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I’ve been thinking about these for a while now, but never really got around to suggesting them:

- The buttons at the bottom of the thread that let you go on to the next page… well, I’m lazy and hate having to scroll all the way down to have to click on the button. Would be cool if the buttons were at the top of the thread too so that we can quickly get to the latest post in the thread.

- I always forget which threads I claim sp for. So while I’m going through them all I feel like I may be repeating/skipping some. So maybe something that lets us know which ones we sent claims in for before they actually get accepted?

- For pups, there’s a question mark under the age section so I always end up clicking on the profile of the pup to see how old they are. Would be so much easier if it just said their actual age.

- When a post is permalinked (I think that’s what it’s called?) the link brings you to the bottom of the post rather than the first part of the post. I get that I could just permalink the post above, but ahhh v minor OCD lol. Would be nice if the post that’s permalinked, when clicked on, starts at the beginning. Example:
Linking to Marcellus’s post
See how it takes you to the bottom of the post, so you’re basically reading Bragi’s post, not Marce’s?

- So when there’s a thread with less than 10 posts it gets this ‘x’ symbol on it which drives me crazy. It kinda messes with the flow of how the threadlog looks (I told you - v minor OCD). Would look better if it just looked the same as the ones that had sp claimed already. Only difference would be that it has a 0 for sp claim section.

- It’d be cool to have a viewing option after doing page coding. So instead of going straight to submitting the coding, it’d be nice to have the option to see how it would look before clicking “done” (or submit… I forgot what the specific word was). And when clicking the new “view” option, it’d be hella cool if it showed it on a new page rather than reloading the current one (just to make it easier to click back on the tab with the coding on it).

- Tam’s pronoun thread is amazing and it would be awesome if that was stickied so everyone can refer to it or post their pronouns in it.

- Writing up plot updates makes me nervous sometimes because I don’t have the option of editing it after posting it up. Like WHAT IF I MAKE A TYPO. The world crumbles. Editing option for plot updates would make my day.

- So to make a pack or be a founding member of the pack, this has to happen:
“The wolf (or wolves) who will be in the leading rank has at least 800 SP
The three (or more) wolves who will be supporting members have at least 350 SP each”
While I love the idea that they have to show that they’re active members, I don’t think the amount of SP they have is an accurate representation of how active a person is. Some people don’t even claim SP for their characters, so if they tried to create a pack, then by Horizon rules they wouldn’t be allowed to unless they claimed SP. Anywho, my suggestion is that maybe have it based on how many IC posts they have instead of SP. Ya feel?
Edit: Did some math and since one thread, if completed, gets a minimum of 20 SP, then if every thread they have gets 20 SP or more then the maximum amount of completed threads they would have to have in order to reach 800 SP would be 40 threads. Since the average amount of posts per thread is about… I’m going to go off on a limb here and say 15, then that’d be 600 posts. But imo you don’t need to have 600 posts to prove that you’re active with that charrie. So, let’s assume then that the average amount of SP claimed is around 50 per thread and the average amount of posts per thread is still 15. That gives you 240 posts as your minimum for how many posts a charrie should have to be a leader of a pack. Sounds more reasonable than 600 posts lol
As for founding members. You need 350 SP. So. Let’s use the same stats from info above. 105 posts as minimum is result. *dies from so much math*

Yep those are my tiny suggestions. They’re v smol suggestions and sooo not important, but thought I’d bring it up anywayyy. Dunno if anyone has already brought any of these up already?

Mar 25, 2017 03:17 PM

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*adds in new suggestion about pack creation*

Jun 17, 2017 07:41 AM — Post #1

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So I can’t answer any of the top ones because unfortunately they’re all Chels things, I think.

But I can talk about my thoughts on why I (as a member, before becoming staff) suggested raising the SP cap for pack creation. This is totes coming from me as a member, and not as an official staff answer!

SP, to me, shows that a character has done a variety of things. They didn’t immediately join the site, zoom to the first free area they could, meet exactly the number of people they need, spree through those threads with their friends, and then become a pack leader.

SP says you met multiple wolves, regardless of the number of posts in those threads. SP says you’ve been to multiple areas! SP says you’ve hunted, or you’ve gotten in a fight, or you’ve learned to heal, or one of many many other way cool things that SP represents you doing.

Let’s make a fake pack leader, Bob, and just walk through an average journey with him.

Bob starts with 100 SP, because that’s how you start on site. Wooo!
100 SP for starting
Total: 100 SP

Bob meets the two wolves who will one day be his packmates. He also visits an area for the first time in the process. He manages to do all of this in his first thread, which is preeeetty impressive!
20 for meeting future packmate 1
20 for meeting future packmate 2
20 for visiting a new area
20 for completion of a thread
10 points for learning some info between these two wolves
Total: 190 SP

Bob runs into another wolf who is interested in joining his pack, this time in the next zone! He and his new friends all go on a hunt together.
20 points for meeting a new wolf
20 points for visiting a new area
20 points for tracking an animal
25 points for leading a group hunt
35 points for participating in a group hunt
20 points for completion of a thread
Total: 330

Bob then searches to find a new territory for his new pack he made IMMEDIATELY and has done nothing else. He finds a place he likes, that he think one day he’ll call Featherfluff Willowpatch. But he needs a few threads to claim it!
20 points for a completed thread with him and one pack buddy
10 points for learning some knowledge about that wolf in the process
Total: 360

Bob and one of his pack friends are hanging out in Featherfluff and OH NO HIS FRIEND STEPS ON A BIG OL’ BEEHIVE. Ouch ouch ouch. Bob tries to help by pulling the stingers out with his teeth, but it makes it WOOOORSE. He yowls for his other pack friend, who comes over and shows him how to properly treat the dang thing. He learns some new stuff!
20 points for thread completion
20 points for receiving healing training
20 points for failing to treat a minor injury
10 info points he gains in the process
Total: 450

Today’s the day. He and his buddies are totally gunna claim this area. He gives a big ol’ howl and summons all his buddies. They do the customary Featherfluff Pack claiming dance, and together, they claim this new place.
20 points for thread completion
50 points for joining or starting a pack
50 points for discovering a new area
Total: 570

So in this example, Bob gets over half of the SP he needs to start a pack literally just in the creation of the pack and existing on-site. This includes literally nothing else. He learned very little info along the way, he interacted exclusively with future packmates. He only did enough threads to meet everyone and then claim his new territory, which in this case was 5 threads.

He’d only have needed 230 other SP along the way to start a pack. That’s really pretty darn achievable if you do a little traveling, a little hunting, a little meeting new wolves.

Personally, I’d be up for a both SP and post minimum, but that’s because deep down Drew is the strictest toad. :P I think our current system works, but I’d love to hear further feedback! I can always bring it up with other staffers to discuss.

Jun 17, 2017 09:59 AM — Post #2

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On the permalinking—my understanding of HTML is that’s just how (oh bugger what are they called) ANCHORS work. Anchors. You could rewrite the site to have the anchors at the top of posts, but of all the things Chels already has on er to-do list, that seems rather unnecessary to me, or at least very very very far down the line in terms of importance.

I would also love a post preview/profile preview/etc before submitting something, but that’s a Chels thing for sure and I have no idea if it’s already something that’s in the works. Def support tho.

As for the pack creation—If every thread you make has you only getting 20 points, meaning for 40 threads you haven’t: Met any new characters (only interacted with the same), done any hunting, done any healing, done any herb tracking, done any wolf tracking, taught anyone else how to do anything, visited any new areas, learned any information at all whatsoever…

You really shouldn’t be a leader of anything. I certainly hope you aren’t my leader.


Edit for myself: Not to say I have an issue with goofy threads that are just silly and don’t have any of that stuff, sometimes or even all of the times if that’s your thing once you’re in an established area I suppose! Just that if you have made 40 in a row with the same character, that’s probably not the kind of character who is recruiting anyone to a cause or claiming any land or so forth

Jun 17, 2017 09:59 AM — Post #3

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Just to make sure I wasn’t just making stuff up, which is always a possibility, I ran through every wolf who currently has an SP total in the 800s and checked out their IC post count! Here’s what I found:

Shade, 800 SP
152 IC posts

Chaos, 820 SP
211 IC posts

Maaike, 840 SP
330 IC posts

Rolland, 845 SP
179 IC posts

Shark, 850 SP
187 IC posts

Elliot, 880 SP
184 IC posts

Mikazaru, 895 SP
173 IC posts

Maeve, 895 SP
175 IC posts

So actually, most folks with a good bit over 800 SP are actually quite under 240 IC posts! An IC post limit would actually probably make it harder to start a pack, rather than easier. The same thing applies to folks with 350 SP. Many I looked up who had over 350 SP had under 100 posts.

Jun 17, 2017 10:05 AM — Post #4

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Good point, Drew, but wouldn’t IC posts also demonstrate the journey that a wolf takes? Because, at the end of the day, the posts are what end up getting wolves their SP.

Like I totally agree that there should be a minimum of something in order for a wolf to be able to become a pack leader/founder, but not everyone claims SP. All active members do, however, make posts. So shouldn’t it be measured by something that every active member does?

My point is, SP isn’t the only thing that shows that a character has done things. Normal IC posts already do. And I doubt that each thread that a character has are just boring “i did nothing today” threads.

CZ - Oh jeez that sounds like a lot of work o.0 I mean I just put that up there as smol suggestion. Can totally be ignored. But if like in 3.141592 years Chels or Lea are bored and want to mess with coding and have finished everything on their to-do list, then that’s something that can be done.

And yeah no I was just giving like maximum IC post example x’D If it takes someone 600 posts to get to 800 SP then I would actually applaud them.

@Drew again. So. Yes. That is helpful. If you get the average of those numbers, which would be *whips out handy dandy calculator* 199ish posts (so like 200). Then that should be the minimum for how many posts someone should have to be able to lead a pack.

I get that it might make it harder, which is why the either/or thing is edited suggestion (see below).

I only bring this up because I know there are some people that just don’t to SP claims. I do it when I’m bored, but others just feel apathetic toward it.

So maybe instead of just like switching entirely to ic post minimum, it could be either/or. For those of us that stick more to SP, we follow the SP minimums. But for those that don’t claim SP, they can just get to 200 posts for leader rank in pack. Y’know?

Jun 17, 2017 04:29 PM — Post #5

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Those who don’t do SP claims are welcome to speak for themselves.

Additionally, nothing prevents someone from submitting up to the 800 and then abstaining all SP claims going forward.

It’s simply not a problem that has every arisen for anyone before, and I see no reason to change it for a hypothetical scenario until such a scenario actually comes up and someone has a reason to refuse claiming the 800 sp.

Jun 17, 2017 04:43 PM — Post #6

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*shrug* Was only a suggestion. I’ve never heard of someone having a problem with the sp limit requirement, but thought that having the option to have the ic post limit might be easier. But totes cool if not.

Jun 17, 2017 04:47 PM — Post #7

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I think if someone truly wanted to make a pack, but for some reason really did not enjoy claiming SP, they could totes reach out to staff and go from there. But for the most part, SP takes just a few seconds at the end of archiving a thread, and would only need to be done a relatively small number of times to reach 800.

Running a pack takes a ton of time (Rufus summons threads take many of my posting hours), so if someone is very uncomfortable with claiming the required SP, I do worry that leading a pack and all the IC time that has to go into it might overwhelm them!

Additionally, post counts say that a good number of posts have been made, but SP shows that a variety of things have been done! A wolf has gone to several places, they’ve met many other characters, they’ve hunted, they’ve learned to heal, they’ve fought, etc.

I’d rather have someone have fewer posts, but meet more wolves/do more things than more posts where they just hung out with their same few pack buddies in every thread.

This is just my two cents, and I can bring this up to staff to see their thoughts as well! We freaking love suggestions and have implemented many many many! So I promise, even if I’m disagreeing, I LOVE SUGGESTIONS NEVER STOP SENDING THEM IN AHHHH

Jun 17, 2017 04:48 PM — Post #8

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I feel like the reason people might not claim SP is because SP doesn’t seem to “do” much.

So I’d personally wager that the solution to this hypothetical scenario would actually be to find some more perks/rewards/ways to spend SP. I’m not sure what those might be, precisely, but that seems like the direction to lean.

In other news: Today I learned the SP requirement for pack creation. YAY I LEARNED A THING. /claims sp for self. ;)

Jun 17, 2017 08:28 PM — Post #9

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