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Siren of the tides
AW | late afternoon, 46f, ocean breeze

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Babette Dapper

The beach was the same as it always had been. She still found it dirty and unpleasant, but not enough that she couldn’t enjoy the beauty of it. The waves were soothing and calming and it reminded her of Ale again. She wondered if the boy had found someone to look after him. Babette had only met him the once, but he was so puppy-like, it was a wonder he was still alive at all. Perhaps he had finally starved.

She wasn’t too far south of the borders of Pace’s tribe, but she was just enjoying some space for now. It was a little warmer today than it had been and she was able to sit with her paws all on a rock and appreciate the sunlight. Soon enough the cold grip of winter would have her seeking shelter, no doubt.

Hunger gnawed at her and it reminded Babette that she hadn’t eaten since the incident in the forest. Perhaps she should try to catch a fish… Oh, but that had been so awful last time! She paused to lick the tiny spot the branch had snagged. It’d taken a clump of fur with it - explaining the burning sensation when it happened - but it’d grow back pretty quickly she thought.

Jul 03, 2017 02:08 AM

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Kyoren Sierra

Kyoren made his way from rock to terrible rock. It hurt his paws to do such a thing, but the sand was even worse than the pain. Oh how it stuck to his fur, and found it’s way into every nook and crack that was available on his body.

No, he loathed the sand so very much, and although it was different than the burning desert sand, it was just as terrible.

This is why he continued his jumping, panting as both pain and exhaustion crept through him. He should have turned back to the tall grasses long ago, but his own stubborness would not allow him to do so. No way in hell was he going to let the sand and rock get the best of him.

So focused upon his rock hopping, Kyoren did not notice the smell of female in the distance, although if he had, he may of been a slightly more chipper than he currently was.

Jul 03, 2017 06:17 PM — Post #1

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Babette Dapper

The longer she sat there, the more the ocean seemed appealing. She would regret it later, and she knew it, but she was hungry and there was perfectly acceptable food right there in front of her. Either temporary discomfort from the ocean, or walk inland for a ways to try and hunt something. Both of which sounded equally unappealing.

Her head turned to glance thoughtfully toward the grass further up the shore and she noted, a bit far off, a wolf hopping awkwardly across the rocks. It didn’t seem to be comfortable doing it, nor had it seemed to have noticed her.

Babette sat still and watched other than her head turning to focus on him. Wondering what brought a wolf here if he wasn’t so willing to put his paws in the sand. Then again, here she was, hating it just as much and still with bits of sand here and there that would probably bother her for days.

“Good afternoon!” she shouted into the ocean breeze. Maybe he had already noticed her and just didn’t care.

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Kyoren Sierra

Hop. Hop. Slide. Scramble. Balance. Hop.

This was basically all Kyoren did as he slowly and not so steadly made his way down the devils land. It was working however, in keeping his paws nice and clean, free of the wretched sand, and so he kept to it, just barely catching the greeting of the female as it broke through his concentration.

Steadying himself upon the rock he had just been scrambling downwards on, Kyoren’s bright eyes turned upwards the see the beautiful outline of what was clearly a female. Nodding his head, Kyoren noted the few yards distance between the two of them, before picking up his jumping pace a bit to make his way closer to her.

“Not so good when I’m surrounded by sand, but nice to meet you all the same.” He replied once he had finally come closer, eyes making a quick run through of her fur. Pretty, hopefully her mind would not ruin that.

Jul 04, 2017 09:06 PM — Post #3

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Epidemic J

Epidemic had been minding her own business, enjoying the beach, living her life, having a good time, and it all came to a halt when she smelled something absolutely revolting. And honey, it was not the ocean. It was the Great Advantage.

The russet female considered the ocean’s natural breezes to be a little obnoxious, the constant mixing of smells could make anyone nauseous. It had its advantages though. Like, smelling that thin trace of an annoyance in the air, so you know, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Epidemic loped slowly down the beach coast, her amber eyes scanning. She wanted to find him.

And what she saw was the Great Advantage with another wolf. A female to be exact. Did they know each other? Epidemic was wary. She had a great pride when it came to being female. Her mother made sure to instill such a quality into a young female. And holy shit was that babe large as Epidemic was thick.

At first, she kept her distance, but did the other female know about Kyoren’s rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, cunt behavior!?? Epidemic couldn’t idle by.

She emitted a low woof, eyes flickering back and forth casually between the two other wolves. She tried not to sneer to much at the sight of the male. A straightened tail and body language of caution shifted at Kyoren was the best Epidemic could do for now. She didn’t know if they knew each other yet.

Hopefully, the female would pick up the phone that Epidemic was ringing. He is a danger….. to Epidemic’s pride. The other wolf didn’t need to know that though.

The Great Advantage, also know as Kyoren, had hurt her pride. She hadn’t dropped the thought of humiliating him. Epidemic never ~really~ had good intentions.

Jul 04, 2017 11:54 PM — Post #4

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Babette Dapper

Babette watched with her usual curiosity as the male came closer. He was rather plain as males went. At least, in her opinion. He looked like a typical timber fellow with a sharp, warm gaze. She appraised him as he sat on the rock, lifting her snout a little at the way he surveyed her body. Good, he had taken notice of her absolutely distinguished breeding.

“Please, the pleasure is mine. I quite share your distaste with the sand. It just gets in between the toes and digs in. Like so many little teeth,” she grinned, though not directly at him, as that might be too forward.

Before much more could be said, a strange russet female - who was too large, oh my! - approached them. This one didn’t seem happy to see them at all and was casting a suspicious look between the male and Babette. Babs arched her brows as her ears perked up with interest. What was all this then? A jealous mate? They certainly didn’t seem to smell like one another, not like mates would.

“Might I help you, miss?” she asked.

Jul 05, 2017 04:31 PM — Post #5

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Kyoren Sierra

The female spoke eloquently enough, although Kyoren didn’t know if he actually liked that, for sometimes when wolves spoke in such a way, it came off as a little bit snobbish. It was almost as if these wolves thought themselves better, and that was not something that Kyoren tolerated. No wolf was better than he, for he was the closest thing to perfect you could get.

“My thoughts exactly, there is nothing I hate more than the prickling of dirt.” He mused back, turning as the female did, to see… Oh how fucking great. It was the dumbass female from the range.

Why could he not have one single intelligent conversation without some dumbass interfering? Also, what in the hell was with that look she was giving him. Kyoren scowled back at her, twitching an ear towards the second female.

“The only thing you could help her with is by getting her a new brain.” He commented haughtily with a huff.

Jul 06, 2017 12:04 AM — Post #6

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Epidemic J

Might I help you, miss?

Who.. wait.. what! What the hell did this bitch just say? Why was she acting so snobby?! Might the female help Epidemic? Bitch, could you??? She could literally turn back right now and not warn her of The Great Advantage and his bullshit. Epidemic would of stormed off right then and there if Kyoren had not spoke.


She cocked her head back cheekily, stronger sass came reeked her enunciating “Speak when spoken to.”

“You see, miss,” Epidemic tilted her head towards the amazonian female,” I met this,” a sweeping paw flicked disdainfully at the male,” while travelling across the range.  And when I /smelled/ that he was here! I couldn’t let him try and bamboozle an intelligent female, like yourself of course by the way, because he is a complete and utter cunt. I simply prefer that the trash,” she sided eyed Kyoren up and down,“stays where it belongs… which is /far/, /far/ away”

Epidemic did not usually act like this… She knew this. But Kyoren made her so mad! AHH! She should of been more suave with her insults. The way the other female acted, so possssh, made Epidemic feel like she needed to relate her on some level…

She hungered for Kyoren’s response. Reveal why you are called The Great Advantage! Don’t be shy!

Jul 06, 2017 09:57 PM — Post #7

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Name Player
Babette Dapper

(sorry life troubles~ back to the daily grind now)

This was such a curious predicament and it was everything she could muster to keep her face placid and neutral. The male said something rather unsavory and she might have quipped as such, except that the female was also quick to jut in with a bit of a rant. Babette’s brows arched and she looked between them before taking a deep breath. What would her mother have said in a moment like this? Surely there was something she could grasp from the elegant woman that would suit her well now.

“Well, let’s see,” she murmured softly. “All wolves can be forgiven, you know? Ladies first, madam? What was it that he did which was so… rude?” Because being the mediary in something like this was best, right? She gave a soft smile to Kyoren. See, wait your turn. She had time for everyone. Of course she did, otherwise she wouldn’t be Babette.

Jul 09, 2017 09:20 PM — Post #8

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Kyoren Sierra

What in the hell was this crazy bitch going on about. She was the one that scared off his meal with her trampling about. How was she about to tell him to stay far away, when she was the one that had come up to him twice now. Geez, Kyoren knew that he was handsome, but he didn’t like the fact that it attracted such annoying females along with it.

He opened his mouth to speak, but the other female spoke first, and something about the way she looked at him left even him speechless. She had this certain aspect about her, and Kyoren was debating currently if he liked it or not. At least she wasn’t immediately staking him out to be the bad guy, when for once he was not.

Jul 10, 2017 02:18 PM — Post #9

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Name Player
Epidemic J

Epidemic felt like the waves of favor left her. AH! She came across too strong, too sassy. She messed it all up. She’d recover though! Epi was too hype before, now she’d relax. Kyoren hadn’t even had the time to speak like the ass he was because Miss Howdy Do cut him off. She wished she could of snorted forcefully, instead she’d have to do that later.

Epi did not appreciate the female being a mediator, attempting to solve the issue. It would make Epidemic and Kyoren look similar! It makes Epidemic look bad! Like she’s crazy! Why were her emotions so high right now?

This was a battle between her and Kyoren. Who could make each other look worse?

“I apologize for coming across.. rather brash.” She apologized to the female, not Kyoren.

“When I met Kyoren, I tried to be peaceful, but he continued deride and insult me and insisted on fighting him because I would not roll over and cry from his trash talking. He even insisted that as a female, I have the greater disadvantage at life. Thus, I nicknamed him The Great Advantage™ for being a prick.”

She paused for a second, giving a glaring look at the Great Advantage™. She actually did not know what he insisted about when being of a “greater advantage in life”, but one can assume it meant everything about Epidemic, including being a female. So technically, Epidemic was not lying.

She realized now that she should of held her tongue and pushed Kyoren to talk first. NOW SHE’D REALLY LOSE. Fuck. He’d be able to twist her words and shit.

She spoke to the female again. “I didn’t want Kyoren to harass another female or degrade you.”

With that, Epidemic waited eagerly for a response, eyes peering gently at the other female. She was genuine about her latter statement at least.

Jul 10, 2017 05:34 PM — Post #10

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Name Player
Babette Dapper

Babette was content to sit with each wolf on either side and listen to them. It was the proper thing to do, the correct thing to do. Everyone must dote on her and listen to her clearly sound judgement. Then again, she was second-guessing her decision when she herd the very one-sided opinion of the female.

Then she shrugged, lifting her head slightly. “We are the less fortunate, depending on where you come from,” she responded simply. Her own strict childhood came to mind again, as it had when she’d talked to Pace. Sure, the boys had plenty of fun. But she’d had to… well, it hadn’t been awful. It’d just been restrictive. “However, I am perfectly capable of handling males who harass me,” she stated clearly. It was perhaps a bit cold, but only so much as to show she didn’t appreciate the implications there.

“Kyoren?” she said, looking over to him. He really was the handsome sort. She might have even flirted without this female showing up.

Jul 11, 2017 01:58 PM — Post #11

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Name Player
Kyoren Sierra

Kyoren was going through a true test of patience all while the bitch talked, spouting some nonsense that were not entirely true. The female was not peaceful by any means when she had approached him, no she had the nerve to scare off his prey, and did not once apologize for it. He had not insulted her as much as she claimed, and he had simply let her know of his irritation at her own clumsiness.

Eyes narrowing as the female continued to spout her lies, Kyoren watched the other girl, waiting for her reaction. She didn’t show much, and perhaps that was a good thing, and as it was his turn to speak, Kyoren did, eyes turning back to the bitch.

“First off, the rude one was you, scaring off my prey and then having the audacity to not even apologize for it. I never wished to fight, and it was you who kept asking for one, not once did I even try to attack you, nor say that I would. You simply place words into your own mind, I also never claimed I was better than you for being a male.” Although he had thought it, “That right there is a lie, it was you who harassed me, and I believe this wolf here can atest that I have not harassed her in any way since you arrived and before hand.”

Jul 13, 2017 05:33 PM — Post #12

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Name Player
Epidemic J

Epidemic’s jaw dropped. Oh my goodness. If there was a god above, were they watching? Could they see this!?!? She slammed a heavy foot on the ground, splitting the sand, forcing herself forward to Kyoren, her body tense like the knitted eyebrows above her raging caramel eyes.

“I did apologize.” Each word fell hard, twisting downwards.

Epidemic stepped closer, her tiny black nose pinched,“You didn’t instigate a fight? Truly, Kyoren? Do you hear yourself? What you say? Was it me who talked about how big I am? How I was trained by GOD HIMSELF?!”

She craned her head at him,“And what is the disadvantage that I have, obviously from my physical appearance, since you barely know me. Is it the coat I wear? Is it my voice? My scent? My name that you don’t remember! Or is it something else that doesn’t need to be said? You’re whole being is a front, except you have a penis to go along with it.” Epidemic was almost snarling every word,“Maybe the reason you don’t remember my apology is because your dick was shoved in your ears, whispering the truth you want to hear.”

Epidemic snapped her head back to look at the female, locking eyes with her,“Us females may have less fortunate situations, but nothing stops /us/ from becoming greater than it,” her eyes looked the female up and down in slight disgust and aggravation,“Males, wolves in general, like this are the reason for those less fortunate situations you speak of!”

With a huff the proud female turned back to Kyoren,“And right back to what you just said, The Great Advantage™. OF COURSE, you haven’t harassed her yet. You are still hiding behind that ugly mask of yours, dicks stuffed in your ears. You try and slide in here all smooth, but I know who you are inside. I don’t care if Miss Dolly over here recognizes what I am doing at all. In the end, she’ll be played if you try and wiggle out of this by attempting to act smooth.”

END RANT. Epidemic was out of breath. She was all or nothing right now. All this talking had shaken her up, slight twitches jolted her fore and hind legs. For once, the female would not apologize to herself for her outburst.

Jul 14, 2017 12:15 AM — Post #13

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Name Player
Babette Dapper

Babette found herself shuffling backward so that the two wolves could get to each other without her own pretty hide getting in the middle. Things were certainly heated here, wowee! She nodded with Kyoren’s words but then the female had another outburst.

Such profanity! Babette just stared open-jawed at her, eyes wide in shock. This was not how a lady behaved. Not at all! The lithe female puffed up her chest and bristled slightly - possibly the first time in her life doing it out of frustration or aggression. Her cold gaze angled on the fat woman in front of her and she took a deep breath.

“Miss Dolly indeed!” she exclaimed. “You need to leave. Your presence is most unsavory. I would rather spend time with a fetid skunk. You come in here claiming to have my best interest in your heart, but you certainly are quick to get your own revenge. Either you take your leave or I will mine.” Her words were biting, and she knew they would be. Normally so positive, something about this brash female had rubbed her the wrong way.

If Babs was sure of anything, it was that this woman was not the sort she wished to mingle with. The red female’s words were accusing and mocking.

Jul 14, 2017 12:32 AM — Post #14

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Name Player
Kyoren Sierra

Sorry guys

Oh god, here came yet another rant from the girl. Did she not know how to condense her sentences so that she was not constantly yapping on and on? Kyoren doubted she held the brain capacity for such a thing, and he stared blankly at the female as he allowed the words to filter through one ear and out the other.

He wasn’t sure when exactly stopped, but by the time he tuned in again, the new female, the smart one, was speaking again. Kyoren actually held interest in this one, and with the swiveling of the ear, Kyoren listened, and held back the laugh that wished to escape him.

It seemed the female did have a good sense about her. “I believe the third party should be the one to leave, when they were the last to arrive, and were certainly unwanted.

Jul 17, 2017 04:45 PM — Post #15

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