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Finding the exit to the maze
Early spring, early morning

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Rhian Jeames

She had come here but she didn’t know why. There was something about this place that brought back memories. She had stumbled upon the creek, growled at the streaming water. It looked terrifying, as it moved. She had never been fond of water. But having become more feral… instead of whimpering and linking her fear to the water, she saw the water as an enemy, and believed she could chase it off by being angry and aggressive, just like she could chase off living prey.

It seemed to work, as the water moved on, but it never ended. Why did it never end?

Was there so much water in this world? The thought was really terrifying.

Walking alongside the stream, but with a great distance between her and the liquid, she sniffed, eyes on the ground, then on the sky, on the trees, the sand, the rocks. It looked like a regular place, nothing out of the ordinary, even though Rhian could call it a place of hell because of the water…

But then her eyes spotted something in the sand. Moving over to a tree, she pawed at the sand around a hole, that was located between the roots, under the roots. The place was worn down, ceiling collapsed a little. It looked really fragile, and had not been used in a while.

That’s when her head started hurting, and she felt the need to bite herself to locate the pain elsewhere.
She had… lived here, once.

’’Thank you for saving my life.’’ - ’’Keito, you know your Mum is a… a… Very brave wolf.’’
The water. She hated the water. Yet she remembered… going in there, to save a child. A pup. And the pup had thanked her.

Whatever had happened to that child? And… Keito? A-Akeito? What had happened to him?
Should she ask Bianca? She could not remember… Had she lost her babies? To something? To someone?

’’Greetings Siani! Greetings Akeito, thee lose thy footing in thy hurry?’’
The flash of a memory, of a wolf she was supposed to know. He was familiar, yet not. He called the kids by their names. He knew them. ’’So today, your mother and I shall be teaching you to hunt.’’

Hunting. She was… trying so hard to remember this wolf’s name. She remembered his face but… who was he? He seemed to know her pups, who she barely remembered. There was so much she needed to ask Bianca, and yet she was scared of knowing the truth.

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Bianca Silvano Jill

Bianca seldom strayed from the rise. When she did, it was to descend to the creek, and only to hunt. With its icy cover gone, and with melt water from the high peaks energizing the current, the stream proved an invaluable resource. Especially for her and her recent and imperative dependency on smaller, or slower, or weaker prey.

They all came to the water, eventually.

She just had not expected Rhian to do the same.

Typically not a morning wolf, Bianca had awoken prematurely, only to find the scent of her sister stale in their shared sleeping space. She trailed it in a hurry, the blood running cold in her veins to recognize that it led to the creek. Rhian did not care for water, this she knew, and a part of her wasn’t entirely certain the little cream she-wolf was unlike her enough not to contemplate its power. Specifically, in the way she had, when she’d been alone.

Spotting Rhian’s pale coat some distance from the bank, situated instead by a tree, left her awash in relief. Breathing a sigh, she continued limping toward the other woman but at a slower pace, giving her aching shoulder a needed respite from the speed with which she’d torn down the slope of the rise.

approaching fully next round

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Rhian Jeames


Rhian stood there, head bent forward, sulking, watching the den with great focus, as if she was waiting for a change to happen, as if waiting for it to move, or shape shift in front of her. She stared with squinted eyes, body tilting forward just a little. Body stiffened as she watched in utter silence.

She did not even notice Bianca was on her way. She was so lost in thought just looking at the old den. Abandoned and destroyed.

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Bianca Silvano Jill

As Bianca limped, her eyes narrowed to see the meaningful slope of the other woman’s posture. Rhian stared into her old den with an uncanny intensity, leading Bianca to wonder if she recognized any familiarity in the space at all, or if her focus was borne only of the desire to understand what had since become foreign.

Rhian, after all, seemed to have forgotten a lot.

Bianca folded her ears and lowered her head, approaching with deliberate delicacy. She opted to give Rhian a wide berth as she neared her, providing the other female a moment to recognize her in her peripheral vision before arriving in full. After the moment had passed, and hoping the tactic would keep Rhian from being startled, Bianca drew to her sister’s side and settled into a sit.

She regarded the den just as quietly, and just as still, her eyes tracing its sunken entrance and curved roof, burdened with the passage of time. Did Rhian remember who it housed once? Would she ask? Did she wish to know?

Bianca suspected that one day she might, but only the smaller she-wolf could ever see that day come to be. Her jade gaze traveled to Rhian, full of knowing—and an unspoken offer.

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Rhian Jeames

There was some noise behind her, and Rhian pulled her eyes away from the den. They fell on Bianca, and she relaxed a little, her body not so stiff anymore. But yet, her eyes still held an uncertain look, because she didn’t know what this all meant, and she didn’t know what to do about the memories that flooded into her head. They were all incoherent, they were not ordered, not really linked to one another. There were blank spots in between, which made it hard for her to understand, and she had no other memories to fill in the blanks.

Should she ask Bianca what had happened here? Bianca knew, right? She knew everything? Rhian was afraid to ask, afraid she would not like the stories, the memories. But at the same time, Rhian felt she needed to know. She was incomplete, without the knowledge.

’’My old den.’’ she mused, softly. It was not a question, more statement, because she knew it to be true.

’’Siani… Akeito.’’ she continued, after a moment of silence, staring at the den’s entrance. So broken. ’’What? What happened?’’ To them? And who was their father? Because she knew pups could not simply come to exist.

She wanted to ask the questions all at once, but forced herself not to.

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Bianca Silvano Jill

She blinked. So, Rhian knew this to be her old den—she knew that much. Bianca gazed upon the hollow once again, reflecting upon how it had looked when first she joined her sister in the Alliance years past. A perfectly constructed nest in which her sister had first given birth to her children, and her niece and nephew.

Siani and Akeito. Rhian recalled their names, too, and Bianca nodded, should the smaller female catch the gesture from the corner of her eye.

What happened was more difficult to answer.

It would not do to tell Rhian she thought Siani and Akeito might have gone looking for her—or, worse, that they’d been taken by whatever mysterious force spirited Rhian away in the first place. Bianca’s eyes roamed from the den to the dirt at her paws as she considered her last encounter with Athena. Relaying what the Stormborn wolf had told her seemed the best choice.

“Akeito was with a group of friends, last I heard. Traveling,” she said after a moment, a wistful smile on her features. There was no way to know if he was still with those friends, but it was better to think of him surrounded by warm peers than alone and cold. “I am… not sure about Siani. Where she is now.”

They could hope she was at peace, wherever she was in the world.

She considered mentioning Sam as well, another important wolf in her friend’s life, but the pace of the conversation was not hers to set. Nor would she pressure Rhian into seeking answers she might not want to gain.

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Rhian Jeames

Bianca spoke, said what had happened to her pups. Akeito had gone traveling, apparently, but Siani had not been heard from. Rhian frowned lightly, letting it sink in. Would Akeito ever return to this place? Suddenly she didn’t really feel like leaving the Rise, if they decided to go anywhere else… She wondered if she could wait for her son. But what if he never arrived? What if he never came back? And what about Siani? Would she ever come back? What if both were dead, or one of them…? Too many worrisome thoughts. Rhian puffed a breath, and pushed the thoughts out of her head.

’’Who… their father?’’ she then asked. Because there was no way in hell she could have birthed pups without the help of… a male figure. Creating pups wasn’t done without a wolf of the opposite sex. And thus, Rhian believed the kids either simply had a father who was involved, or she once used to have a mate. But who? She thought she remembered his face. That was him, right? Their father? The male in her memory?

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Bianca Silvano Jill

The question came as naturally as she’d wanted it to, because it came as naturally as Rhian wanted it to. Bianca tilted her head slightly to regard the other she-wolf, her eyes crinkling as melancholy settled sweet, bitter, warm and cold, into her heart.

“Sam. Sam Wood,” she breathed. “He was with us in the Alliance.”

Where he was now was as uncertain as the locations of Siani and Akeito.

Bianca turned to face the den again, struck small by how little she actually had to share. And here she’d been thinking of herself as the fountain of memory, a keeper of her and her sister’s shared experience in the pack. She didn’t have all she wished she could say, and the chill surrounding her heart worsened.

“I’m sorry, it’s… it’s been so long. I’m not sure where any of them have gone.”

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Rhian Jeames

Sam Wood. The name was familiar, and Rhian thought she remembered. Staring at the den, she wracked her brain for something, anything at all. To put the names to the faces that seemed to flash inside of her memories. Her head began to hurt again.

She thought she heard a distant scream, and looked up and around her. But there was no one there, and the scream didn’t sound very real.


The screaming was in her head, the voice distant yet familiar, screaming for her, yelling her name. Rhian shivered, feeling something sting in her eyes. It were not tears. Nope, no.
no tears.


She saw a flash, of something, someone. Of a face, one she remembered. Sam? He was calling for her but why? Rhian shook her head. ’’Euh…’’
Her head gave her trouble.

Did she want to remember this, not not?

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Pierce Art Staff
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The creek had been the natural choice. Where there was water, there was prey.  And as it flowed towards the west (more or less, anyway) from the mountain pass, well, along the creek shore Pierce had gone, mouth still semi-freshly gory from a brief interlude with a muskrat. Nothing terribly sating, but she had not been that hungry to begin with; only enough to assure herself she would not be making checks on her siblings with a bothersome stomach.

There had beena pack here, once, she thought, or perhaps she misremembered, though it smelled of stale wolves and she would have sworn, had she been any kind of swearing type, that mentions of such existed. Two wolves, pale and markingless, could be spotted standing out amongst the spring green, but nobody she recognized. Nobody she cared about.

Nevertheless, her ears twisted as she rustled by on her own merry way, keen to listen and learn whatever she could without truly eavesdropping.

”... father?” she caught, and paused. It was still early enough in spring. The thoughts the question of an unknown father, at this time of year, sent into her head had her chest constricting just a little. Unforgivable cruelties, or callous cowards, both were considered in the short microcosm of ambiguity.

Pierce turned to begin approaching. She had some conscience, practical though it was, instead of Benjamin’s sensitive approach to life. She faced them silently once in sight, unsure what to say properly but equally unable to not assure herself the situation was not what she imagined. “Something happened,” she surmised simply, darting glances towards the green-eyed one that seemed to have the answers in this accidental encounter.

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Bianca Silvano Jill

Bianca can be skipped, friends <3

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