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stardust in my eyes, star shards in my throat
nighttime | LS HY5 | clear skies | aw

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Juli Bissette Viktor

Nightmares were fewer and further between these days. Months had passed since Selra, but the constant revisiting of the memories had them still vivid as if Maman and Clem had been stolen yesterday.

Still, they sometimes happened. It was Claes, lately, the one being stolen. It made sense that terror over his goat-injury scare would affect what happened in her dreamscape. But the bloodiness of the affair had changed things too, again.
He wasn’t just guided off by Selra, wasn’t just hauled off by black tendrils and green eyes cackling from the depths of darkness. Now he bled, silently screaming as arterial spray spattered the den or alcove’s walls, silver fangs and darkness and green eyes, green eyes, green eyes and sharp curse words that grate against her ears, anger and malice painting every word and snarl as Juliette’s brother is….torn like a rabbit between her jaws-

Her heart is about to pound out of her chest when she jolts awake, jaws wide to suck in oxygen. She’s never able to move in her dreams, so Juliette bolts to her feet as soon as she gathers a few wits about her, trying not to wake Adrienne. These warm summer nights are perfect to walk off the residual panic, and the clear sky makes it feel open and free, despite how tantalizingly close the stars seem, too. She heads off without a word to Adri. She’ll be back, hopefully before her sister wakes.

Her nose tilts to the sky, watching it as her paws guide her where they will.

Juliette’s a bit of a control freak, but she loves nothing more than to let it all go and chill for a bit. Like tonight.

She’s growing bigger and stronger and smarter and faster every day, she knows. But at the same time, every time she has a new success she can’t help but feel a twinge of pain. She wishes she had a mother to show off to, to present her proud achievement to. She misses her Maman, misses her gentle elegance Juliette tries so, so hard to emulate. She’s just a little too stubborn and and little to brash right now to pull it off totally, but she’s mastered a swagger she thinks reflects Jacqueline nicely. She doesn’t know how much her gait resembles her mother’s, her birth mother’s. She misses that one, too, if only because she longs for a connection she’s unable to make because death ripped Bea from her too early, much too early. She doesn’t even have a single memory of the woman who brought her into this world, where with Maman she can at least lose herself in hazy puppy-memories. She misses Clement, because she still believes completely and totally that she was meant to protect him. He’s hers just like Adrienne is, and she feels nothing but a sickening pool of acidic hate in her gut when she thinks about how she failed him. She misses her father, because he’s another family member she can’t love and learn from, but she’s much less upset about Stephan. She has no idea how much she resembles him.

But soon. Soon she’ll be big and strong enough. She’ll find her mother. Find her brother if she has to rip this earth apart to do it. And if she finds Selra….she’ll run like never before, she’ll run like she can’t in her dreams, run away, run away, nothing but danger here she’ll face her mortal enemy and destroy her. Then she could sleep in peace. Then she could be safe. Then she could explore the world, see it all with her brother and sister by her side, her Maman and Claes and Anna safe at home to return to when she’s ready and-

She ran into a tree, yelping with startlement and and pain from tripping over a root and falling first into the tree, then onto a rock digging into her hip. Ouch. The girl gives an annoyed huff, more embarrassed than anything at the moment, though soon she’ll find a shallow scrape on her flank that will have her whimpering softly and continuing to huff and puff in self-admonishment.

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Adrienne Bissette tk

Adrienne wasn’t particularly dreaming on this particular night, however when Juliette had made sudden scuffling noises, it had awoken the smaller sister, but all that racket was passed off as Juli running in her sleep.

In that groggy state of inbetween sleep and consciousness, footsteps had not registered very well. Lazily licking her lips, Adrienne relaxed her form from curled into a small ball to laying on her side. The forelegs curled inward and vibrated gently as she stretched the muscles before flexing them outward and tilting her head back in another stretching formation. With an audible sniff, she murmured, “Non ça va. Je… manger dans… heure.

During all of that, her eyes had not opened. Adrienne laid where she was, falling back to sleep.

Can be skippable if another joins or if you want Juliette to monologue.

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Juli Bissette Viktor

It really wasn’t very bad, but Juliette didn’t care. Who was around for her to have to be brave and strong in front of? Nobody. She could be weak, when she was alone. Safety in the night, in the dark, in solitude, even though she sometimes catches glimpses of green in her peripheral vision and her blood runs cold.

She sniffled a bit, regaining a bit of composure before lifting herself to her paws and managing a loose trot back toward her sister’s side. She has an owie and it’s bleeding and her head kinda hurts where she headbutted it. All of a sudden, the stars aren’t gentle little friends watching over her, suddenly the night has teeth and it’s growling at her, angry that she’s dared to feel safe there, angry that she dared to leave her sister, angry, angry, angry.

She’s limping, to an extent, but she ignores the little bloody gash on her flank in favor of pulling and Adri and nuzzling her head right up underneath her sister’s body, driving her face muzzle-first beneath poor Adri’s rib.
She mumbled something in French about stars with teeth, but it’s muffled and mumbled, nearly incoherent.

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Adrienne Bissette tk

Something hard had slipped underneath her uncomfortably. The ribs were even complaining, and that got her to flip over immediately with her tail fluffing out and eyes wide to take the sight—

Oh. It was Juliette. With an amused smile, Adrienne nuzzled against her despite those very mumblings poorly transcribed in her ears. All she did was hum as she gave Juli licks across the face, “C’est bon maintenant, ce n’était qu’un rêve. Tu es réveillé maintenant et je suis là.” That was it: A nightmare. That was what caused Juliette’s sudden mumbling and need to cuddle in a rather unfavorable spot. It did hurt, but that was okay for Juli did not mean any harm.

Her tongue was planted across Juliette’s eye when the stench of blood tickled her nose. Nightmares didn’t cause bleeding. Teeth and claws did.

By the time Adrienne snapped out of her scare, she was standing over Juliette in alarm, “Qui vous a blessé? Nous devons appeler les adultes—Ils prendront soin de celui qui t’a blessé!” The words came out fast and wavering for her body shook. Someone had hurt Juliette: The strongest wolf. (Or to be)

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Juli Bissette Viktor

Adrienne murmurs soft comfort, lapping the top of her head, and Juliette’s tail gave a soft wave. That was better. That was safe. She sniffles again, finding the wits to regain control of her breathing. The headache is still there (and, later, a little raised bump would make itself known) and her flank is throbbing -The rock cut deeper than she previously thought, but no matter. She was safe now, and she wasn’t worried about bleeding out…

But Adrienne was, asking who hurt her with tension tightening her sister’s voice. Juliette removed her face from where it was buried in her sister’s side, pouting at her whilst also looking rather sulky. “Soeur bien-aimée, ne vous inquiétez pas. Je suis tombé sur un arbre et suis tombé sur un rocher. Ça fait mal, mais ça va, maintenant que je suis avec vous.” Now it was her turn to nuzzle Adrienne, cuddling closer (somehow) and pressing a few of her own affectionate licks to Adri’s face.

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Adrienne Bissette tk

She fell. Juliette only hurt herself.

There wasn’t something out there, namely a demon with green eyes, smiling with red teeth and claws waiting for them to slip out of the alcove.

Adrienne felt herself breathe better. Tension left her stance, but the worry stayed put, “Nous avons besoin de quelqu’un qui a l’odeur d’Effie pour nous aider! Anna dit que c’est ce que font les guérisseurs.” They can’t go to Effie directly because apparently she lived so far away! Plus Adrienne had never seen the outside world, so she could easily get lost trying to find Effie to help her sister.

And what if it had taken so long that Juliette bled out?

S’il vous plaît, nous devons trouver l’un des adultes, ils sauront comment arrêter le saignement.

Adrienne nosed around her sister’s form for the wound, trying to pinpoint and see how exactly bad it was. Was she gushing blood? Was she drenched in it?

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