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A Kiss for Good Luck
[private] TW: Gore and Violence || full summer, late evening | edge of FW and the Bay

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Fritz Ferris Zoi

The treeline was whispering, and he really couldn’t help but feel the sliver of anticipation. Life, life was almost everywhere and so few could have guessed what was going to happen with it. He walked because he had to because there was no value in staying put. It was the life he had known for the longest time, and it had served him well. Committed to that chase, that perception of forever so lain outside of his grasp.

His stomach rumbled, but what else was new; he recalled the softer ambitions that required him to feed. His ears turned, and his eyes took to the dense treeline that seemed to throw itself out before him and call, a heady beast being lured into a lair.

I’m coming, the response was ever lackluster. It was enough that eyes seemed to dully grasp the situation that was at full pass; his heart, burning, knew that his carnal needs for flesh were dwarfed by the requirement of survival. The curse was upon him. He could not fulfill his desires if he did not have the strength to go on.

Fritz’s head swung, low as he walked, nose flared as he attempted to grasp what might have been in the area. Somewhere. Someone was a solution. He simply needed to stumble upon them.

Dec 26, 2018 08:06 AM

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Chione Marcos Red

She’d travelled north on a whim, leaving her precious springs far behind and in the care of Kubrik. Her blood pressure skyrocketed at the very mention of his name within her thoughts. That insulting bastard was just about two steps from getting her teeth in his throat but, thus far, she had restrained herself from crossing that line. But one day.. One day soon he’d meet her fate at the beginning of her pack.

Speaking of which.. The scent of - yet another, to her disappointment - a male drifted through the cooling air to greet her. Were there no women in the damned valley? Was there no one she could truly respect here? And yet.. Chione couldn’t find it in her to simply turn and leave him to his own devices. Not until she’d seen what she’d stumbled upon, anyway. With that in mind, the dark woman altered her course in his direction, head stuck high into the air with pride.

Chione had become the reaper of lost male souls in her time in this valley. And hopefully she wouldn’t break that fair streak tonight with this stranger.

within sight! arriving next round

Dec 28, 2018 12:05 AM — Post #1

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Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

((Arriving next round also, a bit further away but likely to be scented/heard!))

Kaya was often to be found among these trees of late. Hunting was rife here with two packs having abandoned the trees, and Kaya took great pleasure in culling some of the rabbits and squirrels that abounded here. She was bringing two of the former back to the island now, conscious of stocking the cache before some members of the Faction moved southward in order to secure good relations with the Firewing Brotherhood.

Oh, how Kaya burned with the desire to get her paws on Crixus’s pups. To begin things earlier than she had anticipated, to secure the future of her precious pack.

Everything depended on future generations. Summer was the time Kaya Silvano felt liveliest, but she was well aware she only had two, perhaps three more at her disposal. Before then, she would see her goals achieved.

Two strangers, and close to her home, were not a cause of alarm for Kaya. She altered her step to head their way. One never knew when opportunity would present itself.

Dec 28, 2018 08:26 AM — Post #2

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Fritz Ferris Zoi

Hunger was confident. It was almost like an addiction, but he could feel that he was managing it just fine. Another few steps, a gesture of a halt as the scent drifted to his nose. Perhaps alarm should have swarmed him, but it didn’t. Instead, it picked his tail up an edge.


That was enough to brighten his outlook. It forever seemed they were the ones to be better reactive, a little more inclined toward engagement. He opened his mouth, almost tempted to call out, but as his mouth cracked open the gurgling came up. Ears swung against his head, as not quite a burp, but a demanding sound from within him came out.


His uncertainty briefly touched his face, but his head dropped faintly as his eyes stared. It wasn’t that difficult to catch the sight of the incoming bitch, but it almost made him prance. Someone to assist him, if he was lucky. Someone to solution find. It was enough that he did keep himself confirmed to a proper and patient wolf in appearance the best he may, although he drifted forward to join her.

Evenin’ ma’am.

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Chione Marcos Red

The trek from the mountains had been a long and grueling one for the woman but this conversation may prove to be far worse. As she approached and the man drifted towards her like they knew one another, the woman resisted the urge to wrinkle her nose. Men. They were all complete fools, weren’t they?

But at least this fool had manners. The shadowed temptress dipped her head in greeting, golden eyes flitting over his build. He looked capable enough and, at this point, any recruit would be welcomed into her ranks. “Hello,” she returned softly, eyes seeking out his own. However, before she could go on, another woman interrupted the pair quite uninvitedly.

Chione turned to face the newcomer, an older woman with a white coat, and dipped her head for a second time before returning her gaze to the male. “I do hope I’m not intruding here?” It was a valid inquiry in the woman’s mind, though she had smelled nothing of a pack here, the white woman did smell of others.

If they were together it could prove difficult to contain her composure. She wasn’t particularly fond of smalltalk. But… there was a chance, however small, that an alliance could be formed if she played her cards right.

Jan 01, 2019 11:45 PM — Post #4

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Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Kaya’s aquamarine eyes flicked over the male. Standard stock timber coat, a bit common, Crixus’s views leeching into the timbre of her very thoughts. But he was a burly looking creature, potentially a fighter. The woman was striking, tall and dignified with an air of definite purpose. Well now, what brought a wolf like this north? Kaya was positive she had neither seen or scented her before up here.

Both seemed by the scent to be younger than Kaya, though that was hardly unusual, she thought with a smile. That carried on to one of welcome as she set down the squirrels, shaking her silver head once in response.

“Not at all, my pack’s land lies further north.” As usual upon meeting strangers she did not reveal the Faction’s exact location. She straightened up to introduce herself.

“Kaya Silvano, one of the Gladia for the Imperial Faction.” She was proud of titles, that much was obvious.

Jan 02, 2019 06:23 AM — Post #5

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Name Player
Fritz Ferris Zoi

Her voice was soft enough that he relaxed, but only in his physical state. His mind sharpened, on the other hand, attempting to pick out anything that would have given an indication of an impression. Certainly not something to protest about, though, and the dark woman gave little.

Although his head swung, and he was caught up by the damn near elder that approached. His tongue flicked over his lips, attempting not to feign surprise at the fact she was getting up there. It… bothered him, if only because he immediately questioned what she was doing. Had she lived a full life? Were there arthritic symptoms in her body that doused her quality of life?

The pretty coat was a bonus, but his head tipped as he found himself looking at the light woman, Kaya, upon her introduction. “Fritz, no fancy titles.” Humorful, but his face far from managed a smile as he said the words.

Glancing back, he cocked his head back to the dark one. She was the better one, easier to look at. His mind wandered less than on the light one, so his smile was if only with a twitch rewarded to her. Easier.

Jan 02, 2019 07:50 AM — Post #6

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Chione Marcos Red

The dark woman listened quietly as the pair introduced themselves, one with pride and the other with humor. So. They weren’t together. It brought a serge of relief flooding over the woman as she glanced between the pair. That would make things a little easier for her where the male was concerned but it appeared the silver elder was already claimed by a pack. How unfortunate. She looked as if she garnered such potential. A shame indeed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both. My name is Chione Marcos,” she responded in kind, voice still soft but not weak. Never weak. The woman’s eyes slid back to the silver female, her tail giving a slight flick. “To the north? You must be a hardy faction to survive such cold weather.” It was her own special way of both stroking the ego of a potential ally and reeling in information bit by bit.

She continued with a sweeping rise of her voice, one smooth and silky. “I myself hail from the southern mountains.” She wanted to add something about her pack but the woman bit her tongue. Not yet. No. She would wait and see how the white wolf reacted before giving her any more information about the Society.

Her golden gaze shifted back to the man just in time to catch the twitching smile. Chione’s eyes flashed with amusement but she didn’t return the gesture. He was boring, dull, bland. Why should she feign interest for this creature when so many delicious flavors awaited her in the Springs? But still… She must play nice for the time being. “And what of you, Mr. Fritz? Where do you venture from?”

Jan 02, 2019 01:18 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff

The small patrol had been making steady progress toward the bay. Jacqueline knew not where the bay was, just that it was beyond the Evergreens’ old haunt and to the north. She’d been travelling with her packmates in a straight line, so as not to miss it, and it had led her through more densely wooded area.

Eventually, it had led out to the bay, much to her satisfaction.

And, to even more of her satisfaction, she’d caught Miss Silvano’s scent drifting along on the salty ocean breeze.

There were other scents there, intermingled with her friend’s. One was similar to Niu and Hyperion’s, and made her pause. Perhaps it was one of Chione’s henchmen, out on another stupid recruiting mission.

Jacqueline gave a low woof to her packmates and flagged her tail, indicating that they should follow her in on this one.

//Arriving properly next round, but certainly able to be scented/seen through the trees.

Jan 02, 2019 10:39 PM — Post #8

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Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Fritz, no fancy titles. Well, that was a pity, he was a nobody. But in her paws, sometimes nobodies could be molded into the opposite.

The male looked at her questioningly, some unasked question in his eyes. The female was more speculative and Kaya held her gaze without contempt or competition. She could handle ambitious young she-wolves well, because she herself had been like that.

Well, not much had truly changed but the passage of time, really.

Chione Marcos, a surname at least, albeit not one which Kaya knew. A smile curved her lips at the flattery about hardy northerns, though rather than being proud the gesture was actually indicative of Kaya’s amusement.

What could Chione want from her, hmm? 

“Any wolf can survive, Miss Marcos, admittedly with varying degrees of sucess and always temporarily. My goal is not merely to survive, but to thrive.”

She was certainly a good example for her age and she knew it, stretching leisurely, at ease here among the two strangers. “So, we of the north and the south meet here in an abandoned forest. No need to be hesitant, I don’t bite, my dear. Do share what brings you so far from home.” She encouraged, though with a hum at Chione’s question of Fritz to keep him engaged in the conversation.

She turned towards a dark flash of fur between the trees.

” And speaking of which, Quite the party we have amassed. Here comes an old friend of mine.” She released a single bark to help Jacqueline pinpoint her location.

Jan 03, 2019 09:51 AM — Post #9

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Name Player
Fritz Ferris Zoi

Bequeathed little more than glances, he wasn’t quite present enough to realize he had been passed over by both women. Deemed uninteresting, which was just as well. It was better not to draw one’s attention when his fantasy was more directed to corpses. Or near corpses.

North, south. Both of them seemed to come from a place that wasn’t here. But, when the question was directed to him, he managed something again of a smile. “The land of disease and more irrelevance, far east of here. Plague has taken most of its life out, as the waterways became infected with something over the winter’s chill.” The explanation was clipped with nothing more than seriousness, blinking.

Thriving is a step only satisfied by culling the weak ones meandering about,” The observation was made dutifully, the way he had been raised coming out in a flash. But then his ears turned on his head, and he redirected his attention as equally with ease to the flash in the distance that Kaya drew attention to. Another one? His nose flared wide, and he fought down the pressure of bemusement.

Had he walked into some valley with a harem of females?

Jan 03, 2019 10:08 AM — Post #10

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Name Player
Kopec mads

Sightseeing had never been Kopec’s forte - though, being on the ground was definitely a different viewpoint than from up above; it was as if they were two completely different dimensions that fought to rule over one single existence. There was definitely a lot of green, she noticed, the farther they traveled. But the hills were not full of sharp stones that wedges between her paws - they beheld soft grasses.

A drastic difference from the world she had come from and Kopec had yet to fully transition to the ground-level life; some part of her heart was still on that wretched mountain, the place that, while it gave her many hardships, forged her into the girl she was today.

The scent of wolves brought herself out of her hopeless thoughts; a particular one made her fur stand upon her back. Her entire hair shifting and stiffening; it smelled like the boy that had come to recruit. Perhaps it would be another one of them.

As she followed Jacqueline deeper into the carnal crevices of the woodlands, eventually those who emitted the scent became visible. A timer male, a white female and finally, a dark female. Her eyes narrowed, but she remained quiet. For now.

Jan 03, 2019 07:58 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Chione Marcos Red

She liked the silver one, her strength and her brash confidence. It was… amusing, to say the least and impressive to say the most. But it was still the boy that held her interest, especially once he mentioned the ‘culling of the weak’. Hadn’t that been her goal from the beginning, to destroy those that poisoned this fine valley with their high and might bullshit. At long last she flashed the boy a smile, deadly and enchanting. “I couldn’t agree with the both of you more. The strength to thrive comes from ones ability to do anything to put themselves and their allies on top.”

But her good mood was quick to fade at the bark and the scent drifting from the trees. The woman turned sharply to face the dark women as the came into view, only just managing to keep the surprise from her face. ‘Kingdom’, her mind whispered darkly. These were the wolves Hyperion had such faith in, the ones that shared his scent and hopefully his cowardice.

Oh what shit she’d walked into today.

“Well any friend of Ms. Silvano is welcome to join our little gathering,” she commented lazily, golden gaze flicking from wolf to wolf. Why were the women here? Had they been meeting the silver elder here? But, the most important question on her mind was this:

What had Hyperion said?

Jan 03, 2019 09:35 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Jacqueline Bissette Sabrina Staff

She caught Kaya’s bark and was glad for the direction it provided. She was well aware of the scent now, the way it smelled as Niu and Hyperion had but indicated that this one was female. She shot Kopec a look, long and meaningful, and hoped that for once, she would follow at her lead. If this was a follower of Chione, they would need to tread carefully. If this was Chione herself, they would need to be even more careful. The situation they now found themselves in was crucial to the future.

She led her party in, suddenly glad that her son and Irving were nowhere to be found. Kopec could kill, if need be. Irving would get in the way, and Clement was too young to be of any use. She wouldn’t risk his life if she could avoid it.

She was upon the group now, just vaguely catching the dark woman’s words. Holy shit, she was huge. She fit the description of Chione, and Jacqueline felt her heart race.

“What a pleasant surprise,” she drawled, “That I should find my good friend before I even reach the Faction’s borders.”

Her eyes scanned the crowd. She was fleetingly curious of the male—he was of good size—though he was not imminently crucial to the situation just now. Not until she figured out her next choice of action.

Jan 04, 2019 12:31 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Kaya Silvano Chris Staff

Fritz finally caught Kaya’s attention a little more, and she flicked her eyes over him once more. Half because when he mentioned plague she wanted to be sure he hadn’t brought some horrific disease near her home. Half because he had mentioned the word cull.

“Interesting, Fritz. How long have you been in this valley?” She asked, head tilted faintly, a smile touching her muzzle as she listened to Chione comment on strength and allies. “Allies then - is that what brings you to these parts, Miss Marcos?”

The smile she flashed Jacqueline’s way was deeper, her posture more welcoming where the relationship was already established. “You’ve caught me out on a recruiting mission, Jacqueline.” She commented, side-eyeing Fritz and Chione. It put her in a position of power to introduce them and of course, Kaya was hardly going to pass that up.

“Jacqueline Bissette, this is Fritz.” A nod to the male present, who must be loving this. “And Chioone Marcos.”  A nod of welcome to the woman with Jacqueline, who she flicked an assessing gaze over as well.

Jan 04, 2019 08:38 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Fritz Ferris Zoi

The idle words seemed to win him glances from both the women, but he blinked back at both of them with a steadfast expression. It was always a gamble being one of the honest ones; most people didn’t enjoy hearing about the weak being taken down, the tedium of having to raise up their ends when they were slacking. Oh, he had crossed too many of those smiling, cheerful sorts; Let’s help this poor chipmunk! They’d squeak and squeal, “We can spit moss all over its boo-boo!

And then Fritz would come back later and break it’s neck, granting the best friend from pain and ailment. Really, he was downright merciful when it came to things like that. Plus, chipmunks were usually portable for future needs.

Anything and their allies though, he finally seemed to clue in that Chione was gathering her agenda and beginning to lay it out in pieces. Although his head cocked faintly, he could feel the faintest tug of curiosity. Kaya’s question was quick to redirect his wonder with a question.

Three, four days.” No need in giving a vague, hinting answer after all. “Not long enough to see what treats are about.” A wry smile, but he lapsed into silence with some ease of the dark arrivals. So far, there was a hell of a lot of dark, slender women. He hadn’t ever really had a taste for black, but he was willing to make an exception.

A polite nod at the approaching females, his eyes lingering on the one clearly in the lead. Jacqueline. Now wasn’t that bridging on a mouthful? But she looked just as power-driven as Kaya and Chione, thus, he didn’t protest.

Now, if it were only the dead of winter, with a downed moose carcass and some tipsy scent of musk about. Things would be a near heaven on earth.

Jan 05, 2019 05:10 PM — Post #15

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