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Paloma del Sol Poe

Paloma had no reason to suspect Frick was anywhere nearby, really.  Her only reason for venturing to the meadow was.. well, she was hoping not to run into him.  It was the most half-assed search attempt ever conducted simply because she wasn’t sure she wanted to see him – not yet.  The anxiety weighing on her mind was becoming too much to bear, though, so she figured looking for him in a super casual manner was the way to go.  At least then she was technically trying to find him and be the bigger person, as AJ had advised.  Just because she wasn’t trying super hard didn’t take away from that, right? 

Nah, she didn’t think so.

Her paws carried her through the grasses while she sniffed here and there.  In the distance a small rustle made her pause and her nose wiggled with excitement as she tasted the scent – rabbit.  Hmm.  On cue, her stomach rumbled and the decision was made.  Couldn’t go tracking on an empty stomach!  The wolf swung her course to the left, listening and watching and waiting for the rabbit to make another move.

Oct 08, 2018 03:55 PM

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Bunny Zesty

(hewwo! dating this just after the memories remain for myself, if that’s okay? if not, lemme know and i can edit!)

The spar with Bucky had left Bunny in a state of absolute bliss — tired and sore, but in the very best of ways. It’d been so long since they’d had a proper contest with another wolf, and despite the tenderness that was beginning to settle into their muscles, they felt that a much deeper ache had finally abated. It had been a good, good day: they’d won a spar, met two friendly neighbors, and learned of the Adunati Rangers, the first pack they’d encountered besides their own budding one. Now, they were ready to head back to the grove and finish on a high note.

As the fighter backtracked through the meadow, though, a whiff of wolf caught their attention amid the meadow’s sweet perfume. This spot sure was popular! They’d already been planning on revisiting it for the flowers, but whatwith all the new friends that it offered, they’d have to check back more often than anticipated.

Naturally, Bunny was already hot on the trail.

A golden-brown figure soon emerged ahead of them, their mottled coat standing out from the surrounding blooms and grasses. The other wolf was probably a girl, (nothing there to imply otherwise,) and small — little enough that Bunny was able to look past her and see what she was stalking.

A soft, fluffy thing. Grazing oh-so-peacefully. Bright-eyed and long-eared, with a snuffling, wiggling nose and a tufted nubbin at its bottom.

Bunny’s tail rose into an exclamation point. They felt their heart tighten like a fist.

The right thing to do was to turn away and move on. Let it happen, no matter how hard. Bunny had no business getting in the way of someone else’s kill, and it was only a rabbit, after all, and… nope, never mind, they just couldn’t do this.

A high, sharp bark erupted from their mouth.

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Paloma heard the footsteps in the distance, noted the swishing and crunching of the grass underneath someone’s paws.  Great.  Hopefully they weren’t expecting her to share her meal with them?  Because she probably would, but she’d be pissy about it whole time.  Paloma had the right to be pissy every once in a while, didn’t she?  She was hungry, she was annoyed at life, and now she was going to have to share her food with someone.

Or not.

The bark startled the rabbit, naturally.  Paloma’s head jerked up at the noise which startled it even more and, finally, it dashed off into the grasses without hesitation.  Her hunt was ruined.  An unusually angry snarl ripped through her throat as she whipped around, hackles raised.  “Fuck. You.”  Paloma was small.  Hunting anything bigger than a rabbit was difficult without assistance, and now her best chance to eat was gone for the day.  Hopefully this jackass felt great about themselves.

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Bunny Zesty

As intended, Bunny’s bark spooked the rabbit, and their features relaxed in relief as the critter bolted away through the grass. Safe and sound.

Unfortunately, they had also startled the would-be hunter, and at the sound of her snarl and the sight of her angry little self, Bunny tensed back up in a cringe.

“Fuck. You.”

The fighter’s ears twisted to the sides as their tail fell to earth. The girl was absolutely furious with them, and they were not accustomed to being the object of others’ ill humor. It was for a good cause, but in the moment, they certainly didn’t feel very good about it.

To make matters worse, they could parse her scent a little better now that they were up close, and they found with a start that she carried the same oceanic notes as Bucky and Tamaska. Another of the Adunati Rangers. Bunny found it strange how so many of them were this far from home; weren’t they supposed to live by the coast?  Regardless, they had no intentions of letting this wolf walk away with a sour taste in her mouth. They’d made a friend of every Ranger they’d encountered so far, and this one would be no exception.

“I’m sorry,” Bunny confessed, tracing nervous shapes into the grass with one of their forepaws. It was clear from the softness in their voice and the obvious guilt in their expression — eyes wide as open wounds — that they were telling the truth. “I… I like rabbits. I picked my name after them. Bunny.”

They hesitated, visibly fumbling for words, before continuing, “What if I helped you catch something bigger? This is deer country, right?”

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Paloma del Sol Poe

It was strange seeing someone cringe up like that.  Paloma was far from intimidating even in her most ferocious of moods, but this wolf was acting like she was the scariest thing they had ever seen.  It almost made her feel bad.  Almost.  The reasoning behind their disruption caused her lip to lift in irritation, tail flagging behind them as she continued to glare.  “What if I liked deer?  And my name was Deer?  Did you ever think about that?”  She glowered, snorting.  “What if rabbits were the only food I wasn’t allergic to?  Did you stop to think there was a reason behind it, or were you just too concerned because you like. Rabbits.  It was a gross overreaction, she knew, but the venom was pumping and Paloma was full-up with fury.  It wasn’t even geared towards this wolf!  Paloma was plain pissed off at the world and this poor critter was the lightning rod for all of her aggression.

She sniffed back a few angry tears, unwilling to let her tough-guy façade fall so quickly.

“It’s fine, I’ll just go find something else.”  Maybe then she could hunt without offending anyone or fucking it up.  Again.  Because that’s what she did.  Fuck things up.  It was mind-numbingly obvious that was her job in life and this was another fine example of being oblivious to it.  How was she supposed to have known there was a bunny loving wolf nearby?  She gritted her teeth, waiting for the stranger to huff and leave.

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Bunny Zesty

Bunny’s excuses did nothing to appease the little stranger; her glare only seemed to harden, backed with a curled lip and a raised tail.

“What if I liked deer? And my name was Deer? Did you ever think about that? What if rabbits were the only food I wasn’t allergic to? Did you stop to think there was a reason behind it, or were you just too concerned because you like. Rabbits.

The fighter’s shoulders slumped in defeat, their gaze meandering off to the side. Truth be told, they hadn’t stopped to think; they rarely ever did. It hadn’t occurred to them at all that the girl would be so upset. They’d only been worried about the rabbit. She was exactly right.

Then, she sniffled, and Bunny’s eyes snapped back to hers.

“It’s fine, I’ll just go find something else.”

“No,” they said quickly, softly. They weren’t the best with… touchy-feely stuff, but it didn’t take an empath to tell that something was wrong.

Bunny took a step closer, their movements as erratic and uncertain as a hovering hummingbird’s. Before they could think better of it, they extended their snout to nuzzle at the girl’s neck in (what they hoped she’d interpret as) a show of remorse and goodwill. There was always the chance that she’d reject the gesture or even snap at them, but at least they could say they’d tried.

“I’m sorry,” they repeated. “Please let me make it right?”

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Deep down, Paloma felt awful.  Awful for snapping, awful for continuing to act like a giant jerk, awful all the way around because of life itself.  It wasn’t fair to take it out on this wolf, she knew, but there was something cathartic about being able to release some of the pent up tension in her tiny body.  Bunny even looked remorseful and Paloma was still ready to fly off the handle, subconsciously wishing and hoping for a reason to make things physical – not that she would have won.  A kitten against a lion was not much of a match.

Her eyes narrowed, however, as they came closer.  What?  Her lips curled in uncertainty and her body tensed, confusion evident in her eyes as they suspiciously drank in Bunny’s form.  The skin underneath her fur flinched at the touch but did not shy away, the unease of the situation unable to override the determination in her bones to not appear weak.  There was no physical response outside of that, just a steely gaze laced with confusion and her body as tensed as a coiled snake.  “How?” she finally grumbled, willing to see what this stranger had to offer but wishing desperately they would back away.

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Bunny Zesty

The girl tensed, squinted, flinched — but she didn’t retaliate or turn away, and that was enough to bring a hopeful smile to Bunny’s muzzle as they withdrew it from her ruff. They bounced a few steps back to restore a comfortable distance.


That was progress! She was willing to try, even though she was still hurt. The fighter allowed themself a tentative tail wag; the embers of enthusiasm were stirring back to life in their eyes, fighting to melt the ice that remained in their company’s gaze. “Weeeell,” Bunny began, dragging the word out in a playful drawl, “I was thiiiinking we could kill a big, buff stag, and you could eat as much as you want. How’s that sound? Let’s find ourselves a trail, yeah?”

They pranced a couple steps away in an invitation for her to follow. They couldn’t detect any scents in the immediate vicinity, but prey couldn’t possibly be too far off. It was a field full of flowers, for crying out loud! Deer loved this stuff — maybe as much as Bunny themself did, even.

The pale wolf glanced over their shoulder, back to the girl, and flaunted their teeth in a grin. “Unless your name really is Deer,” they teased. “C’mon, spill. You got mine.”

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Paloma exhaled when the wolf broke away.  She was growing accustomed to physical contact and all, but no woman wanted to be touched when she was pissed off.  The fact this Bunny still had their face was mighty impressive.. kinda.  At some point, she would have felt awful and tried to patch the face back on or something.  Paloma had a conscience, after all.

“I don’t think the two of us could manage that,” she said with one brow lifted.  Paloma could maybe gnaw its ankles off, but Bunny would have to do most of the work and unless the buck was injured or sick, it seemed kinda wasteful to just.. off it for her one rumbling tummy.  Taking it back to the Rangers would be nearly impossible, too.  “I don’t think a buck is a good idea.  It would go to waste because I can’t drag it all the way back home.”  Unfortunate, but true.

The little wolf, still feeling down, followed after the white canine slowly.  Oh.  A name.  “Paloma,” she said, trailing after them.  “It means dove, so don’t go eating those, either.”

Oct 13, 2018 08:32 PM — Post #8

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Bunny Zesty

(nts: tracking post 1/3!)

“I don’t think the two of us could manage that.” Bunny raised their brows in a plucky echo of the girl’s expression. Was that a challenge? “I don’t think a buck is a good idea. It would go to waste because I can’t drag it all the way back home.”

Well, maybe if they worked together to… okay, no, that probably wouldn’t work either. The fighter exhaled in mock surrender. “Alright, alright,” they conceded. Not a buck, then. But still something that would put up more of a fight than the rabbit they’d spared.

At the sound of trailing footsteps, Bunny picked their pace up to an easy trot — nothing like some exercise to lift dampened spirits, right? They held their nose low to the ground, picking past the layered bouquet of wildflowers and the light, seedy scents of rodents.

“Paloma,” the girl was saying. The paler wolf swiveled their ears to listen, easily juggling her introduction with their task. “It means dove, so don’t go eating those, either.” Bunny laughed openly at the joke, waving their tail. Her name had a certain musical curl to it, hearkening back to the accent that colored her speech. “Pretty,” they mused.

As they conversed, they found themself adjusting their course, as if drawn by some invisible force. They weren’t positive that they’d caught a scent — it was subtle: Hint of Hint of Deer — but they had a hunch, and their intuition rarely failed them.

“You’re from the, mm… Adunati Rangers, aren’t you? I beat your packmate in a spar,” Bunny hummed as they tracked, tripping only slightly over the name. To their credit, they’d heard it exactly once. “Do you know Bucky?”

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Paloma hadn’t meant to put a damper on their mood, not really.  She simply couldn’t see a buck as a logical choice even if it did sound absolutely delicious, sadly.  Plus, when she got the chance, Paloma liked to run off with an antler as a chew toy and at the time being the boys were still growing their little velveteen nubs – hardly anything worth chewing on.  Nah, it was better to wait until their racks had come in thick and strong.

At that point, Paloma trailed automatically.  Her paws picked up a quicker pace as the other wolf did, limbs moving robotically as her mind fizzled from the stress and exhaustion of the last few weeks.  She didn’t want to think.  At all.

The name of her pack certainly caught her attention, though.

“Bucky?” she squinted, suspicious.  They had sparred Bucky?  Bucky was nearby?  She still had to tell him about his sister!  “Where was he?  When was this?”  Her stomach could wait if the ranger was nearby – telling him about his missing family was much more important.  It was clear she knew the name, but she wanted to know the location!

Oct 22, 2018 12:32 PM — Post #10

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Bunny Zesty

(tracking 2/3!)

Whew, alright, that was definitely a scent. In the time Bunny had spend talking, the trail had progressed from Maybe a Fox Brushed Up Against a Deer Once to Oh Yes That Is Definitely Something Cervine. The wolf swished their tail in satisfaction as they continued to follow their nose and their instincts, noting Paloma’s matched (if somewhat unenthusiastic) steps behind them.

“Bucky? Where was he? When was this?”

“Oh, just now,” Bunny replied absently. They gave a flutter of their left ear, as if to prove it — the nicks had stopped bleeding shortly after Bucky inflicted them, but they were still visible as small red scratches at the tip of the ear. “Over the way I came. He probably isn’t too far, still. He was with a Tamaaaska, I think…?”

The fighter stopped abruptly, nostrils flaring. They’d nearly bumped into a smattering of deer scat, still fresh enough that they could feel the warmth rolling off it. The scent was female. A smile lit up their face, and they flashed it over their shoulder at Paloma; game couldn’t be too far now.

“Why, what’s up?” they added, spotting the girl’s expression. There’d been a certain urgency to her words, spoken more as demands than questions.

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Paloma del Sol Poe

There was part of her that was annoyed, almost offended that this wolf had somehow managed to beat Bucky.  No one could beat Bucky.  Bucky was perfect.  He was strong and kind and handsome and he deserved the world and not to have some stranger best him in a spar.  Really, she put him on so high a pedestal it was a miracle she wasn’t madly in love with him.  Fate had spared her of that, though, and bestowed a sisterly love in her heart for the shadowy man.  He was her family and now she was gonna punch this wolf right in the ass for beating him up.  Her eyes even locked on the target, scrutinizing the white fur and wondering where getting butt-punched would hurt the most. 

Good thing Bunny spoke up before she launched.

So he was nearby.  Intriguing.  “Hmm,” she wondered softly, scenting the air.  The deer were forgotten as she tried to pick through their heavy scents.  Bah. 

“Nothing, just haven’t seen him in a while and miss him.”  Because it wasn’t really anyone’s business besides Bucky that his family was in the valley.

Oct 24, 2018 03:41 PM — Post #12

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Bunny Zesty

“Hmm,” Paloma was saying. “Nothing, just haven’t seen him in a while and miss him.”

Bunny bit their lower lip and sucked on it, thinking hard. They’d thought they’d had her, for a minute, but now that they’d mentioned Bucky and told her he was in the area, she sounded more distant than ever. They were always up for a hunt, and they still had to make up for scaring off the rabbit, but it really didn’t seem as though Paloma’s heart was in it. Fun couldn’t be forced.

“What d’you want to do?” Bunny asked finally, tilting their head. “It’s okay if you’d rather go find him. I mean, you can always come back, if you feel like it. You could bring Bucky, even! And that way, I get to prove I’m the better hunter, too.” Their eyes went squinty in a smirk; they were only half joking.

Oct 27, 2018 08:01 PM — Post #13

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Paloma del Sol Poe

She continued walking slowly, thinking to herself how easy it would be to race off and intercept him on his excursion.  Would he be mad about being interrupted, though?  Paloma really didn’t know.  At the moment, she was more interested in eating than solving her friend’s family issues, though. 

“Oh, no, it’s fine.  He’s technically out on a trip so I don’t want to disturb him.”  Also because it would make timelines pretty messed up.  Ahem.

Her brow furrowed at their comment.  “How do you eat if you don’t eat rabbits?  You just hope you can take a deer down every single time?”  There was no way.  Paloma didn’t think there was anyone alive who could bring down a deer whenever they were hungry—not without wasting a whole bunch of meat in the process.  Rabbits were the perfect size for the solo eater!

She’d ignore the comment about being better than Bucky.  No one was better than Bucky.  Not even Bucky was better than Bucky.

Oct 27, 2018 08:52 PM — Post #14

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Bunny Zesty

Bunny tipped their head to one side, curious. “Really? What’s he up to?” The large male seemed rather busy, always on the move. It sounded pretty exciting to them, but didn’t he have duties back with his pack?

They made a small ‘ah’ as she asked them about rabbits, smiling. “Well, you see, I just really like them! They’re really cute and fluffy; I couldn’t eat something so small! And, wouldn’t that be cannibalism, anyway?” A cheeky grin accompanied their last words.

They laughed, then. “There are other animals I can eat apart from just deer and bunnies! Like birds and fish; we get a lot of them over at the lake.” Rabbits weren’t needed in their diet!

Nov 26, 2018 05:10 AM — Post #15

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