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Take Two: Over and over again
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Safira Lei
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Safira waited for his answer, her heart unexpectedly beating quicker with each second that passed. Since when did she ever travel with anyone else? Since when did she want the company of others? Since when did this become…her? But no matter what she believed to be herself, clearly her mind and her words were working against her. They had asked the question and now it was his choice to deny her or accept.

Would she care if he denied her?

Did she actually not want to be alone for once? Or was it because he seemed lost that she wanted to help? Even that was not the Safira way either.

God damn, what was this valley doing to her.

But when he smiled, her eyes flickered towards him and her heart slowed from it’s frantic march. He was accepting? She did not expect that.

Safira nodded, returning his own words with a small smile of her own, “I’m much the same,” Her voice was smooth as she spoke, hinting towards nothing of her actual feelings of surprise and hesitation, “I got no where to go, so traveling far is not an issue for me.” She paused and then gave a short nod towards his words about packs, “Don’t worry about that, we’re on the same page there.”

The raven colored female then gave a reassuring smile before speaking once more, “Maybe this will be good for the both of us. If you want, we can meet back here in a couple of days?”

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Argus Grim
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So this was happening. Argus knew he would have second thoughts the entire time, as he often would go back and forth between misery and hope, but this was happening. So long as he said yes, anyway. But he couldn’t suddenly change his mind now - she looked determined enough to want to do this, and maybe somewhere deep inside him Argus wanted someone to take him away from this place for good.

And so…he nodded.

“That…sounds good. It’ll give me time to clear my head on things.” Give him time to wait for Jorie a little longer, too. He obsessively patrolled during the day, smelling and sniffing, hoping he’d find her scent nearby. It never came up with anything, though. So maybe. Maybe it was just time to leave.

Maybe “she will never come back” was more than just a cynical thought.

He stopped thinking about it because it made him sad.

“I’ll try to eat something till then. Just to make it easier to go.” It was a tentative promise because his appetite was more of a problem than his will. But he would try. Even if it made him throw up, at least he ate it, right?

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Safira Lei
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She genuinely smiled. A real smile. Not mysterious in any way nor was it one that she just slapped on for any stranger who came across her. In fact, this one actually held hope and promise to it. He had said yes! Agreed! And maybe this would be a good start for the two of them to both find what they had lost.

She gave a small nod, “Of course, you can take the time you need. I understand.” Her eyes for a moment looked around her, she could definitely camp out here for a few nights. Winter wasn’t around quite yet and honestly the breeze of the water was nice against her skin. This could be their meeting place. For when he felt it was the right time to leave. “We can meet here and when you feel ready we can move onto somewhere better.”

And honestly as much as she wanted to be more hopeful with her words, that was all she could muster. Because well, Safira was cynical about life. She didn’t trust it and she didn’t believe that it would get any better, but for some reason she still hoped.

When he brought up food, her eyes couldn’t help but fall to his body. Just taking in how much energy he had left. He was probably right. He needed to eat. But what could he eat around here? Was there fish in the water? Perhaps…but she was never good at catching fish. Though for some odd reason, she wanted to try for him. God, since when did she actually care. The feeling made her skin crawl for a moment.

“I can find some food? Bring it back—you can rest?” It was another offer that she wasn’t sure why she was giving, but nonetheless she would definitely follow through if he wanted.

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