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[summons] Pack Meeting! | Early Summer | Lots of new faces | Dawn

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Kara Volsunga Kurome

Kara stood in the meadow, somewhere between her pups’ rendezvous site and Finch’s den.  It was a wide open area where the shrubbery was absent, leaving only the tall grasses and flowers to thrive. The tall, green grass brushed against her ivory belly and dawn’s early light flashed in her blue eyes, causing her to squint as her gaze danced about the horizon. The tips of the grass and petals of the flowers glistened in the golden light with dew.

Everything seemed surreal and peaceful this morning despite all the personal turbulence she had experienced. She debated if it was something she should share with the pack, or keep it to herself. Regardless, there were other things that needed to be said, and new members both adult and pup that needed introductions to the pack. Kara purposely waited this long for a pack meeting so that Finch’s pups would be old enough to join them.

Kara threw back her head and departed her jaws. A powerful, summoning howl broke into the humid air. Her jaws clamped shut, but only briefly for she again lifted her muzzle to the sky and howled again. The first one was more to summon the pack, loud and powerful to tell everyone to come. The second was softer, melodic, and lasted until there was no more breath in her lungs. It told a story of the nature of this meeting which while indeed a pack meet, was not one of dreadful things. It was time for all the pups from both litters to officially meet the pack. Not only that, but for the new members to meet the founders. In addition to this meet n greet, she had a couple of announcements to make to everyone.

It was time for them to come together. That’s what this was all about. Her jaws snapped closed, ears pressed forward while she listened to for any paw steps or returning calls. Her eyes anxiously scouted the area with her tail gently swaying from side to side. This was long over-due.

OOC: There will be no posting order. Just post when you can. Penumbra pups can decide if they already followed Kara here or not.

Jan 23, 2017 09:21 AM

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Rota Penumbra Citrus
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Rota was having a rare moment in which she was not doing anything. Therefore, when she heard a familiar sound, she was prepared for it. Because there was a howl. A mom howl! She so rarely heard mom howl that whatever it was must’ve been important, and she was determined to be the first one to know about it.

She was a ways away at the Place-That-Acted-Like-The-Den-But-Wasn’t but that wasn’t going to stop her. She even answered with a few of her own yippy little howls before scampering off as fast as her Long-But-Still-Short-Compared-To-Everyone-Else’s legs would carry her.

Jan 23, 2017 01:05 PM — Post #1

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Wrenegade Harrow Adamantine

A ball of fur moved, a head poking up and looking around, ears perked.

She had collapsed in a comfortable spot in the meadow for a nap. There hadn’t been much need for her to do anything, so she had taken to patrolling, wandering around the territory and occasionally hunting. It was hard for her to simply do nothing.

She emerged from the grass of the meadow, giving her coat a quick shake to dislodge any blades of grass before heading in the direction of the howl, tail drifting back and forth lazily behind her, eyes bright with eagerness. She would finally be able to meet everyone all at once.

There was her leader, sitting, waiting. Wren slowed from her fast trot to a walk, dipping her head to Kara as she approached.

“Hello,” she greeted her, tail wagging a bit faster now.

Jan 23, 2017 01:11 PM — Post #2

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Finch White Fao Staff

The howl had roused Finch, and with a vigor she was nudging each of her pups, hoping to get them to fall in line and follow her. “Come on, my darlings!” she cooed to each of them in turn, whether she was waking them or rounding them up from play.

“Our Captain calls us, you see?  I think it may be due time for you to meet the Circle,” she offered to them with a snuffle of affection.

She offered a short call back, so that Kara would not fear the slow-response time of a mother was a slight or any indication she was not coming. They were on their way!  But this was the first true White family outing.

((Still gathering up pups, will arrive with them asap, with assumptions they will be posting. :3))

Jan 23, 2017 01:14 PM — Post #3

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Bravo Vitnir Fao Staff
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This was perhaps the most active time of day for Bravo, and as he patrolled in the growing light of day, turning from his path to lift his ears and consider that which he heard now on the air was easy enough.  Kara summoned so rarely, he did wonder at times if this was a matter of circumstance or character. Her having her pups so soon after their formation probably had the most to do with her lack of reaching out.

Until now.

And he did not fault her, of course. They had managed to remain quite busy and able to keep things together without regularly gathering. Besides that, they could not have left their pups untended, which would have diminished any gathering greatly.

Still, assuming that he would see Bali there, and never turning down such a chance, Bravo turned into the field and approached, lighting upon seeing seeing a pup he had yet to interact with, and the familiar-enough face of Wrenegade, and Kara as expected.

“Hello, all!” he greeted to the growing gathering, friendly to a fault.

Jan 23, 2017 01:21 PM — Post #4

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Klaus Rahrwik Sierra

Klaus had heard the call, light colored ears perking up as he quickly made his way towards Kara. It was a rare thing for their to be a meeting, and Klaus could not help but wonder what exactly was going on, hoping that nothing too serious was afoot. He stopped as he neared the group, offering a dip of his head in greeting.

“Hello.” He called simply, blue eyes moving to look towards Kara, a curious tilt to his head.

Jan 23, 2017 10:54 PM — Post #5

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Sif Penumbra Sierra

Sif hadn’t followed mama to wherever she was going, for it was not uncommon for mama to do her own things every now and then. Only it wasn’t long after her exiting that she was soon calling for everyone, and Sif never wanted to be left out of anything, especially when it seemed to be something serious.

Padding towards the sound, Sif looked around cautiously at all the new places, before her eyes caught sight of her own sister not too far off. Quickening her step, she all but ran from the group towards her sister, who seemed to be on her way to make her own arrival. It calmed Sif a bit to know that she would go in with her sister.

“Lots of wolves.” She whispered, distress a bit clear in her voice.

Jan 23, 2017 10:57 PM — Post #6

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Gale Murdock White Raylee

He was sleeping.

And then he was not.

Mother was nudging him, and Gale grumbled through a frown. He’d been having the best dream! But Ma wanted them up, saying something about Captains and Circles. With a low groan, Gale rolled to his belly, and peered up at Ma. “Circowl?” He inquired, confused and groggy.

As she pulled away to howl into the sky, Gale looked away from Ma and busied himself with getting to his paws and shaking out his fur. When she was done, he squinted back up at her. “Okay, I come.” He assured her, glancing around for his siblings. Were they coming, too?

Jan 24, 2017 01:02 PM — Post #7

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Casper Silverpaw Lava Wolf

As per usual, Casper was somewhere unseen. Ceasing to bother anyone and therefore not being bothered by anyone else. It was actually rather boring in all honesty. The only time he had spoken to other pack members was the spring morning he’d met Kara’s pups.

How convenient it must have been, that the morning he had felt particularly lonely that a howl reached his ears. A howl that was vaguely familiar, and which he assumed to be Kara. The lazy wolf slowly rose from the patch of shade he had been resting in, and took a few moments to stretch.

Now, what possibly was this howl for? It wasn’t long before the silver wolf casually padded to the source of the howl.

Kara, her pups and quite a few wolves he had never seen were gathered in the meadow.

Seems this was a pack meeting of some sorts.

Curious, nervous, and apprehensive, Casper slowly walked up the the first familiar face he spotted. Wrenegade, a light tan form of almost equal size to his. “Hey,” he greeted lightly. “Long time no see.”

Jan 24, 2017 03:31 PM — Post #8

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Bali Penumbra Anna

Bali held berries in his mouth. Correct—berries.

He had been searching for something new to arouse the pups’ interest. Lame he was.

When Kara howled he had just grabbed a generously sized branch with leaves and little red berries, his head turning in the direction of the meadow. He supposed he knew what this was—a pack meeting. Kara had told him, briefly, in one of their… less than friendly exchanges.

Funny, it was. That Kara actually thought herself leaderlike enough to hold meetings. She’d proved herself to Bali, and a leader she was not.

But the children…

Bali broke through the trees, seeing a few wolves already gathered—Bravo included. He briefly glanced over them all before noticing Sif and Rota, who he began following towards the group. “The inseparable duo,” he observed as he walked behind them, speaking through a mouthful of berries. Quieter, he added, “haven’t seen your brother, have you?” Altair was… a concern. He’d scarcely interacted with them since moving from the den, in spite of Bali’s efforts. He would have to be persistent.

Jan 24, 2017 07:55 PM — Post #9

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Kara Volsunga Kurome

Rota was the first one to come into sight, and that was certainly no surprise to her. About the same time Rota arrived, a female she had never met before also appeared. The scent of the pack and meadow clung to her fur. It was apparent she must have been Wrenegade that she had heard a little bit about. She turned her attention to the female who seemed not only around the same age as her, but also similarly colored.

“Hello, you must be Wrenegade,” she greeted her in return. “I am Kara Volsunga,” she introduced herself formally to the young female. Kara kept her head held high, but her bright gaze remained soft. She held her usual poised position, a habit.

A single ear flickered to hear Finch’s voice howling out into the air. Her tail wagged at the sound excitedly. Every time she saw Finch her hardened heart melted a bit. Well, now she knew Finch was on her way and probably bringing her pups so that they could formally meet the pack.

Bravo and Klaus appeared next, and her gaze shifted towards them. Each of them greeted her and the others who had recently arrived. She smiled and greeted them in return. Sif followed them onto the scene, but Kara had not heard her whispers. She then turned her head towards Casper, and nodded a greeting to him.

Bali approached next, and she said nothing. Their relationship was so strained that she didn’t even know what to say. Regardless, this was not the time nor place to do so. This was about the pack, not them.

“Do not worry everyone, this is not about anything serious. I have been waiting to call you all until the pups were old enough to join us,” she told them. She assumed that they may be wondering what was going on since the last time they all gathered at the same time was when they claimed the meadow as their own. At least now while they waited for anyone else who was around to join them, they would not have to do so in such confusion or worry.

Jan 24, 2017 11:16 PM — Post #10

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Runic Kori

Runic had been a little far off. Not outside pack territory, but a fair distance when Kara summoned the pack. He hadn’t been doing much aside from patrolling and idly following the old scent trail of a rabbit. Neither of those things were important, he had decided.

So he briskly walked in the direction that the howl was heard. He wondered what the meeting would be for - there hadn’t been any hints of urgency or negative feelings from what he could tell. But he’d also had very little experience with packs and their meetings, so what did he know.

His mind was remaining focused and not wandering today. His only thoughts resided on the fresh dew beneath his paws and quiet nature of the meadow. Perhaps that was what kept his mind calm.

As he approached, however, he felt the need to keep some space between him and his packmates. His pace slowed until he stopped on the outskirts of the group, not feeling friendly enough with them yet to get much closer. His orange eyes scanned them carefully, noting their body language and relation to each other. None of them seemed out of place, not like him. That was his fault, of course. Sometimes he took himself too seriously to even begin forging friendships.

He remained silent, waiting for some direction from Kara.

Jan 24, 2017 11:36 PM — Post #11

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Tempest Isla White Art Staff
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She didn’t know what a Captain was, exactly, or what the Circle was, specifically, other than Important and Important and mama wanted her to go, so she would do anything to please mama. The White daughter desired to do everything she could to not make mama’s life harder, because being mama seemed to be really tiring, based on how much mama slept.

“Come,” she softly parroted Gale. Her head flopped to one side. “Scah?” Scott had to come. All of them had to come. Together. They couldn’t leave him behind.

Jan 26, 2017 02:27 PM — Post #12

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Rota Penumbra Citrus
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Wolves started showing up left and right now! It was like a buffet of new faces to eat—I mean greet. Sif pulled up beside her and Rota waggled her tail with a grin. “Wight! Coo, huh?” She obvious to her sister’s apprehensiveness, far too consumed in her own enthusiasm. Even Dad was here! And he was looking for Altair! “Nuh,” she woofed, glancing back over at Dad, who had a weird thing in his mouth. </b>>“Whassat?”</b>

Jan 26, 2017 03:11 PM — Post #13

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Altair Penumbra Isabel

Although he wasn’t as angry today as the day they had left the den, Altair was still mildly annoyed. Slowly but surely, the pup was getting used to the rendezvous site, but he refused to admit that he was warming up to it. Admitting to it meant that he had been wrong in the first place - something he didn’t want to believe.

Sure, the new place had more space, was filled with intriguing smells, allowed him to put more distance between himself and his sisters, was great for trying to prey on mice, was a wonderful area for sun-bathing, and gave him a chance at more alone time, but he liked the comfort of the den. He liked the fact that the den was safe and comforting. It had been his home and, out of nowhere, it had been torn away from him.

Granted, the den had been getting cramped, but there could have been another way to go about the situation. Kicking Rota out would have been a marvelous solution, but probably one that his parents wouldn’t have agreed to.

Altair was minding his own silent business when he heard his mother’s call. His ears perked as his head popped over the grass to try to spot her. It was only when he remembered that she had contributed to the home relocation that he decided he would take his time in getting to her. As one paw stepped lazily in front of the other, he noticed the crowd that was filtering in. Frowning, Altair decided to keep his distance. He didn’t know some of these wolves and had no intentions of meeting them. If they were part of the pack then Mommy and Daddy could handle them just fine. If needed, Rota and Sif would probably interrogate them when any of the pack’s members fell out of line. In other words, Altair had no reason to get closer to the group.

Instead, a wolf lingering further from the forming crowd caught the puppy’s eye. Was he staying away from the group because he wasn’t part of the pack? Skeptical, Altair approached cautiously, tail swooping up over his back in a dominant matter. “Who you?” he asked, stopping a safe distance away from both the gathering crowd and Runic.

Jan 26, 2017 09:24 PM — Post #14

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Sif Penumbra Sierra

Sif wasn’t quite sure she agreed with the coolness of it all, but that didn’t much matter, for daddy was here. It was with the presence of daddy, that Sif finally found herself relaxing some, before giving her head a tilt in response to Rota’s question as well. What indeed was within her fathers mouth.

Jan 27, 2017 10:35 PM — Post #15

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