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[summons] Idavoll Circle | Mid-day

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Bravo Vitnir Fao Staff
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Having taken only enough time to sort his thoughts, his logic, and his feelings, Bravo was prepared to do what must be done.

What would come of this, he could not say. He did not know the individuals of the pack well enough to know what they would do when presented with difficult truths. Perhaps there were some that would support Kara. And that would be fine, as that was a choice they were free to make. But he would present them with what he had witness, and what he felt should be done about it.

He had hoped that the Circle would choose itself over its foolish Captain, but it was not his call to demand.  Much as Kara had been given a choice, so would all else. It was the way of things.

So he stood among the flowers. Their flowers. Their home. The one being undone by selfish discontent and a wolf too young to see past her own nose.  He stood there and he howled, bidding them all heed their Tactician at least one more time. Then they would see what the Circle truly valued.

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Apr 01, 2017 07:25 PM

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Bali Penumbra Anna

Bali trailed out from the trees, approaching Bravo from behind and standing beside him.

Now was the time. And while he had faith in the pack—Tobias, who had already expressed his opinion on the matter months ago, before Kara had even made it worse, and Runic, a humble father himself—he did not want to get his hopes up.

Now was the time to see if the pack knew right from wrong, unlike Kara. And he was glad it was Bravo who was calling this together.

Bravo was good. Bravo was evenhanded. Never had there been a moment in their long friendship that Bali had doubted that.

He went to brush his shoulder against his friends’ before stopping, and sighing.

“If all else fails, we will call the children to leave with us. But let’s have faith,” he murmured. “Let’s have faith they see reason.”

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Bravo Vitnir Fao Staff
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((One more reply from me because I cannot resist a short round of Brali alone. xD))

“Faith, yes,” Bravo murmured when Bali joined him. He took a moment and leaned into his larger friend, then sighed.  He hoped for the best, but he had to confess that he found it difficult after Kara had shattered his image of her.


Choices. They all had choices.

“If nothing else, you will have my support, Bali, if we must go.”

It would be well enough.

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Bali Penumbra Anna

He nodded, silent. Tired.

“I can’t believe any more words which leave her mouth,” he said, quietly. “It hurts.” Everything hurt.

Not only because she was his mate, but because this was his pack. He had friends here. Children.

Everything had been so perfect before Kara decided to bulldoze it with her callousness.

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Runic Kori

There was a lot to think about recently and that kept him occupied a lot of the time. But even with his preoccupation on that, even he couldn’t miss a summoning howl. This time from Bravo, one he hadn’t gotten to know. But he knew of his ranking so it had to be important.

He began to lightly jog towards the call and it wasn’t long before he noticed two figures in the distance. It was easy to see wolves out in the meadow after all.

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Scott Peregrine Blaine-White Jeames

There was a howl, and it sounded important. Last time there had been a pack meeting when their Captain howled. Maybe that was the case again. And like a good boy, Scott decided to check things out, and listen if he had to. After they had moved to their new spot in the meadow, without a den, Scott had learned to be more independent, he found it easier to move around the whole meadow without his siblings, or without having to feel he needed permission from his parents. He was growing! Woooo!

As he arrived at the spot where the howl at come from, he found Bali and two other males who had seen had the last meeting. He knew Bravo was the lighter colored one. He wasn’t really sure about the brown one’s name yet… He should go ask and be social!

’‘Hello!’‘ he called out, smiling brightly. Hello was a common greeting, and he was still learning his father’s tongue (which he was really excited about), so he started off slow, because he did not want to make mistakes. He began to walk alongside the brownish colored wolf (Runic), since he had caught up with the older wolf. ’‘Wha’s happenin’?’‘ he asked curiously. Because something was going on. Else they wouldn’t have called.

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Casper Silverpaw Lava Wolf

Casper was dozing when to call was sent out.

Well, when was he not dozing? Jeez Casper you’re going to become a lazy fat wolf who eventually wont be able to move at all.

Thoughts of those sorts, as well as some others have circled the silver wolf’s mind over the pas few day. He was doing nothing so much he was actually motivated to go talk to someone.


That still hasn’t happened yet.

Nevertheless, when the howl sounded out he followed with a little less reluctance than usual.

Arriving at the small gathering of wolves, Casper glanced around, ready to hear whatever the heck they had to say.

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Tobias Blaine Tam

Tobias would always heed calls. It didn’t matter if it was from Bali, Kara, Bravo, or any other lower ranking pack member—he would heed them all.

Hearing Bravo’s voice echo through the open lands of the lush meadow had Tobias’ ears perking. At first, he wondered if it was extremely important, but then he remembered that it didn’t matter. A call was a call—there was no difference between “important” and “unimportant.” Calls were always important.

If Bravo didn’t want to summon them all, he would have sought out specific wolves, Tobias knew.

Without a doubt, he turned where he was and went to walk towards Bravo. By now, Finch had been gone for only a few days, and he had smelt her scent leaving the meadow. For now, he held no concerns, but he wondered if that was about to change; maybe she wouldn’t return for a while. And when she did, things might have changed—he didn’t know anything for certain.

He pondered what this gathering could be about, but ultimately, Tobias knew that he could never really pick it out. If it was about Beauregard and Sunfall, then he assumed that Kara would have been calling them together. She was the Captain, after all, even though Tobias had lost a little bit of his respect for her after what he heard from Bali. He did wonder.

Or maybe this was about Kara. Maybe.

Tobias decided to go into the meeting as a blank slate, but he also swore to not speak for his mate. She had her own mind and opinions; he did not know what she might think about any of it.

As he arrived, he spotted a few wolves dotted around, all of which he knew. Bravo, Bali, Runic, and Scott. But no Kara; wherever could she be?

It mattered not, as only Tobias being here mattered to him. And it was good Scott was here, he was becoming rather responsible.

Scott, ma wain,” he greeted.

He turned to glance between the three adults present, nodding and smiling towards each. However, he felt a heavy air in the area, it radiated from Bali and Bravo. He chose to say nothing, just as before, and simply waited for the meeting to start, bar greetings.

Runic. Bali. Bravo.

Before long, he imagined more wolves would approach, and one was on the way already, but the scent was unknown and thus went unnoticed by Tobias.

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Kara Volsunga Kurome

Kara was next to arrive on the scene. She knew exactly what this was about. If it weren’t for the fact that Bali had kept her from her pups, exaggerated what had happened, and even already spread lies to her pups- his behavior in front of them was appalling.. if it weren’t for those factors she would have had some relief for this meeting. Bravo kept talking about Justice, and their treason of her was not it. This, this was something she could live with so long as they did not let their emotions paint a false picture as Bali already was.

Her white paws carried her swiftly towards them. She made no sound to announce her presence, for it was easy to spot her approaching from the distance. She greeted no one, for no one may have wanted to so much as look at her if they believed everything they heard.  If they believed they were as perfect as Bali and Bravo. Would Bali stand on trial for his inappropriate display in front of children? Likely not, because it never mattered what they did. They were bias towards themselves.

She sat near the gathering group, positioned to listen. She already decided she would only speak if it was necessary and give them a chance to decide for themselves. However, she would be sure they did not tack-on words spoken from their anger and skewed perception of her.

Kara’s blue eyes danced over every face that she likely would never see again. She wasn’t sure how much faith she had in them. Bali and Bravo were a formidable team and together with such a silver tongue. Kara was just, Kara, which in their minds was apparently a ruthless creature despite her best efforts. She also hoped her pups would not be here to witness this display as well. Did they not care the of impact this would have on them?

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Klaus Rahrwik Sierra

Not sure how previous Kara/Klaus thread will go so vague, also no Sif for her and Gale went to.look for Finch a few days ago.”

Klaus approached the group with wary steps.  He could only guess what all this was about after his conversation. Kara who was currently sitting off on her own without speaking it seemed.

He supposed she knew what this was all about then, and he was quite reluctant in approaching her about it. This is why he sat to the sides, silent as he awaited the start of what he assumed to be the end.

Apr 02, 2017 12:01 PM — Post #9

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Altair Penumbra Isabel

Altair really didn’t want to follow the howl. Usually his only excuse would have been that he was antisocial, but this time he also still looked like an inflated chipmunk. The swelling from the bee sting had gone down quite a bit, but there was still some inflammation by the front of his snout. It was embarrassing, and the day after the bee sting he had pretty much hidden from everyone and anyone.

He knew that a howl wouldn’t be released unless necessary… and the howl had been to summon the whole pack. Obviously there was something important to be discussed, and Altair was most probably expected to go seeing as he was a member of the pack. The last pack meeting he had attended hadn’t exactly been in his favor - mostly because he didn’t do well in social gatherings.

All of that was before his departure, though. He was trying to grow, to be better and learn from his mistakes. In order to do that, he had to force himself to get to this meeting regardless of how idiotic he still looked.

Altair still hadn’t had a conversation with Sif since his return. It was concerning and hurtful, but he guessed he deserved it. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Maybe she wanted to talk to him, but had been too busy with all the… patrolling… and hanging with Gale. It wasn’t uncommon for Altair to pick up on the two scents mingling together. It was surprising how two individuals who had previously not gotten along were now good friends. He wondered if he could’ve ever befriended someone like Tempest or Scott had they argued during their first meeting. Most probably not. Altair didn’t put up with bullshit, at least not with wolves out of the family.

He also hadn’t been aware of the tension between his parents lately. Every once in a while he would see them around and bark a hello, but then he’d go off to patrol… so it really hadn’t given him much of a chance to notice the distance between them.

As he neared the group, he felt all of his muscles tense up. His heartbeat accelerated, activating the “flight” response. Adrenaline coursed through him, readying him for a sprint in the opposite direction. The young male stopped and closed his eyes, taking deep breaths to calm himself. He could do this. He had to do this. They were a pack and he was a member. He was expected to be able to do this.

Pushing through the alarms going off in his brain, Altair descended the slope to get to the small group of wolves. He stopped a few meters away from everyone, watching. Klaus was there. Mom was there. Casper was there. Dad was there. Scott and Runic were there. Bravo was there.

He knew all of the wolves except for one. Still, he felt uncomfortable being around everyone at once. He scanned the group once more, checking to see if Rota or Tempest were there. Nope. He frowned and instead looked over at Bravo, waiting for some sort of explanation for the meeting.

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Tobias Blaine Tam

[ Posting because of the slight changes and to keep this ball rolling – hope you all don’t mind! :D ]

Seeing Kara arrive wasn’t hard.

Tobias was almost certain that this was about Kara, especially after the little hissy-fit he had witnessed not long ago, and with her not bringing them together for this, and only arriving and sitting a small distance away – with no greetings, mind you – it made it seem like this was almost certainly about Kara. And, well, Tobias wasn’t sure what to do here.

With Finch not around, he didn’t know what she would do. Part of him thought that she would stick with Kara, but he didn’t know – not with the new truth that came to light when Tobias had met with Kara and Bali last.

Tobias – and likely also not Finch – could not condemn Kara for following her heart, but to not tell Bali about it, then make a conscious choice to bring him to the Circle, even when advised not to by her equals, it was completely wrong. Falling in love was not, but turning into a dictator was also not right – she was a Captain, not a Supreme Overlord.

He glanced her way, but he made no attempt to speak. This was going to be hard, especially for Kara and Bali, but Tobias knew it had to happen about as much as Bravo likely did.

But it hurt his heart to see Bali’s other pup – his only son – approach the gathering, looking completely unaware, but also a little bit… inflated? He looked like he’d been stung on the face, but he opted to say nothing – he likely didn’t need it. He just hoped that Scott said nothing, too.

Speaking of Scott, he tapped the ground next to him to summon his son to sit by him. This was an important matter, but it was also an important matter that Scott might not understand. The male had to be careful – and quiet – at all times, if possible. Tobias looked at the gathering, noticing that a few individuals were missing, but he said little. It wasn’t his place to call others out, just like it hadn’t really been his place a few days ago – it had to be done, though.

Finch won’t be here,” he informed, breaking the silence that hung around in the group. He was directly addressing Bravo and Bali, so he looked at them as he said it, but he didn’t mind if the others heard – and he knew they would.

Apr 04, 2017 11:06 AM — Post #11

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Runic Kori

The pup had caught him off guard and he immediately felt an urge to run off in a different direction. He didn’t want to face these feelings, but he knew that fighting them was in his own best interest.

His orange gaze settled on the pup for a moment when he was asked a very important question. One he himself would like answered.

“I don’t know,” he answered in a low tone. He wouldn’t lie.

“I’m Runic, what’s your name?” friendlier this time. He had to try.

As he approached he took a seat not too far from Tobias. He would’ve gravitated towards Bali but it was clear that he and Bravo had something to say.

Then two concerns were raised. Where was Finch? He hadn’t scented her in some time. And why was Kara acting so… out of character? His gaze shiftes towards Bali in hopes of gaining some answers.

Apr 04, 2017 09:27 PM — Post #12

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Bravo Vitnir Fao Staff
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One of the first to arrive on scene was one of the White pups that Bravo did not know terribly well. “Hello,” he returned softly. “Just a meeting for the pack to make a decision, little Sir.” Though his heart was heavy today, the pups brought out a softness in him.  He had no yet discussed with Bali how things had gone with his own pups. He hoped it had not been terrible.


Time to move forward.

Others arrived. Not everyone, but enough that word could get around to those who had not filtered in. Finch would not be here, and normally Bravo would have asked why, but this was not a conversation he could drag out any longer.

He cleared his throat, and stepped towards the middle of the gathering, so all could hear. Including Kara, who he glanced at.  In spite of it all, he worried about her. He was not intending to break her spirit, but if her spirit resided in nothing but pride, he supposed it could not be helped. Better a lesson in humility now than one when she held all their fates in her jaws.

“I fear that this meeting is not one I take joy in calling. But I will cut to the chase, to spare anticipation as much as I can.” He looked at each of them as he spoke, except Bali, who was either just behind him or at his side, most likely.

“Not long ago, Bali and I witnessed our Captain, Kara, exhibit and unwillingness to forgo her own selfish desires in order to support the well-being of the pack. I do not know how many of you are aware of Makoa—a wolf formerly in our ranks for a brief time. He was evicted by Kara some time ago when he proved in discord with other members of the Circle.”

A wise decision, until…

“She has since declared to both Bali and I that she will be bringing him back based on her own feelings towards the wolf.  Her reasons are her own, of course, but she did so at he expense of Bali’s feelings and against my advice.”

So foolish.

“As a result of this conversation and the conflict that occurred therein, Bali and I feel we can no longer trust her judgement in leadership. It was a marked example of selfishness and an inability to consider others.  We have asked her to step down as Captain, but she has refused. So I have come to you all instead, to inform as best I can so that you all may make your own decision, as I have.

“I would like to remain here and assist the Circle moving forward, but I cannot do so when I follow a Captain who will not heed me. As a result, either she must no longer carry her authority for the time being, or I will take my leave.”

Not a threat, a mere fact, but if it would motivate everyone to think about the fact that that there were consequences about to be had one way or another, so be it.  Kara could not have her perfect little world. She could not be rewarded for her incompetence.

((Sorry about the delay, Japan ate me for the last few days! Back to a more quick schedule now, so please reply asap!  If anyone wants to show up this round who wasn’t here, feel free to have walked in during this monologue. xD))

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Altair Penumbra Isabel

The synchronized murmur of voices seemed to stop as Bravo’s voice began to filter into the air. Altair felt his ears angle toward the male and leaned closer just to pick up on every word the wolf spoke. The boy’s expression remained neutral, trying to find something to agree or disagree with in Bravo’s speech.

Something about the previous murmur of voices and the tone of the Tactician’s voice made the Penumbra pup feel uneasy. There was something incredibly wrong and sour that hung in the air.

As Bravo’s speech flowed on, Altair found it hard to understand some of his words, but caught on to the basics. One name in particular caused Altair’s ears to prick up-right. Makoa. He had met the fellow before. At the time, Altair was being a pain in everyone’s rear end and Makoa had been the one to help Mom deal with Altair’s annoying self.

Disrupting the stillness of the crowd, Altair got up and moved closer to his mother. Though he didn’t move close enough to brush against her fur, it was clear that his stance in the argument would be against anyone who found her unworthy to lead the pack. He sat next to her to show her that she had his support. The meeting was absolutely unnecessary and stupid.

There wasn’t enough explanation behind what Bravo said for Altair to believe that anything that Mom had done had been wrong or ill-willed. Makoa had been helpful and kind to her, and Mom had every right to befriend such a guy.

Though he strongly opposed everything Bravo said, Altair kept his mouth shut. He would wait until the man finished his speech until throwing his own sharpened opinion at the man.

Altair’s back straightened as he sat next to his mother, trying his best to make himself look bigger and more formal. This wasn’t a relaxed hang-out for the whole pack to attend… these were matters that had been blown way out of proportion that were being dealt with… in the worst way possible.

It was hard for Altair to pick a side that his father happened not to be on, but he was convinced that it would do more harm to the family if Mom were to step down from her rank. Besides, Altair wasn’t sure why exactly Dad was so against Mom having a generous friend.

The blue-eyed pup’s eyes narrowed the moment Bravo spoke of wanting his mother to step down from being Captain. He had to hold himself back from letting a growl rumble in his throat. How dare they doubt his mother’s authority.

This man spoke of his mother’s selfishness when, in turn, it made him seem like the selfish one. Was he accusing his mother of befriending the wrong guy just to assume her role? Bitterness toward the older male coursed through Altair’s veins, and he felt that this time around, if he chose to speak, it wouldn’t be as hard as usual - not when he knew exactly what to say and felt strongly about the subject being discussed… that, in this case, happened to be his mother.

Still, Altair wanted more information before letting his anger boil over. He wanted his dad to speak for himself, to be more clear. “Why does her friendship with another male bother you?” he asked, staring straight at his dad. Though he tried to contain his anger, his tone dripped with annoyance. This was absolutely ridiculous.

Mom should be allowed to befriend anyone she desires to befriend. If Altair didn’t approve of the friendships that Rota and Sif made, he wouldn’t ask them to give up something dear to them because of his emotions toward whomever they chose to befriend. This whole meeting was a joke, and Altair started to find it hard to believe that this wasn’t just some prank being pulled on the audience.

Bravo spoke of wanting to be of assistance to the pack and Altair nearly scoffed. His assistance was obviously not required. Besides, assistance was just that - it wasn’t supposed to be taken up on every time. Assistance meant suggestions. The captain could override those suggestions if she felt her choice was best.

Again, Altair felt the need to growl, but stopped himself. Bravo was threatening to leave if Mom didn’t step down. Good. Then Makoa could take his place.

Altair still waited, though. He waited for his dad to speak. No other words for or against the argument would come out of Altair’s mouth until all of his questions had been answered, and that was that. And so, the boy’s gaze remained fixed on his father, hoping he wasn’t about to repeat the same stupidities that had come out of the Tactician’s mouth.

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Bali Penumbra Anna

Few arrived. The Circle was quiet.

Bali’s eyes shifted to Tobias as he informed them that Finch would not be present. His gaze faltered, softening. He had been so caught up in his own matters, that only now, when prompted, did he realise the meadow lacked Finch’s scent. “I… we… we will speak later,” Bali offered his friend, as warmly as he could. They would speak later—should Tobias want to—and he would offer his comfort. He would listen, because evidently, he had not been doing enough of that in the past few weeks.

A terrible friend he was. And the guilt seeped onto his face, but Bravo had begun to speak. As his eyes shifted from Tobias to Bravo, he saw Runic, and gave the male a weak but genuine smile, before listening to Bravo.

His friend had stepped forward, close to being in the middle of the gathering, and Bali let him, his evenhanded tone vibrating through the meadow. While Bravo spoke, Bali’s ears had dropped back, in pain. He avoided letting his eyes rest on anyone but Bravo though, in spite of the urge to glimpse at Kara.

Altair’s question towards him made his shift his gaze to his boy though, hurt. He felt betrayed his son had decided to sit next to his mother, yet said nothing on the matter. They all had a choice to make.

His question prompted Bali to elaborate, but he could not make this personal, for then, that would not be unbiased. He could not speak of all the ways Kara had hurt him. This was about the pack, not him, being hurt. So he kept it as simple as possible.

After Bravo, he spoke to the pack.

“This is not a matter we wish to make personal, and I will struggle to accurately articulate the callousness I saw in our leader the other day,” Bali began. “But I suppose there are specifics we must address. Makoa is a wolf who blatantly ignored me when we met. When I asked Kara about this, about him, she spoke as though she only knew him on the level of an acquaintance. I found out that was a lie, for a few days later, I walked in on the two, with the male professing his love for her,” he said, eyes dropping to the ground briefly. “I see nothing wrong with following one’s heart, make no mistake. Nor will I speak on the communication Kara and I have—or lack, thereof. But that was a lie she told me. She then, for months, saw, as she said, no need to address the incident I had walked in on. I believe that lack of reason will only be detrimental to the pack, with her as leader. Now,” he sighed, painfully, eyes drifting to Bravo. “Now she came and—” And broke me. Played me. No. He would not make this personal. “She came and told us she was bringing Makoa back to the pack, while I had thought our relationship was on the mend—though I suppose that’s a personal matter. In any case, there were no questions asked. Kara did not even ask me about this, let alone the children. She had already declared he was coming back. Keep in mind, she knew of his disrespect towards me. Obviously, Bravo and I disagreed, as we do not wish to have a male who has, first and foremost, already been removed from the pack. And secondly, a male who has been blatantly disrespectful to me. When we disagreed, she persisted, deeming our positions not ones of power simply because we do not approve.” He paused, eyes skimming the crowd tiredly. “It is for these reasons we ask you to consider if she is truly the right wolf for leadership. We do not think a wolf who disagrees with the word of others and continues on her own way despite them is truly right for leadership. As your Commander and Tactician, we ask you to make a decision.”

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