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Long Way Down
[continuation] Right after the EU meeting | Towards the edge of EL, near Firefly Woods | With Sunfall

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Saski Isskera Lei

Saski sighed to herself as she moved forward and away from the meeting grounds of the Union. She wanted to keep moving. She wouldn’t stop. Not now, not for a bit. She just, for a moment, needed to get away from all of their scents and all of those wolves. That went…as terribly as she expected it to go, in all honesty. She didn’t really “expect” for the whole pack to disband right then and there, but she also didn’t particularly doubt that it wouldn’t happen either. Considering who their “leader” was and who stood behind her, it wasn’t much of a surprise to her. But still, it was sad to say the least and Saski did feel terrible in her own way because of it.

While she walked, her tail limp between her legs, she mulled over what had just happened in her mind. Going over the voices, the conversations, the catalyst. Adrian had spoke up, he had said he would take the position that Holly was offering, but it was as if his acceptance had completely gone over her head. Not to mention, his idea about how the pack could run until someone more fitted for the leadership position came around was a good one. At least to her because well, it was her own idea way before he had even spoke up about it. But still, Klass didn’t want to hear it and Saski believed that to be one of the reasons why the Emerald Union could not last. They had two wolves completely irresponsible and still too immature to think about anyone other than themselves.

Saski really didn’t know why she had stayed in the first place. Well, she did…but even before meeting Sunfall, she had met Klass and Holly….and why did she trust them? Why had she followed them from the very beginning? She should have known better.

She sighed again, breathing out a large breath of air as her head hung low and her eyes watched the ground. Another home that had practically disappeared right before her eyes. Pack life was just not meant for her, she concluded. For a moment, she even wondered if it was her fault. Was this because of her? Was she the bad luck charm in all of this? She was the one who Klass, Holly and Adrian hated. What if she left and Sunfall stayed…maybe then the pack could survive, just for the winter at least. But she doubted Sunfall would stay if she left…or at least in a small, selfish way, she hoped he wouldn’t.

Her head felt dizzy. Her body felt sick. And she more than not, felt exhausted. Emotionally and physically. Without even a single thought, she stopped, nearing the edge of the Emerald Labyrinth at this point and just fell to her rump with a soft thump. How did everything fall apart so easily? And why would they even think it was a good idea to make Dixy, a stranger, in a leader position?

For a brief moment, her mind went to the cream colored wolf. She thought about the stare she had given her and the way it made her own skin crawl with unease. That wolf wasn’t trustworthy. She knew it, did anyone else see it? Saski swallowed, and turned to glance behind her to see if Sunfall was still following her like she expected. Did he have anything to say about this whole thing? Or were they going to go straight to Laura, forget about the Union and move on?

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Sunfall was worried when Saski just stopped and dropped into a heavy sit. She was always graceful, light on her paws, poetic in her motions, and the way she plopped down indicated she was really upset.

“Hey now Beautiful.” He murmured as he drew in close to her, focus absolute and entire on her now. Thoughts about how disappointing Klass and Holly had turned out, how much he would miss this forest, if Laura and Marce had safely reached the Tribe, and how worried he’d be for Adrian off somewhere on his own, became distant.

It was just them. There was something in it that scared him. He had nothing to offer Saski now except himself. The security of a pack was nothing but a memory now. For months now, everything he’d faced he’d known backup was a call away.

But Sunfall had never been one to worry too much, or shy away from the worse-case senario. He might have done some growing up of late, but he was still just… Sunfall. He was only worrynig now because he valued Saski a lot more than he did himself, and worrying about her was not the same as the fleeting sort of worry that he looked upon himself with.

He lowered his head and went to touch her shoulder, enjoying the feel of her fur, silkier now in he winter coat, against his muzzle as he brushed up towards her face in a tender caress. He paused with his nose buried in her cheek fur once he reached it.

He couldn’t help but notice she smelled especially good lately. Way more intoxicating than she used to, which he didn’t actually think was possible.

Saski. Tell me how to make it better. You wanna spend a few more days here? Just the two of us, no stress, no-one else who wants our time. Just you and me.” Which reminded him, he had a question or two to ask in regards to you and me but there wasn’t any rush to get it out in the open.

He definitely wasn’t nervous. No sir, not Sunfall. 

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Saski Isskera Lei

Saski huffed, an inaudible sigh escaping past her lips and nose as her paws gripped at the cool earth below her. Digging up dirt and mud from below as if that would be the answer to all of her problems. She felt terrible. Utterly terrible. What if this was because of her? The question loomed dark and ominous in her mind and a part of her wandered if Sunfall thought the same. If she didn’t come here, if she didn’t get angry at Holly and Klass, maybe the Union would still be here? Maybe Sunfall would have stayed and tried to make the Union a better place for all wolves—would he have taken the position as Falconer if it weren’t for her?

How terrible was she?

She stopped though when his touch brought her back to her reality. Her paws froze as did her mind as she unconsciously leaned into his touch more and more. She could feel her gut twist and turn, butterflies, as his own figure grew closer and closer to her own.

For a moment, Saski briefly closed her eyes. Her mind focusing intently and only on his smell, on his touch, on him. And for a second, she whined, softly. Not quite sure if it was because she wanted more of his touch against her body or due to her nagging thoughts deep within her mind.

But when he paused, she too paused and her eyes fluttered open. Green shining through her autumn fur and her attention moving towards him.

There was silence for quite a bit as she couldn’t quite find the words that she wanted to say. Her emotions were all over the place. Her hormones out of control. She could feel it. She knew it. It was winter. But that didn’t stop anything. The logical reasoning would do nothing to her aching body, her mind, and her thoughts. And so she whined again, this time her jaws parted slightly wider until the whine ended off with a slight sigh.

Her emerald stare fell to her paws once more and they fidgeted beneath her as she thought to herself before finally actually voicing something. “I-Is this my fault?” Her voice was softer this time, clearly terrified for the answer as she turned to glance in her golden boy’s direction. Did he hate her? “If it weren’t for me…none of this would have happened…Maybe even the Union would have stayed together…Maybe you would have a place to call home…” She knew how much that meant to him. He wanted to travel, yeah, but he also wanted to come back once upon a time.

Saski didn’t care much for a pack. The pack life never seemed to fit her anyway. She knew how to be alone. How to travel alone. How to be a rouge. To some extent at least. She didn’t really need others to fall back on, but Sunfall, did he?

And then she gave a short of shrug with her shoulders as she just shook her head and continued to look down at the ground, “I-I don’t know… We should get to Laura… But what do you want to do first…? Do you want to stay a bit longer…? Or head out…”Whatever Sunfall wanted to do, she’d follow.

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Sunfall’s good ear flicked in outright surprise, his jaw going slack for a moment. He nudged under her chin to get her to look up at him instead of at the ground. “Whut?! No way Saski!”

He tried to steady his surprised thoughts so he’d sound convincing. He pulled his head back enough that his mismatched eyes could look straight into her emerald ones. “It’s not your fault that Klass killed somebody and couldn’t face up to it, or that his only solution afterward was more aggression. He came back too late to fix the part that really mattered - Laura finding her brother dead. Holly was the same, she turned into a total bitch to more than just the Brotherhood. Looking back I see it now, she stopped being my friend the second I dared growl at her precious Klass, and I bet she doesn’t even regret a thing. The power just went to her head, she’s nothing more than an immature kid who felt like she was important and threw a tantrum when she saw that it was falling apart. She’s no different to that messed-up Stark kid screaming at everybody, honestly. So I don’t want you thinking you had anything to do with it.” He finished firmly, nuzzling at her for emphasis.

Once he was sure she got all of that, he shrugged one shoulder. “Laura’s got Marce, she doesn’t need us straight away anyway, but yeah, we should head down to the beach soonish. I’d like to stay here a few days, unless Klass and Holly do, then we’ll split sooner.” They were wild cards now, and could be as likely to attack him and Saski as anything else. Certainly after their departures from the meeting, he didn’t expect anything from them but hostility.

He looked at his girl with concern. “Come here. You need some cuddles.” He encouraged, still worried, and went to draw his head over her neck.

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Saski Isskera Lei

Maybe it was her hormones. Maybe that’s why she felt so up and down lately. Winter was coming and even Saski knew what that meant. She had seen it happen to others. The temperate of the coolest females, at the least the ones she did get to witness during her childhood, they would be ravaged by hate, jealousy, anger. Their emotions would be constantly up and down. Even her own mother was much the same. Was the same thing happening to her?

She did feel as though her emotions were stuck on some sort of roller coaster, one where there was no getting out of. Even her body felt like it was changing. First the aching, then the blood would come, then the changes in her moods. She knew all the signs. And boy did she fucking hate it.

But what if it wasn’t that? What if she was actually just getting worse? All her progress just gone in an instant? With the fall of Union—that was her catalyst.

Saski sighed briefly to herself as she felt the soft touch of Sunfall beside her, trying to pick her head up. Reluctantly she followed his motions and moved her eyes towards him, green eyes wide with self-doubt.

Her ears twitched to the sound of his voice, to his explanation and for a second she breathed a sigh of relief. One she hadn’t realized she had been holding in. She nodded to him, slow and unsure as he went on. He was right, right? It wasn’t her fault… But then why did she feel so guilty?

And when he nuzzled into her, she couldn’t help but respond by pushing her body closer to his. She needed to feel him. To know he was there. She needed him in that moment, that was clear. She could feel the aching in her body, the somersaults in her gut telling her to push closer, but yet her body did no such thing. Just her head as she fell into his touch. He had to be right, it was him.

She tried to reassure herself, tried to still her screaming mind. But it wasn’t doing much. She felt terrible for making him lose his home, his friends, his life. The life he had made that Saski had so abruptly turned upside down. “I’m sorry…” She whispered, her voice hushed as if she only wanted him to hear her.

Saski gave a hesitant nod to his words. They could stay. She was okay with that, right? There wasn’t much left of the Emerald Union, now they were all just rouges anyway. What harm would it do? She was sure Klass and Holly would have left though, dipped at the perfect moment and run off together like they’d been planning.

Though his words, like they always had done, dragged her away from her self-deprecating thoughts and she moved her attention towards him. Cuddles? She was soooo down for that. Saski gave a small smile as she moved her body closer into his, breathing in his scent as if it was her last. She nuzzled her head towards him, burying her nose into whatever part of him that was available. He was home. Wherever he was, she wanted to be. Forever and always. She knew that. She just hoped that Sunfall felt the same…

“We’ll be okay, right?”

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

For a while he just concentrated on holding her, his head firmly over her neck and draped down her shoulder, her muzzle firmly planted in the pale fur around his chest. It had grown back where the lynx sliced him. He chuffed softly as he inhaled her sweet scent. Shit, he was going to have to be careful this winter. If she already smelled this good to him without being on heat, what was it going to be like when she was? Which kinda reminded him - he didn’t know what her stance on like, commitment and kids or anything were yet. Hmm. Maybe he could ease in to the conversation gently if he could cheer her up?

Sunfall wished he could just… magically make her feel better. “Come on now Beautiful, don’t be sorry. The things we do - we try things, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t. I’m not sorry I came here. I might never have met some pretty good friends if I didn’t.” He pulled back and lowered his head a bit, touching his nose to hers. “And I sure wouldn’t have met the love of my life, and even though the pack fell apart I’ll always be grateful to Chaos and Adrian for letting me stay. Because that’s what let me meet you.”

His tail began a slow wave, brushing against her on each stroke. Which he tried to stop, because it felt a bit flirty for what he wanted to ask her. And this was serious stuff.

“Course we will. In fact, kinda reminded me of something I wanted to ask you, and I’ve been waiting for all the crazy to die down but I think I just gotta… go for it, savvy? So…” He paused, and cleared his throat, looking almost bashful as he gazed into those amazing emerald eyes. “Saski Isskera… will you be my mate? I’ve been thinking of you like that for a while now, but - yeah. You know, I’d follow you anywhere, Beautiful. You want me for life, total commitment, kids someday if that’s something you want, you got me.”

Yeah, turns out Sunfall didn’t ease in to conversations very well.

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Saski Isskera Lei

She breathed, in and out, for a few seconds. Trying so desperately to hold on, to focus on just that, so her mind wouldn’t just completely fall apart. She could feel his presence and it did soothe her, but some reason the guilt was determined to eat away at her. Eat her alive. She hadn’t necessarily done anything, but she had cost Sunfall his home and his friends. And no matter how many times he said it wasn’t her fault, she knew it was. She was terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

When he moved closer towards her, their noses practically touching, Saski couldn’t help but smile—her thoughts momentarily disappearing. She could even feel his tail brush up against her and she wanted to nuzzle further into him, but held back. Just for a moment.

Good thing she did too, because the next thing she knew, he was speaking again. One ear rotated to the sound of his voice, turning its attention towards him while the other, slightly listened—payed attention—to the sweeping waves of his tail against hers.

Saski tilted her head to the side as she watched him, her green eyes sparkling with that of curiosity and maybe hesitance… she didn’t like how he was building up to his question. What did he want? Did she do something terrible? And for a second, her heart picked up in pace. The beginning of a charging race between her heart and her anxiety.

But then when he spoke for the second time, Saski smiled. A wide, happy smile as her tail wagged behind her. Without even a moment to think about anything, she twirled around and practically launched herself at him. Her two front forelegs coming up to his shoulders in this sort of wolf bear hug, not really sure if she meant to take him down or not. But either way, she attacked his face with kisses, her tongue lapping over every small hair around his muzzle and face. The words had failed her, she hadn’t even realized she never answered him, in her mind she was screaming: Yes! But outwardly, silence. Besides the numerous kisses. Saski even laughed to herself as she could feel her heart beating quicker, not out of fear this time, but out of love as her tail continued to wag exceedingly fast behind her.

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Annnnd with a whooomp Sunfall was down, tackled to the ground by an autumn-coloured ball of exuberance and kisses. His laughter echoed richly through the forest, delighted by her show of affection, not at all minding the paws wrapped around his shoulders even now. He rolled from his side to his belly, trustingly revealing the creamy fur there to her completely, and leaned his head back in the leaf litter.

His tail, half-trapped under his rump, wagged the free half. “Soooo I take it that’s a yes then?” He chuckled, delighted by the clearly enthusiastic response. His face was a bit drowned with all that licking, the fur going every which way especially around the lynx scars above his eye, but he didn’t mind that.

As long as he got his yes.

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Saski Isskera Lei

When they had fallen to the ground with a loud thump, Saski, not even for a second, stopped her attack of kisses against his face. Her tail wagged quickly behind her as she moved her tongue up his face and to his ears happily; enjoying every second of him in that moment.

Though when he spoke, Saski froze for a minute. Had she not said anything?! Had she truly been silenced by her own joy? Her eyes grew wide for a second, her green eyes searching his own bi-colored ones. Then she smiled, a wide happy grin that showcased her answer.

“Yes! A million times yes!” She giggled quickly after her words and moved to bury her face into his chest and continue her pursuit of practically suffocating him with kisses—out of love of course.

She continued to do this for a few more minutes, her tail wagging joyfully behind her before she paused. Looked up at him and stuffed her face right into his neck, “You really do make me the happiest girl in the world, Sunfall,” She whispered quietly to him before turning her eyes to stare up at his own, “I’m so glad I met you.”

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Sunfall thrummed happily low in his throat as she continued to lavish attention on him, lying sprawled on his back, letting her lovingly maul his face and loving every second. “Well, I’ll take a moment to be relieved I didn’t have to ask a million times - wouldn’t leave us much time for anything else!” He laughed. His his eyes were earnest, his grin true.

A million yesses, huh. He couldn’t keep the grin off his face.

Saski pushed her face affectionately into his neck fur, and he curled his head down protectively for a few beats before lifting it back a little so she could look at him.

“Happiest in the whole world, huh? Does my ego a lot of good.” He was still grinning, but batted his lids closed rapidly in a teasing gesture. But he got a touch more seriously quickly, drawing both forepaws around her, going to tug her even closer.

“I’ve probably said so a thousand times or so already, but that day we met was the best day of my life.” He meant it, too.

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Saski Isskera Lei

Saski honestly couldn’t wipe the grin from her lips as a freeing laugh escaped her. Honestly, even though she was terrible depressed and anxious moments before, his words had brought her back. Brought her back to reality and allowed her to face the music to her own feelings. Everything. And really, everything in Saski’s world would turn out to be fine as long as she had him here. That was for certain.

Her tail wagged back and forth, kicking off some dried leaves and dirt around as she just nuzzled her body further and further into his. Wiggling for a few seconds against him, probably smothering him with her scent—even though she doubted he would have minded. She just wanted to be near him. To be close to him. Forever and always.

And when he looked down at her, his eyes meeting her own, Saski’s tail unconsciously wagged a few heart beats more as he spoke. Her jaws parted and she was about to speak, to write off some witty retort about his ego, but in a second they clicked shut.

She was speechless.

Once again.

Even though her thoughts were telling her what to say, the words could not come out. And thankfully for her, he spoke up once again in her absence as he pulled her even closer to his own body.

Her heart beat happily in her chest as she happily blinked up at him, watching him, listening to him. Even though the pack had died, they still had each other and that was really all she needed in life. She could see that now, she could see that no matter what happened, they would be okay.

Saski smiled, softly and lovingly as she moved her muzzle to his face and gently lapped at the short furs around his snout. “And mine.” She paused for a second, thinking about her words momentarily before they just slipped from her grasp and escaped from her lips, “I honestly don’t know who or what I would have become if I hadn’t met you.” She swallowed and just because she knew what was coming, she hid the side of her face against his chest before whispering her thoughts out loud, “You saved me, Sunfall.”

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Saski’s wagging tail scattered some dead leaves and dust over them both, but Sunfall didn’t even notice. He wrinkled his muzzle a bit, chuckling, when she licked the fur there up the wrong way. “That tickles.” He rumbled, but without much of a protest. Saski had been able to do pretty much whatever she wanted with him from day one, that much was clear.

He got a bit more serious at her next confession. He still didn’t know what he’d saved her from, exactly, even though he knew that her childhood hadn’t been spectacular. That she was afraid of the wolves from her past. He knew what it was like - to not want to talk about that. To prefer to choose the present over the past - the here and now. He tugged on Saski lightly once more, pulling her closer.

He felt, oddly, like telling Klass. Saski thinks I’m her hero. You got a challenger for your title,-man!. But Klass was… they weren’t friends anymore, he’d made that pretty clear when he stalked out of the meeting without a word. And Sunfall was going to miss him, but he was also smart enough to realize not having a wolf like Klass in his life had it’s upside. He’d never be let down like that again. Besides, he had way more important wolves to think about right now.

“My Beautiful. Always.” He murmured simply.

For a timeless period he just held her tightly, tucking his head to the side of her neck, inhaling in short huffing breaths the scent of her, so potent now, he enjoyed so much. It stirred something in him he wanted to act upon, but there wasn’t any rush. But the errant thought did remind him of something.

“So - tell me what you want from this - Us. In the future. I mean other than this very fine body at your compete service whenever you want.” He pulled back his head a bit to shoot her his typical confident wink.

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Saski Isskera Lei

The smile that touched her lips never once fell, not even for a second. She felt at peace. Her heart was whole, her mind was clear, and a warmth filled her body that was indescribable. She felt…happy. An emotion, a feeling, that she never had felt before, not until him that is. Her tail wagged behind her, swaying back and forth as her body relaxed beside his own. And as she spoke her last words, she pushed her face further and further into his furs; making sure for the split second those words had escaped her that he could not see her face.

Maybe it was embarrassment or maybe it was shame, but whatever she was feeling she didn’t want Sunfall to see it. Her words were true and while they were fragile and delicate, they held more of a punch that she had wanted. He might need an explanation. He might ask questions. And Saski was growing closer and closer to being ready. She really was, she thought. But no matter how much growth she had made in her short time here, those were the words Sunfall needed to know.

He had saved her.

From herself most of all.

Saski’s body practically rolled a little further into her golden boy’s fur as he pulled her in, her smile edging wider across her lips as he spoke his next words.

“Forever and always.” She whispered back.

And while her heart swelled with the amount of love and affection she was feeling in those few short, silent minutes, Saski’s ears fell back at the sound of his voice. The future? Honestly, Saski didn’t know…She wasn’t sure. Sure, she wanted a family one day, but did he? And the question was that burned deep inside her mind, the one that haunted her day in and day out, could she even be a mother? After everything she had experienced, gone through, what if she got bad again? What if she slipped up? What if she was a terrible mother like her own?

For a second, she froze. Her body subtly growing stiffer as she mulled over his last question. What did she want? But more importantly, what could she have?

She trained her eyes up towards him, her green eyes watching his for a second as yet another silence fell over the two.

He didn’t know. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know what she had been through, what was done to her, what she had seen. But then again, a family…a real family…if that was ever possible would be nice…

When the silence grew too long for her own comfort, she spoke her voice now significantly quieter than it had been previously, “One day… a family would be nice…if that’s—“ She broke off, tearing her gaze away from him in the process, “If that’s even possible.” She wasn’t talking about the action, they were good in that department. But could they even be parents? Could they give their pups a nice home if that ever happened? Saski gave a small, short smile, the best she could muster in the moment and kinda laughed, “I mean, obviously I want you. Always.”

She glanced back up at him, for a moment. “But I don’t mind much else, whatever you’re comfortable with…Winter is coming… We don’t have a pack right now… I just—I don’t know.”

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Sunfall Chris the Rebel Wolf

Saski looked worried, and it really hadn’t been his intention, to freak her out. Sunfall made a soothing noise in his throat, trying to reassure, and went to lick her forehead comfortingly.

“You got it, Beautiful.” His tone wasn’t casual. “Possible it is, you and me. Man, you’d have pretty puppies.” He grinned, trying to get her to let go of her concerns, whatever they were. Actually given his own upbringing, that wasn’t such a stretch. But he didn’t want to bring this down, not this. This was meant to be happy, and he nudged persistently under her chin, trying to make her smile again.

“Hey look Beautiful, if that’s what you want, we’d make it happen. We wouldn’t need a proper pack - just us, some friends around maybe. Or we could join somewhere, if you preferred, but - for now, let’s just enjoy it being us. We’ve got a whole valley to explore, remember?” He couldn’t wait to see it all with her at his side. Everything would be different now.

((Fade after your next post…?))

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Saski Isskera Lei

She sighed as his tongue lapped against the small hairs around her head. She wanted puppies, she did, but even through her own desires she was terrified. What if she was a terrible mother? What if they couldn’t bring a family into this world? She gave a small laugh at his words as she raised her eyes to glance up at him, “All the looks would come from your department, I’m sure.”

And with a small smile she nodded to his words, “I think that sounds…good. Whatever happens, happens and for now we can travel and see the world.” She felt good that he seemed to understand and for a second that weight of her impending thoughts lifted and she smiled further.

They’d be okay.


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