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Nocturnal Mother
Midnight/ Full Spring/ Clear, little windy, cool

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Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

(WELCOME TORBJORN! Just as a note, along with him, I made an entire religion AND language! Ill be translating his foreign words at the end of his posts with [these] marks, as seen at the bottom! Enjoy him!)

“Doukr, Dara. I shall continue my mission as soon as my Daar Vu’otiott has been returned to my side.”

Torbjorn’s low voice rumbled in his chest, laced with devotion, clouded gaze turned to the bright disk of the moon. Surely, his almighy Goddess would grant this mercy and allow him more time to look for his beloved? She knew the importance of love and faith, knew the depth of his emotion for Amaryllis.

The next future church could continue to wait, . He didnt have any followers to his cause yet, anyways. Not a place to settle, nor the wolves to make up the coven. Just a lonely, grumpy Sun Priest, searching for his Moon Priestess in some forsaken desert where nobody would know his first language and everyone would need to be shone to Mona’s Light.

Where even was he, anyways? A grumble tumbled from his maw as the bear shook his mane out, casting a pair of squinted, bright green eyes around him. A river, by the sudden darkness against the sand and the sound of rushing water, one that curved further into the desert. Practicality told him to follow the river and stay close to the only place in this desolate area that would draw life until finding the exit of the sands. Stubbornness told him to march on straight and find the way out sooner, hopefully before the sun rose and the heat returned.

Torbjorn Vidar Atreides strode to the water and drank deep, and then set off in his path through the barren terrain. Nobody could call him a coward, at the very least, as he stalked heavily towards the unknown hills. The wind struck cold against bare patches of pink, well healed by now but still sensitive; he ignored the uncomfortable feeling as much as he ignored the clouds over his eyes.
Once so perfect, so clear, and now so limited. Colors, thankfully, were still intact, but the same couldn’t be said for detail and definition. Where one thing stopped and another began was decided by a blur of colors, guesswork at best. It had taken many days of healing, of digging up unsuspecting rodents or scavenging to keep himself fed enough to survive. Of course, it got easier, but his eyesight never got better in the least.

Cursed to a world of swirled colors and guessing games for the rest of his life. Such a pity. Such a nuisance when he had Amaryllis to literally look for.

A huff of irritation left his nostrils, ears flickering back.

[Mercy, Mona.] [Moon Priestess]

Oct 06, 2018 02:36 PM

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Lukin Petrov Sierra

Lukin knew of the harshness that the desert loved to present during the day, knew that many wolves lost their lives when the sun shone high above, and so he had waited. A wolf like him, who was not only used to the snowy mountains, but was so dark in color as well, would not stand a change in such heat.

As the sun began to set, and the moon to rise, Lukin had set off again, leaving the over hanging rock that had served as his shelter, and making his way towards the horizon once more. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going, only that he was getting as far from his previous pack as he could. They didn’t take to wolves leaving so kindly, and Lukin would not stick around to face their wrath.

Trotting quickly along the sandy ground, the dark male had not been expecting to see another, and yet he could hear the paw steps of another close by. Glancing to his left, he could just make out the lighter coat of another in the moonlight.

A small groan risked escaping his throat, Lukin just barely choking it down so not to draw too much attention to himself. Still, it was risky just ignoring the presence of another, for there was no telling if the other would then notice him. It was for this fact alone that Lukin let out a low rumble, just a warning that another was nearby.

Oct 07, 2018 08:11 PM — Post #1

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Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

Pawsteps. The shifting of the sand was an unexpected noise, but Torbjorn showed no reaction other than the curling of his tail over his back in instinct. Hed finally begun to accept that looking back would do him no good in figuring out this stranger. Scent, alone, told him that it was another male, and that he was also alone. Listening, Tor fully expected to be able to continue walking, but a rumble of something between announcement and warning reached his ears.

The bear hesitated, debaiting pretending to be deaf, stiffly halted, and finally turned around to face the stranger. Better to face a potential threat than keep trying to walk on; wounds in the desert could quickly kill a wolf.

There was…. very little to go by. Only the movement against the lighter ground gave hint to the figure, and Torbjorn knew this meant it was a dark coated wolf whom he faced. If it came to a fight for whatever reason, Torbjorn knew he wasn’t likely to win against an enemy unseen. Better to be polite than pick an unneeded battle.

Oh, what he wouldn’t give to simply have been able to peek over his shoulder and see the black male, see that he was alone. Been able to confidently take on any dark coated creature in the night.

Torbjorn gave a chuff of greeting, neither aggressive or friendly, and kept clouded eyes on what little of the man he could see.

Oct 07, 2018 11:11 PM — Post #2

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Lukin Petrov Sierra

As the lighter colored wolf halted, Lukin did the same, large paws etching themselves in the sand as cool eyes met the others. A greeting broke through the air, a rather neutral greeting that did not have him stiffening for a fight.

“I thought it better to warn you of my presence rather than surprise you later.” Lukin rumbled, dipping his head slightly to show that he meant no harm despite his hardness.

“Do you keep to these lands?” Perhaps this wolf would know what lay beyond the sand of the desert.

Oct 07, 2018 11:26 PM — Post #3

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Name Player
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

The stranger stopped when Torbjorn stopped, and the priest was glad for the personal space; at least someone had taught this guy some manners. It meant they had to raise their voices a little bit, but that was more than fine by the bear. His tail relaxed, falling equal with his hips, and some tension released. The words came easy in the face of someone less than agressive, even if it was hard not to fall into the language he’d been born to.

“I appreciate it. Good to know there are mannered wolves out there, still.”

There, that was friendly. Enough…? Thankfully, the stranger didn’t seem keen on being all buddy buddy, only wanted to know if these were his lands. As if the Sun Priest would live in such a barren, hot place. Torbjorn shook his head, muzzle wrinkling in obvious distaste of the idea.

“Just got in, and already trying to get the hell out. I’m not much a fan of the high temperatures with a coat made for mountain life.”

Oct 07, 2018 11:41 PM — Post #4

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Lukin Petrov Sierra

Mannered? Lukin had never truly thought of himself in that way, but he supposed he never really had the chance of using such social skills before. It was always just growls and teeth then, but that was the past he supposed.

“I thank you for the complimented.” Was all he could truly offer, and as the stranger went on to speak more of the desert, Lukin found himself agreeing.

“I supposed I am in the same boat, dark fur does tend to soak in the most sun.” An awkward silence fell over Lukin after this, unsure of what else to say.

There went those social skills again.

Oct 07, 2018 11:55 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

The stranger looked to be a little younger than Torbjorn, but he wasn’t a kid or anything. Seemed surprised at being told he was mannered, but Tor kept his snicker to himself. He didn’t know this guy well enough to be that friendly.

He, too, was unhappy with the desert. This earned an agreeing chuff from the priest, but as silence fell, Torb was quick to fill it.

“Best to keep moving then, before the day breaks. I’ve got people to look for. I’m not against conversation or a silent companion, if you’d like to make the way together to greener fields.”

The clay beast gave only a moment for the darker man to decide, a couple of heartbeats at best. Regardless of his answer, he gave a nod and turned to leave. If he had a companion, so be it. If not, it was no fur off his back. Perhaps abrupt to most, but Torbjorn was on a mission(several, actually) and no passing rogue would sway him.

Oct 08, 2018 12:07 AM — Post #6

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Lukin Petrov Sierra

The silence did not last long, and the dark male was unsure of whether that bothered him or not, words having never been his strong suit, and small talk did nothing but disturb him. Still, the other offered companionship, and seemed to have a strong sense on where to go.

Lukin, having no better idea on where to go, silently set off with the lighter male. It seemed awkward to walk beside another with no names shared between them, and so Lukin reluctantly became the first to offer his own.

“Lukin Petrov. I shall take you up on the offer.” 

Oct 08, 2018 04:07 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

“Torbjorn Atreides.”

The brute gave his name up easily, striding across the sands without a break in pace as the other male joined him. Torbjorn wasn’t sure if he was just here to get out of the desert or if he knew how and just wanted the companionship.

As blunt as ever, Torbjorn decided to find out, quipping curiously to Lukin. After all, he didn’t want to bother the man with idle chat if he’d rather just walk and be done with it.

“Are you along for the walk, or the talk? Im happy to lead and be silent if that’s what you prefer.”

Oct 11, 2018 12:39 AM — Post #8

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Lukin Petrov Sierra

“It is a pleasure Torbjorn.” The name sounded strange on his tongue, not in a bad way, just different than the names he was used to, for most of the wolves in his pack had held something similar to his own.

“I apologize, I do not speak much, but if you would like to tell me of these wolves you seek. I can be on the look out.” It was only an offer, whether he would actually keep to it was another story, for there was no telling if he would ever see this wolf again once leaving the desert.

Oct 11, 2018 11:06 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Torbjorn Vidar Atreides Raven Marie

The stranger wasn’t one to be social; Torbjorn could understand that. He’d been even more reclusive and cranky before he’d met her. The important part was that he was willing to keep an eye out for Torbjorn’s beloved. If he could spread the word, maybe somehow Ama would find him sooner.

“I appreciate it. Amaryllis White. Black fur, white blaze down her muzzle, one ice blue eye and one amber. I was separated from her in a fire, but I’m sure she’s okay.”

Yes, she was all but flawless, alive as he watched her flee from the devastation; Torbjorn had taken the majority of the burns and wounds in protecting her and getting her out of the forest. Oh, what he would do to be reunited with her once again, even if the last good sight of her will forever be her running in terror from the blaze.

“The others…. Well, I don’t know them. They will find me with time, I hope.”

This, of course, Torbjorn would need to explain. Thankfully, spreading word came with the job of Sun Priest as he called the earthy coven to order.

“I come from a mountain to the far, far North. We follow a goddess called Mona and Her husband, Callisto; They and my coven have sent me out into the rest of the world to spread Her light and begin a coven of my own.”

Oct 17, 2018 09:49 PM — Post #10

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