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[continuation, summons] Calling Tribe, w/ Maverick | Early Spring | Semi-cloudy | Balmy | Early Afternoon

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

Still far from being well, still struggling, Pace had eyed the ocean with hopes of fish many times, but she couldn’t go deep enough for the fish that flitted at this still chilly time of year. So a couple of seagulls had sufficed as dinner, more familiar, more welcome, and she had slept well overnight only to continue the eager but tired gait in the morning.

Being near the ocean again, though, the familiar stretch between the woods and her home… It was like she never left, and she felt a surge of warmth in her chest that kept her going even when she otherwise felt like something was heavy on her back.

Heart picking up in beats as they turned a particular stretch of sand, and her tail began to wag in spite of herself. There, just ahead, the cliffs that bordered the shore turned and rocks rose along the beach, hiding something from view.

The Cove.

Something sparked in her, and though she shouldn’t have, she began to jog. Mismatched eyes alight and alive, she would pay for her exuberance later, but that didn’t matter. She was home. She could rest.  And the scents of her family, her dearest companions were still here.

Deep breath in, she howled loud as she could as she approached with vigor, certain they would still recognize her voice. The air was bright, speckled with clouds and little wind to sweep away the noise. The only way this return could have been better is if it had been warm summer weather, but she wasn’t about to wait that long for a grand re-entrance.

Sep 14, 2018 01:23 PM

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Maverick Blade Rainy Staff

Maverick, as usual, had skirted the idea of fishing. She detested it, and was loathe to reveal to her companion that she was so poor at something that no doubt Pace would be excellent at once in better form. She needed no explanation when the dark wolf picked up the pace, and Mav’s ears pricked up with interest as she followed suit, trotting with sprightly steps just a few beats behind.

When Pace announced her presence with a howl, she simply couldn’t help but join in, tossing her head back and sashaying her whole body as she awoooo’d a nice long note, letting whoever might be listening know that the returning pack member had brought a friend.

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

The healer had been lying off to the north by a protective outcropping of rocks, lying right beside Dante’s burial place. She was almost blind to the beauty of the early spring day, but not deaf. Yuna couldn’t believe her ears at the first howl.

It was Pace. It wasPace! The healer hastened with swift but light steps over the sand as if her paws weren’t even touching the ground, looking as if a strong wind might blow her away. She had to see for herself. And within a minute Pace’s familiar figure came into view.

Selfish relief crashed over her. Pace had really come home. Yuna no longer had to try to keep everyone and everything together herself. Tears of relief and mingled dismay at the news she had to break to Pace sprang to her eyes. She could see another wolf, a burly female, beside Pace, and her ears folded back submissively even as her tail picked up a tired sway. 

“Momo! Splash!” Yuna called in her slightly hoarse tones, as she neared the pair. She needed the girls to see their mother far more than Yuna needed to see her.

“Pace.” The name came out in a sob as Yuna tried to hurry towards her Tribe leader, her gait noticeably unsteady.

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche Viktor

Balmy and cloudy, almost like a breathless tease of rain in the air, had Splash rather frolicky. The only thing better than the loving waves was water both beside her and falling on her.
Then again, these days with Splash’s emotional state, ‘frolicky’ was a little less ‘frolicky’ than usual.

It didn’t help she was still staunchly refusing to eat much. It wasn’t that she was purposefully doing it, she just kinda…felt bad, and with that feeling went her appetite. She still ate plenty, a’course. Just not as much. Worry about Yuna and Momo and Dawnfrost ate at her insides too, making fish and seagull hard to swallow.

But it was whatever. Wasn’t like she was gonna die. In fact, she was splashing around in the surf right now, lazily trying to catch something to take to Yuna or Mo but mostly just playing in the water and snapping at the surf.
Oh hey! A howl!
A familiar howl. Followed by a strange one. Followed by Yuna calling for her and Mo, specifically.
Don’t get your hopes up. Sunfall, Chai and Dante’s death had hit her hard, and Splash wasn’t quite so optimistic as before Pace left. Still pretty cheery, though, and she hopped out of the waves to trot lightly toward Yuna and the two howlers.
Don’t. Don’t get your hopes up.

It was Momma.
And a strange wolf but screw her, MOMMA.
Splash only got just within sight to really confirm Pace’s mismatched eyes before she flopped her front end into the sand and just.
Like, really screamed, as loud and long as she could hold it. It was a mostly happy scream, but still…screaming.
Fuckin’ months had gone by, man, her momma was home and Splash had so many emotions, she didn’t know how else to express them so, yeah, Splash just kinda shrieked at her mother like some kind of freakazoid.

Not a great re-first impression, but unfortunately rather accurate.

Welcome home, Pace.

Sep 14, 2018 08:39 PM — Post #3

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Momo Aekyr-Laroche Zesty

Howls. Momo’s head rose from the sand. She’d been taking a nap. Naps had been useful in these recent days. A distraction, a moment of nothingness where she could bask in her own mind, her dreams.

Today, it had only been a light sleep. On a day like today, it could rain at any second. Her body had noticed this and therefore had fallen into a light sleep. Which was why those howls woke her and why she was so alert afterwards.

Because she knew one of those howls.

And her hopes only rose as she heard Yuna calling her and Splash.

No. way.

She was later than Splash, who she saw already. Scrambling to her feet, the girl all but sprinted in the direction.

And it was.

It was her mother. No one else could be that dark and have those eyes.

She was BACK.

The pale girl jumped into the air, a frolic of joy, before running, just running towards her.

Splash shrieked and Momo couldn’t help but do the same. It was so weird to scream. But it felt so right. Her Ma was home!

“MAAAA!” Pace! Pace, her mother was home! Finally!

She was already crying. Her thoughts were far, far away from that other wolf and her missing family and first impressions; her mother was back. And she was so, so, so happy.


The girl did not slow down. She was on a mission. And that mission was to reach Pace as fast as she could. Even if she knocked her over in the process.

Sep 14, 2018 11:08 PM — Post #4

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

Maverick, strides behind her, joined her in the howl and she felt herself grin through the last bit. It was really nice, that moment of solidarity where Mav didn’t even know the wolves they were howling for, but did it anyway.

Tiring rapidly, Pace let her jog slow only when she saw her.  Yuna.  The wolf was looking a bit haggard, maybe even a bit out of sorts, but whatever part of Pace’s brain might have picked up on that was swiftly silenced by the realization that putting eyes on a wolf that familiar was a sensation she wasn’t quite prepared for.

Choked her up a bit, not going to lie. Pace was a wolf who practically never cried, but her laugh was breathless and tinged with feeling. “Yuuunaaaa!” Frankly, she was the most beautiful sight…

Until about two seconds later when Splash burst onto the scene and oh SHIT SHE WAS HUGE. A true testament to how long Pace had been gone, had it not been for a distinct look about her, she might not have recognized her daughter, on the verge of being all grown up.

Splash stopped at a distance, literally just screaming, and Pace felt like her tail would fall off for how hard it was wagging as she continued course, intending to make it to Yuna first, but instead—out of the cove, practically flying across the ground, another screaming, beautiful banshee.

Her darling Momo, still as illogically pale as she’d ever been, but grown.

Her daughters were screaming.  Pace couldn’t help but scream as well, the wordless shriek of the thrill she had severely underestimated.  Nevermind that it made her stomach hurt and made her a little dizzy—she stopped where she was because Momo was coming in hot and she had to brace herself for impact.

And she took it with a stagger and a half-sobbing laugh, rolling back with the momentum to try and wrap her front legs up around her sweet girl and pull her down into the sand, the scream dying only because she’d lost her breath.

She hoped Maverick enjoyed the show.

Sep 15, 2018 02:20 AM — Post #5

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Maverick Blade Rainy Staff

Maverick had honestly expecting something a little more dignified.

The first wolf was well enough. Older, so perhaps not one of Pace’s daughters, but.. oh. From the name the dark wolf shouted, she knew this to be the.. whatever weirdo name for Healer she’d called her.

But then there was a particularly interesting spectacle, and Mav paused in her advance upon the meeting, her eyes wide and ears strained forward.

Something was wrong with that wolf. SCREAMING. Mav was just. Really confused, at the moment, until she realized that this was the kind of unbridled joy that she had never so much as witnessed. There was no need for pride or embarassment or propriety. This was a child screaming for the utter bliss of seeing her mother, and soon a sister followed, and then Pace, who had borne them, echoed their sentiments in her own way.

Slowly, the timber girl’s tail began to wag. Tiny strokes, at first, until she just couldn’t help herself. Their joy was infectious, and though she remained back to give them all space, to welcome home their errant traveler, her eyes might have sparkled like, the tiniest bit, because woah.

This was just.. too sweet.

And also somewhat terrifying.

Note to self? Don’t drink the seawater.

Sep 15, 2018 07:31 PM — Post #6

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

There was a call of her name, a frenzy of activity. Everything blurred in front of Yuna’s eyes, maybe because of the joyful tears streaming down her face. Her lungs seemed to constrict, every muscle in her body begged her for rest - it was a particularly rough patch she was in the past two days.

Her wobbly gait didn’t carry her all the way to Pace. Six steps out she simply slumped in the sand as she fainted, a look of relief still on her face.

((She passed out and can likely be skipped for now!))

Sep 16, 2018 04:36 AM — Post #7

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche Viktor

Eventually, she tired her own voice out with her screaming, shutting her trap and bounding up from where her chest and chin had been pressed against the sand, only for a white streak to blaze past her, also shrieking.
Great ocean, it was Momo. Splash didn’t think she’d seen her sister that….excited…in a long time.

The smallest sister barreled into their mother, but Splash hung back, excited and giddy but afraid to touch Pace, as if she’d dissolve beneath her tight hugs and disappear with the breeze.
That, and something was wrong. Pace came home, but with a stranger by her side. Was that a sibling of hers? She looked about Momma’s age. More than that, there was one sibling Splash definitely would have recognized, and she wasn’t here.

Where was her other sister? Who was this mystery wolf? Was Yuna ok?

Apparently not, because about the time Splash squinted worriedly at the creamy female she went down, hard, crumpling into the sand and sending further alarm through Splash’s body.


She’d question her mother and the stranger later, her aunt/surrogate mother was fainted in the sand and Splash was no healer, but she knew that was bad. “Yuna? Yuna. Yuna!” Every word was punctuated as she trotted close to the skinny, too-skinny form of the Moonlight, not as close to her as Pace but rapidly closing the gap.

Was Yuna just….really happy, or was she sick or…?
Her blue eyes shifted to eye the stranger and Pace, vivid concern in their depths.

Sep 16, 2018 10:06 AM — Post #8

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Momo Aekyr-Laroche Zesty

She sure did barrel into her mother. Maybe a little too hard but did she care right now? Her mother was back and she hadn’t left them cause she was back and everything felt so much better.

Momo sobbed grossly and buried her face into Pace’s fur, just savouring the moment. She’d been missing her mother for months and months but now that she was here it was like she missed her even harder. Her chest clenched. She didn’t ever want to let her go again.

When that moment had ended, the pale girl lifted her head and licked the older woman on the cheek sloppily. Yeah, gross, but honestly she had no second thoughts at this point.

“Ma, Pace. Wh-where did you go? Did you find dad and Shark and Carl? And-” hold on, “Where’s Gull?” Oh jeez, did something happen? And, looking over, she finally acknowledged the other wolf. Who was that?

There wasn’t much time to really think, though, as she heard her sister’s concerned calls. Yuna? The pale girl looked to where she’d seen Yuna coming from and gasped.

She was just lying there. As far as she knew, wolves didn’t fall asleep like that. And there was only one other sort of sleep-state she knew about. Her heart clenched again.

Oh God, no, no, nononononon-

“Y-Yuna?” Please let her be okay she couldn’t deal with loosing another family member this couldn’t be real. Pressing her face to her mothers’, feeling bad that she’d completely ignored her for a period of time, she untangled herself from the darker female to get to Yuna.

She had to be okay. But looking at her skinny body, there was so much room for error.

Please, please be okay, Yuna. Pace was here and everything would be okay.

Oh, she hoped.

Sep 16, 2018 06:44 PM — Post #9

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Mahalo Nami Matti

Mahalo heard the howl and her expression drooped into a frown. She had been hip deep in the ocean, watching fish carefully to try to snag one for her mother. Mahalo likely would have ignored the call from the former leader if she hadn’t heard her mother’s voice a few moments later in response.

Things had gone downhill with the Tribe, Mahalo wasn’t convinced that the return of their leader who had abandoned them was going to help. Was she going to resurrect Chai and Dante? Was she going to bring Kalea back? Had she even brought her own older children back - as distant of a memory as Mahalo had of them, she knew they existed.

The dark girl trotted towards the commotion, the other wolves that were Mahalo’s age were yowling, Pace screamed in return. Mahalo would have loitered disapprovingly near the edge of them all if the first sight she saw wasn’t her mother slumped into the sand with the others near her.

Mahalo’s fur bristled down her entire spine as her ears flattened backwards and she dashed towards her mother. She let out a commanding bark at the others to go away, to get away! That was her mama and what had they done to her?!

“Mama!” She yelped, paws shoveling up sand behind her before she finally came to a sliding stop right beside her mother, eyes wide with worry and fury as her eyes raced between Pace, Momo, Splash, and now she realized a complete stranger who was there as well.

Sep 16, 2018 08:08 PM — Post #10

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

It was a blissful, amazing moment. Everything about it made everything right again and Pace felt like she could have kept screaming her joy if it weren’t for waning energy and a need for something a little less energetic.  Still, she snuggled Momo with all the ferocity of her heart, took the lick with a soaring bit of wonder and—

Oh… something had happened after she’d gone down in the sand.  Momo disentangled. Splash yelling Yuna’s name.  She caught sight of her pale friend laid out on the sand, seemingly unconscious, and her own brows raised in alarm as she hauled back up to her feet.

There, another wolf. Less familiar than her own daughters, but still not at all a stranger. One of Yuna’s girls… Either Mahalo or Arashi. Either way, she’d just seen her mother collapse and that was reason enough to be yelping.

“Hey hey, alright girls, give the lady some space!” she said, loping closer, before coming in as if to sniff at Yuna.  Man, up close she really was looking pretty skinny.  A little quiver of unexpected worry nibbled at her empty gut, and she swung her head back around to fine Maverick. “Hey, Mav! You wanna come help me move her into some shade?”

The pups could help, certainly, but some things felt better left to an adult’s doing.

Sep 25, 2018 01:58 AM — Post #11

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Maverick Blade Rainy Staff

There was a whole lot of chaos occurring just now and then suddenly.. oop, wolf down! Mav straightened, beginning to make her way toward the fallen wolf immediately, just as Pace shouted out for some help. “On it!” she barked, picking up a quicker gait and meeting the dark wolf at the side of the lighter one.

She sniffed at the strangely thin form. What was with these Tribe girls? Didn’t they eat? “Over there?” she asked somewhat rhetorically, tipping her head toward a patch of shade not far from them, then dipped her head to take hold of one of the female’s rear legs. She’d let Pace get the front- if the wolf came awake to find Maverick looming over her, she might bite from fear, and Mav wasn’t really in the mood to get her face all fucked up over this.

Sep 27, 2018 11:20 AM — Post #12

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Splash Aekyr-Laroche Viktor

Oh, hey! It was Mahalo!

It was an angry Mahalo. Splash stiffened, not wanting her friend to interfere with what the adults were doing. They clearly knew what they were doing. She stepped forward, lifting her tail slightly but waving it in a friendly manner. She understood how this looked, kind of, but it obviously wasn’t Mama and Splash and Momo and Mav trying to murder Yuna.

Great ocean, Splash could barely stomach the thought of someone hurting Yuna. She was so…kind, firstly, and sweet, and utterly harmless.
She was a little hurt Mahalo might think such a thing of her, too. “Take it easy, Mahalo, she went down o’ her own accord.”  She murmured, eyeing the adults carry Yuna off to the shade, worry gnawing at her.

Nothing like that had ever happened. Was Yuna dying?
No. She definitely couldn’t be. Yuna was important and special and Splash just lost Dante and Chai. She could not lose Yuna.

Sep 30, 2018 10:32 PM — Post #13

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Momo Aekyr-Laroche Zesty

Momo was already feeling pretty panicky before, but when Mahalo showed up and barked at her, she couldn’t help but feel hurt. Pinning her ears to her skull, she slowed her pace towards Yuna, even though every part of her was screaming to see if she was okay. Was she even breathing?

Her mother took over, along with the stranger, ‘Mav’. The girl didn’t have the time to form an opinion on her, not now. Instead of coming up to help, the sandy girl merely stopped in her tracks, trembling. It was a strange thing for her to do, but with all the conflicting emotions churning up inside her, it was hard to take action. She wanted to be happy cause her mother was back, but she was fearful and nervous for Yuna, wary of the stranger and startled of the way Mahalo was acting.

Did she think they had hurt Yuna? No! Never! Momo wouldn’t even think of it.

Eventually, she spurred herself on to move towards Splash, keeping her eyes on Yuna, though, to see if she was waking. If she got there alright, she would just press her side into her sister. Comfort. The girl was still shaking.

Sep 30, 2018 11:08 PM — Post #14

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Yuna Nami Chris Staff

Yuna stirred faintly, mismatched eyes flickering open. She was oblivious to the tension surrounding her fainting spell, seeing in that moment, aware predominately of one thing.

Pace.” Her voice was raspy and dazed, but the depth of emotion was in that name. “I thought I… I dreamed it… you’re back.” Yuna smiled groggily through tears of joy that ran slowly down her cheeks. Her paws made some faint motions as if she were thinking about getting up, but the strength wasn’t with her. Yuna didn’t care. This was the first time in a long time she felt anything like hope. She had started to believe Pace, like everybody else, would never return. And yet, here she was. 

Maybe… maybe everybody would still return yet. All the wolves Yuna loved. All the ones she missed dearly. Well… not all of them.

Oct 01, 2018 07:35 AM — Post #15

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