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puddle jumping
early spring | afternoon | clear and warm

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Oberon Jade

Oberon’s exploration of the lake eventually led him to its southwestern fringes, where water mingled with land to form something like a flooded forest — neither creek nor marsh but something sort of… between the two, perhaps?

Currently, he was picking his way carefully across a chain of slick rocks in an effort to reach the farthest one out. The boulder sat smack dab in the middle of the large pool he’d found, and it was large enough to fit nine or ten wolves easily. Surrounded by water and further secluded by vegetation draping from the banks, he imagined it would be like his own little island. He could see himself sunning there, soaking up the warmth of the spring afternoon.

Of course, he could have just walked to get to it; the pools were all shallow enough that one could simply tread through them. But in a rare stroke of levity, Oberon had decided to hop from one to the next, playing a little game of try-not-to-fall-in with himself. Once he secured himself on one rock, he would take a second to regain his balance, crouch down, and leap to the next one. The farther he went the farther he seemed to have to jump. It became a challenge, and foolish though it was, Oberon was determined to see it through, even if it was only a silly little game.

He made it just about halfway out before he lost.

One of his paws slipped out from under him, and though he immediately scrabbled for purchase, he ultimately fell rump-first into the water — accompanied by a splash and a grunt.

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Dust Fao Staff

Having no home was hard.

Dust had been born into one. He knew what it was to have a place where you stayed and thrived. In his own way, he thought of himself as a pack wolf, with land to defend and wolves to call family.

But when he really stopped to think about it, he’d had that sort of life for the minority of his years, and it was almost alarming to come to terms with. His own identity… wasn’t even really reality.

Wandering around areas he knew had once had packs and no longer had packs really brought that around for him.  It happened to others too, he was certain. Fractures were a part of existence. Things broke and reformed and reshaped.

What was he shaping into now, he wondered?

Little thoughts on a rather splendid afternoon, walking with his paws in shallow water.  Going slow, not making too much noise—it wasn’t like he had any place to be, and the water felt nice on paws that had seen too much treading and not enough resting.

He caught a flicker of movement up ahead and he peered with a squint, trying to figure out what it was that was moving past a few boughs that hung across the water. Realized after a moment that, duh, it was a wolf. Bounding across some rocks. Youthful.

Made him smile, just a little.  He started towards them and by time he got within a distance he could clearly see what was up, the yearling took a spill.

Dust didn’t mean it at all, but he laughed before he could catch himself. Short, without mockery… but definitely at the poor young kid.

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Oberon Jade

From somewhere out in the trees, there came an abrupt sound.

A laugh.

Still stunned by his fall, it took Oberon a second to register it, but when he did, his felt a rush of heat to his face. His fur bristled in reaction (the half of it that wasn’t in the water, anyway), both for being caught off-guard and out of sheer embarrassment. When he whipped his head around to find the stranger watching him from the bank, his face defaulted to its most intense, ice-cold stare.

Which probably would have been more intimidating if he hadn’t just plopped ass-first into the water while playing hop-rock.

“Yeah, yeah,” he drawled, baring his teeth in a mirthless smile. “Laugh it up, old man.”

Turning so that he had his back to the wolf, Oberon threw his forepaws onto the rock and hauled his now-soaked hindquarters onto it.

Of course somebody had to show up just in time to see him make a fool of himself.

OOC | I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see that it was you/Dust that replied. .w.

Also sorry if this reads choppy or anything. I’m getting ready to go to the dentist, which gives me BIG anxiety. Lol.


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Dust Fao Staff


The steely stare he received was well deserved, and Dust ducked his head—not terribly abashed, but repentant nonetheless. But he couldn’t shake the smile.

Old man, though. Had… anyone ever said that to his face before?  It was a strange sensation, knowing that this yearling was right. In his own mind he was still this kid’s age, but body and experience told him very much otherwise.

Well, he did have to say, one never did truly feel like an ‘adult.’  Life was just a bunch of guesswork.

“Sorry,” he said, sincerely but lightly.  “I just… yeah, surprised to see you fall. You alright?” 

He walked a little closer, but was careful, just in case true offense had been taken and he needed to take a hike.

((Looking for a thread for Dust in the area and seeing yours was just too good to pass up. SORRY for the delay, hopefully a bit faster now. :D))

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Oberon Jade

The stranger was quick to apologize, but Oberon more or less brushed it off, choosing to focus on regaining his composure — both physically and otherwise. With his back half waterlogged and his hind paws slippery, he had to work a little more to balance himself. Mostly, though, it was his wounded pride that bothered him.

Granddad over there did seem sincere, though.

Oberon scowled and drew in a steadying breath.

“I’m fine,” he huffed.

Then he splayed his toes, braced himself on the rock, and gave his whole body a good shake. Droplets of water flew from his coat, sprinkling the pool around him like a miniature rain shower. When he was done, he craned his head to look back at the other wolf with a glower. Less icy by several degrees but not exactly a friendly look.

“How long you been skulkin’ around over there, anyway?”

Long enough to see him frolicking like a baby deer before he busted his tail?

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Dust Fao Staff

((JK i’m slow as balls apparently.))

‘Fine’ was such a relative word. Dust was back far enough that he only got the finest mist from the fur spraying that the kid gave the area. The water continued to feel nice, and for all that this one seemed put out to have gotten wet when he’d been otherwise going well from rock to rock, well…

Dust was of the opinion that it would have been easier on them both to take the shame a little more gracefully, but it wasn’t his own call to make. Lessons like that had to be learned over time.

“Not long,” he admitted, moving a little closer still, wading through the water even as it went just a little deeper. “I saw movement up ahead and just happened to see you…” Pause, as if he shouldn’t say it at all, but it was better to just be up front about what he’d seen than dance around the issue. ”...fall.”

A little smile, going for more friendly, trying to push past that first bit of conversation that was understandably less than desirable. “You local?”

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Name Player
Oberon Jade

You’ve been on a triiiiip!! It is okay! xDD

For a second there, it seemed like the old wolf wanted to mollify him, admitting that he’d only seen movement through the trees. Before Oberon could feel too relieved, though, he was quick to bring up how he’d witnessed his fall. As if he needed reminding already.

“Right,” he grumbled, and then cleared his throat as he gave his tail one more good shake.

The stranger was still smiling that kind, knowing sort of smile at him. It grated on Oberon, for whatever reason — though he could acknowledge that it probably had more to do with his current situation than anything else. The wolf seemed nice enough, and he appeared to be making an effort to divert the conversation now.

Having dried himself off as best he could, Oberon shuffled around on his rock so that he was facing him directly.

“Guess you could say that,” he replied, making his best effort to seem conversational. Naturally, his tone fell a bit flat. Nevertheless, he cocked an ear toward the other wolf. “You?”

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