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Adrian Vibe

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been lying there. Mere moments, hours.. maybe, days? No. It couldn’t have been the last one. Surely someone would have found him, by now, if it were. Though.. maybe not, considering how empty the Labyrinth was, at the moment. He remembered was walking along, getting ready to go out on patrol again, when he’d heard a noise. Not unfamiliar, like a twig or branch breaking, except it had come from above him. Before he could even look, move, or do anything besides let out a startled little yelp, there was a strange woosh of air, a splitting pain in his head, and then… darkness.

But he wasn’t dead. It was like his consciousness was trapped inside his body, which probably was lying awkwardly in the midst of the forest. He couldn’t see anything, of course, and initially hadn’t been able to hear, smell, or feel anything. There was nothing. Adrian wasn’t stupid, he knew a tree branch must’ve fallen on him. He’d seen them come plummeting from the trees from time to time, especially on windy days.

But he’d never expected that to be what killed him. Was he dead? Dying? He didn’t think so.

As time had went on, he’d begun to regain some senses. First, touch. He could feel a the terrible, achy pain in his head, probably where he’d been struck, and something warm, his own blood, most likely. Not a lot of it, but enough. He could feel a faint breeze tickling his fur and ears, and a bit of warmth where a ray of sunshine was probably shining through the forest canopy above.

Then it was scents, and sounds. He could smell the forest, hear things going on around him. But he still couldn’t move. Or maybe, he just hadn’t tried, yet? He didn’t know. He wanted to call for help, but speech was impossible too.

Adrian attempted to rally his strength, to force his body to do something. He felt his limbs twitching, straining to move, to lift him from this awkward, sprawled position. That was a good sign, right? Even if they didn’t feel strong enough to lift him. But then he realized something. He should probably open his eyes, so he could see.

The tan wolf blinked. Nothing. Nothing except a cold, frightening, darkness. He blinked again. And again, in rapid succession. He could feel it. But couldn’t see.

He was.. blind. 

Mar 25, 2017 03:35 PM

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Laura Dunn Jill

With how empty the Labyrinth had been lately, Laura felt the need to patrol more regularly than she normally would have. It wasn’t the most difficult task to grow accustomed to, especially since she had help, in a way. Adrian seemed to spend the better part of his days tracing the borders with his scent, and it was not terribly difficult, for Laura merely to follow his trail and mark where the Union’s borders had been thinned by wind or rain or any other natural phenomena.

She fell into a sort of routine in no time at all, and the monotony of it allowed her thoughts to wander. To the memory of the friends she hadn’t seen in some time. Holly, Marce, Chaos. She hoped they were all okay, wherever they were. The comfort of knowing that she still had Adrian and Atta nearby, as well as Klass, Malkeen, and now Sunfall, brought her comfort whereas the absence of the others did not.

When she first caught Adrian’s scent, she suspected that she had been recalling it in her thoughts, given that she was thinking of him hardly a moment earlier. But as she continued to pace through the tress, it grew stronger and stronger, until finally, she could no longer pass it off as a mere figment of her mind.

She caught sight of his russet pelt among the undergrowth a moment later. At first, a genuine smile graced her muzzle, until she realized he was lying on the ground. At that, her grin grew decidedly more bemused, and she approached, perhaps a bit cautiously. It was unusual, for sure, to see the ever-watchful Adrian sprawled out on the ground, but Laura merely assumed he had decided to take a break. He was such a diligent worker, after all.

“Adrian?” she called quietly, stepping toward the gap in the trees where he lay.

That’s when she saw it—the red smear across his skull. The sight caused her paws and breaths to quicken in tandem.

She brought herself to a stop at his shoulders, aware of her brow furrowing in concern. “H-Hey, are you all right?” Hesitantly, and perhaps a bit frightened, she reached forward to press her nose against his shoulder, her ears swiveled forward to listen for a response.

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Tasuku Atari

He was completely fucking lost now.

Tasuku had been wandering a few days, and now he felt like he’d been sucked out a rabbit hole and into Wonderland, cause what on earth were these trees? He took it in with a wide-eyed enthusiasm, padding along the border of what seemed like a different pack’s borders. Not the Evergreens. They seemed less frequent, and maybe like less wolves were around them.

He wanted to go in further though! Tasuku wanted to explore, since he was here, and he wouldn’t mind a break either. The bones he was still carrying were hurting his jaws. He reasoned that if the Evergreens, and the Stormborn Alliance were friendly.. Well.. These guys probably were too!

So he wandered right into the territory, blithe and oblivious.

As he got a little deeper, he noticed that blood was on the air, along with panic. Wolf blood, wolf panic. He paused with uncertainty, and would have turned back if he hadn’t heard a girl ask if someone was alright.

Maybe they needed help? He dropped his bones, and hurried towards the source, slowing to a halt when she spotted two wolves, male and female. The tan male seemed to be dazed, and bleeding, and Tasuku blinked a moment.

“You two okay? Need help?” he offered after a moment, cause the girl seemed pretty scared over all this.

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Sunfall Chris Staff

Sunfall had been out on patrol. He was getting used to it - the borders. Moving through the trees. Not falling over the roots (or for that matter, getting your head stuck in them). But at the sound of voices he pricked his ears up and jauntily headed that way at a trot. Things were looking up. Tidus would come visit soon but he thought his brother might be starting to trust him. He was settling in with the residents here.

Speaking of which, he could see a group ahead… but… he couldn’t make out what, but something was wrong. He felt it deep in his stomach. With a bark to let them know he was on his way, he took off at a spring towards them.

((On his way, visible but not there yet))

Mar 25, 2017 04:37 PM — Post #3

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Adrian Vibe

Blind. If he was blind, he was useless. The family would have no use for him. He’d only be.. a burden. Useless. Lifeless. With no point, no role, no future. No hope. Would the family even want him, now?

For the first time in his life, he felt true, tangible fear. But it was more than that, the creeping sensation encompassing his whole body. Adrian’s breath, which he became conscious of now, came in quick gasps, his body quivering involuntarily. He’d see nothing but darkness, for the rest of his life. However long that was. He would be alone.

But then, he heard something. A voice, that helped to draw him from his panicked state. His breathing slowed, and the fearful jittering lessened. He recognized it as Laura’s, soft and inquisitive. It did something to soothe his nerves.

She was calling his name. He wanted to tell her no, to go away, he didn’t want her to be the one to see him like this. But he couldn’t. The sounds told him that she was getting closer, her steps becoming more urgent as she must’ve realized something was wrong.

He felt soft contact at his shoulder, heard her soft inquiry tickle his ear. He attempted to raise his head, turning it weakly in her direction. He opened his jaws, attempting speech. “L.. Laur..- a.” He stuttered weakly, the words a mere whisper. “Ah.. I.. ca.. an’nt see.”

Now in the presence of another, he attempted to rise again, but his paws, his strength once again failed him. Then he heard someone else approaching, soon a voice he didn’t recognize. Asking if they needed help.

He was already feeling it. Useless. The stranger didn’t seem bad, but if he had been? No one would’ve been able to help Laura..

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Laura Dunn Jill

Laura hadn’t missed Adrian’s shivering—or what she perceived as shivering, anyway. The sight of him on the ground, quaking as the result of something she could neither see nor sense, scared her on a deep, primal level. He wasn’t cold, but she had no idea what was causing his jitters.

As he tried to lift his head, she inched closer, perhaps even more quickly than she would have due to her aforementioned observation. But what he managed to stutter out did little to comfort her and, in fact, only exacerbated her worry.

He couldn’t see.

She pinned her ears and looked upon the gash atop his head, wondering if that was in any way related to his affliction. As he attempted to stand, she backed away only a step or two, providing him with space and, more importantly, her faith in him to make it to his feet. But he faltered a mere moment after his attempt, and she was beside him again in no time.

“What… What ha—”

Someone approached from the edge of the clearing. Someone male, and tall, and very unfamiliar. Laura stiffened at the sight of him and, before she could fully think to, lowered her head and neck over Adrian’s own. Shielding him. Protecting him.

In that moment, her pack mate, her family, was hurt, and she had all the confidence in the world.

Except when it came to answering the unfamiliar male.

“I don’t….” She huffed out a quiet sigh, unsure of what to say. Unsure of whether or not there was anything that could even be done, because she hadn’t quite comprehended the fact that Adrian couldn’t see just yet. Her following words came out in a sad murmur. “I don’t know.”

From somewhere deeper in the woods, she heard a bark and another set of footfalls. They were heavy, which meant a large wolf was approaching. For a brief moment, Laura hoped it was Chaos or Holly or Marce. Given her position, though, she couldn’t quite turn her neck to see.

So she only hoped that, whoever it was, they meant her and Adrian no harm.

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Tasuku Atari

Another male was coming, and suddenly Tasuku felt like he was an unnecessary addition to this party, but he was much too awkward to try and dart out now. Besides, the poor girl seemed frightened, of him of all people, and running would probably look suspicious anyway.

“He hit his head?” the male questioned gently, padding forward with his body in a nice, submissive position. 

“It’s okay, I’m a friend. I’m a nice wolf,” Tasuku added gently, coming nearer and taking a small sniff at the tan male’s head. Woah. He got knocked pretty hard. He was no healer, of course, but if the guy was blind.. well.. He could see why.

What they could do about it, he had no idea. “Maybe you’re still stunned, it might go away after a bit. You guys in a pack..? I could go get your healer..”

He just wanted to help, somehow. He felt awful for the male, because he couldn’t imagine life without sight. All he could do now, was hope it wasn’t permanent.

Mar 26, 2017 10:46 AM — Post #6

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Sunfall Chris Staff

Sunfall arrived in time to hear Adrian saying he couldn’t see. All his usual joviality drained form his expression instantly. Adrian sounded… totally lost. His voice shook. Sunfall scooted close, forgetting about introductions to the stranger - if he so much as lifted a paw to either of his friends he’d crush the other male against a tree and leave him there for the crows.

The guy assured him he was friendly, which set his mind at ease somewhat, but he was focused on his friend, who had a head injury. “Don’t move Adrian. We’re here.” He assured him, setting his shoulder comfortingly against the other male’s, on the opposite side to Laura. He looked despairingly at Laura. “He shouldn’t move, you’re not meant to move when you have a head injury right? Adrian just stay here. We got you man. That’s right isn’t it, you don’t move if you hit your head, hell I’m not a hea-” The words, tumbling out too quickly the way they did when Sunfall was stressed. He looked at the stranger. Healer. HEALER.

Tidus and Yuna! Adrian, my brother, we’re talking again now because- nevermind long story - but his mate Yuna’s a healer, a really good one!” He gabbled eagerly. “They’ll be down on the beach, I can go get them!”

Anything. Anything to help. He knew nothing about healing, knew nothing about fixing a wolf who couldn’t see all of a sudden. But surely, surely Yuna would.

Mar 26, 2017 05:44 PM — Post #7

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Adrian Vibe

For the first time in his life, since being a pup and finally leaving behind his unsympathetic birth pack, he was completely helpless. Without power to move, speak, or help his new family in any way. He wondered if the piercing headache had anything to do with his current inability to move. The persistent, pulsing pain may have faded in sharpness, but it was still present, making it harder to focus on, well.. just about anything.

And coupled with the darkness not just visually, but creeping into his mind as well, even with Laura’s defensive touch, he still felt cold. Her apparent act of shielding him from this newcomer was comforting to an extent, but.. she shouldn’t have to be the one. This wasn’t how he’d hoped to get to know her better. Lying like some overgrown helpless pup.

At least the stranger seemed to be piecing it together. Whatever bit of the tree branch had hit him should’ve still been nearby. Maybe they’d see it and put it together. ”T-.. tree..” He offered, for what it was worth.

The scent, and sounds of another familiar wolf eased him a bit. Sunfall. He trusted the male. Knew that Laura would be safe with him, from the one he did not know, despite the claims of being friendly.

He also said something about being stunned. Maybe it’d go away? Adrian hoped so. It was all he had. Life without vision would be no life at all. Sunfall’s babbling, panicked words assaulted his now overly sensitive ears, most of his speech lost except for a few words. Head injury, don’t worry, not moving… all of this worry and attention was becoming overwhelming. Stressful.

He’d attempt to weakly crawl forth, away from the verbal barrage, but only managed to claw at the ground. Tidus and Yuna! There he went again. Brothers. Mates, healers, talking. Too much talking!

Adrian’s jaw clenched, ears flattened, a small surge of anger coming through. ”Shut up!” In his mind he’d yelled the words, but truthfully they were little more than a whisper.

It was wrong of him, he knew. He felt guilty for saying it. They were trying to help. Be of comfort. They were here for him. So he had to try to be strong, right now, for their sakes. He couldn’t have them worrying. He didn’t want that. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He felt something warm at the corner of one eye. A tear?

No. No sadness. He pushed himself to focus, his mind coming to grip on one word. Now. Concentrate on speaking.

”I’m.. sorry. Healer is.. is good,” he’d stutter again, deciding to try to remain as still as he could, according to their word. He felt better when he did. If it weren’t for his paws rooted in the ground, he wouldn’t have had any idea which way was up or down.


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Laura Dunn Jill

Though the unfamiliar male assured her that he was friendly, going so far as to lower himself into a submissive crawl, Laura wasn’t fully convinced just yet. She crouched ever closer to Adrian, and though her tail and ears were pinned, her gaze was confident and unwavering.

Still, it took everything in her not to tremble and flee when the male came close enough to sniff Adrian’s skull.

Laura looked upon the red gash for a second time, feeling her insides churn uncomfortably at the sight. It looked… bad. And when Adrian mentioned the tree, her eyes darted to the branch a short distance away. It must have been the cause of all… this.

There existed some hope, at least, when the unfamiliar male said Adrian’s affliction might have been temporary. One of Laura’s ears began to swivel forward at the notion, just as a third wolf arrived.

Now that he was closer, Laura caught his scent. Sunfall.

He wasn’t unwelcome, but Laura still tensed when he, too, came close enough to Adrian to nudge his shoulder against the tawny male’s. Despite the anxiety coursing beneath her skin, she nodded her assent to Sunfall’s words. Adrian needed to stay where he was.

She could watch over him. She wouldn’t move.

Especially not when he groaned out a weak, but no less irritated, shut up.

Laura slid to her belly, pressing herself against the tawny male then. Keeping her head and neck over his own. Feeling her muzzle wrinkle into the beginnings of a snarl.

It was true. There was so much talking. And with a head injury… she could only imagine what all that must have sounded like to Adrian. If he needed them to be quiet, she would tell them to be quiet.

However, her grimace dissolved slightly when Adrian suddenly apologized, mentioning a healer. Laura looked to Sunfall and the male for whom she still had no name.

“Our healer is away,” she said, her voice hardly higher than a whisper for Adrian’s sake. “If… if you can get someone, Sunfall…” She huffed a sigh. “I’ll stay here.”

Even though she didn’t want this to be happening. Even though she wanted to cry. Even if it meant keeping Adrian safe and guarded from… whoever this young male was.

“How quick…?” she asked, looking to Sunfall.

Mar 27, 2017 02:08 PM — Post #9

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Tasuku Atari

He felt so fucking awkward right now. This wasn’t his place for anything, and he wanted to get eaten up by the earth.

Tasuku’s ears flattened as the large male the color of sunlight came bounding in, and he inched out of his way. The onslaught of words he had were.. Well.. Let’s just say he thought the hurt male had every right to snap shut up, cause like.. Fuck. Heacache much?

“Hey.. Soft okay? His head is going to hurt like a motherfucker for a while, don’t yell,” the male finally managed to speak up, looking fretfully over to the girl. Were they mates? She seemed so protective..

He vaguely wished someone cared about him that much, but there was no time for that.

“The.. Uh.. There’s a pack called the Evergreens in a pine forest. I got lost around here, but I think it’s closer if you guys know the way back? I can ask Rufus for help, they must have a healer.” Rufus was a good guy, for sure if he asked for the hurt fellow, he’d send along help.

Mar 27, 2017 04:24 PM — Post #10

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Sunfall Chris Staff

“Don’t sweat it.” He dismissed Adrian’s apology the instant he said it. Geeze, what was with this guy? Lying here blind with a head injury, apologizing to them? His head snapped up though when New Guy told him off.

“I’m not yelling!” Protested Sunfall at far too loud a volume, his hackles lifting as he glared at the unknown male. Who the hell was this guy? Admittedly Sunfall was feeling the tension a bit much, and wasn’t exactly going to be in an accommodating mood to be lectured by some random dude.

He tilted his head when he mentioned the Evergreens though. A place he didn’t want to ever go back to, if he could help it - but that was selfish. This was about Adrian and getting him help. Were they closer? The distance was about even. But Beauregard had admitted that he’d lied about him to two wolves, not just Mari. But then surely… surely, Rufus and Mari would have told that Alina wolf he was innocent, right? Hell, Rufus had offered to shelter him after it happened…

He couldn’t risk it. He had no guarantees at the Evergreens going personally, but he knew Tidus would help him.

He had before. But that didn’t mean the Evergreens ought to be dismissed. “I’ll be fast Laura. I know that Yuna’s somewhere at the beach, their home base is somewhere just south of here, but no idea with the Evergreens.” He admitted. “Still - if you can call one of the others to take this guy to the pines, it wouldn’t hurt to go ask for help from two sides.”

He hoped. He shot a clear warning look at the stranger - harm one single hair on either of their heads and I’ll shred you - and then he was off.

((Exit Sunfall for now))

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Atta Meeko

The Labyrinth wasn’t that big, and it was relatively empty and usually quiet. So when Atta suddenly heard voices, saying words she couldn’t quite make out in a tone that instantly made her feel as though something was wrong, you bet your ass she was going to go see what was going on.

She caught their scents before she could see them. Laura. Adrian. Sunfall. A Stranger.
She lengthened her stride as she ran, maneuvering across the roots like a seasoned pro. What could have gone wrong? Another injury on the roots? Perhaps Laura had gotten bit by a squirrel, the things could be nasty when protecting young… Maybe it was the stranger who was injured and the others were helping. Her mind shifted through all the possibilities as she ran.

She arrived just in time to catch a flash of color as Sunfall took off into the trees. She looked after him for a second, but as soon as turned and saw Laura draped over a visibly distressed Adrian, her breath caught in her throat. In no scenario had she imagined that Adrian had been the injured one. Level-headed, kind, reliable Adrian, always a sure presence in the Labyrinth. People like him weren’t supposed to get hurt, or sick, or whatever what happening here. She could hear her own blood pounding in her ears as she stared at them, not entirely sure what she was feeling; fear and worry and…something else. After a moment she gathered herself together and strode forward, casting a single glance towards the stranger.

“What’s happened?” she asked softly, trying to keep her voice level. She lowered her head as she closed the distance between herself and her packmates.

Mar 27, 2017 06:01 PM — Post #12

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Adrian Vibe

Within his mind, he began to put together what he thought Sunfall had been trying to say with his multitude of words. He knew where to find a healer. With Marcellus apparently still gone at the moment, they didn’t have much other choice, but to go with this.. Yuna. As much as he wanted to feel hopeful about that, he doubted there was any type of herb which could be given to restore someone’s vision. The best they’d be able to do was.. well, he didn’t really know, but definitely they wouldn’t be able to pull off a miracle of that caliber.

Wait a minute.. Yuna, he recognized that name. She was the terrified female himself, Holly and Laura had met, when they’d first learned about Beauregard’s lies. Would she really be willing to try helping someone among a group she had initially believed to be dangerous killers? Adrian had his doubts.

Maybe going with someone from the Evergreens would be better? Then again, he didn’t really know either of the groups. And he didn’t particularly feel like moving or attempting to speak. They’d work it out. At this point it didn’t really matter to him. He just had to stay.. calm. Not that he had any other choice, anyway.

Not if Laura was going to stay with him, leaving Sunfall to venture off presumably in search of Yuna. Her presence didn’t really prompt him to want to move. He’d never expected her being the one to try defending him, though.

More steps, and a new scent alerted him to the presence of someone else, appearing only moments after he’d heard Sunfall go rushing off. The steps, how they sounded, along with the scent told him it was Atta, even before he heard her speak. Questioning what had happened. 

It was comforting to know his oldest, perhaps most trusted friend was here. But also shameful. How many of them were going to have to see him like this? ”Can’t see..” he’d whisper in response to Atta’s inquiry. Speaking at least, was becoming a bit easier. Laura could explain further if she wanted.

He wondered what would happen, if he recovered from this enough to move. The labyrinth could already be challenging enough to navigate for those with vision. But for someone without it? He’d be utterly useless. Unable to travel very far even if he was physically capable of it.

Mar 28, 2017 04:52 AM — Post #13

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Chaos Nikias Rem

Chaos was patrolling, he was on the opposite end of the territory when it all happened. Lazily making his way around the land. His scent being pressed against trees on the fringes of his family’s home. But something seemed… off. He hadn’t seen or even smelled anyone. Not until he traveled further. His nose leading him to a cluster of his pack.

There was a feeling in the air, one that made his stomach turn. He say Sunfall run away. Had there been an argument? There was a stranger, that looked oddly familiar. But he was blinded momentarily by his crumbling family. Did he accuse Sunfall of those horrific things?!

Chaos felt his fur ruffle as his family held a frantic aura to them. Chaos felt his tail flag like a banner and his head lower nearly defensively - a thing his pack had never seen him do. But this was different - he had pack mates running away from groups, he saw worry on their faces.

“What’s going on here,” the question was stern, directed to anyone that could answer him. He was still closing the gap placed between hismelf and the group. Protection was all that held his mind. Worry. Protection. Worry. His family was okay, right? There was no yelling no sign of blood - just a heaving feeling that unsettled him.

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Tasuku Atari

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