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Gentle Strokes Down the Back
Calming ftw, Rain, SC towards Gorge | ladda day

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

While he had not immediately turned around and gunned it back to the range after seeing a broken-souled Ororo, it was a testament that he had been left with expectations that were perhaps beyond his control. His heart was strumming in his chest with a rhythm of frustration, and all he could feel was a need to hunt down Comet and pin the poor boy to the ground. Perhaps knock his head in a few times.

Feelings, matters of the heart - these things were nothing to be foolish about. Insecurity might have been a factor in causing many troubles, but it was not the take all and end all. A ferocious feeling was still building, and his tail was half arched even as he kept himself striding forward. Rage was not something Bragi often fought against, but he found himself ultimately… disappointed in what he had felt was a good happy story.

But now that he walked, he craved the hot grass scent that had filled his nose, his body aching with something to touch. Just anything that would have soothed him to a better stance. His tail started to drop, though, as his nose let itself widen. Pace had been down this way, and he was feeling just as protective of her, as well. Laid back, she needed no more threats of the damned. But yet, the grounds seemed to become less sandy, and the implication was that there’d been many paws this way.


May 06, 2017 04:15 PM

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Efeon Spry

His talk with Bucky was inspiring, and made Efeon want to stay around longer. Especially if he could help them take down a bison. So, he managed to convince Fawn, and they were going to stay. They weren’t going to eat up all the Rangers’ food any time soon, and they hadn’t left anything at the Lookout. Aside from Kyoren. Probably a very angry Kyoren.

Efeon had actually taken to running now. He took the advice Bucky gave him about slowly working up in exercise, and he figured that he would start running for parts of his walks. And it was going well. The area was so open, that it wasn’t like he was missing any of the sights anyway.

Speaking of, there was another wolf! Efeon wondered if it was another Ranger. He tried to think of the members Bucky had told him about, and the ones he hadn’t met yet. Oh well, only one way to find out.

Efeon slowed to a trot, then a walk. “Hi…” he cleared his throat before continuing, not that it helped his coarse tone, “hi there.”

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

Not even sure you wanted to continue this, but… :3

His head tipped to the side, and he found himself unsure what to think when he spotted himself along the boundaries. The changing of the tides had occurred, it seemed, and he didn’t seem to trip himself wanting to make some sort of a change.

Aggression was lacking, but he found himself tipping his head back - eyes widening slightly as he spotted the incoming individual. Who would have thought that there would have been such a happenstance of someone coming out of the air? But there was no immediate look of dismay, instead, something of warmth seemed to accompany his features.

Tail swished upwards, and the air blew out his lips. “Well met, bright skies.” Lazy words were spoken, and head tipped to the side. Who was this? Why was he in these parts at all? It was absolutely absurd.

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