of Sir Freyar had promised her help.  She’d been too stubborn to take it but prefered to blame him anyway for his sudden disappearance.  She would have at least liked to see more of the paternal male.  Bit rude of him, really.

We can go wherever we want.

The lass’s whiplike tail gave a few lashes in return, a toothy grin breaking out across her face.  Wherever they damn well pleased.  She liked the sound of that.


She whispered in her raspy voice.  Once upon a time, it had been light and flowery.  The voice of a princess.  Since exile and her misfortune in the valley, however, misuse of her vocals and simple refusal to talk to anyone save for Rita had worn her chords thin.

Nonetheless, she wanted to hear if Margarita had any ideas.  On where to go, that was.  Absinthe was a versatile creature.  Rarely could she fail to adapt to any environment.  A place Margarita chose would be home to her.  Or, the pair could travel until the pads on their paws ran red with blood and their limbs fell from their bodies. 

As long as it was with her soulmate, she wouldn’t care.

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Margarita maiyev

Ideas. She hadn’t thought very far ahead, but she also had no idea what laid to the north, or the south. The only things she knew were the forest, the plains, and the lake Jacqueline had told her about. The lake, though, came with the promise of a pack, making the bitter Margarita hesitant to head east.

“A wolf told me about a lake across the plains,” she began regardless, gesturing with her nose toward the prairie’s eastward direction. “She told me she was trying to form a group.” The young woman paused to let Absinthe mull that stipulation over.

“Or, there’s the mountains—” she looked that way in turn, ”—or whatever’s south.”

They could take their pick. Rita didn’t really give a damn where they went, so long as they were far away from the forest.

Sep 08, 2018 07:09 PM — Post #2

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Jasper Blade Chris Staff

Okay so. Maverick was NOT HERE. And what was here was… stinky holes spitting water?!?! Jasper never paid much attention to terrain or geography details so if anybody had ever explained geysers to the white male, he was well and truly hadn’t paid any attention.

“Woah that be intense.” He skipped back from a hissing geysers as it spat a few streamers into the air. Then he noticed the two young wolves not so far off.

“YOOOOO!” He hollered. His tail was flagged high and waving, a confident smile on his big handsome face. “Either of you kids seen a gorgeous silver furred woman passing through here?”

Sep 09, 2018 05:17 AM — Post #3

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Absinthe Lilja

A wolf had told her about a lake across the plains.  The thought of Margarita being in someone else’s company without her awakened Abby’s more possessive side, but she allowed her face to remain impassive.  Margarita could do whatever she pleased with whomever she pleased.  As long as she was happy, Absinthe would be, too.

The woman was trying to form a group, supposedly.  This time, Absinthe let her upper lip wrinkle in thought.  Groups had never really worked out for her.  She’d been exiled from the first one and estranged in the second with the Evergreens, although she wasn’t really apart of their ensemble.  A good thing, too.  She’d seen what it had done to Rita—to the less privileged.

Or, there were the mountains as Rita had said.  Absinthe rotated her gaze to look in that same direction for a mere moment, taking in the brief outline of the spiky crags before returning her inspection to her dearest friend.  Her Fairy Goddess. 

North was where she had been exiled as a child.  The North brought nothing but nostalgia and a fat bag of fucks that Absinthe didn’t want to give.  She would follow her friend if Margarita decided she wanted to venture that way, but north would never be her home.

South had a certain appeal—the warm weather and sunny beaches.  But Absinthe wasn’t set on settling down in one singular place.  Especially if that meant that they had to join a pack.  Packs crumbled to ruins.  Friendship was the only thing that held them together. 

The scraggly yearling was about to open her maw to respond when a voice cut out through the air.  Her mouth snapped shut, mildew eyes flashing towards an incoming figure.  Pale, like the rest of them, but with a certain… juvenile aura.  Disappointing. 

Either of you kids seen a gorgeous silver furred woman passing through here?

Nope, not her.  The only gorgeous silver furred woman Absinthe had seen was Margarita.  Wait…  Absinthe ducked her head, peeking at her friend through sparse lashes, waiting to see what kind of move she would make against this stranger.  She didn’t care either way.  If they could help the male, so be it.  If not, well.  Absinthe wouldn’t waste her time pondering over what was and what could have been.

Sep 09, 2018 12:36 PM — Post #4

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Margarita maiyev

Absinthe had been about to speak. As always, Rita watched her intently, ready for the brief syllables of that rare and coveted voice to be spoken before her jaw locked shut. The burlier of the girls looked over her shoulder, only to see the source of the upset: a white male, not entirely unlike them in appearance, but wholly alien in demeanor.

She huffed as he approached. Maybe the geysers attracted idiots. Maybe the sulfur made them crazy.

A gorgeous silver woman. The only wolf like that who she had seen was Abby, and the girl was more cream than she was silver. A snowy willow, turned to gold in the sun. Margarita glanced at her before looking back to the eccentric male.

“Nope,” she barked. “Sorry.”

Sep 12, 2018 12:21 AM — Post #5

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Jasper Blade Chris Staff

Neither girl seemed overly friendly, but that didn’t phase Jasper. He just kept sniffing around, continuing his search for Mav. He had to find her. Had to prove he’d changed!

“Thaaaanks!” He yelled cheerfully enough despite the bad news. He stuck his nose into a geyser, found nothing, and tracked onward. Man, scents were hard to follow with all this STINK around here!

((Idiot here’s going to be skippable unless addressed, he’s jsut wandering around likely within sight :) ))

Sep 12, 2018 06:56 PM — Post #6

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Absinthe Lilja

Well, then.  That was that.  Absinthe had shut her mouth for good, at least for the time being.  Her mildew eyes continued to watch the ghostly presence with mistrust as he wandered further and further from their smaller huddle.  Odd, one that.  Plunging his nostrils deep into the mouth of a geyser as if to detect the wolf he’d lost.

Perhaps mother nature would solve this one for the two of them.

With a sidelong glance towards Margarita, the scrawny yearling gave a shrug of the shoulders as if to say, ‘what next?

Oct 01, 2018 08:43 PM — Post #7

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Margarita maiyev

Rita watched with pursed brows as the weird male as he skipped further away from them, and went back to sniffing around the geysers. He was beyond strange, wasn’t he? The young woman was more than happy to leave him to his own devices, and return to deliberating.

She looked back at Absinthe, who shrugged expectantly at her. Margarita sighed, looking out toward the plains.

East. By the lake.

The idea became more and more attractive as she mulled it over. A lake could be nice, with or without Jacqueline’s pack. She had never seen one either, only heard about them.

“Let’s head over the river, and see what that lady was on about,” Rita decided finally, seeking approval from her partner’s eyes. “If it’s shit, we’ll leave.”

Oct 01, 2018 09:06 PM — Post #8

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