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Pup Readoption - Ego of the Firewing Brotherhood
Deadline: February 6th

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Kronos Aelius Sabrina Staff
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With Mads’s permission, Ego of the Firewing Brotherhood has been put up for readoption! The deadline for applications will be the 6th of February.


-Ego is currently 5 months old.
-She is coping with the loss of her mother and the Twilight Vanguard’s disbanding
-Kronos has adopted her and Pyre as his own, though Ego harbors jealousy and ill-feelings toward Natasha and Valkyrie.

Appearance: Average and Muscular

-25in, 5.1ft, 82lbs
As Ego grows, she will always remain ever larger than her sister - at full height, the girl will be an average beauty; standing at twenty-five inches at the shoulder; she is all muscle. Taking after her mother’s build and strength, while she is not a titan, will always be a force to be reckoned with. The only contrasting physical difference despite her height to her sister, Umpire, is her far more vibrant green eyes. Her fur coloration was passed on from her father, a deep black, however, if caught in the right lighting, she can appear to possess a copper and red undertone.
(Written by Mads!)


Ego is a sensitive girl, though, not exactly in the way you may expect. The babe, if things are bothering her, generally bottles them up until they explode. She also has a knack for holding grudges and, since she’s been tossed around like a hot potato, has the tendency to grow attached rather quickly in fear of losing them. Ego, unlike her name, doesn’t have much of an ego at all. She is far more subdued and quiet and likes to spend time with her family, most of all, her sister. She is a kind-hearted girl.

This interpretation of Ego was written by Mads. Any prospective adopters may feel free to reasonably alter her personality as they see fit.


Please send applications via a PM to Kronos, or feel free to send them directly to me if you have me on Discord!
All I need is a roleplay sample. Please write as Ego between 5-12 months of age—however you’re comfortable. <3

Jan 22, 2019 11:59 PM

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Name Player
Kronos Aelius Sabrina Staff
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Ego will be played by…................


Quinn! :D

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