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don’t make me ill
[summons] full spring, morning, sunny; at the borders summoning HS

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Saeberyn frá Norðri Madison

After their brief visit with Grammaw, who Sæberýn would have loved to bring along with them (but given the intensity of their journeying, worried that it might be too much for poor Grammaw to keep up with), Sæberýn had beelined for the south. Her aunt must have been nearby, and Sæberýn had picked up on the scents of a few pack wolves weaving through the prairies. After catching sight of the river, she’d followed it until scent markers became inevitable. There was a pack on the other side of the river.

Packs could prove to be a wealth of information.

Sæberýn crossed the river with ease. Not once did she flinch at the water’s springtime bite; no, falling into that icy river had done little to dissuade her from venturing into moving waters. In fact, she only thought herself stronger for it. She’d find her brother and rub it in his face that she’d survived. She was just like afi, emerging from the water reborn, a true monster of winter. When she’d reached the other side, Sæberýn merely shook the moisture out of her coat and trekked her way to the scent markers, tossing her head back, uttering a sharp commanding call.

Sæberýn was not to be ignored. Sæberýn demanded answers. And this pack would give her whatever they had, she was sure of it.

(left it vague as to whether or not Róa is with her!)

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Roa frá Norðri Art

Roa followed at her own, steady and deliberate pace, keener to measure herself out than wear herself out at the clip Saeb sometimes kept. She was not old, but neither was she young any longer, and rushing headfirst into unfamiliar territory was inadvisable if she wanted the advantage.

A quiet pride thrummed in her as she watched her niece forge ahead, undaunted, by obstacles or by the absence of aid for them. Roa took a longer route, taking the time to find a more shallow crossing point instead of barging across at the first narrow spot she found. It would be easier, that way, with less water-weight in her coat, if she needed to enforce her authority on any of these southern strangers.

At a howl from ahead, she paused walking long enough to add her voice in, loud and rough, backing up the demand for attention from those here. The summons amplified, she dropped her head and quickened her walk to rejoin with Saeberyn before someone came.

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Saeberyn frá Norðri Madison

Her eyes trained on the rolling hills ahead of her, watching for a sign of movement, evidence that someone had taken notice of her call. They ought to pull themselves out of whatever hole they were in and greet her, she thought. Don’t leave her waiting. The Fates knew how destructive she could be when she became bored.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the movements of her monochromatic aunt wading through the river in a shallow section. She need only wait a few more moments before Róa had shored and contributed to the summons. Sæberýn flicked her tail, certain now that they would receive a response.

But still, the skies were silent.

Frowning, Sæberýn threw her head back and added another few calls, short and sharp, impatient. Don’t dare her to overstep these bounds, because she would. She was more than willing to dig someone up to talk to if she had to.

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Roa frá Norðri Art

Roa had to say she was rather unimpressed.

Really, who owned these lands? Did they not know their scent was all over the place? Who ignored a summons to the borders, in pupping season no less? She huffed, giving her coat an extra good shake as her mouth thinned out even more from her natural resting expression.

“Do they think hiding will make us go away?” she questioned the air, irritation wrinkling her nose. Her opinion of this pack had already been formed: nobody worth knowing. She’d be surprised if they turned out to have any more information than the ghost boy did. At least he’d actually shown himself.

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Saeberyn frá Norðri Madison

Sæberýn cocked her head toward her aunt, sneering at the thought. Whether actively avoiding or woefully neglectful, the silence was telling enough that the pack beyond these borders lacked any value to them. Even a responding call would have sufficed; Sæberýn could swallow down her impatience to know that she was being seen to. But to be wholly ignored - it was a strike against her ego. The nerve.

“Ought to step in and hunt them down ourselves,” she grunted, careful not to lavish her words with as many vulgarities as came naturally to her. Her aunt’s presence made her feel cleaner somehow; there was an expectation of decorum to be maintained. It hardly soothed her impatience or her anger, though. Her brashness came out in other ways.

Still, her eyes lingered on her aunt, wondering whether or not she would approve of the idea of trespass. A forceful interrogation. Sæberýn was happy to do the dirty work.

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Catrine Matti

Whoever howled at their borders seemed impatient, given that after their howl they seemed to wait barely any time at all before barking again. Either it was something important, or they were simply a wolf unable to wait a moment. It wasn’t like Catrine had about a million other things to do with her day - oh wait….

She huffed a breath out and turned towards the call from near the river. She supposed if they’d swum all the way across maybe they actually had some urgent need. The white wolf tossed her head up and called a bark in return, maybe the stranger would settle down for a moment, and she didn’t mind if others from the Sanctuary took the opportunity to join her as well. Either of the yearlings - or Makki for that matter - could likely use the practice in dealing with strangers.

Catrine padded along at a brisk trot, figuring that if they were in some serious need she ought to arrive in a timely fashion. She rounded the corner and spotted two, gray women waiting, though she’d only heard one voice call. Catrine tossed her head upwards in a friendly nod of greeting as she continued the rest of the way forward. Nothing seemed dire to her right away.

[In sight, arriving next round]

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Roa frá Norðri Art

Understandable though Saeberyn’s urges were, Roa was far from the point of straight up trespassing—personally. She had difficulty reining in her niece’s more chaotic tendencies, partly because she was so headstrong, and partly because she simply favoured the girl. If she happened to step in and track them down to force some answers out of them…

Some pale movement caught Roa’s attention, and she lifted her head, breaking away from the wandering thoughts, on the alert for some actual action. An answering bark, at last. Her muzzle twisted wryly. Saeberyn would not get to thrash anyone for now, it seemed. She was sure the opportunity to teach someone a lesson would cross her path in the future, and when it did, Roa would be conveniently looking the other way.

Today, however, today Roa kept her eyes on the approaching white fur. “What we ought to do is see if she’s smarter than the last ghost,” she commented; though she wasn’t holding onto much hope, it was always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

Oct 18, 2018 03:55 PM — Post #6

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