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[continuation] w/ Rin | Night, cool | Hy5, Late Summer

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Yew Ravello Calico

Set after ‘No wonder they call it a wasteland’!

Yew lead the male through the wasteland with ease, making idle chit chat here and there to keep the silence of the night from spooking her. She had to remind herself that although this was a strange male, he was just a stranger looking for aid. He wasn’t there to harm her or anything worse. He just needed a meal and was willing to help her restock the cache as a repayment for the quick food stop.

However, as the sun set lower and the sky blackened, Yew found herself settle into the company the closer they got to the territory. If he did anything to her… well, she could call for Selra. The woman would help her in a heart beat, or so she hoped. She didn’t let her mind linger too much as they ventured through the woodland opposite the lake.

Looking over her shoulder briefly, she called out to the male with a grin upon her face. “How’re you holding up Sir?” she asked with genuine care. She took pride in her hospitality and she hadn’t let her unsureness get the best of her yet.

Jan 29, 2019 11:45 AM

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Rin Jess

The two wolves would carry along at a brisk trot, Rin keeping his head high in alert with his ears constantly swiveling atop it. As Yew would chit he would chat, and so on and so forth as any conversations with a new acquaintance would go about. His mind was split on concentrating on dialogue versus paying attention to all that surrounded him. Rin was in absolute awe among nearing the wasteland’s borders; he swore you could feel a shift in the air. His heart swelled in anticipation, and has he paced onward he found himself dazing off into a plethora of anxieties and wonders. Though he knew pretty much nothing of this woman, she reminded him of all that he held dear from home. Even her French tongue brought him back to the moments his mother would sing through their hardships, and it brought a sense of peace to him. For the first time since his childhood the young male was regaining hope for better life little by little, being lead forth by the lavender lady.
As the night darkened Rin had somewhat closed the distance between the two. Not in a sense to overpower or be a creep, he simply wanted to be sure that if something was to come out from the shadows the two would be able to defend one another with ease. Upon hearing her speak, he reeled his mind back into reality and turned his head to meet her gaze. ”I’m well, and yourself?” He would respond with equal wonder, but he began to think just how much longer they would be trending among dead earth. It was only then did it begin to come to sight: a looming tree line that he couldn’t quite make out before. Rin slowed his pace subconsciously considering this was the first time he’d seem forests since he’d crossed the wastelands, and he could only imagine there were others of their kind to occupy its perimeters. With that in mind, he would turn his head to face the lass again. ”Are we nearing any closer to your Queen’s land by chance, Yew?”

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Yew Ravello Calico

The tree line was within two hundred yards of them and as Yew shimmed along, she couldn’t help but quicken her pace. She gave a assertive ‘mhm’ to Rin and a nod before straightening out and looking back to the Grove that she called home.

She hadn’t thought much of what Rin would want and Yew made a mental note to ask him that in the future. She’d never thought of recruiting before - or how successful she would be at it - but he seemed like a good guy so far. She’d just have to throw a few hurdles up here and there for him to jump and she see how well he managed it.

“Her land starts where the trees begin.” she offered fondly.

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