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Paloma del Sol Poe

She wanted to get to the top.

There was no reason, really, but she needed to.  Something told—lied, really—that everything would make sense if she just climbed up the damn peak.  The pathway was narrow and her paws picked their way cautiously; hesitation was deadly in such circumstances.  The little wolf froze when her paw nearly slipped from the ledge and nearly abandoned her mission, but the goal was set in stone.  Paloma gritted her teeth and began making her way up, hopeful that the clouds in the distance were anything but a storm.

Oct 01, 2018 06:52 PM

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Name Player
August Delphino Syrup

(note to self: takes place after “neverland is home for lost boys like me”)

He had been caught in an oddly perplexing affair, watching this tiny girl march her way up the slopes. While his morning had been quite uneventful before he had noticed a figure scaling the hill, his gut was still unsure whether he wanted to stick around and watch. There was the possibility that the female could trip and scatter her body across the horizon, and perhaps it was the mention of sudden death that drew August towards the base of the butte. His pace was brisk, calculating as he padded across the ground behind her; he wanted to wait and see if anything would happen.

It was a small mishap but his gaze caught it when her paw slipped, withers quivering and her entire posture shifting to fear for a split moment. He knew the smallest expressions of body language easily, as he had grown up around those that rarely displayed such. His tail swayed gently behind his rump as he narrowed his emerald fixation, ears pointing forward. Would she fall if he got up and left before the end of her route was met? His mouth twisted into a hard line, contemplating his options.

August danced on the edge of his toes, leaning forward on the balls of his feet. While the daintier wolf ahead of him seemed to be handling herself well, he still felt at unease. While he didn’t know or care personally for the girl, leaving her to possibly fall to her death didn’t sit well with his inner-working, heavily buried morality. It was with this train of thought that he gathered his limbs beneath him and started a slow trek up the rocky canvas, his shoulders hunched low for balance and his nails digging into the red dirt to stay afloat atop the scraggy butte.

For now, he merely trailed her in silence, the only sound being the crackle of pebbles underfoot and his patient pant. His gaze never left the girl, ensuring that she made it to the top or didn’t come tumbling back down.

Oct 03, 2018 01:37 AM — Post #1

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Name Player
Paloma del Sol Poe

There it was again.  Paloma hadn’t felt the gripping unease since Scotch had followed her across the valley day after day, feigning concern for the woman he likely abhorred.  She had been a tool to him, she knew, but at the time he had been all she had and that desperation drove her to please him however possible.  Fortune had spared her the past winter, but she still wondered – would he come back?  Would he make her keep her promise?  Would she stop him?

The thought of him being the presence lingering behind her made her stomach twist into knots.  Paloma kept her head down and kept going, too afraid to look back and find his looming, angry form standing over her.  If he threw her from the peaks, it wouldn’t surprise her.  He had been so, so full of hatred when she had seen him last.  If given the chance, would he kill her? 

She didn’t know.  She didn’t want to find out.

Her paws moved quicker, less careful.  All she wanted was to get away from whoever was following her.  The shale shifted underneath her paws as she pushed ahead, eyes wide.  Get.  Away.

Oct 04, 2018 03:40 PM — Post #2

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Name Player
August Delphino Syrup

His mouth twisted into a hard line when the small female quickened her pace. To an outsider, she appeared feverish and losing patience for the rocky incline. August faltered for a second, his hind legs digging into the slope as to hold him up while he stared after her. Was it worth it to see her to the top, or would he be met with a more unfriendly greeting than the treacherous butte itself?

No, he would stay for the duration of her climb. Already, he saw the pebbles ricocheting off her paws, slapped away by her careless footfalls. He stayed at a slower pace and didn’t try to match the strange woman’s. Better that he live to buffer her fall instead of both of them tumbling back down to a foreseeable doom.

The boy was incessant with his body language, and tended to rely on it more than his verbal skills. However, whenever the other woman would slip or step on the wrong rock, he’d let out a low rumble of concern. Perhaps, if he saved her, this would all work in his favor and he might get a lead on where another pack would be. If not, he at least had found someone else to gouge directions out of.

August crinkled the area around his nose as a dust cloud passed over him, dulling his sense of smell and sight for a moment while his unwilling guide trekked onward in front of him. He wavered for a second, losing balance, and swiveled all of his weight to his front end in order to prevent a nasty fall. One green eye darted to the side to eyeball the depth he had already scaled since finding the girl, and the length at which he was above ground made him gulp slowly.

Despite his kiss with near injury, he dug into the earth and proceeded with their stagnant game of tag. While his muscles now ached with the amount of energy it took for him to scrape his body out of the dust, he was nearly drunk with the idea of getting to the top and making sure this girl climbed her mountain before they both tipped over the side.

Oct 11, 2018 03:01 AM — Post #3

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