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Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts, Risking it all, though it’s hard
Walking along the river towards the Northern forest in the distance (beside the upper half of the Glen) / hot as all heck / With Honeysuckle

Name Player
Witchhazel Quinzel Raven Marie

It was done.

The decision weighed heavy on the Quinzel’s shoulders, but she didn’t struggle with it like she did staying at the Rise. It was time to move on, plain and simple—it was time to put the family she had here first rather than waiting for used-to-be’s and could-have-been’s. She couldn’t jump every time a Ranger scent -or, ocean forbid, Bucky’s- billowed past on the breeze, or spend her days wishing and wanting for things that could have happened or people who should have been there with her.

Witch didn’t bother to hurry herself or Honeysuckle. They crossed a river into the Hills for a very, very short time to go around a butte that didn’t look in the least interesting, and then back across another river (the same river?) into the Plains. Witch tried to point out the herbs and animals that happened to catch their eyes, teaching her daughter about as much as she could about the world while they were at it. Hopefully, she would remember these times as fun bonding time with her mother on an epic search of a proper home, not struggling to fill bellies because of a lame leg and leaving behind wolves who Witch would always miss.

To their left, a forest—the one the cougar had attacked her in, wayyyyyy on the other side. The one the Brotherhood lived in. This was as far as she’d come when they’d brought Stark home to be buried—from here on out, the valley was a true mystery. Though she could already see the green blur of the northern forest in the distance ahead, nervous energy still brought a little bounce to her limp.

The healer glanced over to her daughter with a gentle smile as she loped leisurely along. Witch had been making sure to stick close to Honey since leaving the familiar lands of the Range, but she needed to make sure the tanned girl understood the dangers out here on their own.

“Make sure you stay close to me, little flower. I don’t know what or who we might find out here, and not every stranger you meet will be friendly. It’s important you listen to everything I say, and never wander out of my sight, okay?”

(Little vague as to when they left/how long they’ve been traveling but this is present dated! They finally on the move!)

Feb 11, 2019 12:49 AM

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Name Player
Godbrand Gabriel Lucas

//close by, with Lacey !

They were making progress.

Slowly. Lacey’s legs were not what they were a few months before, but it seemed that she would survive it. There was pain, yes, the gritting of teeth, and frequent breaks, but Godbrand thought that perhaps it would do her good to move around. Slowly, in her own time. He’d be there to help.

They had trekked down the mountain and across the fields, looking for easier ground. Godbrand could smell the ocean from where they were. Oh, it’d been a while since he’d seen it. Years, perhaps- how old had he even been? With a hum, he glanced at Lacey.

“Pretty-eyes”, he begun as they walked, idle chitchat to occupy them. “Have you ever seen the ocean?”

Perhaps he could take her, once she was feeling better. Did she know how to swim? Autumn would be here soon and with it winter, but perhaps next summer, if they were still near eachother, he could teach her if she didn’t. Godbrand was nothing if not a social creature.

Ah, but speaking of social.

He should have probably noticed the wolves a bit sooner, but the wind was blowing the wrong way for it to. The little one was little one to be a puppy- the bigger one had a bright orange coloring not unpleasant to the eye. Godbrand paused, cocked his head a bit. Ah. She was limping.

More bad legs, unfortunately. Was she hurt?

He gave Lacey a little nudge to get her attention, show his intentions. His voice was friendly when he called out, though. “Is one okay, ma’am?”
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Honeysuckle Quinzel Sabrina Staff

Besides that one time on the Rise, Honeysuckle had never needed to push herself a day in her short little life. Now, though Witchhazel was going at a comfortable pace, it was hot out and they’d been walking for a while. Honeysuckle’s mood was growing sour from fatigue.

Her mother smiled at her, and she responded dourly with a blank face and dragging paws.

She heard her mother’s words about Stranger Danger, but it didn’t quite sink in. Honeysuckle had only ever known friendly wolves. The thought that some of them weren’t friendly was something she couldn’t quite comprehend at the time. Still, she could understand that she needed to stay close to her mother. “Okay,” she agreed.

She was about to ask her mother if they could stop yet when a voice called out. Honeysuckle perked up and glanced at her mother, temporarily forgetting her sour mood for curiosity.

Feb 16, 2019 01:20 PM — Post #2

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