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Time Bomb 
Late autumn, morning --- [left of Stormborn Alliance, a bit closer to the coast]

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Mordor Jeames

Well, this was new. He had finally left the mountains, and he had come across a huuuuuuge field of tall grasses. Aha. Now where should he go next? He could go anywhere! The whole world was open to him. This place looked rather boring, so maybe he should just continue on. His paw was still a little sore, but not too bad; he could walk on it again, which was great. But actually running and putting pressure? Not so great. Mordor huffed, and moved through the grass, eyes focused on whatever was right in front of him… nothing.

This place had nothing interesting. There were barely any trees, there was no water around here. Where the fuck? Oh. Ohohohohohohohohoh he saw something interesting! There was prey up the hill just a bit right of him! Long legged, but not quite like a deer or an elk. He had never seen it before, but Mordor was sure it was food.

However, how was he going to catch one with his hurt paw? Sure, he could run and risk hurting it more, but eh. He was not in the mood for that. He had better things to do than getting himself hurt.

Maybe he could just watch them move, figure out their movements and weaknesses, and go from there when his paw wasn’t sore anymore. That would take a lot of time, though. Fuck. Oh well, he stood there, and he watched them, anyway.

Jun 28, 2017 02:28 AM

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Carter J

Carter watched and waited and then waited a little bit more. Her paws ached, but they had hurt before and they would most likely hurt in the future, so she’d get over it. She was stuck on following the herd, hoping that one was ill or young.

Her stoic gaze glazed over the scene once more, but the dream of food had been shattered at the sight of another wolf. Fuuccck. This place was full of wolves. She hated wolves. Carter never participated in group hunts. She’d take what was left after. And she was not about to start hunting with others now.

Hunched down, Carter’s matted monochromatic fur sunk into the plain’s tall leafy grass. The mud that caked the one side of her body had worn off only a little bit. The brown tint flaked off now and then. Carter had forgotten about the experience in the river, but she remember the other wolf there. Fuck wolves.

Carter decided that she’d get a closer look. She assumed the herd of prey did not recognize the other a little bit away or her tracking. She slunk closer, eyes prying, and feet stinging.

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Mordor Jeames

As Mordor watched the creatures move, he noticed another blob in the distance. A blurred figure that was not one of the creatures. It was much smaller, and pale. It looked like a wolf. Mordor frowned. What was that wolf thinking? Were they alone? Mordor sniffed, but all he could smell was the scents of the animals, and of that one wolf. There were no other wolves around but him, it seemed. And that wolf ever there was stalking. Were they really going to hunt on their own? Did they have a death wish?

Suddenly, Mordor had so many ideas. Either he would join in the hunt and take the prey after, annoy the shit out of this wolf. Or, he would just watch, and let them take down a horse, and then take the food. Or maybe, he could just watch this wolf get kicked in the head by those animals’ long legs. That also sounded like a fun show to watch. Hmmmm. What to do.

He decided to watch them a little longer, from a safe distance. He would make up his mind soon enough. So far, they had not started the chase yet.

Jun 28, 2017 01:56 PM — Post #2

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Carter J

Carter continued to stalk. The horse herd was slightly spread out. Carter did not usually acknowledge much, but she knew that this was a hard task to do alone. She wouldn’t ask the other wolf for help, much less even directly acknowledge their presence.

Carter glanced around further for a weak or sick prey. Nothing was coming up immediately. She’d have to set them running perhaps and catch a straggler. Carter’s muted eyes flickered in the other wolf’s direction….hhaaahha… what if? The edges of the female’s plump ebony lips twitched. That would definitely scatter them.

Without a second thought, she was already walking around the herd, ready to push their direction. What could be the consequences? Carter would find out when she got started.

Jun 28, 2017 02:16 PM — Post #3

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Mordor Jeames

As he kept watching them stalk to the creatures, he came up with the idea to just stand there and wait. Wait until the chase began, wait until they got kicked in the head, or something. And then he would maybe get an easy meal out of it all. Or maybe he would not get any food, but still a nice spectacle. A show to watch. He was bored, and anything was fun right now. Even if it meant just standing there and watching. At least he would have something to watch.

But suddenly the other wolf circled the group and it seemed the animals’ direction would change. Was the wolf going to chase them in Mordor’s direction? Was this an invitation to hunt, or some sort of sick game? Mordor narrowed his eyes, and widened his stance. He was ready for anything. He would wait for any changes.

Jun 28, 2017 02:39 PM — Post #4

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Carter J

Carter had choices. She could either, first, push the herd now as she was rounding around them, or, second, push through the middle to a projected goal, or three, push them were she and the other wolf were the farthest. All options had the goal of direction towards the wolf.

She trudged around the herd, her muted eyes attempting to gain any knowledge.

She did /not/ want the herd to be pushed back onto her. She would not be able to out run the herd. She also didn’t know what to expect of the other wolf.. Well she actually never knew what to expect from any wolf. They could be friendly, they could be evil, they could be scared and weak, they could question her. A little thought of exiting the scene came to mind..but…

She couldn’t just let the opportunity just slip her by! How often is a herd of this particular prey out in the open. She would not have to hunt for days. A corpse could be buried and cached. A cached meal was her favorite type of meal.

She’d have to act now. Carter was not paying attention to the other wolf. She concluded that they would remain in their spot.

What option would she take? The herd could divulge around the other wolf or trample them. Carter wanted the herd to split so she could pick out a straggler. She was treating the scenario like she was commanding a river and the other wolf was a rock. Hopefully, they were a sturdy rock.

Carter chose option three. She wanted to be as far away as possible from the other wolf.

A disadvantage of her choice was that the herd might completely avoid the other wolf and shift left or right. Carter was not one to acknowledge that there is reason large hooved prey is hunted in groups, mostly because she never hunted with others.

Carter did not realized that maybe the prey knew she was alone in this advantageous task. She’d look quite silly if they did not run.. and perhaps they might remain stalled.

She dove up from the tall grass and plummeting at the herd. She looked like a reanimated version of herself. Her tail swished high, and her appendages extended great lengths to gain speed upon the still animals. She barked forcefully a few times as she began to come closer.

She’d wait and see if they moved as she snarled and snapped her teeth to get them running.

Jul 01, 2017 03:01 PM — Post #5

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Name Player
Mordor Jeames

Mordor stood there, bracing himself, and he waited. What were they going to do? Just stay there like a statue? Nope, they got up all of a sudden, and started running towards the herd. Barking and growling. The herd began to move, of course. Mordor kept his eyes on them, watching them move, change direction.

Most of the creatures came his way, dangerously close. But he was not afraid, and he growled and snarled just as much. Even daring to latch on one of the animal’s legs. He got a good firm grip, but he got carried along at full speed and bumped into the ground. Mordor was dragged along for a little bit, until he lost his firm grip, and decided it was best to let go.

Laying there on the ground, probably covered in bruises from being dragged around, he brought himself to his paws with a wheeze. He did not hunt for food today, he hunted for the fun of it. He turned his head and shot the other wolf a glance, before chasing after the horse he had latched into before. Either the other wolf could go for this one or another, it did not matter. Mordor was going to torture this animal. He wasn’t as fast with his hurt paw, but he was holding on. Mordor was no quitter.

As he snarled in the chase, drool flew from his mouth and lips. A wild and viscous beast. Blood thirsty and dangerous. His shoulder hurt from the fall, one of his ribs hurt lightly, his paw still hurt only just a little bit; Mordor did not care.

Jul 02, 2017 02:38 PM — Post #6

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Name Player
Carter J

The herd ran… eventually..

A small cleavage was gained from the wolf’s presence. Carter noted that the tactic was not successful. She would not attempt such a plan again; however, she had /other/ things to worry about, obviously.

Carter’s lungs burned from the icy air. She was not a runner. She scanned the bolting prey.. fuck.. this was overwhelming.. the thunderous gallop pummeled the ground with an overwrought vibration.

Carter could not focus. This was irritating.

She loped slowly but surely. Much like her inflamed lungs, Carter’s growing animation brimmed like flames being fed air. Her usually sagging lips separated with a purpose. A glow of health cried over her typical boring, muted, eyes. She was alert, cautious, and with a purpose. What a thrill from her dull existence in a land of undesirables. 

Her vivacious gaze caught a hold of the other wolf in the crowd. What a spirit they have, Carter thought. The way the wolf caught the animal in their jowls, was dragged… and flashed /her/ a look!... then continued with an unruly will.

Carter recognized the ~other~, acknowledged their turbulent behavior.

She made an effort to file the rest of the herd away as she again, slowly but surely, loped at the targeted animal. What a savory moment.

High off of adrenaline, Carter attempted to reach the darken wolf. She was so so so close to assisting.

She didn’t even regard that the wolf held the smell of a male! It would be an afterthought in such a chase.

Jul 02, 2017 10:28 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Mordor Jeames

Mordor continued he chase, going after the animal he had clamped his teeth into seconds before. He did not pay much mind to the other wolf. He wasn’t even sure if she was behind him or not. All Mordor cared about was keeping up with his chosen prey, and keep running. Snapping at the legs, he wanted to make it panic some more.

The animal kicked with its hind legs, something Mordor had not expected because he had never hunted this kind of prey before, but he managed to avoid a deadly kick to the head. Instead, the hoof scraped the top of his head, just next to his right ear. It stung lightly, but Mordor was having too much fun. Putting his life on the line, it sure made him feel alive. A rush of adrenaline. He loved that feeling.

Jul 03, 2017 07:49 AM — Post #8

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Name Player
Carter J

Carter sure was out of shape.. or maybe she had asthma. The fire in her lungs licked her breath with a ruggedness she’d always known. It was just a feeling of being alive for her; however, she was just barely reaching the other wolf and the horse.

And when the sight of the animal’s outward kick barely missing the male, Carter was engulfed with a sense of power. To take down such an animal.. that can kill a wolf with one strike? It was no mouse, no rabbit, but a god.

Carter acknowledged the tactics of the other wolf. He most know what he is doing with the snarling and running and biting.

She’d follow.

She pummeled herself forward, extending her insignificant limbs with a degree of versatility. Nevertheless, she’d run out of steam soon if she did not slow her pace. It was now or never for her.

And Carter was finally..finally.. catching up! The plump female was coming up on the side of the horse, the magnificent prey. She felt fear as her gaze looked upon it. Fear of loosing speed, fear of biting on prey that could kill, fear of attempting to latch on, fear of failure, fear of the other wolf. What was the other wolf doing? What should she do?

With a short burst, Carter lunged forward, jaws snapping, saliva flying. She aimed for the stomach, but got a loose grip of the flank. She held as long as she could.. which wasn’t much because Carter was ready to land, not tumble, before she even jumped.

Carter hit the ground hard. She released with the intent to tear flesh, and she got some fur.. and maybe some skin. The smell of its blood was… invigorating.

Carter slowed her pace. She’d stay a few spaces behind the other wolf for a bit… then she’d come back in a bit. Carter’s chest hurt from asthma and now bruises from the landing. She also wanted the animal not to freak out on her. That was what the male was for.

Jul 04, 2017 10:47 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Mordor Jeames

Mordor ran, and he snarled and snapped. The creature was panicking, trying to get away, trying to flee. But Mordor was keeping up with it, and holding on. The top of his head stung lightly and there was a soreness in his front paw from the fall days before. But he refused to stop now. Instead he pushed on, even harder. The other wolf was behind him, he could hear her breaths. She seemed to be struggling, and Mordor wanted to laugh. But he himself wasn’t in the greatest shape, either, so he refrained from it. He was no longer a young wolf. Instead he was growing old. But he sure enough still had the willpower to keep going. And Mordor would keep on going until the very end of his life. The male had already promised that to himself.

The female was catching up to them, and making an attack. So close to the legs. Foolish. But then again, Mordor was foolish, too. But he did it for the adrenaline, for the fun of it. Putting his life on the line just to feel invincible for just a second. He was addicted to that feeling. She fell back again, and Mordor’s eyes followed her for a moment.

This creature looked like one that needed to be outrun, that needed to get tired, first. But he was not going to waste his breathe by yelling that to the wolf behind him. He did not feel like giving her any advice on how to hunt. Mordor was no charity. Mordor was doing this for himself. He wanted to feel that feeling again, and pushed himself to go faster. Wincing at the pain in his paw, for a moment, he caught up on the animal’s right side and made a snap for the side, hip and the hind legs. Taking skin and hairs just like the other wolf had dome. The animal was panicking. There was a little bit of blood. But not enough to get it to bleed to death. But soon… if he got more chances to attack.

Jul 05, 2017 05:17 AM — Post #10

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Name Player
Carter J

A fat female and an old wolf. What an excellent probability for catching a youthful prey!

Carter watched the male, her eyes narrowing as she watched him throw himself upon the horse, basically accomplishing as much as she did. Carter was not having a lot of fun now. She wanted the prey to be upon the ground now, her teeth in its throat. Carter would not leave the scene. Maybe she could stop the male for the sake of her pride. She could grab him by the tail? Hold him down? Let the horse escape?

Carter’s usual quick decisions were lacking their hasty follow through. She was already busy! It was a lot to think and move about at once.

She did not expect this to happen when she originally pushed the herd. This was one of the consequences.

Carter snorted loudly. The open plain was not doing much good. She needed this animal in the forest.. or the sand.. something to slow it down. The ugly wolf up ahead would not be able to finish it without her. She had value in this hunt. Carter refused to have her presence denied. But she couldn’t continue this Indian run of a hunt. Her body and patience would not handle it.

She’d run and run and run and run. She stayed mostly behind the male, scanning the horizon for something, anything, a group of trees, bushes, brambles, to get this horse stuck in.

Jul 05, 2017 09:12 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Mordor Jeames

Tire it out. That was his plan. Wolves were made for running. So were these animals, apparently. But wolves run run for longer if they managed their speed. Mordor was impatient, though. He and the female had already made attacks while the animal was still not exhausted enough. But maybe he could make it bleed more this way, make it tired more easily. Even though he was pretty much wasting his own energy. It did not matter. He was feeling adrenaline. That was all he needed. It was part of the hunt.

Another jump at the creature’s side, and he bit at the flesh again. He got a good bite, this time. Tearing out a chunk. It were moments like this that made his risky hunts worth it. Of course it was not enough to make the animal bleed out right away, but it was hurt now. And it slowed. Mordor grinned, muzzle stained with blood, and he growled. At the creature, making it panic more. The animal was slowing down and trying to kick him. It failed.

Jul 06, 2017 04:48 AM — Post #12

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Name Player
Carter J

Carter began to creep into her old, dead shell. Why was she doing this again? Did she have better things to do?

No, Carter thought, I certainly don’t have better things to do.

Keep running then.


Okay, I guess.

Oh.. look.. the male did something.


Why was she running with another wolf? Especially a male?

Carter reminded herself that she hated wolves. In fact, she was hating this fucking horse a little bit more.

Carter decided she’d do something too. What was the word when two wolves work together with a common goal? It was something from a distance past, on the tip of her tongue. Maybe her birth-giver said it while trying to explain something to her.


The word, her birth-giver, and whatever birth-giver was talking about were all forgotten.

The hefty female sprinted forward again. Carter wanted a piece of the animal…aaaaaahhh… yearning, reaching, extending with a great effort. She decided she’d bite in the other wolf’s accomplishment. It was beautiful, an open gash, pounding blood. It soaked the animal’s dark winter fur.

Carter would wait for the animal to kick first, then lunge. She wasn’t trying to get her ass killed or anything. Snarls and barks followed. A little swing of a hoof came her way and she dipped in its expectancy, ready to spring into action.

Except her teeth closed on themselves, empty. The horse side skidded to the other side and let out a breathy noise. It was expecting her. What a disappointment.

She’d try again later. Time to run some more. Why couldn’t the horse just trip?

Jul 06, 2017 10:52 PM — Post #13

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Name Player
Mordor Jeames

He had gotten a good bite, and the female bit in the same piece of flesh after Mordor had gotten his chance. The animal was panicking so much, and bleeding badly now. It was slowing, as it grew tired. Mordor made another snap for the animal’s legs, scraping skin and hair off the bone. Its blood tasted delicious.

The male kept snapping viciously. Legs, side, hip. He was trying to get as many wounds on the creature as possible, trying to make it bleed a lot. He wanted it to bleed a lot. Bleeding was fun. And blood smelled and tasted nice. Tearing more into the side with another snap, the animal stopped and literally turned so it could kick Mordor in the face.

Another hoof scraped his shoulder this time, dangerously. He managed to jump aside. And while he almost could have been kicked to death, he was grinning. The creature had stopped, for now. But was it going to run again?

Jul 08, 2017 08:03 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Carter J

The male was vicious, he snapped at the prey constantly. Carter preferred the ferocity in the end. Chasing prey was one thing, tearing its lifeless body a part was another. Getting to see what was inside, how it could bend was invigorating. Carter remembered ripping a part the rabbit in front of the yearling. What a good time she had then. Fuck the wolf by the river. She was completely fine in who she was. The male here had no problem with her!

Except Carter had barely done anything to reveal her nature… if one did not include attempting to push a herd upon another wolf. She was not really thinking.

With the horse distracted by the grinning male, Carter scurried around the horse, in an attempt to form a corral as it kicked upon the wolf. Hopefully, it would stay where it was.

Carter danced with it, constantly pivoting her fore and hind legs, gray eyes tracing its next movement. Oh.. to the left? Carter barked aggressively, pulling at her own vocal cords, sashaying to greet the horse. It reared up in fear, throwing its hooved fists. 

She expected the male to join the dance circle.

Jul 08, 2017 10:29 PM — Post #15

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