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[summons] late autumn | midday | light rain | looking for wood family

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Once again, one of his pack-mates seemed to have gone missing.

And once again, Atlas was left fretting, wondering what could have happened and what should be done about it.

The Titan walked along the southern bank of Thunder Creek, keeping near the water’s edge but not so close that he could actually see it — only hear the steady rush of its current through the trees, meshing with the light patter of rain on the canopy overhead. And all the while, his features were shadowed in concern. He hadn’t encountered Rhian since before his and Inigo’s trip to the Shrouded Pines, and his efforts to find her after their return had turned up nothing. Which was… more than a little troubling. She was his friend, after all. Not to mention one of the oldest members of the Alliance still left. She had a mate there, too. Kids.

And she was the pack’s one and only healer.

While Atlas had made an effort to search out any sign of her in the time since the trip, it was becoming readily apparent that Rhian was nowhere in the territory. And judging by the lack of fresh scents, she hadn’t been there for some time now. There was, of course, the chance that she’d simply wandered off to somewhere and not felt it crucial to let him know. Maybe she’d told Sam, and the male was casually waiting for her return.

So instead of dreading the worst, Atlas resolved not to jump to conclusions… and just try to locate the missing Warden’s mate.

He’d come to the area of the creek where he knew the Wood family to reside. After sniffing around for a minute, he lifted his snout from the forest floor and tossed his head back in a couple of clipped barks. Just to see if anybody was home. Then he’d… go from there, he supposed.

Note: I have permission from Jeames for Atlas to find that Rhian has vanished and her scent is therefore faded. She also indicated that I could go with the assumption that the rest of the Wood clan is still around. If that’s not true for anyone, pls just give me a holler~!

Jul 05, 2017 04:17 PM

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Jingo fenshae

When Athena had told him that families lived out here, he hadn’t known that Rhian was among them.  He hadn’t smelled her here, anyway, which was of course the problem.

But just now, the new warden didn’t know that was a problem. 

He was simply here looking for a place to nap, and maybe sniffing about optimistically for more carrion.  Old habits die hard.

But the titan’s wood roused him from a doze, and he jerked awake, feeling instantly and irrationally guilty, like he’d been caught sleeping on the job.

He half-fell from his perch on a felled tree and rapidly shook himself awake before trotting out to meet Atlas, blinking rapidly in a “no sir I definitely was not asleep two minutes ago” way.

“Oh.  Hey.  What’s up?”

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

There came a rustling, scrabbling kind of noise from somewhere in the woods: like something scraping on bark. Atlas drew to a halt and stood peering quietly into the trees until someone came into view. It wasn’t exactly someone he was hoping to find, but he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the pack’s newest member.

“Jingo,” he called his name fondly, offering him a little wave of his tail by way of greeting. It was a sort of subdued gesture, given his current state of mind. But it was something.

There was a pause there, wherein the Titan considered whether he should make small talk first or just… dive right into the subject at hand. He didn’t really want to fling his worries on Jingo, but at the same time he realized that the male might possess some information that he didn’t. So after waffling about it for all of two seconds, Atlas decided to come right out with it.

“Have you heard from Rhian in the past little while?” His smile had already become something like a wince. “It seems like she hasn’t been around lately.”

He spelled his concerns out plainly — only without all of the worry he felt welling up inside. Not that Jingo wouldn’t be able to tell, of course. It was practically written all over his face.

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Jingo fenshae

He responded to the warmth in his voice with a big doofy grin, still not at all tired of having someone be nice to him, of feeling welcome somewhere. 

But the grin froze and faded at the Titan’s expression, heart immediately sinking even before any words had been spoken.

“Not since the day we met,” he said, and drooped a bit. He had been looking forward to getting to know her better, and sharing the news that he was a warden now, but he hadn’t seen her at all.

The scabs on his shoulders, where he’d been pecked at by vultures, served as a physical reminder of the healer’s absence.

“You don’t think something bad….?”

Jul 05, 2017 05:01 PM — Post #3

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Jingo had a big ol’ grin on his face, and seeing it freeze like that just about killed him. Atlas did his best to maintain that bare wisp of a smile still hanging on by a thread, but it was fading fast, especially with the revelation that Jingo didn’t have any news that would ease his mind. He hadn’t seen Rhian lately, either — not since the day they’d met, in fact. The day when they’d all hunted the horse together.

And naturally, Jingo picked up on his underlying concern. It manifested in the wrinkle of his brow, if not in the nonchalant drawl of his voice. Atlas had never had a great poker face, and he knew it. Still, he wished that he hadn’t wound up pulling someone else into this cycle of worry he was spiraling into.

“I think…” he began slowly, carefully, “…that it’s something to look into.”

He didn’t want to allow himself to think that it might be “something bad.” He simply couldn’t. Steadying himself, he drew in a breath and then exhaled slowly, ambling a couple of paces toward Jingo as he spoke.

“Her mate, Sam, and their pups usually hang out around this area. I was hoping I could find one of them. See if they know anything.”

Stopping again, he turned his head to look around the surrounding trees.

He was still banking on that: one of her family knowing where she was. That she was actually safe somewhere and coming back soon.

Jul 05, 2017 05:20 PM — Post #4

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Rhydian Morris Tam

Rhydian had been recovering from his little trip recently, and although the worry of where his children were had his stomach doing backflips, he managed to eat and drink just fine and enough to get himself back to a healthy state. He had never been too far from it when Demetrius had found him, but exhaustion was difficult to work with.

Rhydian went looking for Rhian, admittedly, to check whether anything was wrong, but he couldn’t find her. He didn’t want to make himself even more worried by the whereabouts of another wolf, so he decided to, for a short while as he recovered a little more, think about it as little as possible.

However, as time went on, he begun to think about it even more, and that made him worry.

When he heard barks in the distance – from the Titan, no less – Rhydian decided he had to go and see the male. It was about time he made his presence fully known to the Titan since he had been in and out, and he planned to remain. Lysander appeared to have gone, and Rhydian decided to persuade himself that the male had gone to look for Titania and Maaike – if not, he would most certainly be unhappy.

Surely the male would have noticed they were not present?

Atlas, as lovely as he was, didn’t have to be worried with this information. What was meant to be a “short trip” had now been somewhat over a month, and Rhydian had started to worry more and more over time.

But he went to the call and tried to push it to the back of his mind, even as his stomach felt like it was twisting and writhing in his abdomen. He let out a few barks of his own – ones that were sounded a bit later than Atlas’ – and started to press closer to where he thought Atlas was. He sniffed the ground, still thinking about his girls in the background.

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Jingo fenshae

Oh shit. Oh shit. Atlas was doing a valiant job at trying to look casual, but Jingo could see the worry written all over him. He was just about to inquire further, try to get a better idea of what might have happened, when the Titan’s other words caught up to him.



That threw him for a loop. He strained his memory, trying hard to recall whether she’d mentioned having either of those things. He didn’t think she had. He was almost certain she hadn’t, because—aside from her kindness in bringing him into this pack—part of his interest in the female had been of a more amorous nature. His desire to join the pack and help out had been genuine, of course, but would he have even stayed to chat with a stranger long enough for any of this if she hadn’t been so cute and flirty?

She had been flirting with him, right?

He felt a sudden wave of embarrassment and, absurdly, guilt.

It probably didn’t matter, now. Obviously. She wasn’t here. But…what if…? Was he overthinking this? Why was his gut twisting up all of a sudden?

He was relieved to hear another bark, and twisted his head toward the sound, hoping it might be someone who could shed some light on things.

Jul 06, 2017 04:58 PM — Post #6

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Siani Wood Mekani

Siani had of course noticed that her mother was gone, and she had no idea why. She hadn’t caught up with her dad or brother in a little while to ask them about it, but she had a feeling they didn’t know either, because seriously, why would Mom leave?! Even her scent was gone. Siani had been searching as much of the territory as she could, even far away from the creek, hoping to get to the bottom of this.

Today she was staying near the creek though, just in case anyone from her family was there to discuss this. And then, she heard some barks, not far off. And then, some more barks from someone else. What were they barking about? It was kind of annoying, she was trying to concentrate on finding her family here.

So she gave a few high-pitched barks back, which to her were mainly just a way to tell them to shut up. But then she decided she might as well go see who it was, and headed off toward the sound. Maybe they knew something.

Jul 07, 2017 02:27 AM — Post #7

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Akeito Wood Nearus

Akeito wasn’t sure how long it had been since he saw his mother or father, but he knew one thing; it felt like forever. He couldn’t tell time very well for one thing, though he had been searching around since a few days ago surely. Where had they gone?

He heard a howl and raised his head, sniffing the air with mild interest as he swore it we for him. The pup got to his feet, letting out a whine as he glance around the area he was. Since he hadn’t been able to find them he decided it best to stay where they would most likely come back to. Their old den site.

The young male pushed his way out of the den, jumping as some dirt fell into the hole. It hadn’t been used much after they had left it, something Akeito hadn’t been sure he wanted to do in the first place. Turning away he started towards the main Alliance area, tail hanging loosely behind him and ears tucked lightly against his skull.

[Will be there in next post]

Jul 07, 2017 10:30 AM — Post #8

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

Atlas had only just started to look out into the surrounding forest when he was met with a series of barks — a somewhat delayed response to his calls from before but a very welcome one nevertheless. Outside of Rhian’s actual family, Rhydian was one wolf who’d be likely to have some answers. The Woods and the Morrises were practically neighbors, after all; both had settled their families there along the creek.

But before Atlas could glance back Jingo’s way, there came a rather different set of barks: high-pitched and sort of snappy-sounding almost. At that, the Titan turned to look at the other male with arched eyebrows. If he was being honest, he wasn’t quite sure who it could be, but it did sound like a pup. Whether it was one of Sam and Rhian’s or one of the Morris kids, he couldn’t be sure, but…

“Well, maybe we’ll get some answers here.”

Atlas turned to regard Jingo with a level look with his tail waving gently behind him, hopeful.

Jul 08, 2017 12:03 PM — Post #9

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Rhydian Morris Tam

Another bark sounded in the distance. This time quieter and yappier, but still a bark. Rhydian recognised it as a pup bark, but he couldn’t exactly tell whose it was. He assumed it wasn’t one of his own since they likely had no reason to be here, and many of them – Maaike and Titania – were off in the mountains doing god knows what. Maeve was… nowhere to be seen. Oberon and Demetrius were still hanging around, though, and that made Rhydian more than happy.

Rhydian could soon see the outline of his Titan through the trees and he wagged his tail for it. Near him, there was an unfamiliar wolf, but Rhydian expected there would be new, unfamiliar Wardens since he had been darting between the mountains and the rise.

Atlas!” Rhydian greeted. “What were you calling for? Is there something wrong?

There was, for Rhydian, but he didn’t know if Atlas was calling for any reason in specific. If he wasn’t, then Rhydian felt free to express his concerns about Rhian being missing. And, well, the somewhat scarce presence of Sam, as well. The Wood family, at the moment, seemed to just be the offspring. That couldn’t be good for them. Already having to be self-sufficient. He felt bad for them.

Then again, Rhydian believed that Rhian certainly wouldn’t leave without reason, especially not after what had happened to her last children. And Sam was a lovely wolf, but Rhydian wasn’t sure – maybe he would leave.

Maybe Rhian’s disappearance had spurred him to go looking.

Jul 09, 2017 01:53 AM — Post #10

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Jingo fenshae

Jingo nodded at Atlas’s pronouncement, and settled back to his haunches, prepared to watch and listen as he had very little to add. He just hoped he could find some way to make himself useful in this situation.

Someone he hadn’t met arrived, and Jingo wondered whether this was Rhian’s mate? he was handsome, he thought, strikingly colored. He felt momentarily and absurdly self-conscious for his own boring gray-and-white fur.

What a ridiculous thing to be thinking about at a time like this.

Jul 09, 2017 03:11 PM — Post #11

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Siani Wood Mekani

((so is Sam gone too?))

Siani soon made her way through the trees and arrived to see Atlas aaand two other guys who she didn’t recognize. She frowned a bit, looking at them. “Hi Atlas. Hi other guys. Have any of you seen my mom lately?”

Was that what they were doing here? Looking for Mom too? Or did they already know where she was? Someone had to know. Really, where could she have gone? She would be back soon, right?

Jul 09, 2017 11:53 PM — Post #12

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Akeito Wood Nearus

[Yeah he isn’t there either]

Akeito burst through the bushes, scrambling out as he most often did before shaking his head and glancing around. Wow, there were quite a few wolves here all of the sudden. He noticed his sister and a others he didn’t quite know the names too, at least not that he could recall, though they seemed familiar. “What’s going on?” He asked softly, padding over before stopping a small distance away. “Where’s mom? Or dad?”

Jul 10, 2017 09:02 AM — Post #13

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Atlas Stormborn Jade

In time, Rhydian’s familiar golden shape appeared through the trees. Siani also emerged nearby. Both of them had questions. And hovering there beside Jingo, Atlas shifted on his feet and tried to compose himself for what was to come.

And then the other half of the Wood brood came barreling out of the brush.

For a second Atlas could only stare at him with his eyebrows arched and his ears thrust forward in surprise. After his abrupt entrance, though, young Akeito padded towards the group of them more slowly. But he stopped a short distance away before posing his own questions.

The last of which brought a look of shock to the Titan’s face.

“Sam is…” He trailed off, looking from the boy to his sister as the realization dawned on him. “Sam’s gone, too?”

Dimly, Atlas realized he hadn’t answered Rhydian’s question at all, but between the two pups’ reactions, he supposed he’d be able to fill in the blanks easily enough — that is, if he wasn’t already aware of the two parents’ absence.

OOC | I didn’t realize Sam was gone, too. Herp! On that note, Nearus, should he be removed from the pack, or do you plan on having him return? Just lemme know when you can~

Jul 11, 2017 01:48 PM — Post #14

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Rhydian Morris Tam

One of Rhian’s children came wandering into the scene. Rhydian, although he had not met this one of the two, vaguely recognised that she had a resemblance to her parents. Rhydian smiled at her briefly, but she obviously had other things on her mind: her parents’ location. Or, well, her mother’s. Rhydian frowned as he looked at Atlas, wondering if he had anything else to offer other than a “no,” so that she did not have to start with a negative.

However, the other half of the litter came thundering into the scene and out of a bush. Rhydian looked at him fondly, although he remembered that this one, Akeito, had been partially responsible for his daughter’s anger.

He only wondered where his parents were, though, and Rhydian could feel sorry for him in that. He often wondered where his father was, back when he was young, so it was odd to have that come back to him.

However, the admission that Sam was actually gone, not just scarce, worried Rhydian. These two had no parents with them anymore.

Atlas seemed about as surprised as Rhydian did.

I’ve not seen either,” he admitted. “I noticed Sam was scarce, but I did not realise he had left entirely.” And as for Rhian… “Rhian I could not find when I tried to gather information on what to do with myself after returning fully.

Not too long ago.

Jul 13, 2017 01:59 PM — Post #15

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