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Draven Vaès Calico

Draven was deep in thought when he came upon the geyser flats, his breath having grown more laboured with the altitude. He was high up. It was like when he lived amongst the mountains but that was so long ago. His body wasn’t accustomed.

Heavy paws fell upon the dusty ground and pulled to a sudden halt when an explosion of water tore his eyes from whatever occupied them in the distance.Geysers. It wasn’t far off but far enough away to look in awe without any of the backlash. Draven had never seen one. Sure, he’d heard of the great giants that rumbled beneath the surface and shot into the air - wait, wasn’t that water meant to be searing hot? Draven dare not draw closer.

Instead he watched, waited and sat in the middle of the open expanse. Nothing happened. No rumbling, or nuttin’. His eyes drifted to the terra and guzzled in the amount of beasts across the ground. Truly a natural wonder and honestly, Draven didn’t know what to do about it but stare. Survey. If only Kneph were there to see it.

Jan 27, 2019 02:37 PM

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Marc Antoine LaRoux Zoi

The heat was almost unbearable, the pulsation and the spilling of the day. Regretable, he knew he should not have crept his way as far forward as he had done. Especially when the grass started to turn a color that reminded him of autumn. It was a nasty transition, but his nose flared as his eyes seemed to sweep over the stony grounds.

His ears swung faintly as he moved, his nose flaring. There was a bit of the musk in the air, something to do with a near constant hot water spit graced by the earth. He continued forward though, unable to stop his curiosity. It almost reminded him of the hot springs, in the North, but it wasn’t quite. There was a certain feeling of danger, of death to the place.

He scrounged his way on the expanse. Eventually, shockingly, his eyes twinkled with a little bit of mischief. It would have been so much nicer with someone to walk with. What entered his nose, the further he moved into the land of the geysers, the more he realized he was headed toward another scent.

Not as good as he would have hoped, but he was drawn all the same. Perhaps someone else was enjoying their day just as much. The masculine scent also felt like an invitation and a letdown. No ladies. No charm required.

Jan 30, 2019 04:18 PM — Post #1

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Name Player
Draven Vaès Calico

The scent sat on the air and pulled Draven from his occupation. He sat up alert, his ears twisting and catching whatever sound would arise. An approach. Pawsteps beckoned the man’s attention, his head swerving to the right; eyes focusing. There. A smudge, but it blended to the almost monotoned landscape, barren of the bright hues of green summer often carried.

A wolf.

A man.

Draven remained settled on the ground, haunches sturdy as he turn his gaze back to the geyser just that little bit in front of him. As much as he wished to investigate the wolf, he kept himself nonchalant, relaxing and hunkering down into a slouch. Draven did however chuff to the man, hoping to draw him closer for a conversation. He was a pack man now, it was time to spread the word.

Jan 31, 2019 05:53 PM — Post #2

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Marc Antoine LaRoux Zoi

The chuffed noise was a bit of an invitation, wasn’t it? It didn’t take much for the slightly older male to be wooed by the promise of investigating and inquiry. It was almost as natural as breathing as he moved forward, intelligent gaze littered across the dark wolf.

His nose flared, the question waltzed through his mind fleetingly. Who was this fella? What would have brought him out here? But as he crossed the distance, he refrained from calling out. He avoided, somewhat wisely, the craters that littered the ground.

Eventually, a soft exhale was followed by a call, when they were close enough that he would not have to raise his voice unbearably so. Marc-Antoine did not like being an overly loud creature.

Bonjour, Monsieur.

Feb 01, 2019 03:28 PM — Post #3

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Kneph Rottie

There was a bit of hesitance when Kneph followed Draven’s scent to a strange land. His body hovered right where the forest started to become barren and the ground turned from dirt to the strange white…dirt? Sand? Rock? It felt like a combination of all three. Something about it spooked him, but he wanted to go see Draven! A small whine rumbled in his throat as he hoped his good friend would appear on the Horizon, heading towards him instead of vice versa.

But no such luck.

With a breath, Kneph stepped onto the geyser’s threshold and began to walk carefully. There were odd holes and indents in the ground, ones that he avoided. He wasn’t sure what about them was dangerous but they gave him a bad feeling. Draven’s scent began to mingle with someone else’s, according to the wind, so that made Kneph only more determined as his pace quickened.

He wasn’t sure how close he was when a geyser rather close by exploded, but his yelp must’ve rang out very far. “Fuck!” He yelled, jumping back and landing on his side in comical fashion.

/you can decide if they hear him, but otherwise will arrive in one round!

Feb 01, 2019 06:39 PM — Post #4

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Name Player
Draven Vaès Calico


There was a lot of french in the valley and Draven, for the life of him, couldn’t understand a word of it. Instead he offered a smile, turning his head to look at the man with almost a cheeky gaze. “You don’t, by chance, know of the Royaume Magnifique? Their leader also holds french ties.” he drawled with amusement. Nothing toying, just simple humour. It seemed like such a coincidence to have so many of them around when the language had barely been touched upon in his vast journeys.

Alas, their conversation was not quiet for long.

Ever the graceful cry sounded behind the pair just after the brute had spoken. It was a little ways off. Kneph. Looking back to the geyser before him, Draven’s ears back against his head and he listened for anything further. All he could hear was the eruption of water and a notion was set in action that made the ebony brute chuckle.

Mayhap the boy had discovered what he had only just come across himself. He hoped his fur hadn’t been singed, poor bastard must’ve gotten quite the shock. However, Draven didn’t move to beckon Kneph closer, he was a big boy. He could find his own way, he trusted.

Feb 07, 2019 07:00 AM — Post #5

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Name Player
Marc Antoine LaRoux Zoi

Marc’s ears turned on his head, and he found himself perhaps disappointed through the fact that there was no instant gratification of a returned tongue. It was indeed a bit of spoiling, but his expression seemed to warm as he found himself drawing closer.

Ah, oui. The Magnificent Kingdom,” He said the name, a touch bemused, in the more common tongue that had been normal throughout many of his travel. The accent seemed so much coarser on his tongue when he was drawn to speaking the words. “It speaks of fairytales - and I am non character, but the teller of said stories.

An easy going grin out of the wolf, his eyes twinkling with good humor. Of course, the expletive that burst out in the back, however. His head turned over his shoulder, blinking almost owlishly at the song that laced the air.

The smoke was pretty, at least. His eyes drawn to the explosion that painted the sky.

A friend?

Feb 07, 2019 04:24 PM — Post #6

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Name Player
Kneph Rottie

Certainly dazed, it took a second for Kneph to stand up and shake himself off. “Christ, what was that?” He asked nobody in particular before quickly running to where Draven and the other man were. “Did you guys fuckin’ see that?” Slowing to a trot, the russet male looked back once more and then at them, mouth open and panting; a stress response. “Nearly took me out!”

Within a few moments, he was able to calm down, taking in a deep breath.

“Uh, sorry. Just…caught me off-guard.” Smooth entrance, nasty boy.

Feb 07, 2019 10:08 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Draven Vaès Calico

So he knew of the pack by the lake. Draven simply nodded. The man’s odd words continued on the occasion but his heavy accent was something that Draven was more intrigued about and he found himself intently listening to every word that was said.

He was almost poetic.

Until he spoke of Kneph.

Draven glance back with a strained smile, one of coyness than of distaste. “Oui.” he tried. “Oui is yes correct?” he asked, his eyes flickering back to the man for confirmation. It would seem as if he would have to try his skills out for a spell with the bloke - it was only helpful to the non-english speaker. A compromise he would make if he had to. He just hoped he hadn’t butchered it.

As Kneph approached, Draven looked back and welcomed the man with a chuff. “Kneph, meet…” he prolonged his word in order and hope that the man would fill the blank. He would have to introduce himself sooner or later.

Feb 14, 2019 12:52 PM — Post #8

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Name Player
Marc Antoine LaRoux Zoi

The confirmation was all that he needed, and Marc took the arrogance upon himself to feel at ease. The other wolf spoke smoothly enough, he looked like not the sort looking to go out for trouble (they had a look, you know).

He grinned, approvingly, at the response. “Exactement. Yes.” His head tipped to the side though, ears turning forward to catch the words of the younger male. Reckless. Marc-Antoine was not immediately turned off; the coarseness of words, the swagger, merely spoke of Youth. It was hardly like he had been a gentleman, always.

Glad you have survived,” His response for Kneph was one peaked with cheekiness, although as the dark male began introductions it was all too easy to fall into good manners.

Marc-Antoine, however, Marc will do.” Agreeable, a tail swish as he glanced back to the dark male thoughtfully.

Feb 14, 2019 04:14 PM — Post #9

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