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Maes Veryn Rem

Not technically a location claim, just making it easier for us to picture our surroundings

Well, Maes had finally reached the mountains that harbored Astred’s group - including his (ex?) mate and children.

There was a twinge of hesitation in his chest, making Maes anxiously watch his footing as he walked along the area he and Safira had lounged many months ago. The small falls that filled the pond seemed to shrivel up in the summers merciless heat, making it more of a streaming line of water instead of a gentle cascade.

Casually, he went for a drink - because boy was his throat dry right now. With flattened ears, his nose rose up as he sniffed around the rock walls, trees, and paths. It didn’t seem abandoned, but it didn’t seem like Saf spent much time at the location either. Perhaps she had joined Astred’s hoard and now lived within their borders. Which was a surprising thought, considering her free spirits.

With a deep breath, Maes still hesitating tolet out a call for the mother of his child. Slight regret, part of him think he should have never arrived and just let her believe he had died or something instead of him returning months later - with the explanation of fear, and nothing more.

”Saf?” his voice echoed slightly in the walls of the Keep. The place he had planned to raise his children, close to Damien but still enough distance for his family to be independent if they decided to leave.

Sitting down, his tail coiled around his paws as pale blue eyes watched the northern river - waiting to see if Safira would answer his call.

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Safira Lei

The call, if she’d been truthful with herself, was not one she’d been expecting. But her ears swiveled and her head rose and her heart leaped all the same. Could it be?

For a moment she thought to ignore it, to set aside the past she once thought she’d miss and return her attention to what she knew was real. The Realm surrounded her, her children would not leave. She’d already lost too much to consider running back towards that which had only brought her pain.

And yet, she found her legs suddenly moving.

Closer to the memory of a ghost.

Blood laced her lips from an impromptu hunting lesson with her son and although she knew he was close behind, not even his presence could break into the forefront of her mind. It was only him.


Could it really be?

After the death of Lestat and Astred, Safira had almost begun to believe that the white male had perished—fallen to the same fate as her best friend. But if this was all true, and the voice she heard calling her name was him—then where the fuck had he been all this time?

It hadn’t taken very long until the two of them stood at the edge of their home. The lapping shores and cascading waters were a familiar sight as she stared through the blanket of trees; but the anomaly that stood out in the middle of her home made her heart clench and her blood run cold.


He was really here.

He wasn’t dead.

He had merely… left.

To say that Safira had a slight anger problem would have been an understatement—it all really depended on who you asked. But despite the urge to run through the trees and cry and squeal and greet her ghost with open arms… Safira just didn’t know how.

Her thoughts hitched within her mind, her limbs like stone beneath her, her eyes drained of all emotion as she tried desperately to process it. To understand.

Safira had abandoned many souls during her travels without a word and without a goodbye, and while to her it had been less of a thought before—boy, did she hate being on the other side of things.


And then just like that, as if a light had been switched on in her brain, she was alive again. Feeling things, but not great things, not the soft kind of reconciliation and loving reunion type of feelings. Oh no, she was angry. Scratch that. Pissed. The. Fuck. Off. All the emotions that she had bottled in for all those months, all the losses she had not yet grieved: Lestat, Astred, Maes, it all came up—all at once. And she was pissed.


“Stay here,” She whispered sharply to Yukon, her gaze shooting over towards her son. She didn’t know if he remembered his father at all, but on the rare chance that he did, she did not want to get him caught in the middle of this.

Not yet, at least.

With a snarl ripping through her chest, her lips peeling back in anger and agitation, she stalked forward. Out from the safety of the trees and out from the world she’d created for herself. Her disbelief turned to anger in a matter of seconds, and all she could see was red. God, how she wanted to tear him apart right then and there, to watch the water of their beloved Keep run red with his blood. Good for nothing bastard of a wolf. He was no better than all the others.

He had vanished and left her to pick up the pieces of herself—it was a miracle that their children were still alive.

Another low growl pierced through the air and her tail rose behind her as the fur along her neck rose. “What the fuck are you doing here,” she said. It was less of a question, more of a demand. And truthfully, she doubted she even cared for an answer at all. What excuse could he possibly give? If he had died, that would’ve been one thing. It might’ve not been his fault. But this?

What in the absolute hell was this?

Her heart ached with each step that she took, her legs threatening to fall weak beneath her as the distance between them grew smaller. She had wanted him and he had left her. Her love had boiled to hate, flashed to anger, and recoiled back into love all in the space of a second. Her brain and heart played a terrible game of tug-o-war as she moved and her emotions quickly became a surprise, even to herself. “You fucking bastard,” she muttered, her voice strained as the tears fell to her cheeks.

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Maes Veryn Rem

Safira wasn’t in many ways, a big wolf - but boy did it feel like she was towering over Maes as she didn’t hesitate to make her debute from the copse of trees that huddled amongst their home. Well, her home. It wasn’t like Maes had lived here too, for very long.

With an exhale, he simply stared as a seething woman narrowed dagger like eyes among him like a red X. As Safira neared, there seemed to be no Linda’s of boundaries, no second guesses, no room for him to breath - which was fair, but very much a lot.

She was angry, as expected.

Maes took a half step back, his pale eyes staring against her brighter ones. Ones that he wondered if his children wore. Did Yukon carry his father’s coat but his mother’s eyes? Was Lark a carbon copy of her mother and sported every feature she had? He didn’t even know… it was a mystery, one that he didn’t even think he would get to know the answers to.

”I’m here to show you I’m not dead, but you can change that if you want to,” it was empty and bland. He wasn’t angry, he was sad. But he didn’t want to show her that. He… well, he loved Safira. He loved Lark. He loved Yukon. Regardless of his actions, he loved them. But he couldn’t show that to her, not right now. He couldn’t change her angry into pain. He didn’t want to see her hurt.

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Yukon Veryn Axte


That was what momma had called it. The tracking of prey, the careful movements that brought one closer, the quietness of it all. The sudden rush of muscle loaded with adrenaline. The chase. The prize, so easily subdued by a precisely placed bite and violent jerks of one’s head. He’d observed in silent awe, the way his mother moved with such deft skill. He wanted to be like her, he told himself. Silent. Calculated. Deadly.

She’d released the rabbit she caught when a call reached them, and although Yukon was just as interested in the sound as she, he found himself diving for the meal instead. It was the perfect chance to steal, was it not? And as he tore a couple bites from the limp body, he couldn’t help but giggle at the memories of Wrenn doing the exact same thing.

When Safira began to move towards the sound that seemed to beckon, Yukon was quick to scoop up the remainder of their breakfast and tag along behind her. It was from that angle that he could denote something was wrong; she moved differently, more anger and hesitation than he was used to. But he kept shut about it, rabbit-in-mouth and all. If something was wrong, he hoped she knew he’d be there for her. It was his duty to keep her happy, after all, and he wasn’t one to break promises.

Yukon’s ears drew forward as Safira stopped. He came up to her side slowly, staring ahead at the ghostly figure just as she did. Was that.. Astred? Wasn’t she, erm, well. Maybe that explained the different but somehow familiar aroma. It would definitely explain why momma was acting so weird. But why had her voice been so sharp when she told him to stay? Why did she stalk forward the way she did, hackles bristling, words edged with daggers, everything about her screaming dangerous?

Yukon released a soft whimper through his nose as he lowered himself to the ground, dropping the rabbit between his outstretched paws. Momma wanted him to stay, he reminded himself. So he tucked his bright pelt away, just like she’d taught him. You didn’t want your target to know of your presence until it was too late.

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Safira Lei

Safira was certainly not an expert at maneuvering through her emotions. She wasn’t great at handling all that feelings that bubbled within her heart, and she sure as hell was shit at processing whatever this was between the two of them. If she could have chose what to feel and what not to feel, a part of her wished she could’ve felt nothing at all.

Neither the anger or love, nor the hurt or the pain.

Just merely nothing at all.

But yet, that wasn’t how life worked. Instead, she was forced to stare at a man whom she loved seasons ago that had left her heart and mind scrambling to pick up the pieces that he had dropped.

Through the tears that soaked her cheeks and the uncertainty that boiled in her blood, a snarl ripped through the air at his words. Her teeth neatly clamping together as a click of air passed between them. Her head swung to the side, her eyes watching the lapping shore of their pond and for a second, a sigh passed through her lips.

She could not look at him. For if she did, only more tears would follow in the wake of her words.

“Maes..” She uttered, her voice barely a whisper beneath her tears. She could feel the relief that set in her heart, knowing that he was indeed alive, and hadn’t perished like the rest of them as she had believed. But what did any of this mean? His return? Him standing before her now, words empty with lack of emotion.

What did he want?

Slowly, her head turned and her eyes narrowed as she stared at him. “What do you want?” She took in a breath. “Where the fuck have you been?”

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Maes Veryn Rem

What did he want? Where has he been?

Honestly… he just wanted to see her, ensure his mate and children had survived his absence and thrived in their home. But it was hard. Seeing Safira cry, seeing the way he had caused her pain. Streaks of hot droplets stained her dark coat, it wasn’t extremely noticeable, but he could see it.

”I found out that my parents, brother, and nearly my whole pack had died when I began to travel. I harbored hate and anger for them, thinking they had left. When really they were ambushed and perished protecting our home,” there was anger in his heart but not in his words. Anger with himself for his parents, for Amé.

”I made them memorial sites, I paid them respects - I told them about you, and the children, and how scared I was that they would die in my care,” he was never a dad before. This was all new, and he feared it like crazy. What if they died like his family had?

With clenched teeth, he pressed whatever air he held in, out through him nose - and stepped closer. His head angling upwards and giving Safira a clear sign of his exposed throat. If she wanted to end him, she could, he would let her.

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Yukon Veryn Axte

Even from a distance, Yukon could’ve sworn he felt the energy that radiated from his mother. And it was violent — all of it. The way her stance shifted, how her tail arched and remained rigid. How her voice, faint but still decipherable from so far away, was so twisted by the emotions that had suddenly become her. The boy could do nothing but stare, his small heart beating fiercely against the confines of his chest, as he watched the two adults converge.

It was clear to him that the ghost was the cause of all the disruption. He could hear that voice, too; much more masculine than he remembered Astred’s being. And the longer he looked at the stranger, the more he came to realize that they weren’t Astred. And if they weren’t Astred, could they be trusted at all? Were they liked? Accepted? Family? Probably not, considering how many bad words his mother was throwing at them.

He wanted so badly to be there, at her side, backing up every word she had to say. He was her protector, but what could he really protect from.. the bushes?

And as he watched, waiting, wondering if momma would release him from her orders, something changed. The rhythm of his heart grew ever faster, louder, drowning out their words and blurring his vision. In that state, only one thing remained a constant thought: he was unable to protect her. The knowledge of it pulsed, thrashed, begged for him to bend and break. And it grew, it grew and it grew until it reached a point of crescendo that was so sharp it hurt.

He could feel it — the stress of it all — bubbling up from somewhere deep inside. It pooled at the surface of his skin, writhing, tormenting, burning in its intensity. He could not stand by, he realized. His skin would not let him. His entire being would ignite, and he would catch the forest aflame with his need to guard what was his. And in his blurred state, all he saw was a movement — the white one, moving in a way that he’d never seen before and could not properly decipher. But some instinct told him that it was not a peaceful gesture — that violence had an open door, and it was up to him to shut it.

In a flash of white and disfigured rabbit bits, Yukon charged from his hiding spot and towards his mother’s side. His skin burned as he moved, writhing beneath his fur with some desire he could not seem to satisfy. “Stop!” he nearly screamed. But whether or not he was talking to his own body or to the other white creature, he could not tell.

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Safira Lei

Despite whatever fucked up emotions the shadow of the woman felt towards Maes in that moment, the news of his family still made her ears drop and a breath of air to push past her lips. How could she be mad at that? Sure, perhaps Safira didn’t know much about the loyalties of family first hand, but she was beginning to understand now. Especially with her own children in the mix of things.

Maes had gone to see his family.

That’s where he had been.

Momentarily, her eyes fell to her paws and her heart grew tense in her chest as she listened to his words. Safira, truly, did not know how to respond. How to act. How to feel.

“Do you think that I have not been terrified every single day for them?” Her voice was strained, accusatory in language, but yet holding no fire or edge to them as she spoke. “I have, Maes. I’m worried every single god damn day for their safety. Lucian is still out there—I’m not fit to be a mother—“ A sigh. “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, but you can’t just run from your fears.” She had learned that the hard way. “It doesn’t work like that.” She was done running. She turned her gaze back towards him, her own sea-like stare watching his own.

“I’m sorry about your family, Maes.” She said, her voice softer than it had been before. Because truthfully, after all the personal deaths she had faced, she knew now just how hard it could be. It wasn’t easy.

But not even a moment after her words did the white mass of fur just move inches closer towards her. His head upwards and his neck exposed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Her brows furrowed together as she stared, “I’m not going to fucking kill you, Maes.” As much as a part of her wanted to. She couldn’t. He was still the father of their children. The man that she loved. And not to mention, Yukon was no doubt watching from the sidelines of the trees.

She would not, under any circumstances, allow him to witness such a scene (not even if her delusions of anger whispered her to).

Besides, deep down, the shadow of a woman still felt something for the male before her—and not even she could go through with something as permanent as that.

But even before another word could be uttered, the sound of approaching footsteps and a scream caught the female’s attention. Immediately her head turned and her eyes flashed across Yukon’s advancing body. What the fuck. She told him to stay—and now he was here and he was apart of this and she did not know what to do.

“Yukon…” Her voice was soft as she spoke to him, hesitant in the way that she said his name and although she knew deep down his intentions were good—she hated to let him see Maes and her in this state. Now, within the prison of her own shock, Safira merely glanced between the two of them, their appearances nearly identical in nature—but did Yukon know?  God, she really did not know what to say next.

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Maes Veryn Rem

She admit to being scared, fearing the same thing that he had feared. The things that pushed him to leave, she carried herself. There was sadness, in the air. Heavy and suffocating. There was anger. There was doubt and more fear. And again, just anger.

Safira was sorry, about his family. After all he had done, she had apologized to him. But then, anger. Anger for his gesture to allow her to end him. Mixes of emotion.

Slowly, his head lowered, muzzle angels downward to see not only the confused glazed eyes of his mate, but to see a lanky white pup bolt out of the near by brush. Hearing Safira speak made him gulp, rather dramatically.


His son, and wow, could you tell that his son was definitely his. Like a smaller, mirrored version. His coat a fresh white, not a cream, and his eyes as pale as fresh water reflecting a clear sky. Yukon looked so much like him, and Safira had to deal with seeing a copy of Maes, every day.

”I’m…” carefully, he sat down, not trying to upset the boy more. His eyes pleading as they stared into the turquoise gaze before him, ”I’m sorry Saf,” ...he was. And he hurt. To see her angry, to see Yukon angry, to likely see Lark angry as well.

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Yukon Veryn Axte

Whatever he’d done to deter the violence had seemed to work. The blurry blob of the strange man returned to normal and although his mother’s voice had once again rose, it was quick to soften with his presence. He, too, returned to normal, his vision clearing even though his skin still screamed. But he was there. He was at his momma’s side and prepared for anything.

For some time, he merely looked between the two of them; to his mother for guidance and to the stranger for answers. His eyes always seemed to narrow a bit when they met the blues of the man, for the boy did not trust him and wanted him to be aware of that fact.

Yukon was in the middle of sitting down for a sudden itching session when he heard the man softly apologize, using a shorter version of momma’s name. And that apology made him stop (good thing too, otherwise he might’ve bled), his gaze still scrutinizing as he once more looked towards the stranger. “What did you do?” he asked, his voice defensive. “Did you hurt my momma?”

He better not have.

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Safira Lei

The silence overwhelmed her and the stillness that was brought on by their son’s entrance nearly suffocated her as she’s stared. Her eyes moving back and forth between Maes and his double of a child. She didn’t know what to do. What to say. How to even begin to explain everything that had happen.

Lestat’s death. Astred’s death. Daniel’s disappearance. And then his return. Lark’s illness. Pack politics. Astred’s pups. Sienna.

There was too much to say and such little time to do so.

A sigh fell from her lips as she broke through the paralyzing fear that overcame her and moved to gently nuzzle the cheek of her—their son. “It’s alright, darling.” Her voice was warmer when she spoke to Yukon, her pups nowadays the only true achilles heel that she held.

And then her eyes turned towards Maes, as he stared at her and apologized. And while it may not’ve been out of character for him to do so, it still made the fur along her neck rise with slight unease. It felt weird to hear, weird to experience, someone apologizing to her? Just odd.

But even despite all the anger and rage and hurt that had enveloped her mind just minutes before, now she felt defeated. Vulnerable and exhausted. The balance between wanting to fix every little thing that had gone wrong in her life to wanting everything to just disappear lingered in the recess of her mind, and honestly, Safira did not know what to do from there.

Instead however, she tried to pull herself together as the tears dried from her fur, leaving only an imprint of a streak down her cheeks. She shook her head as a wave of fluttering heart beats took over. “It’s alright.” Her words were short, straight to the point because no matter how much she wanted to hate the man before her, she just couldn’t.

Once again, just another oddity that was inflicting her life nowadays.

“Yukon,” her attention now directed over towards their son, “I’m alright, and everything is okay.” She reassured him, her voice falling into that usual gentler note, “I don’t know if you remember…but,” she gave a soft smile in the pup’s direction.“This is your father.” She didn’t want him to hate Maes, no not at all. Whatever differences the two of them had would be their own, but it was not something that she wanted their kids to be caught in the middle of. Her gaze softened when she turned back towards Maes, and she gave a small nod of her head, giving him the go-ahead if he truly wanted to meet his son.

Yukon and Lark were no longer day old puppies. They were big, and growing, and talking, and learning—and Maes deserved to chance to know them, if nothing at all.

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Maes Veryn Rem

Safira had… forgiven him. There was a rock in his stomach as he felt he didn’t deserve it from her, but a weight from his shoulders. But the reunion was soured by a very upset Yukon, one that demanded to know if he had hurt his mother.

Quickly enough, Safira had declared he was the boys father. And Maes simply stared at the young boy with a bobbing head. ”The last time I saw you and Lark, your eyes were still closed,” and all they could do was squeak and eat. And now he had grown into a smaller, carbon copy of his Father.

”You carry the Veryn blue eyes, as well.” eyes like him, eyes like his own father as well. But… ”I did hurt your mother, on accident. I left on a very long journey and left her here to take care of you and Lark all alone. But I’m back now, to help her,”

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Yukon Veryn Axte

His mother’s touch helped to calm the ravenous nerves that ate away at his very skin. He could feel himself relax as she reassured him that everything was, in fact, okay. But her next words — and the words to follow from the white one — brought about an entirely different feeling. The rage had gone, the itching had (for the most part) subsided. Instead formed a large lump, lodged in the young boy’s throat, as he again met the eyes of his father.

A longing, a loneliness that he hadn’t even known existed, was suddenly filled. But could he believe it? Did he know how to act? What did one do with a “father”? Did Wrenn have one too?

For a moment, he stood frozen. Staring. Unbelieving. He gave a couple of nervous glances to Safira, as if questioning whether everything was alright, before taking a small step towards his father. He was right — their eyes, they matched.

And although the man did admit to hurting his mother and he should’ve just ended him then and there, he was also aware of the man’s sorrow. His apology. His promise to help.

Yukon lifted his chin a bit, as if the added height would make him any larger than the one before him. “Good,” he said. He paused in quick thought before speaking once more, looking straight into the man’s eyes. “You make her happy, too.”

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Safira Lei

Safira watched in silence as the two interacted and every now and again, she would give a few gentle nods in Yukon’s direction—hopeful enough to ease him into the reunion and assure him of any hesitation. She wasn’t sure how he’d react or what he would feel, but he hoped that at least the boy would accept his father back into his life, because without a doubt, if Yukon did Lark would surely follow in suit. The two had definitely become a pair, joined at the hip of sibling bonding.

And although she was silent, Safira could still feel her own heart skip a few beats at the sound of Maes’ words. She was trying to give him an easy pass, an easy way out, and a way for them to keep the perfect family dream still alive in the forefront of their children’s minds. But he had swerved off course and Safira’s attention immediately fell towards Yukon with hesitance.

Would he just accept that? Did it sway him any differently? Or would he still welcome his father with open arms despite his absence?

Thankfully, Yukon had his father’s heart and it seemed the truth hadn’t influenced him either way. He was glad he was back—but then he, of course as he always did, threw Safira a curve ball even before she had the chance to process it.

Did her son just demand something of his father?

A smirk rested across her lips as she pulled her gaze back towards Maes. “Ya’ hear that? Looks like your son is calling the shots now, huh?” Despite all the hurt that she still felt from Maes’ absence, she couldn’t deny that seeing him made her heart swell—even if it was just a little bit.

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Maes Veryn Rem

After holding his breath, Maes was pleased to see that Yukon seemed to forgive him. His white, plush tail waving behind him as he watched the smaller version of himself perk up and stand a few inches taller.

At the pup’s words, blue eyes glanced toward Safira momentarily. Only to return back to Yukon, a soft, lopsided grin laced his porcelain white face. His scars along his muzzle bunching up while doing so. ”I’ll make your mother happy, for as long as she lets me,” after he spoke, his grin gradually went into focus on his mate. She was still gorgeous as ever, and he knew that his daughter was likely to become a beauty as well once she was older. Maes knew he’d have his days full of chasing off any boys that tried to get too close.

He was already entering protective dad mode.

”How about we all go for a little walk, around the peak?”

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Yukon Veryn Axte

A bright smile and tail wag mirrored right into the young boy. Momma would be happy! Already she seemed happier to him, and that made him happy.

At the proposition of a family walk (exploration, duh), Yukon’s energy only bounced more. “Okay!” he agreed. Then he remembered his mother stood with them and paused for a moment, looking to her with hopeful, pleading eyes. “I mean, uh. Can we, mom?”

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