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[continuation] With Isidore | Fossile Butte | Looking for Kodiak's attacker

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Sebastian Lei

Time had passed since the two of them had left the safety of Isidore’s home, and while Sebastian could feel the intensity of their situation grow tirelessly on his bones, a feeling of excitement trumped it all. This was something Sunfall would have done, no doubt. It was something straight of the stories that his father would tell them as Sebastian and his siblings grew up. The story of Elliot and his kingdom, the pursuit in catching the terrible monster. On a whim, he had gathered a bunch of followers and with not much to go on besides the determination of justice—they had taken him down.

That same fiery determination seemed to snake through the blood and veins of the black sheep. He doubted they’d find anything, but still, the danger of the situation burned within his head nonetheless.

It was exciting, thrilling, but terrifying—all at the same time.

And finally, as the two of them entered the barren sweep of land before them, Sebastian’s eyes turned to glance towards Isidore. “I think we’re here,” he said beneath his breath, his tail softly swaying with the wind.

The dark brown mountains of hills and the like swept up overhead, towering over the two of them like some great gods as the subtle colors of green edged the sides. This was Fossil Butte, an area that he had only heard about in stories before. It was weird, coming from one place filled with green, life, and vegetation to something that was straight out of a desert. Boring, dark, and desolate within its reaches. He doubted, finally, that any wolf would stay here permanently.

Which really just added to the fact that no one was here.

Minus the dangers of the wolves within this valley, the land in the Butte was dangerous within itself.

His steps were careful as he moved forward, walking through the dirt and the sand slowly as if not to disturb the sense of death that he got as he entered the land. It was weird, he didn’t get any sense of life within its walls and instead only felt the uncomfortable feeling of sadness lay out before him. Sebastian glanced behind him, unsure if Isidore wanted to continue on or not.

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Isidore mads

It was so barren compared to the valley. It looked as if the land had desaturated itself into a more monochrome version of itself. Her heart thrummed in her chest as she looked around her, ears falling back as her mouth formed a small ‘o’. Who knew life could vary this much? Sure, she saw the mountains in the distance, but compared to these and standing so much closer to them, sheesh was it the difference between black and white! Her tail waved slowly behind her.

“I think we’re here,”

Her eyes slowly moved toward Sebastian, noticing she had paused in her movement to survey the area. With a small hop, she trotted towards him in a jovial and playful way - she was more excited that they were going on an adventure. Everything was different, the smells were too! Isidore took a deep breath, her chest expanding as her eyes closed before she released it in a heavy sigh.

Slowing her pace as she reached his side, she brushed up against him affectionately. “Did you know mountains were this big? I didn’t. They look so big up close-” She looked up at them. They were so big that it made her dizzy. A soft giggle escaped her lips. And then she remembered what they had come here for. Right.

“Sorry, I’m just… they’re so big.

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Sebastian Lei

There was a moment when his eyes grew, his pupils dilating as he took in the moment of pure…awe. The world was different. Larger and dimmer. The difference in texture and smell and sight all at the same time. For a moment, all he felt like doing was to sit and watch. Feel the world around him and take in the emotions that flooded through the earth and into his paws.

He wanted to understand.

However, as soon as his mind went off on its usual tangent, the voice of Isidore broke through his reverie—bringing the dark wolf back to reality. His eyes side glanced over towards her own as her body came up beside him, nudging against his own with the warm comfort he desired.

A side smile replaced his lips as he glanced down at her, giving his own affectionate lick at the top of her head. Despite the circumstances that had brought them on this trip, it didn’t hurt to stop and stare—to look and enjoy the moment of adventure. “I think they’re bigger farther north,” he added. He had never been, but he had heard stories of the ranging field of towering mountains that reached the clouds. It was hard to imagine, however, that anything could be as big or bigger than these.

His tail wavered behind him, lightly brushing the heels of Isidore as he turned to look down at her; watching as she marveled at the scenery. He wouldn’t lie, his heart had swelled with emotion at that moment. Just the two of them, on an adventure, together and seeing things for the first time in their lives. The chance to experience the world together was a feeling that Bastian knew he could never forget.

“It’s okay,” he said with a light chuckle,

huge.” His amber gaze trailed towards the peaks. A part of him wanted to see what the world was like up there. It would be a change of course from their mission…but perhaps worth it?

“Wanna go to the top?” He asked, with a more enthused wag of his tail, his eyes glimmering with playful desire as he gauged the reaction off Isidore.

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Isidore mads

Bigger? They could get bigger?

Her eyes widened at the thought, innocent blue eyes flickering over to his yellow ones in disbelief - how could they get bigger than this? Oh, it seemed like he read her mind! Her tail wagged behind her rapidly and before he could even finish the question, she was bounding her way up.

The sand made it difficult, it was far different than the hills at the Sanctuary. It felt different on her paws. The stones gave her leverage and as the sand pushed her down, she jumped up farther and farther. Her tongue hung loosely out of her mouth as she grinned.

Halfway up, the girl spun around to look down at Sebastian.

“Come on, slow poke!”

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Sebastian Lei

It hadn’t taken very much to get Isidore on board, in fact, at the slightest mention of the top of the peaks—she was already off. Racing up the dirt mountains and aiming for the highest peak it offered.

The sight made Sebastian smile, a sense of warmth radiating within his chest as a short tail wag of joy followed.

However, it wasn’t until she called did Sebastian realize he hadn’t been following. He had been too distracted by her excitement that he had completely forgotten to move. Hell.

With a chuckle and a shake of his head, the boy pushed off his back legs and raced towards where the most beautiful girl now stood. “I’m coming!” He called after her, his paws gripping against the feeble sand and dirt that made up the mountains.

Jump. He told himself.

Jump. Jump. Jump.

He used whatever sturdy piece of land and rock that he could to ascend higher into the peaks, and while it was a lot of work, his long legs had given him the leverage he needed to cut the distance between them.

His tongue now lolled from the side of his mouth as a smile   pulled at the corners of his lips. This was more work than he thought. “Almost there.” He said through a few pants of breath as he continued to climb up.

“Almost to the top.” He said out loud, however, that was more of his own thoughts that had slipped out—words of encouragement that reminded him to keep going.

Almost. There.

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Isidore mads

She grinned, her happiness was almost audible. Her tail now splayed out behind her waved in the soft wind, ears forward in eagerness. She watched as he bounded up toward her, her heart swelling at the thought that he would probably do anything for her. Climb the tallest mountain? Check. Ears swerving toward him, she waited until he caught up to her before crouching down and jumping to the next rock. They could do this, together. They could get through anything together.

Jumping from one to the next, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she panted, the girl gave one more burst of stamina as she finally reached the top. Her tail now curled over her back as she breathed out in wonder. From way up here, it was so clear of how small everything really was. How insignificant problems were - personal problems didn’t affect life, it would always remain the same. In the winter it would die, in the spring it would bloom again. An endless cycle that had begun eons ago.

It was ”...beautiful.” A soft sigh danced from her lips as her blue eyes scanned the scenery.

Slowly, she tore her eyes to Sebastian, a soft expression forming upon her face as her tail, once again, waved lightly behind her. “You can do it!” She called encouragingly.

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Sebastian Lei

If it wasn’t for the sheer amount of balance needed to climb through the ragged edges of those bluffs, Sebastian’s tail would have been in a world wind of wags as he climbed up after Isidore. She seemed so happy, and if she was happy, he was happy. It was an odd feeling, a feeling of purpose he seemed to have found, a feeling of utter satisfaction that he had never experienced before—and well, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Out here. Roaming free (despite their mission). Together.

It just all seemed to make sense. It all seemed to fit.

The boys heart swelled within his chest as he flashed the pale girl a smile, his paws gripping onto whatever hold he could as he followed up after her.

And it wasn’t long before they had made it to the top, Isidore a few seconds ahead. Her words were quick to be carried with the wind and Sebastian was smart enough to remember it.

He pulled his body up, coming up to the side of her silently. “But not as beautiful as you” he said softly, his amber gaze flicking over towards her own pale blues before moving back towards the horizon.

A gentle smile tugged at his lips as he moved to take in the scenery, “It feels like you’re on top of the world from up here…” he mused to himself quietly.


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