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Dead end
Skyrise, heading towards MS | Night | Warm | With Taboo

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Tesla Chris Staff

((Technically needs to be backdated for tracking to make sense, however since their target Eden is inactive shouldn’t matter overly where it fits in timelines if anyone else wants to jump in))

Traveling during the night made sense as the summer head encroached. Tesla never let any landscape deter her. She and Taboo pressed on, continuing to follow Eden and an unknown woman’s trail. Nothing deterred Tesla.

Tesla swung her head towards Taboo. “I haff not picked up anyvon else’s fresh scents. But I know vhere we head now - hot springs to east of zese mountains. Can smell, sulfur in the air, da?” She sniffed the air and wrinkled her muzzle at the unpalatable scent, flashing her canines.

“Pack is there. Suspect zey already protected Crixus’s ex in past, so could vell take in Eden.” She looked at Taboo for a long minute, frustration in her expression. Taboo would understand - if Eden had found a pack to hide her, it would be nearly impossible for the two of them to get to her. Quite frankly she was getting impatient, because it had been a long time since Tesla tasted blood. It was all well and good, playing long games, doing favours to keep Crixus on side and ensure Tesla had an entire pack of allies that could be relied upon.

But Tesla wanted, no, needed, her enemy writhing as Tesla ripped into her. She wanted to pluck her intestines from her body cavity slowly just to hear her scream. She wanted to see if a wolf could survive having their tail removed, then she’d shove it down the bitch’s throat. Most of all she wanted to look into Eden’s pond-scum eyes while she lay bleeding underneath a victorious Tesla, and tell her that Tiberius was the one who wanted her dead. That she’d done all of it for him.

And then Tesla would finally kill her, let that be what that pathetic child drew her final breath upon.

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Heroidias Griz

Hero had just entered these lands, yet was confident that she would able to settle here and start her own family. She paced through the mountain range, she thought that she would be able to live here and join a pack that would be able to function properly- unlike the one she had joined two months back, before she had entered these lands. Heroidias scented the air and smelled a female wolf in the distance,

Oh goody,

That was her first thought in this land, those words: ‘Oh goody,’. Another wolf, for her, wasn’t a good thing. The girl was often standoffish and would lash out at others who bothered her. She hoped that this female wasn’t one who would bother others, but you could never know.


When Hero reached the slope she thought she could see the silhouette of a wolf, feminine in build. So the scent she had picked up earlier was possibly accurate to this she-wolf. This female wolf was a traveler, just like Hero, and was probably lost herself.  Maybe, she would be nice and they could travel together. Probably not, so Hero kept her distance away from the woman that was nearby. She waited on the slope for the female to pass and then would continue traveling on her own. If these mountains suited her, she would stay.


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Taboo Rottie

Taboo knew before it was spoken that the scents were beginning to become stale, if existent at all. Her frustration was sparking just the same as Tesla. Gravely, she nodded at her partner’s words. “Hopefully it’s just a fluke. Maybe the scent will freshen if we keep moving.” As someone who’s been hunted before, she knew the sense of urgency it could cause. Eden could very well be moving much faster than them.

It was also hard to scent anything other than the sulfur, as Tesla pointed out. Taboo had already sneezed a few times because of it, but at the mention of it she instinctively breathed in deeply through her nostrils, causing another sneeze. Her tongue stuck out of her mouth accompanied by an ech! noise, both from the sneeze and the mention of another pack. “They better not be hiding her. Are we on good or bad terms with this pack?” She questioned curiously.

If it weren’t for the glow of the moon, Taboo might not have seen the silhouette of a stranger out of the corner of her eye, but when she did, she froze.

“Someone’s here.” Was all she said, simple and blunt. Her head turned, a lumbering giant searching for prey, and it stopped when the stranger was in her sight. Next, a lowering of her head with ears laid flat, tail sticking straight out. “Who goes there?”

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Tesla Chris Staff

Tesla shot her partner a quick look, we’ll finish this after we get rid of company, and straightened by her side, adapting a stance that almost mirrored Taboo’s exactly. It didn’t look as intimidating as the more muscular woman. Except if you knew how to read danger in the gleam of those yellow eyes.

“We need information.” She called in her clipped accent, furthering Taboo’s command.

Need, not want.

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Heroidias Griz

Oh shit, the wolves had noticed her. Hero had just noticed that another female wolf was with the light furred woman. She came forward, they wanted information she might as well give it to them,

“My name is Hero, I just entered these mountains. I’m a traveler.” She said with false confidence in her voice. She was nervous talking to these wolves, she hoped that they would hurt her. Even if they did, Heroidias would bite back. Though, these wolves were much larger than her. She would get herself injured if a fight broke out, possibly killed.

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