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Panic Room
high noon in late summer @ everlasting caverns

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Oscar Art Staff

It had gotten hotter as he got away from the desert, and he didn’t like it. Put him on edge, as he found no major waterways around here. With the sun at high noon, however, he was disinclined to continue searching his way back tot he low river until the temperature cooled off with nightfall. In the meantime, he had absconded into the shade of a cave, and was prepared to take a —

“Holy shit! Guys, there’s water!” he shouted to nobody, sprinting over to the edge of the pool, and staring at it with enormous eyes. Please don’t be a hallucination.

He shoved his face in. Delicious, cool water surrounded his head.

Drawing his head back out, he gasped in delight, shaking water from his fur and blinking his eyes to — “Holy shit,” he repeated “maybe I am hallucinating. Anyone else see this? No? Just me?” he craned his head around in the darkness, aware there was no one else standing there to tell him if he was actually seeing glowing lights in the cave pond.

He didn’t feel like he was hallucinating? But… What if that’s because he was hallucinating so well, he didn’t know it was a hallucination.

Jan 31, 2019 05:21 PM

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Oscar Art Staff

“Well what the fucking fuck, then,” Oscar murmurred, voice quieting down when no answers came from the cave around him, attention drifting back down to the glowy water.

Clearly, he had no choice but to do it again. To see if it repeated. It was like, investigative or some shit because wolves weren’t familiar enough with the concept of science for him to call it scientific. At least not wolves named Oscar.

Reaching his snoot out delicately, he darted the tip of his tongue out to barely touch it and get the littlest sippo of water. And SHAZAAM! Nah just kidding, it was a SHAZAAM! the first time when he threw his whole head in, his tongue just make a little… shimmer.

“Magic waterrrr, gonna drink the magic waaaterrrr,” he sing-songed to himself.

Feb 07, 2019 06:29 PM — Post #1

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Draven Vaès Calico

| Finally throwing this boy at Oscar! I’ve been staring at this thread for ages!!! Just going to place it after his thread with Kneph to make the alignment work. He’s in the sleeping room!

Something echoed across the caverns, something stirred the beast.

Draven arose from the pile of moss with his face scrunched and smooshed from his sweet, sweet dream. He’d been feeling… grotty for a week by this point, his head aching as if it were split at the seam! The brute gave his maw a once over with his tongue, moistening his dry gums so hell bent of sticking together.

A groan passed his lips.

Chills ran rampant through his muscles, winding them far too tight. He needed to get up. His skin felt too thick, too heavy, his bones too old to even hold his head the way it was - let alone standing! An aloof sigh escaped him, his jaws clenching as Draven forced his way up and up until he was finally standing on shaking legs.

A cough seized his throat. What had Yuna said? Oh right, water. Anything else.. well the thought just wasn’t stomached, he couldn’t even imagine eating at that point.

Heavy paws fell with each step he took, his body swaying an uncanny amount - or was that just him? - everything seemed to spin all at once but Draven followed the sweet smell of water.

And something else. No, someone else. Before he passed the walls that lead into the pools secluded room, Draven cleared his raspy throat, “Who goes there?” he grumbled into the shadows, his eyes having a real hard time seeing past the wall of fuzz. Blue light did catch his attention but it also fizzled away, who was disturbing his sweet slumber if not Kneph?

Feb 08, 2019 07:10 AM — Post #2

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Kneph Rottie

Kneph was quite near Draven, sleeping curled into a tight ball, one paw twitching due to a dream. He didn’t wake up when the stranger spoke out, and he certainly didn’t wake up soon enough to see the ever-teetering frame of his friend, but he did wake up when the familiar voice rolled over his ears. First, they perked, and then he stretched and yawned, and soon enough Kneph was up and at ‘em.

“What’s that?” He grumbled sleepily, thinking Draven was addressing him. It was still a bit difficult to get used to the low lighting of the cave, so his eyes didn’t quite adjust quickly either. Combined with sleep, he was simply blinking and squinting, only seeing the blur of stalagmites and a whimsical glow in the distance. “Oh,” he yawned, “is someone here?” A more normal wolf would be at least a little alarmed, probably, but Kneph was simply curious. There was nary a draft to carry a scent that far back in the cave, otherwise he would have realized by now that the stranger was none other than Oscar, a wolf he met a few days earlier in The Clearing.

Feb 09, 2019 06:10 PM — Post #3

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