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Safira Lei

She breathed in deep and slow as she tried to calm the raging anger that she could feel bubbling inside of her. It wasn’t like Safira to feel such emotions from random strangers in passing. But after the month she’d been having, she was pissed.

More than pissed.


She hadn’t even been in this part of the world for very long, but no matter who she met, everyone seemed to be a piece of shit. To put it lightly, that is. All of them had a stick up their asses and all of them seemed to just hate her on the spot. And that wasn’t something she was used to.

Her tail flicked behind her with irritation as she felt the fur along her neck bristle as her mind flipped back and forth through all the faces she had met. All of them gave her nothing. They were boring. Mundane. Unexciting. Every synonym for boring. And if they weren’t seemingly boring, they were assholes. Hostile. Rude…

Safira sighed. Perhaps it was her? Maybe she was just too cold to make friends out here? That could be a thing. Maybe they just weren’t used to a wolf…like her. But then again, she didn’t need anyone really. She could survive on her own. She’d done it before.

Mentally shrugging to herself, her sea foam gaze narrowed slowly as she tried to make out what was in front of her. She didn’t know how long she had been in her head nor how long she had been walking away from the previous two wolves she had met with. But she smelled water. That was for sure. How far had she walked?

Taking in another deep breath, Safira bounded towards it. Maybe she just needed to cool down. Get a new, fresh perspective and start over again. That always seemed to work anyway.

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Argus Grim

Perhaps he was just delusional, too hopeful, but despite the stark differences in their bodies, Argus could have sworn he saw Ayla bounding to the river. He let himself believe she must have slimmed down being out on her own. His heart quickened and his breath caught in his throat; he almost screamed her name as he briskly trotted down the slope of the Hollow he’d returned to, but the closer he got the more he realized he was wrong.

Not exactly the sociable type anymore, Argus stopped several yards away, ears drooping with crushed hope. He wanted so badly for someone he’d known and loved once before to magically return to him. Hanging his head, he realized that would not come to pass. Not for him.

He turned to slink back into his glum den to sleep the day away, but he was not too confident that he was still invisible to the stranger.

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Safira Lei

Safira continued towards the moist scent that signaled a river or some body of water. It wouldn’t be long now and boy was she first, in need of a drink, and second, ready to just sleep for the night. Shake the anger away from her bones and allow her mind to just fall into that blissful veil of the dream world.

Though, what she didn’t know in those first few minutes as her paws felt the hard earth change into soft, was that she wouldn’t get that sweet slumber—not so easily as she hoped.

It really didn’t take her long for the scent of another to catch her attention and immediately as if she had been spooked, her sea-foam gaze shot in the direction she assumed it was coming from. Who was out there? An enemy? Predator? She really didn’t know the area all to well and hell, danger could be lurking at every corner.

Her fur rose along her neck and down her spine as her gaze narrowed suspiciously; trying to find the body to the unfamiliar scent through the darkening sky. And there! A shadow. No, a figure. A silhouette of what she could happily assume was a wolf caught her attention—though it was not coming towards her like she would imagine any stranger would do to an unknown wolf in their territory. Instead, it, he, she, was moving away. But why?

With her curiosity sparked, she called out to it. “Hey!”Hoping that the figure would return her call and could give her a name. Because seriously, where the hell was she?

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Argus Grim

Argus lowered his head with a sigh at the call, because he was far too polite a wolf to ignore her. Maybe she needed help. He could give whatever time he had left to those more willing to be alive. It was the least he could do, perhaps. He turned slowly, ears gradually perking to a more friendly stance. He had to remember that he looked a bit…unsettling now. As the skin tightened around his bones, Argus looked a might taller than he already even was, and his sunken eyes probably did not help. Just smoldering bits of gold embedded in pits.

“Sorry,” Argus put a little too much effort in his voice, overcompensating for his listlessness, and it boomed across the gap between them. He cringed a little and cleared his throat, correcting his volume. “S-sorry. You looked like. Someone I knew. From far off. Hope I didn’t scare you.” Looking at her closely, Argus could only see a vague resemblance. All this female and Ayla had in common was that they were both black. Clearly his mind was grasping for things that could bring him some semblence of comfort, willfully ignoring when it was not meant to be.

Oh, to see her again. To bury his face into her chest and just sob. Someone familiar, someone tender and caring was what he craved. He’d confided in strangers lately and it did not really give him any solace. They couldn’t understand what he was feeling because they did not know him well enough. But the list of wolves that knew him that were still alive was…short. Tragically short.

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Safira Lei

Her brow perked and her ears rounded forwarded to meet his call, to hear the unfamiliar voice that roared between their distance. Who was he? And why was he alone? Her eyes tried to make out his figure through the shadows of the darkening sky and all she could really make out was his silhouette. Thin, tall, dark. Her curiosity was clearly sparked.

Her tail shifted behind her and her paws made subtle movements to grow a few steps closer. Her eyes as well seemed to shine through the darkened night with a fervor of curiosity and interest.

Though what she could also tell was that he seemed…sad? Emotions were dripping through her voice in a way that made Safira’s skin crawl in ways she never knew. She had never really heard that emotion as much. But he seemed to be lost. Mentally or physically, she wasn’t quite sure.

“Oh…” Her voice was smooth as it slipped between her teeth and out into the open air around them, “I’m sorry.. I’m not who you thought I was…” There was a slight questioning tone at the end of her sentence but subtle enough that she doubted he would even pick up on it.

With a light brush of the wind, Safira immediately shook out her coat, releasing whatever tension she was feeling in her body so she could fully focus on the male in front of her. She gave a small, enigmatic smile as she shook her head, “No, no, don’t worry. You’re fine.” She paused for a second before her head tilted to the side gently, “Are you alright, sir?”

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Argus Grim

Oh. He’d gone and made her feel bad. Argus shook his head at her reply, only finding that he could laugh softly and say, “It’s not like you were tricking me, I just. Miss her. Ever miss someone so much you see them everywhere?” She’d been his guiding light for so long, and then in an instant, she was gone. He’d thought she’d helped him find his feet well enough. Argus thought he would be okay on his own, especially since he’d had Jorie. But there he was, alone again, barely managing to stand both literally and metaphorically.

So weak. You can’t go through life on your own so you lean on everyone you caaaan.

The whisper made his ear twitch, but Argus tried not to look at the wolf that was not there. Best not to freak out random strangers.

“Not particularly,” Was his strangely humored answer. “But I’ll live.” Maybe.

The silence went a few beats before Argus found his manners amidst the mess that was his mind.

“If you’re tired, there’s a lot of dens around here. Nobody’s used them for some time. You won’t get chased out. I’d check for badgers first, though.” Badgers. The only thing worse than an otter.

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Safira Lei

Safira didn’t much care for others. It honestly never fell in the path of her lifestyle. In fact, most times, they were just faces she would pass in her journey and that was that. There was no connection. There was no meaning. There was really no point. Many wolves had told her stories, had given her their life stories, but they too left. Carried on their own way and just left her in the dust, with the secrets they knew she would never speak of. And perhaps she was better off like that. Keeping others at a paws distance away, never truly getting close…and by the way the wolves acted towards her in this valley, well, she really found no point to keep them close.

But this guy. Now he was interesting. Perhaps not as interesting to keep close, but at the sound of ‘her’, Safira was undeniably intrigued.

Her ears perked forward as he spoke, her mind wandering towards the question: Who was ‘she’? Though when he brought up his question, her ears dropped down slightly. She shook her head. She really didn’t know what that was like but in a way she assumed she wished she did. To at least understand what this guy was going through. Her voice was gentle, empathetic but hesitant as she replied, “I can’t say that I have…” Should she go on? Clearly from what she knew, it was easier to talk to strangers; they knew nothing about you…

“Wolves like that don’t normally stay in my life. I’m sorry though.” Her paws shuffled below her uncomfortably for a few seconds. Why was she uneasy??? “What happened to her… if you don’t mind me asking?” Yes, please share. Safira was curious beyond belief.

The raven colored female, for a brief few seconds, wondered how to respond. For once in her life, she had no witty remark, no sarcastic reply, nor anything comforting to say. Should she ask how she could help? Could she even help him? Should she stay with him for the night—to at least give him some company? This was unknown territory for her, but for some reason, she felt bad. She wanted to help?

When the silence between the two of them was broken, her eyes picked up interest and she flickered her attention back towards him. “Badgers?” She had heard of the creatures before, but never had she actually seen one. And for some odd reason, she actually looked around her as if she expected one to pop out right from under her and attack.

Though when her sea-foam gaze fell back towards him, she spoke up once again.“I’m Safira, by the way.”

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Argus Grim

“Yeah,” Argus affirmed, taking her tone as an admission of ignorance on the subject. “They usually dig their own burrows, but they won’t pass up an abandoned one either. They are…perpetually angry animals. They can even hold their own against a wolf, but if you snarl enough they usually run.” There was a lighter mood in his words because there was always an air of amusement in watching a wolf launch out of a den with an angry badger in tow.

Unless, of course, he was the wolf in the predicament.

Wolves didn’t stay long in her life. Argus looked sad about that, primarily because he could relate far more than he would have liked to. But he wasn’t sure what was worse: always being lonely, or being lonely after knowing what it was like to have friends, love, and family. Both hurt for different reasons, but the latter came with a lot of bitter yearning for things he wasn’t sure he would ever have again.

“She…as far as I know, is still alive. She was the first wolf I met in a long time. She saved my life. She’d been through terrible things, and so had I. Her name was Ayla, and she was my best friend. Her brother died and…she just. She left. I don’t blame her, but I wish she’d at least said goodbye.”

He sat down because he was feeling dizzy.

“We’d started a pack together. After she left, our leader died. Then everyone nominated me, and…just tragedy after tragedy. I think I’m just a living bad luck charm. It fell apart. My mate left me. If Ayla came back right now, it would be great. I just miss how she could make everything make sense to me. She was very good at giving pep talks.” He had a soft, sad smile on his face, and he sighed. She would have the answers he sought. She always had.

“Argus.” He gave his name unceremoniously, for he no longer held himself to any importance. Just a ghost in the hills.

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Safira Lei

Her ears pivoted forward as she listened to his words about these crazed creatures that burrowed in holes no matter if they were their own or not. “They sound…” She paused as her mind began to think of these creatures as some form of hell spawned demon, “Terrible.” And then just to carry the conversation further for her own amusement and so the silence wouldn’t distract the both of them with their own thoughts, she asked, “Have you ever run into one?”

Hey, she hated small talk. But she could do it. At least for a little bit. That wasn’t hard.


Safira placed the name in the back of her mind, just in case she wanted to be a good samaritan way down the road. Perhaps she would even come across this Ayla. Tell her that this man was alive, missing her. Maybe reunite them. That would give her good karma, right?

Her eyes came to meet his for a few more moments as he spoke, listening with interest each time a word dripped from his lips. He sounded like he really missed her. Regretting things on how they ended. Safira wasn’t good with emotions, she couldn’t relate. She didn’t feel anything normally. She chose that path. That life. That way. But here, she was actually starting to feel bad. He seemed like a good wolf. Not one that was terrified of her or angry for what she looked like, and maybe just maybe because of that, she felt like she actually wanted to help him. Weird.

The raven girl’s jaws parted briefly, marking the words that she wanted to speak, but in that moment there was nothing to say. No words could have been spoken. Her jaws clicked shut and she just mulled in that silence for a few moments. Thinking. Contemplating. She truly felt bad for this man. What a weird feeling.

“I-I’m truly sorry for all of that. I don’t think you’re a bad luck charm. Granted, I don’t know you. But I’ve seen wolves turn their life upside down and change and adapt when bad things happen. We’re…good at adapting.” She paused for a second, she was rambling. “What I’m trying to say is that, bad things happen, but it’s not because of you…So don’t think that. Have you ever tried to go out and look for…” Fuck what was her name. Oh right! Ayla. “Ayla?”

She too reclined to her haunches, her tail splayed out behind her, as her eyes came to meet his; watching his. He didn’t seem to okay. He was distraught. Hurt. He was in a vulnerable state of mind and she wanted to help oddly enough. But she didn’t know how. She never helped anyone. It was only herself in this world. She knew that, no matter what wolves she traveled with. It was her against the world. And them against the world, always. What could she even do?

But as she shook those thoughts away from the cobwebs of her mind, she gave a small, mystifying smile that really could not decipher which emotions she was feeling, but in a weird way it always seemed to make wolves comfortable. “It is nice to meet you, Argus.” Her eyes looked around for a minute, still thinking about Badgers and any other wolves that she had met in the hills. Terrible, terrible wolves. “If you need any help, finding her, that is, I’d be happy to help you, if you want.” Her words were surprisingly genuine, and Safira was almost taken aback by them the minute she said them. She actually wanted to help, but would he allow her to?

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Argus Grim

“A few, unfortunately.” Was his bemused response. The trick was not letting them bite you. Badgers didn’t like to let go. Argus’s solution, at the time, had been to just scruff the things and fling them off of cliffs, but he wasn’t in the mountains anymore. Perhaps he would drown one in the river if he had to.

And then came her attempt to comfort him, which Argus listened to cynically, but he appreciated that she cared enough to at least try. His saddened smile stuck there as he looked at her forlornly. It was something Ayla would have said. Or at least, close enough to it.

“Everywhere I go, bad things happen. I’ve never had anything good for long.” He argued softly with a shrug. He’d been told he was cursed, and cursed he was. But something in him was breaking, though he was not aware just yet, and once it was broken that would be the end of it.

Safira spoke of trying to find Ayla, and Argus shook his head.

“She’s been gone for…almost two winters now. Lost her trail at the wasteland, and, my brother actually ran into her. Wherever she went, her trail’s no longer trackable. I chose to stay to try and help the pack instead of tracking her down.” Argus sighed, and he gave a thin lipped grimace.

“All the same, I…don’t know what I’d do if I went out there and found her bones. It’s almost better just…letting myself believe she got wherever she was headed and stayed there.”

Perhaps that’s why he abandoned his search for Jorie. Argus could scour the entire area, invade pack borders to beg for information, but what if she was dead somewhere? Just another nameless body found by some unfortunate traveler. He didn’t want to know. It hurt no matter what. It just depended on the kind of pain he wanted for himself. The pain of death, the pain of heartbreak, the pain of betrayal - it all had the same outcome: this listless, sad existence; but it hurt differently. Argus was no stranger to any of it, but of all of them, heartbreak ached the dullest. They were still alive, just not with him. They didn’t betray him, they just stopped loving him.

But considering how absolutely destroyed he was, surely finding her dead or cavorting around with his brother would kill him right then and there.

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Safira Lei

Her eyes flickered, momentarily, from each of his eyes to his body; imagining a badger like creature trying to attack him. What an awful animal, she thought to herself. They sounded vengeful. Insane. Interesting. A part of her wanted to come across one, just to see it in action; but even Safira knew better than that.

But her attention did not stay long on the hell born creature, but instead, her mind moved back towards him and his situation. The discouraging smile that softly crept across his lips and the way his eyes looked so longingly for the missing piece in his life. Safira could have sworn she could feel his pain just as if it were her own in that moment. When he spoke up again, she actually kinda gave a disheartened laugh, “Seems like me.” Dark humor. It was a terrible problem of hers. But no matter, her words were true. Good things don’t last. It was just the way of life for her. Perhaps that’s what made her doubtful and distrusting of anyone but herself. Maybe that’s even why she wore her sarcasm as a shield to any passer by.

Her ears fell back against her head briefly as her gaze fell to her paws. Wow, this man had been through a lot and it honestly sounded like it hurt. “I get that. It’s sometimes better not knowing than knowing.” In her own way, she could genuinely relate. She still wondered about her parents. Who they were, where they were. Did they stop looking for her just like Argus didn’t look for Ayla? Did they want to hope that whoever had taken her had treated her well…? Or did they just not care?

Her mind for a few moments went into a dark place, circling the drain of her own self deprecating thoughts before she realized there was actually someone here. She knew she needed to pull herself out, she could think about all that shit on her own time—and so that’s what she did. Picked up her head, moved her eyes towards him, and tried to give him a reassuring smile. “You said your pack fell apart,” she paused, thinking about “pack life”. They always seemed too good to be true, hence why Safira never opted into joining another one after the last. “What are you doing now…? Why are you here?”

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Argus Grim

It seemed like Argus was in front of a kindred spirit, though it was not exactly great news. When he spoke of his pain he stated it as a fact more than anything. But when others suffered, especially in ways he knew all to well, that was a tragedy. A lifetime of believing he deserved it had definitely skewed his perspective on what was fair to him.

He nodded as she affirmed his feelings, but shied away when she asked about the pack and why he was alone here. It was a pitiful story. Though he was forgiven in Nanook’s eyes, Argus would never forgive himself. He was stupid, and foolish, and-


He couldn’t help it. Argus frowned at the wolf only he could see before turning back to her.

“I suffered a head injury. Lost my memory, and consequently my sanity for a while. I did not find my way back for almost a whole season. I was their leader so, this proved to be a problem.”

Django had kept Jorie company for that time. Argus just didn’t want to know. But he did. At least she’d be safe. He was already mourning her, so knowing she’d moved on would only hurt a little bit more. Or maybe a lot. Who knew.

“My mate looked for me everywhere. She was gone when I came back, but by the time I recovered she was here. Angry, rightfully. But we made up. We were fine. I thought we were fine. She wanted to leave. Our pack was…plagued. One died, another went missing, then another died…we were losing numbers faster than we were gaining.”

With a tightened jaw, Argus swallowed and sighed defeatedly.

“So I said yes. Anything for her. I wanted her happy. Only she mattered. So I asked those that remained if they wanted to stay. Only one wanted to. So that was that. And then. She left. Without me. Lost her scent a while ago and…I don’t know why I came back here. Maybe just in case she did.”

But it was killing him. Eventually, Argus would have to make a decision: stay and die or leave. And do what, though? Live like a ghost again? Be hollow and hated again? He wished he’d never come here. He wished Veras had just killed him. Exile was worse than death. Argus had done horrific things. He’d lived his life mostly alone, repenting, punishing himself, hoping perhaps there would be a breaking point in which he would have paid his debt.

But he killed someone. He put another in grave danger and she, too, was dead. What could he possibly do to repent for taking two lives? The Gods were truly cruel, but Argus was no victim. He deserved it. He’d thought, perhaps he had done enough; and he built a life, took a lover, and planned for a family. And in a single day, it was all gone.

“But she won’t come back. No one ever does.” He looked back at the Hollow for a brief moment, wondering if it would be the last time he did.

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Safira Lei

Was that compassion she was feeling in the pit of her stomach? Empathy? Sympathy? Or unease? Unease to know that someone, just as her, was pained in more ways than not. It was completely unlike Safira to ever put herself in another wolf’s paws. To try to understand how they would feel, how they were feeling. But here she was, actually listening. Actually feeling something for this sad stranger. He had seemed to be through a lot, and though she had too, she hadn’t given up. Not yet at least. Was it because of her age? Had she just not experienced enough hurt to make her completely cynical of anything good and well in this world? Or was she just stronger than the male in front of her?

Safira wasn’t sure.

Nor was she sure she ever wanted to find out.

In fact, she was happier now, she assumed. She was alone, sure. She was pained, yeah. But at least she wasn’t stuck doing another wolves bidding, compromising herself for the likes of others. Instead she was finally free and while that might mean she would be alone forever with no real place to call home and though it might mean she would never find her real family, perhaps that was all for the better. She too had done awful things. She too had gone against what she thought was right in the moment, but here she was, still standing, still trying.

Why couldn’t he?

Her ears fell back momentarily as he spoke of his past. It really was a sad story. An interesting one at that, but still heart wrenchingly sad. And unfortunately, Safira couldn’t bring herself to even try to be witty. To laugh at how far they’d come or put a twist on things with her dark humor. She couldn’t act sarcastic and unamused or uncaring in that moment. Because for a wolf, much like herself, who had seen and done terrible things in life, she knew not even that would help.

They would be haunted by their past for as long as they lived.

It was just their punishment.

But that didn’t mean they had to give up nor should they. This man in front of her had to be stronger than that, right? He had to be.

“Our pasts, both, seem troubled. Filled with bad luck everywhere we turn.” She paused for a moment as her voice spilled into the night. She had to remind herself, she was off the grid, for a moment. Her past was not something she wanted to speak of. Just in case it would come back to her in a physical form. “I understand why you came back. I’ve done much the same before. But you need to look forward. You need to be stronger than what you’ve been given, you need to take those cards that life has given you and turn them upside down. Find something good through all the sadness and pain, or else you’ll just shrivel away and die.” Her voice was smooth as she spoke, holding some form of confidence she didn’t really know she could have in these types of situations. She actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Weird.

Safira sighed, more to herself than for the male in front of her. Shit sucked in this life. But you had to play the cards how you got them and sometimes, in the end, you had to face the music and think about yourself. “She probably won’t come back. I won’t lie to you. When wolves leave, that’s normally for good.” She knew that better than anyone. “But all of this, everything that’s happened to you, does not mean you have to give up. Life sucks and it’ll probably just get worse, from my experience, that’s all that life is. It’s not your fault either. It’s just how fate goes. But maybe somewhere out there, if you try, if you look for it again and give it another chance, you’ll find some sort of happiness again.”

Safira swallowed, trying for a second to take her own advice.

“I’ve heard it’s the little things that make life worth it. Through all the bad and shitty, those little moments of happiness is what matters. You just need to find that again.” She took in another breath, her voice still soft and smooth as she spoke; not once faltering, “You need to move on, Argus. Forgive yourself, you have suffered enough. Truly, from what you’ve told me, you’ve done your time. Think about yourself for once, let yourself breathe and maybe along the way there will be a small glimmer of hope that can turn into something more, ya’know?”

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Argus Grim

She knew nothing about the time he’d done. Oh, if only she knew. Argus was not open to speaking of such things, not much anymore. He’d told Comet, but that was because he was sure that the male was going to leave him be so he could work up the courage to die. But he didn’t let him. He wanted help. Argus was many things, but he was not heartless. And Comet was reunited with the one he loved. It gave him a momentary hope that maybe if he came back here, Jorie would be there, apologetic and with a perfectly good explanation. She went to get food for the travels ahead. She was attacked. She had to recover. Argus would forgive her, and all would be well.

But she wasn’t here. There was no story for him. She was just gone. Like everyone else.

Safira’s honesty was refreshing, at least. She wasn’t promising him the world at his paws. Life was going to keep being awful, he was going to stay alone, but happiness wasn’t impossible. If she had rained flowers and smiles on him, he may not have taken anything she said at face value, but as she stood there telling him that nothing would ever be completely fine; but he could at least smile here and there, well. It made him feel less…heavy. Not optimistic. Just less heavy.

And then, there it was. A shadow of some kind of determination and resolve flickered in him and a small plan started to form in his mind. If he could force himself to eat, he’d be strong enough to leave. If he could catch something. Maybe if he went to the river and stayed still, one of those giant birds would land nearby. They were such wasteful beasts. They only ever ate three or four of the fish they captured, and the rest was left to rot on the banks. The thing could do the work for him and he would be on the way to recovery.

And he could leave this cursed hollow. Maybe even the entire valley. Return to the Shifting Sands. Face his crimes. Or maybe just go…somewhere else. Away from these hills. A forest perhaps. Argus preferred open spaces due to his upbringing, but being able to stay out of sight would be nice for a change. He was running out of energy to interact with others.

Argus didn’t say anything for a long time, a range of emotions showing on his face as he pondered and thought and planned. May as well. May as well just leave. He’d never see Jorie again. It irrevocably broke his heart, but it was the truth. He would never see Ayla again. The utter loneliness of those words in his mind crushed him flat. His dearest friends, the ones he loved so deeply, ripped from him.

“I think I’ll find a forest.” He said softly, blinking slowly with fatigue.

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Safira Lei

The silence that lasted after her words was something she wasn’t necessarily expecting. In fact, she expected him to retaliate against her. Say that wasn’t in his deck of cards or something. Say something to make her words not true in some sort of way, but instead, there was silence. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

She just sat and watched, allowed the quietness to sit and boil between them as he became lost in thought—from what she assumed. He had to be thinking about something, his eyes looked far…away. Maybe her speech had actually done some good. Another thing, she wasn’t practically expecting.

Forest? Oh god that dreaded forest. She hated the wolves there, truly, they were all dicks to her. But she hadn’t explored much of it, maybe there was some good out there somewhere. And really, these fields, these plains, didn’t seem to offer much but more dicks besides well, Argus. He didn’t seem like a dick. Not like that guy and girl who had judged her the minute they saw her.

Her fur bristled for a moment as she thought about them, her mind going back to how pricky and arrogant the male had seemed. Holding himself to some stature that was clearly just an illusion in his own mind—but then it simmered. Her anger simmered and she took a deep breath. Move on, Safira. She tried to tell herself over and over again, just to take deep breathes. To get them out of her head. There had to be more wolves like Argus around here somewhere, good wolves, wolves who weren’t completely dicks to everyone they met.

When her eyes came back to look at his, she scanned his body for a moment. He was planning a trip all the way back to the forest and he still…looked thin… Could he do it alone? Why was she suddenly feeling like she wanted to help him. What was wrong with her? But still, whatever compelled her to ask, she did not know, “Do you want some company on the trail?” She didn’t want to outright say that he looked a bit weak for the hike back to the forest but she was sure he already knew that. Winter was coming too and maybe company wouldn’t be so bad. But she wouldn’t force her own presence on him, he could decline and she would be alright with that. She had no plans, no destination. If he said no, she would be on her way—to wherever and hopefully something good would finally come out of that. Maybe.

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So Argus got attacked in a different thread that takes place after this one technically and is now on the run assuming they do not catch him, so they won’t be able to leave right now D: will keep you posted/this vague until the conclusion wraps up!

PS! He got away. He has bolted across the river and is in the Western Plains now!

Argus was genuinely surprised at the offer. She didn’t even know him. He didn’t know her. And she would definitely be the one doing all the grunt work until he got his strength back, if he did decide to leave for sure. Maybe he’d just said that to make her feel like she was helping. Maybe he did want to go. A forest would be nice. He could stay out of sight. He would only have to talk to someone if he wanted to. He was quite good at covering his trails.

But the idea was forming now. He was liking the idea of going away, with or without her. Argus considered the probability that he couldn’t do it without her. He would need to go quite far. The forest directly north was claimed, apparently. Or at the very least it was high traffic. Argus was okay with being far away from others for a while. And perhaps…he could get to know Safira along the way. Maybe. He would try the whole friend thing again. Maybe he could keep her safe this time. Maybe she wouldn’t leave suddenly without warning or a goodbye.

Why did he do these things to himself?

Feeling like he was setting himself up for even more heartache, Argus drew a breath and smiled…just a little bit.

“I can’t say I would hate it. I’ve…been alone. For a long time now. Met some here and there, but, nothing long-term. But we might have to go pretty far. There is a forest north, but a pack lives there. I don’t really want to be near organized groups for a while. Possibly ever.” A fair warning was in order, after all. Argus was no stranger to long travel. He quite liked that ocean he nearly threw himself into. Maybe he would follow the coast until he found trees.

“I’d like to stay here for a few days, one more at least. Just…in case. It’s stupid but, I know I’ll think about the what-if forever if I don’t.”

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