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I never did this - WHOOPS!

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Draven Vaès Calico
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Your OOC Name: Calico

Age: 19

Timezone: GMT

What made you want to join Horizon?: I had been stalking it for a while, years even! Must have been since before the Evergreen Wolves were formed. I loved the storylines that went on and the character dynamics. It was super awesome to see how things spanned out over real time and all this drama that brews under the surface in the valley - every interaction between characters - really gets me pumped for the future and I’m glad to finally be apart of it!

Where else do you RP, if anywhere? Where have you RPed in the past?: Instagram MANY years ago and looking back at it, I cringe so hard. Wow. I would have hated to be the person who roleplayed with me, it was super duper bad. Hopefully it has improved! :‘D

Do you have any cool hobbies, or things you’re interested in?: Hobby wise, i’m pretty lacklustre. I really, really like medicinal herbs though! I want my own little garden of curiosities alongside my cabinet!

What’s something you’re really excited about right now?: The possibility of renting my childhood home, I live there right now but my parents are planning to move - which would normally mean the child goes with them - but the cottage is so charming and it has all the space in the world that I would want for my future fur babies. 

Any adorable pets and/or children we should know about?: No children! Just the family’s adorable 3 year old cocker, Arch. Hopefully I’ll be getting my own little bugger soon! Fingers crossed the negotiations go well.

Feb 10, 2019 04:50 PM

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Sebastian Lei
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CALICOOOOO, I’ve literally grew up learning about medicinal herbs and all that stuff. My parents are fanatics about it at this point and it’s all rubbed off on me. They really do work! Even if some people aren’t open to believing in it…


Feb 10, 2019 09:00 PM — Post #1

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That’s a cool hobby Cal! Also the cottage sounds adorable and I hope you get to rent it :D And I hope you get a doggo of your own soon too :)

Feb 11, 2019 03:27 PM — Post #2

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Daithi Nightshade Calico
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My mum is seriously into all of it but never put it into effect - just sorta read about it! XD

As for dog breeds: I really want a borzoi, Australian shepherd and a shiloh shepherd <3 but I’ll happily settle for anything really!

Feb 11, 2019 04:26 PM — Post #3

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