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the lace on your dress
few days after the meeting | midnight

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Paloma was discontent. No surprise there, really, it always seemed to happen when she was feeling good about her life.  Something always came along and pulled the rug out from under her feet, punched her in the nose and left her stunned.  This time around the punches came from her closest friends and she was clueless how to deal with the blows. 

One of them had lied to her.

Was it Witch? Had she lied about being kicked out?

Or.. was it Bucky?

He said she had chosen to leave at the meeting.  That she had made the decision to go and take her child away from safety.  Paloma growled in confusion, her heart being pulled in two ways.  Who was telling the truth?  Who did she believe?

What did she do when she found out the truth?

The dusty wolf settled outside of her den, finding the confines of the dirt walls too suffocating in the late afternoon heat despite the hour.  Her mind was ready to burst in confusion, and at some point she was going to have to talk to Bucky, but..

She couldn’t stand the thought of it.

Jan 21, 2019 07:08 PM

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Swifty Rottie

After a couple days on the beach, Swifty was ready to move back to the savanna, but couldn’t decide if that was a good idea or not. If she was on call for a patrol, she should probably stay in the area…but the upset of the waves in the dark of night gave her anxiety. She felt like they could creep up the entire beach and swallow her whole.

A scent, one that was only vaguely familiar, took her attention and drew her in. It wasn’t someone she personally knew, but it was a scent she recognized from the meeting. As she got closer, her eyes squinted and she recognized the woman as Paloma. Swifty paused. Did she want to be alone? She appeared to be brooding, but with the thought that they’d be sharing a patrol together, Swifty figured it’d be best to go introduce herself. After letting out a small bark to make her presence known, she padded closer and took a seat a few paces away.

“Paloma, is it?” She already knew, but wasn’t sure how to start the conversation. “You’re going on the patrol, right? I’m Swifty, I’ll be travelling with you and the others.”

Jan 22, 2019 12:51 PM — Post #1

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Paloma del Sol Poe

///please excuse paloma’s inner monologue and irrational dislike of swiftykins :’)


That was Paloma’s initial thought when she heard the voice.  It wasn’t that she was upset someone had joined her, it was who had joined her that made her want to chuck a rock at the nearest baby bird.  Seriously?  Little Miss Perfect had decided to swing on by and make herself comfortable when she was already feeling crummy?  Perfect.  Just perfect.  If she hadn’t been going on patrol with the wolf, she probably would have excused herself to her den for the night.  Unfortunately, she had nothing to squeak her way out of it this time.

“Sí, Paloma.”  Not that Paloma had forgotten, but the lady reintroduced herself as Swifty.  Pft.  Is that why she had been so swiftly given the rank of ranger?  Was she fast?  That was a stupid reason.  Paloma could be fast if she wanted to be and she would have been way faster by now if she hadn’t been taken down by her disease when she had been originally scheduled to go on patrol. 

Oh.  She was probably expecting more of a conversation than that.

“Second time out, ¿sí?”

Not that she really gave a damn.

Jan 22, 2019 03:55 PM — Post #2

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Swifty Rottie

Not very talkative, Swifty first observed. She also noticed her accent. Where had she come from to get such a pretty sounding voice like that? Would it be rude to ask? Not wanting to step on toes - although she unknowingly already had done so - she decided against it.

“Yes.” She nodded. “It’s exciting! How many have you gone on?” She asked. Her paws shifted uncomfortably in the sand. Something felt…off. The vibe, maybe? But that was a stupid reason to feel uncomfortable, so what was it? So far, she felt reserved, unable to open up to Paloma. She wanted to talk about how she felt guilty for volunteering because she’d already gone on half a patrol, and she wanted to ask if she made a bad decision. Instead, she just avoided Paloma’s amber gaze and instead had her head turned with focus on the far away ocean. It was hard to see in the darkness, but she pretended she was watching it anyways.

Jan 22, 2019 05:20 PM — Post #3

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Oh, sure, just rub it the hell in.

Paloma’s ears flattened in irritation at the question.  It wasn’t Swifty’s fault that it struck a nerve, but unfortunately there was little she could say that wouldn’t end up pissing her off in some way or another.  How many patrols had she been on in her over six month stay in the rangers? “None,” she said, staring straight ahead.  “I’ve either been sick or injured.”  Useless.  She had been useless for almost a year.  Shit, she was surprised Bucky even kept her around because of how much of a burden she kept being to the pack. 

It was because he thought she was incapable of surviving out in the world, she knew.  Because she was.  She had let Scotch use and abuse her with a smile on her face, had let wolves beat her around because she thought it made them happy.  Paloma wasn’t capable of taking care of herself and that was why they needed Swifty. To be the wolf that Bucky had hoped Paloma would turn out to be—happy, healthy, pretty.  That was why she had been given ranger so quickly!  Because Paloma hadn’t been good enough or strong enough or capable enough to be one! She didn’t even deserve it now and the title turned to ash in her mouth.

And now she was faced with the possibility that even Bucky could lie.

Paloma turned her muzzle away from Swifty, wishing nothing more than the stars to collide and the world to explode.  She hated it.  Hated every single piece of it.

Jan 22, 2019 06:57 PM — Post #4

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Swifty Rottie

Paloma’s body language indicated that Swifty had said the wrong thing. Her jaw clenched at Paloma’s answer. How could she be so stupid? Bucky had mentioned the other Ranger had been injured and residing in another pack while healing. She suddenly understood why Paloma was being cagey, or at least, she thought she did.

“O-Oh…” She stammered, and then they sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. “I suppose it’s not really fair then, is it. For me to be going on the patrol, I mean.” This was not a good start to the night. Guilt tightened her chest, and even though she was worried about the waves before, she just wanted to run into them now.

Jan 23, 2019 12:14 PM — Post #5

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Paloma del Sol Poe

There was a part of Paloma that was glad to hear Swifty’s voice falter. Good. Feel bad.  Paloma wanted her to feel as bad as she felt, wanted her to feel like an outcast and undeserving and miserable despite all the evidence to the contrary.

The other part felt shitty for being shitty.  It wasn’t really her fault.  Paloma needed an outlet to hate and the lithe woman had happened to join at the exact right (or wrong) moment to be the lightning rod for all her pent up anger.

Still, she couldn’t really convince herself to act fully mature because #effort.

“Why wouldn’t it be fair?” she asked without making eye contact, though she briefly glanced over at her curiously.  It was complete bullshit if you asked her, but she didn’t know that it wasn’t fair. Because that made sense.

Jan 23, 2019 12:33 PM — Post #6

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Swifty Rottie

Ohgodohgodohgod. With every word Swifty said, she wanted to take two steps back and correct herself. At this point, it became evident to her that she and Paloma weren’t destined to be friends.

Why wouldn’t it be fair? Why, why, why…why did she say that? Was she just spouting bullshit to try and appease the woman?

“I guess because…well, I shouldn’t have spoken up. Others needed the chance. I took that away from them.” She thought of herself as a level-headed woman, someone who always knew what the right thing to say was, and someone who was never selfish. Both of those things were turning out to be untrue. It was just her luck that she’d made a mistake in front of everyone. “Do…do you think I should tell Bucky to take Applebutter or Nomad instead? They both seemed like they really wanted to go…” She genuinely asked Paloma for advice.

Jan 23, 2019 02:17 PM — Post #7

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Paloma del Sol Poe

Interesting.  She seemed to be backpedaling a whole bunch and although she wanted to take amusement that this woman was so intimidated by her presence, her true nature was beginning to win out.  Paloma wasn’t a mean wolf.  She just.. wasn’t.  As much as she wanted to punch Swifty straight in the boobs, she realized that just wasn’t a good idea. 

“Relax, Swifty.  I’m not going to eat you, Dios mio.” She wouldn’t have been able to if she tried!  “I’m pissed because I’ve been here for almost a year and just got promoted to ranger, but you come along and don’t even have to spend time as a recruit. Because you’re special, apparently. Must be nice not to bed a giant fucking burden all the time.” She growled lowly to herself, hackles rising.

Paloma wasn’t angry with her.  She was angry with herself.

Jan 23, 2019 02:40 PM — Post #8

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Swifty Rottie

Relax. Relax. The word resonated in her mind. “Ha, you’re right…sorry.” She’d been shaking slightly without even realizing it, but it subsided at the reassurance. It even had a hint of humor, which helped.

Oh, but it wasn’t over yet. Paloma finally vented her anger and what’d been on her mind, and at the very justifiable things she said, Swifty began to shiver again. Being by herself for so long made her forget how terrible it was for someone to be angry with her.

“I -!” She took a step back and breathed deep, and sat back down again. Her response needed to be thought about, not said out of emotion. Another deep breath. This is how people interact with each other. She looked down at the sand thoughtfully, her ears pinned to her head.

“No, you’re…you’re right. In hindsight, it feels a bit hasty. I don’t know what I did to earn the rank immediately. I wish I did.” Her head lifted and she looked into Paloma’s eyes. “But I didn’t ask to be made a Ranger right off the bat. That was Bucky’s choice, for whatever reason.” So far so good, but her voice was wavering a bit. She hated confrontation because it often evoked tears from her. “Bucky seemed genuinely happy to have you back. I don’t know why you feel like you’re a burden.”

Jan 23, 2019 02:58 PM — Post #9

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Paloma del Sol Poe

It was almost empowering to know she was the cause of someone’s discomfort.  Paloma had been stepped on her entire life and was generally on the receiving end of getting scolded, but this was different and the change felt good.  Not good enough that she was going to like, kick a puppy off a cliff and laugh as she walked away, but good knowing she was able to finally stand up for herself and confront the thing making her miserable.  Even little Paloma could be a bitch at times, it seemed.  Scotch would probably had lost his mind.

“I know it was his choice.  That’s why I’m angry.  He saw something in you he didn’t see in me, that he didn’t see in me for months.  But you waltz up and – and poof, you’re good enough for the title.  I just.. failed, I guess, at being what he wanted me to be.”

Paloma wouldn’t deny that Bucky had been happy to see her.  “Yeah.  He was.  Now he can keep a closer eye on me and make sure he can take care of me because I can’t take care of myself.”  Now he didn’t have to go to the tribe back and forth and she likely wouldn’t be allowed out of his sights (figuratively) for years.

Jan 23, 2019 05:58 PM — Post #10

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Nomad Rangers Jeames

[Nomad told me to crash this party!]

Bucky had told Nomad about Paloma, and Nomad had yet to speak with her… He was beating himself up over it, because he had not been paying enough attention to all his pack mates, but he was trying to. He had been so in the dark on a social level for a long time, that needed to stop. He needed to pay more attention to everyone. So after the meeting, he decided to sniff out Paloma.

Had they even personally spoken to each other?
Nomad could not remember an actual first meeting. And how long had she been here, now? Goddamn it! He really needed to get his shit together!

And of course, he could not find her the very first day. It took him a day or two to actually catch her scent and track it down through the Gorge. What was wrong with him? Seriously, Nomad! You needed to be more social!

He had not heard their conversation, but he had heard bumbling, assuming Paloma was in a conversation with someone. He did not want to butt in rudely, so he let out a bark to tell them he was coming, and he hoped they wanted to talk to him. Both Paloma and- whoever was with.

He had not caught a wiff of the other wolf, just yet.

And they were not in sight, yet. Nomad was basically keeping his distance until he was certain they wanted him there.

Jan 24, 2019 03:44 AM — Post #11

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Swifty Rottie

It wasn’t until Paloma’s response that Swifty felt like she really understood the anger. Paloma felt like she was a failure and this was something Swifty could relate to. Sadly, she sighed.

“I’m…I’m sorry.” Is all she could squeak out. What else could she say? She knew nothing about Paloma and Bucky’s relationship and therefore couldn’t offer any comforting words of advice. Then again, it didn’t seem like Paloma wanted any.

When a bark of arrival sounded through the air, Swifty felt a tidal wave of relief pour over her. “That’s Nomad, I think.” Boy was she happy for a subject change, although if they left this conversation unfinished it was sure to bring up tension during the patrol. “Nomad, over here!” She alerted him to their location, and then lowered her voice to speak to Paloma only. “I thought I was a failure my whole life. But we’re young. We have so much more time to make up for it.”

/yaaaaay welcome nomad :D

Jan 24, 2019 10:44 AM — Post #12

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Paloma del Sol Poe

It, unsurprisingly, didn’t help that Swifty was sorry.  Paloma hadn’t expected it to fix anything, hadn’t even really wanted Swifty to apologize because she hadn’t done anything wrong.  On the contrary, she had apparently done many things very right to gain Bucky’s attention as she had.  There was a pang of jealousy in her heart that made her wonder if the dark-furred male had finally found someone like his Saskia, but.. Paloma didn’t think that was possible.  Deep down, she didn’t want it to be possible.  She wanted to keep Bucky to herself in a weird, romantic but platonic kind of way that made her confused as hell.  It would never happen and Paloma didn’t even want it to, but she was pissed at the idea that someone else could have him.

She thought all of this like Frick hadn’t dropped everything to be with her.

“Don’t be,” the small wolf finally said, deflating from her anger.  “It’s not you.  It’s.. just frustration with myself and you happened to be a convenient outlet and that’s wrong of me.  It won’t continue to happen.”  She was going to like the wolf if it killed her. 

Unless she got too close to Bucky.

Her ears swept forward at the howl.  Nomad?  ”... He’s never come to visit before,” she said softly, confused.  Ugh, was he going to lecture her on not being a bitch to new members?  Because NOT TODAY, NOMMERS.

Paloma looked at her paws when Swifty spoke, mentioning they had the rest of their lives to not be failures.  A weak smile crossed her muzzle as she nodded, wishing she knew how much her disease would affect the rest of her life.  Would it cut her lifespan short?  Who knew.  “Thanks,” she said timidly, sucking in a breath as she forced herself up off the ground and approached the fellow mini-wolf with the intent on placing her forehead against Swifty’s like they hadn’t just been weird as fuck five seconds ago. 

It was the closest thing to a truce she’d be able to squeeze out.


Jan 24, 2019 11:55 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Nomad Rangers Jeames

Oh, it was Swifty! Swifty was with Paloma! That was good, it meant Paloma had nice company, and that nomad had some mental support. Because, well, he was still feeling rather stupid and a little awkward for not talking to Paloma sooner. He was really beating himself up over that, mentally. He had to stop doing that, though…

He moved forward, and arrived into the scene, seeing Paloma and Swifty together. He smiled at the both of them. ’’Hey there, you two! Congratulations again on becoming Rangers!’’ he told the both of them. Of course he was not going to leave a single one of them out. Nomad loved everyone equally.

Now the part he felt bad about, though…
’’Hey Paloma, Bucky told me you got sick, and that you were brought to the Tribe for healing. I’m glad to see you’re back. Are you feeling any better?’’ he asked, and he was genuinely concerned. He always was. Nomad never faked such feelings.

But, now that awkward smile appeared on his face, a very shy grin. ’’I’m sorry for not talking to you sooner. To be honest I’ve not really talked to anyone in a bit about pressing matters-’’
He did not feel like a Councilor, at all. Ugh. Why had Bucky given him that rank, anyway? Just because he was his best friend and brother, or something?

’’But- you’re doing better, right?’’

Please, please feel better.

Jan 24, 2019 01:43 PM — Post #14

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Name Player
Swifty Rottie

The ocean seemed to calm as the situation did, the waves growing faint during a moment of tranquility. Swifty’s feelings became less hurt when Paloma explained herself, and even promised that it wouldn’t happen again. More than anything, Swifty felt relief that they had a chance to be friends after all. She allowed their foreheads to be pressed together, her eyes closing happily until the contact ended. “Friends!”

Nomad arrived just as their affectionate gesture ended. Her head turned and she gave a nervous chuckle, hoping it wasn’t awkward for him to walk in on such an intimate thing. “Thank you, Nomad!” Her voice had gained a hint of her usual cheer back. During Nomad’s words to Paloma, Swifty sat patiently, mindlessly gazing at the moon and the stars. Star. That was her mother’s name, so every time she looked up into the night, she pretended her mom was watching over her despite now understanding that Star wanted nothing to do with her.

Jan 24, 2019 03:13 PM — Post #15

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