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[private, summons] All members and guests of the Cascades | Backdated to ES

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

It was time.  Deep inside her, she knew it was time.  They’d staked out their home, marked their borders, discussed their hierarchy.  She’d fled the south with them to create this, and she still had a promise to fulfill.  A promise to deliver them to safety.  Now, that promise was complete.  But there was still one thing left to do.

Astred had wandered down from the den she shared with Damien in order to make her way to the crashing falls, their icy form swirling beneath her paws.  Her breath rose in wisps.  Spring had made its arrival and still, the wintry clutch of the colder seasons fought to stay. 

Rising her head a fraction, Astred released a long call to summon her comrades.  Damien, her mate.  Who had been with her since the beginning.  There wasn’t a wolf in this world who she trusted more with her life.  Daniel, the soon-to-be Maester.  Perhaps the brightest of his age, he never lacked kindness or support.  A wise council member to have at her side.  Marceline, the Mother.  Her endless love never tired.

There were guests, as well.  Safira and Maes who were expecting whelps in the spring.  Sienna and her newborn kin.  She’d heard of several other presences in the area too, and so her voice was to call them forward as well.

They had waited long enough for this.

It was time to make the Northern Realm a reality.

Oct 03, 2018 09:29 AM

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Marceline Aetius Matti

Marceline lifted her head at the call from Astred, turning towards the other woman and picking her way through their little home. She had been doing nothing in particular - looking for spring herbs mostly - and wondered what Astred might be calling about.

Astred obviously wanted everyone to respond to her call, so perhaps this was about making their pack more official. They’d been living here for a while, enough time to settle in and feel at home - at least Marceline thought so.

She spotted the other woman, a little blurry at first but coming into focus as Marce came closer. “Astred, how are you?” She called as a way of greeting, glancing around but not spotting anyone else near yet. Marce settled herself comfortably into a sitting position, content to wait for the others and see what this discussion was about.

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Oct 03, 2018 10:06 AM — Post #1

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Rhee Starlight Matti

Rhee too heard the call from a woman he had yet to meet, but he’d been lingering around this place for some time now and it seemed appropriate to respond to the summons that perhaps was meant to include him. Damien had invited him to stay, and Rhee had been following through on that promise to hunt for them.

Honestly, he probably needed to make more of an effort to meet those pups he had scented but not yet seen. Either they’d be what he was looking for, or they wouldn’t be and then he could take himself off elsewhere. He heaved a sighed and trotted towards the call, spotting not just the first woman but a second as well as he approached.

Maybe he ought to make a short trip back down into the forest regardless, let the pups here get a bit bigger. Once they were leaving the den he’d be able to find them on their own to make his own assessments.

He lifted his head in a brief nod upwards, a greeting for the two wolves he didn’t know. “Hello, I’m Rhee, a guest and acquaintance of Damien’s.” It seemed apt to just get the introduction out of the way so no one felt too pushy about why he was here. He lingered a little further back, unsure how involved he wished to be with whatever this call was for.

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Oct 03, 2018 10:10 AM — Post #2

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Damien Aderly Dylan

So much had happened over the course of the winter. It drained him.

Damien had seen it coming, in a way. Known that the beginning of their reign was close ever since Dagður had been slain. With the arrival of new lives and their gradually growing numbers, it was time to officially lay their claim upon Kingsfall. Astred’s call that day confirmed it.

Emerging from the sparse pines, the brute brushed against his mate’s flank and slowed to a halt beside her. He wasn’t the first to arrive; his mother and Rhee were already present. A dip of his head was offered to both as a silent greeting.

Oct 03, 2018 11:08 AM — Post #3

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Safira Lei

Safira, while she could, stalked through the mountainous territory. She knew Maes was finding a safe place to stay within the peaks for the birth of their children. And while she appreciated his help and was gracious for his efforts, it still didn’t necessarily make Safira feel safe. She, too, needed to stalk through everything as well. She needed to find the weaker points and the safer points within Astred’s home and she sure as hell needed to be able to know the exit points in case, god forbid, Lucian ever returned.

The girl was always on high alert, but who could blame her for the life that she lived?

And although she felt as though she had stumbled through every nook and cranny that this area offered, Safira still didn’t feel satisfied. She still didn’t feel as safe as she wished she could feel. And although she would have searched for many more hours after that, a call was brought to her attention. The sound forced her paws to a halt and her ears to twist in the direction of the source before she was able to finally make it out.


Why was she calling?

While the two of them, she wouldn’t say had a relationship, she did feel oddly comfortable around the other female. The thought of a friendship was still out of Safira’s mind, especially after her debacle with Sienna and Lestat, but she could definitely see a sense of equal give or take between the two of them. They seemed to share something in common that most other wolves didn’t have the chance to experience.

The curiosity clearly got the best of her.

The girl moved through the rocky terrain until she came face to face to a meeting ground filled with Astred herself and many more other wolves. It probably wasn’t her place to be here, seeing as though she doubted she could even join a pack at this point and this was probably a pack meeting, but Safira wanted to listen. She wanted to know, what was going on?

Call her protective or whatever towards these wolves, but they were giving her and Maes sanctuary for their pups and really the least she could do was offer her services until she was practically bed ridden with her pregnancy, right?

The girl didn’t say anything besides a subtle head nod in Damien and Astred’s direction before she quietly settled down towards the edge of the group gathered before her. She would listen, but that was it, she told herself.

Oct 04, 2018 11:24 PM — Post #4

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Wrenn Aderly Chris Staff

Playing outside the den, Wrenn’s head lifted when she heard the sound of a howl. WOW, that was her favourite noise! And WHAT a howl it was, long and loud and crystal clear! Wrenn instantly made it her life goal to howl just like that. The young girl planted all four feet firmly, bracing one further back, a front one further forward, and actually crouching down and bouncing up to her full height to get maximum volume as she howled back.

It was recognizably a puppy howl, not as majestic as Astred’s, but Wrenn tried!

Now she knew it meant something important, it wasn’t just a fun thing to do, it was time to take action! Wrenn let out a little yip, her tiny ears straining to figure out where, exactly, the sound had come from. The girl was still too young to actually track sounds. But she knew who wasn’t!

“Mama, Willow, wakeup wakeup!!” Wrenn called excitedly, her tail starting to wag. She wanted to go join in with whatever fun was going on! Nothing in her short life had ever suggested anything negative would ever happen to her, so she wasn’t in the slightest worried.

Oct 04, 2018 11:57 PM — Post #5

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Sienna Rose-Aderly mads

The woman yawned at the prodding that was brought to her. Not a physical one, but a mental one that told her “okay, enough sleep. Take care of the babies.” She rose her head just at the end of Astred’s long, summoning howl. Something in her was relieved that Astred had not disappeared - another part of her felt uncertain of what this meant. Uncurling herself with a stretch, she blinked tiredly but with affection at Wrenn.

Was it too early to take them to see the others?

She hummed softly. It didn’t look like she had much of a choice. ”Alright, if you two want to come and meet the others, you need to promise mommy that you’ll stay by my side and not venture off.” She reached over with her neck and licked the two of them.

There was no doubt in her mind that they would follow, so with little effort, she crawled out the entrance and shook out her fur before looking back in a patient waiting motion. After a moment, Sienna reeled her head back and released her own howl that said she was coming.

But it would still take a bit.

Oct 05, 2018 12:15 PM — Post #6

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Daniel Hayle kay

Daniel was alone as he made his way toward the sound’s source. He’d slunk away from his den unsure of whether he was pursuing something important or simply a call for company, but felt compelled to provide for his Valkyrie nonetheless.

His nose quivered as foreign scents drifted toward him, paws quietly carrying him over to Marceline. A friendly glance was cast toward everyone else, strangers included, but not much else beside that. This looked like a pack meeting. Was it time?

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Oct 06, 2018 02:08 PM — Post #7

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

Loose posting order?  I’ll post with Astred starting new rounds every 1-2 days~

Astred, how are you?

Astred gave a dip of her head in greeting, a miniscule smile saved for the other woman alone.  ”I’m well, Marceline.  Thank you.”  Before she could ask the woman the same, others began to arrive.  Among them was a foreign-looking male the soon-to-be Valkyrie had failed to see on her premise before.  Soon enough he spoke out, claiming he was a guest and acquaintance of Damien’s, which made him a guest and acquaintance of hers as well.  Astred wouldn’t prohibit the travels of guests onto their lands so long as they failed to pose a threat to her family.

Her mate’s arrival and brush at her side was not taken for granted, and the woman’s own tail flicked in acknowledgement.  Safira was next, followed by Daniel.  The Valkyrie had reserved smiles for the both of them but soon averted her gaze when a feminine howl sounded off in the distance.  Sienna’s, if she wasn’t mistaken.  Was the woman a guest of the Realm, now?  Did she have intentions to join now that Lestat, the male that had so opposed to travelling north with them, had perished?  Whatever Sienna decided was best for herself and her newborn children, Astred would do her best to support them.

”I assume most of you know why you’re here.”  She began at last, bending her hinds to take a seat and inviting the others to do the same.  There was only so much pressure her injured limb could take before it gave out.  ”For many days now we have resided in Kingsfall and marked the borders as our own.  We’ve travelled far to find this place and sacrificed things to get here.”  Like the Covenant.  Like Anna.  ”Today is the day we make the Northern Realm a reality.”

Her eyes floated around the area, taking the time to land on each and every figure that had gathered.  ”First and foremost, the Realm will be a pack built on trust and loyalty..  We serve a purpose greater than ourselves; to not protect only ourselves and our families but the valley as a whole from wolves who would see it harmed.”  Like Elliot.  Like Dagður.  ”I intend for the Realm to be a benevolent tribe, but we will not tolerate any threat held against us.”

Many things had changed in the course of the past few months.  She’d left the south to head northwards once more, staked claim to a new home, fought against an old enemy, and now, she may even be with child.  Life was a capricious thing, and annoyingly so.

”Our main aspiration is to leave our world better than we found it.”  A bold and noble statement, perhaps.  Really, Astred wanted to get rid of all the sick fucks that would rather watch children scream than to do something kind for another.  She bet almost everyone else did, too.

”My closest comrades and I have discussed hierarchy over the past month or so.  I, Astred Valfreyja, will serve as your Valkyrie.  As long as I live, I promise to protect each and every one of you, and to provide you all with prosperous lives.”  Gods, she hated speeches.  ”The Aesir will be my second-in-command, trusted to run things while I myself am away.  I trust no one more than Damien to take on this role.”  She would have cast him a meaningful glance, but one, it was too cuddly, and two, she still had to finish her ‘grand lecture’.  ”For every great VAlkyrie, there are three selected Shieldmaidens.  Marceline Aetius, would you do me the honor of becoming mine until death do us part?”  She’d discussed this months ago with the woman, but Astred believed in a numerous amount of chances for those who deserved it.  She would still give Marceline a chance to back out and she would respect that decision.

”There will be appointed leaders for separate roles of hunting, fighting, scouting, and healing.  They are the Jotunn, the Warlord, the Elivagar, and the Maester.  Daniel Hayle, would you serve the Realm as it’s commanding healer?”  Again, she’d discussed this with him.  The same chance to have a change of thought presented itself to him just as it had to Marceline.  Damien, however, didn’t have a choice.  Ha.

”Every member of the Realm, no matter the background, size, or age, will be permitted the rank of Viking.  Constantly will you be expected to prove yourselves, but I have every confidence that your presences will be exceptional.  Novices are the newest recruits of the group and will be promoted to the role of Viking when either I myself or one of my counselors see fit.”

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Oct 09, 2018 08:33 AM — Post #8

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

She shifted, glacial eyes roaming to the sky for a brief moment, taking in it’s chilled blue hue.  Her gaze was cast back down shortly after, surveying the amount of wolves gathered before her.  A shred of doubt began to eat within her.  Would they follow her?  Would they lay down everything they believed in to join her cause?  Her family’s cause?

”Lastly, there will be the rank of the Dvergar.  The young.  They are the future and are to be highly protected by each member of the Realm until they come of age to become a fully fledged Viking.”  Protect them well.

”Each of us has lost something in our lives.  A friend, a value… family.  Some of us are so used to losing that we don’t know what it is to take or to give.  Not today.  Today, we, the Realm, are going to give  something back to the world and to ourselves.  We will make our dreams a reality and I promise you that we will achieve greatness.”


”Will you join me?”

The beat of her heart increased with the expected silence to follow, but somehow, all doubt had faded from the Valkyrie.  She had no reason to be afraid, not as long as she had her family at her side

Oct 09, 2018 08:34 AM — Post #9

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Wrenn Aderly Chris Staff

By the time Wrenn got close enough to hear, Astred’s speech was mostly over. Which was okay, because the girl was really too young to understand… anything much, including the concept of packs beyond a vague understanding that there were other good wolves nearby. Sometimes they even played with her! Wrenn frolicked happily just ahead of her mother, delighted to be around so many other wolves. There might have been a vague understanding of importance, gathered from the way everyone looked to the light coloured wolf and the careful way she spoke words in a way Wrenn hadn’t heard anybody speak before.

It was only the joining part Wrenn had a faint understanding off, and she bounded forwards with a wagging tail and a broad smile lighting up her young face. “Yay!” She announced.

Oct 10, 2018 05:01 AM — Post #10

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Damien Aderly Dylan

The male’s eyes stared at the horizon as more wolves flooded in, taking in the view of the lowlands from the group’s perch. When Astred finally did speak, his emerald gaze fell upon her.

First and foremost, the Realm will be a pack built on trust and loyalty..  We serve a purpose greater than ourselves; to not protect only ourselves and our families but the valley as a whole from wolves who would see it harmed.

Wolves like those who had raided his home. Like Dagður.

  I, Astred Valfreyja, will serve as your Valkyrie.  As long as I live, I promise to protect each and every one of you, and to provide you all with prosperous lives.

Damien’s posture straightened at the mention of his own rank. Although he was aware of the extra responsibilities and weight that would come with being the Aesir, in the moment it was all dwarfed by immense satisfaction. He was finally where he belonged: back on top.

Chartreuse eyes gradually swept over the gathering with each name spoken. Marceline, the Shieldmaiden, and the roles of the soon-to-be council, after which Daniel’s name was proudly announced as their Maester. Damien’s lips pulled back into a subtle smile of approval. He had earned it.

Even though several had shown up Damien could not help but feel disappointed with a specific missing presence — Komet. Part of him had truly hoped that the ginger male would stick around this time after securing himself a rank of importance, but it seemed that he had once again put too much trust into the hollow words of his past comrade. A shame.

But this was not the time to sulk.

Damien’s ears angled back toward his mate as she finished her speech before his maw pointed to the sky and released a long, celebratory song. 

This place was theirs now; a new beginning for the Northern Realm.


Oct 11, 2018 11:04 AM — Post #11

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Marceline Aetius Matti

Marceline nodded and smiled at the wolves who appeared at Astred’s howl, some familiar to her and others less so. Still, she had smelled the strangers who came here now, and they must have been staying nearby for a while.

When Daniel came near she gave a brighter smile to him. He was still such a favorite of hers, and while she hadn’t spent as much time with the younger man as she might have liked, she was always happy to have him close.

Her attention fell on Astred as the other woman spoke at length, explaining the pack and its purpose and Marceline felt as if all of the things over the last few months were falling into place as planned. They would be a real pack here in the mountains. She had found something of a family, and had her grandchildren, and her friends. Marceline could be more than content here.

Marceline did not have a lot to say. It was without a doubt that Astred would lead them, and that the younger woman had clearly thought out exactly how she intended for things to go. “Of course Astred, it would be an honor.” The older woman dipped her head. Marceline had no plans to leave this place, not after finding what she had been looking for for so long.

Oct 13, 2018 05:38 PM — Post #12

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Rhee Starlight Matti

Rhee lingered at the back, watching, waiting. Other wolves arrived but no one introduced themselves; he got the name Marceline by happenstance for the small, older woman. The light furred woman seemed to be the leader, indeed she jumped into a speech about starting a pack.

It made Rhee dip his head a little, he was not feeling overly inclined to be noticed in this situation. The woman had a lot to say and explain, and at least he got a few more names out of the process. Others seemed to agree that this is what they wanted, and somewhere in his mind Rhee knew that this was a pack about to be formed and he had chosen to hang around it.

Now he was unsure though. In deep concentration over the matter he had missed the small, puppy voice in the distance, or it might have claimed his interest. These mountains were promising. There were pups here, and he still felt he had come here for a reason. However, joining a pack? Now that just seemed dramatic. It pulled at his loyalties in ways he did not like. He was after his Celestial here, his other Guardians. This pack wasn’t forming for that purpose, indeed he hadn’t uttered a word of it to anyone, and he hadn’t yet managed to meet the pups here, so he couldn’t even say if he had found what he was looking for.

He supposed in the end he could likely stay as a guest, for some period of time at least. Though, perhaps this group would accept his presence more kindly if he joined. What did it really matter? If this wasn’t the place with the pups he was looking for he’d just leave. He was already hunting for them, already doing the work. He’d be as loyal as it made sense to be.

His head came up again a little more, decision made. “Count me a hunter, if you’d have me.” A viking he supposed from her explanation. He wouldn’t volunteer himself to lead anything, but he’d keep doing the job he had been doing until other things worked themselves out.

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Oct 16, 2018 06:58 PM — Post #13

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Astred Valfreyja Lilja

It was all falling together.  For that, the new Valkyrie of the Cascades couldn’t be happier.  This was her home, her family.  She would do whatever it took to protect them for as long as the fires of Helheim burned in all their inferno.  Astred Valfreyja had lost a tribe once, along with the inhabitants of its dwellings.  Not again.

Perhaps the first thing she noticed was the miniature ball of umber that came bounding their way.  One of Sienna’s daughters, presumably.  Almost instantly, a small shred of guilt bloomed within her for not taking the time to see them.  Willow and Wrenn, she’d heard their names were.  Which one was this, bounding so gallantly towards the encircled wolves, she wondered?  Either way, a warm smile was sent towards the girl.  She was apart of this just as much as the Valkyrie herself was.

Marceline proclaimed that she would honorably take the role of Astred’s second right-hand.  With an approving dip of her chin, Astred obliged.  Not long after, the voice of one of the strangers rang out into the air.  While she didn’t know his name, his offer to step up into one of the Realm’s first Vikings made her chest swell with pride.

“I would.  The Realm thanks you for your service.”

Mimicking Damien, Astred’s maw lifted to emit a valiant sound that rang throughout the walls of the haven they had chosen.  Kingsfall Cascade; the dominion of their reign.

May it live long.

If you all want to make any last posts that’s completely fine!  If not, I think we’re probably set to wrap this up. (:

Oct 17, 2018 08:59 PM — Post #14

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Wrenn Aderly Chris Staff

Wrenn grinned right back when the white lady smiled at her, deciding she was nice. And now she realized she must be important because everybody listened to her and then - OH! Wrenn’s favourite noise! And more than one wolf was doing it! This was by far without a doubt the most exciting thing to happen to her in her short life. Wrenn didn’t waste any time. She sucked in a deep breath, her baby-blue eyes bright, and she let out the best howl of her existence. It was still squeaky sounding and short lived compared to the grown-up’s. But Wrenn was proud of it anyway, caught up in the excitement of her first proper group howl.

((Fade Wrenn!))

Oct 17, 2018 10:00 PM — Post #15

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