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Rufus Raight Drew

He’d done some sniffing.

Savannah had been here, and she had company. It wasn’t Leif, which worried him, but it was another white pup he knew. Albus, who had lingered in the caves for a time. Rufus hadn’t pegged the pair for friends, but he took some comfort in their company. That it wasn’t some horrifying happenstance that led them out. Likely it was Savannah offering to show the world to a wolf who seemed fearful.

It was raining, and it was a very, very cold rain. Much chillier than snow, and he shook his coat frequently to keep it from soaking into his fur.

She was growing old enough to travel, he reminded himself. He wouldn’t be mad at her. He wouldn’t yell. He just…needed to know that she was safe, and help guide her toward a better way to do all this.

Wandering west, trailing her scent, his tail and ears stayed close to the rest of his body in the cold night air.

Jul 12, 2017 03:21 PM

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Kamaal Kam

[Keeping things vague since that other thread is still ongoing, hope you don’t mind some company :D]

Kamaal kept pushing forward, her gait kinda unstable as she made her way on three legs, the freezing rain pattering against her whole being. It was a good thing she wasn’t graced with Yuna’s thinner coat, because if that was the case, she was pretty sure that she’d end up dying in some pit somewhere.

In the most pathetic of ways.

Meir would probably end up burying her and no one would remember her.


She shook her head lightly, forcing a few droplets of rain to scatter left and right and practically litter the whole fucking place. Meir was still with her, most likely lurking around, acting like her shadow.

For once it felt good to have some company other than Skuld or Fray, because, in all honesty, her mood was so messed up at the moment that she didn’t wish to see either of them. Ares’s scent was all over the place, probably making a beeline for the only home he knew; the Evergreens.

Exhaustion had probably began to tug at the edges of her eyes, forcing her vision to grow somewhat blurry as she struggled to keep her focus. She hadn’t really eaten anything significant for a while, choosing to just sleep in the caverns and pretty much sneak out every once in a while to study the stars.

Not that she believed in them, but.. they were kinda relaxing.

“Hold up a moment.” She all but breathed, seeing the ghost of her breath lift itself up before it practically disappeared. The temperatures were dropping, reminding her once again that it was winter.


Eve more stress.

She skidded to a halt shortly after the words left her lips, before she practically lowered her hind half to the ground, taking a seat on the dampened ground, tail curling around her frame, ears rested to the side.

She needed a break, please give her one.

[I’m presuming they’ll come across Ruru in a couple of rounds!]

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Meir Evenfall Dom

The rain was beginning to become a problem. Meir’s winter coat was still developing itself – not that his was the thickest of winter coats, anyway – and the rain felt like a cold sting against his body. It splattered against his coat and irritated his eyes. The rain felt like a swarm of bees against his eyes and like a thousand pins against his side. He kept going, though. He had to tell Rufus what his decision was, but he also had to stick close to Kamaal.

Meir did not blame his body for lacking a proper winter’s coat. It was his fault for becoming so starved. Without proper nutrition, how was his body meant to sustain a winter’s coat? It was silly to even think it, so he only blamed himself.

Meir stuck close to Kamaal and her fluffy winter coat. She shielded him from some of the rain. Not that that was the only reason for Meir to stick close.

With the idea of no longer being Kin on his mind, Meir wondered if he could return to the beach with Kamaal. She had suggested it, but he hoped that, if he wanted to, Aran could come with them. Having some sort of family with him would make him happy, and perhaps Kamaal would become like family to him.

He could only hope.

She seemed to want to take a break, though, as she told him to hold up. He nodded, but caught up fully before he stopped. Kamaal had taken a seat, but Meir did not, at first. He looked around and checked that things were safe. He could smell a familiar scent dotted around the woods… Savannah? He wasn’t sure, so he ignored it.

He finally sat alongside Kamaal, then pressed his head to her shoulder. Not on the side with the bad leg, though. He offered her the comfort that she had offered him while they took a break that she seemed to need quite desperately. After all, they had been walking for a long time.

Does everything feel okay? You’re not in pain, are you?” Meir asked, happy to help if he needed to. Surely Kamaal remembered he was a Herbalist and could assist her, yes?

All the while, Meir kept his head against her shoulder.

[ That’s cool by me, Kam. ]

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Rufus Raight Drew

The rain did not get warmer, but it did grow in intensity. He frowned into it, feeling particularly sensitive to the chill perhaps in sympathy to Savannah. Had she found shelter? Albus had been sick when he arrived. The last thing they needed was to be out in the cold, inexperienced, and…maybe even hungry, and.

His heart clenched. In that way he’d been warned by Alina was very serious business. It jumped and skipped, and he tightened his jaw at the sensation. He was too far from the herbs to bother with them now, and likely they’d been swept up and crushed and turned to dust by activity in the caverns.

Rufus was just…exhausted. More tired than he’d been in as long as he could remember. Tired on a deep, encompassing level that had little to do with the slight aching of his legs. He didn’t really get the whole soul thing, but he felt like his…soul was beat.

A year ago, the idea that he’d be searching for his daughter in freezing rain, alone would be preposterous. He wouldn’t raise daughters that just ran away. He wouldn’t raise Crees and Edens. But maybe he’d strangled her into it. Held her so tightly that he…managed the same effect as all the neglectful parents.

It was an exhaustion that had stayed with him for a long time, growing and leaving him in deeper and deeper debt to its looming shadow. Forging ahead only put him further behind until now, in the encroaching darkness of a thick forest and cloud smothered moon, it felt as though it might bury him.

Life had been so easy and so simple and so…happy.

Rufus wanted to find his daughter, and go back to the caves, and sleep. For days. Maybe months. And wake up feeling like the Rufus he’d been before the constant stream of…everything.

Before bleeding and limping and crying and vomiting and coughing wolves started falling into the caves. Before friends vanished and came back and vanished again and died in horrifying and heartbreaking ways. Before he had again and again put his teeth on other wolves with the intent to maim and to kill under the guise of protection. Before the bitterness and judgmental nature that had slipped into his thoughts without notice, a slow acting and potent poisoning of his mind.

There was so much.

Trudging through the dark forest, there was nothing quiet in his steps. He wasn’t intending to sneak up on Savannah, or on anyone. Maybe the Union would find him and he would bare his teeth in a grin and simply report that he was yet another parent who had lost his child somewhere in the world.

The confused pattern of his heart threatened to dizzy him, so he slowed to allow it to catch up as best it could. Too far from the herbs. Alina had been so worried over it. Would it just kill him one day?

Rufus just needed to find his daughter. To show himself and Mari that she was okay. And then he would go home, and he would…sleep. Away from the questions, and the requests, and the cries for help, and for reassurance, and away from being dutiful and responsible and good and outwardly happy or stoic if he couldn’t manage it, and.

He shook his coat, crushing dying leaf litter beneath his muddying paws.

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Kamaal Kam

Here they were, stopping in the middle of the forsaken woods because she couldn’t push forward, due to feeling beat up. Meir didn’t take a seat beside her, choosing to remain standing at first. She watched him as his eyes flickered around the area, checking to see if they weren’t actually being stalked by a loon.

She had studied the area herself before, but, with her head feeling kinda hazy she wasn’t sure how reliable her senses could be at the moment. The tip of her tail gave a single flick as Meir touched his head against her shoulder, practically taking a seat right beside her.

He asked her if she was alright, which… she honestly had no idea. I mean, she was beat up mentally, beat up physically - everything fucking hurt and yet, she didn’t know if she should ask for his help.

She didn’t know if there was a solution to that pain she felt.

“No, it’s alright - I’m just.. tired.” She replied to him, ears swiveling to the side a tad as the rain began to worsen, the water dropping from the sky never seeming to cease. Pumpkin eyes closed for a few moments in an attempt to get her head straight, but, they unscrewed themselves in an instant as she inhaled a scent all to familiar.


What the hell was she doing here?

“Savvy..?” She called out, head raising some, ears cupping forward. Was she lurking around here? It was hard to tell with all the rain masking the scents; she had partially lost Ares’s too, but, she had a pretty good feeling about where he had went to.

The Evergreens were his home.

“Savannah!” Perhaps she was still around, maybe a bit further away and she would be able to hear her if she raised her voice. Kamaal’s vocals were sharp as she pushed herself to her paws and chose to trudge forward by a few feet, until she finally skidded to yet another halt.

The fact that it was raining wasn’t of much help; Kamaal couldn’t really pin how old the kid’s scent had been - it was so fucking faint right now and it was beginning to fade as the droplets kept hitting the ground.

Where was she?

Did Rufus know his kid was out here?

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Meir Evenfall Dom

Just tired.

Tiredness was a curse. Tiredness could kill. Meir had almost died from his own exhaustion just before he returned. He ran groggily, probably disturbing hundreds of sleeping creatures, but he did not care. He was tired, exhausted; lost. Lost to the deep, dark pit that was tiredness. He only prayed that he could save Kamaal from that same fate before it was too late.

She offered him little insight into her tired nature, but he could see that she was weakening. Food, perhaps, was something she needed, too.

All too familiar with starvation, dehydration, and exhaustion, he decided that it would be his duty to keep her going. Before long, they could get back and safe. To the beach. To where Kamaal with her salty smelling pelt had come from. That was what he recognised on her. Not the happy, jovial face, but the salty smell of the sea that he remembered from when he went to visit dear Romulus and Zahrah.

They should rest, later.

Apparently, Meir was not the only one who had caught Savannah’s scent. “Savvy,” she called. So she, too, knew Savannah? And well enough, apparently, to call her “Savvy,” savvy? Kamaal called out again, and instead of remaining where they were with Meir’s head propped gently against Kamaal’s shoulder, the dark female moved forwards.

Meir’s head slid off her and he watched as she started to move. He got up a few seconds later, but Kamaal soon stopped. They were moving, then they weren’t, then they were, and then they weren’t. Meir did not comment, but he wanted to know what her plan was.

The scent’s fading with the rain,” he stated. She did not have to worry about Savannah. That was not her burden to bear. Nor were Meir’s problems. However, he wondered if Rufus knew that Savannah had come out here. He hadn’t, like so many parents, lost his child, too? It seemed that the children of the valley were prone to running away. It concerned him. All the more reason to not have children, though.

Meir sniffed the ground, as faint as the scents were. He wasn’t sure when Savannah had come by here – the scent was dying far too quickly for him to tell as the rain hammered down on the ground – but he wasn’t necessarily looking for where Savannah had gone. He was searching for Rufus.

Kamaal needed to talk to him. She shouldn’t have to hold in her guilt any longer. Meir felt sorry for her for it. He did not want her pulling a Meir – running off into the hills to seek comfort from the aloneness it brought.

I don’t think she was here that recently,” he said. “I didn’t know you’d met Savannah.

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Rufus Raight Drew

There was a familiar voice calling his daughter’s name, and the fur along his spine shot up to the sound.

Why was Kamaal calling for Savannah? Why was she even here with a supposedly broken leg? Had she led his daughter on this trip and lost her?

A low, frustrated rumble felt like it was vibrating his very core, a sound that surprised even him but was thankfully too soft to be heard elsewhere over the rain. On wet paws, he rushed to the sound, seeking calm when in the end he was so tired of games.

The pair that greeted him was an unlikely one. Meir and Kamaal, healer and injured, perhaps. Rufus was not at his best, rain soaked and bedraggled. He stood in as much a relaxed posture as he could manage, but there was obvious stress in his gaze.

I am tracking her. She has likely gone to the beach,” he said, a straightforward greeting from a wolf who for once had little desire for smalltalk.

She had been here recently. Stayed here for a time, even.

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Kamaal Kam

The rain kept pouring down relentlessly and for a moment made her wonder if it would even stop and if it would, when? Her tail thrashed about behind her in agitation. Savannah wasn’t here - she would’ve returned her calls if she was - and no Rufus or Mari were in sight.

Or even another Evergreen wolf.

Her eyes slid over to Meir as his words tickled her ears. He speculated that the kid mustn’t have been here recently - which.. was reasonable, but, she couldn’t actually be sure with the rain washing away all the scents.

“I know Savannah, yes.” A brief pause, eyes narrowing slightly, locking on Meir’s striking blue pair. “I met her a while ago in the f-” Forest. She had met her in the forest as she had chosen to wander away.

This scenario was an all to familiar one; Savannah running away and Rufus going after her and speaking of Rufus, both of them were greeted by his presence. He was a mess, much like her at the moment.

“What?” Both her tone and eyes betrayed genuine concern; she cared for the kid. She.. didn’t wish to see her hurt or get her to get hurt because of the choices Kamaal made. “Whe- No, why..?” An irritated huff left her as she cut her words abruptly, eyes sliding closed once again. “You know what? Fuck it - it doesn’t matter.” She breathed, her tone more curt than before, tight.

It was clear that Rufus wasn’t in his best of moods and probably speaking to him wouldn’t benefit either of them, but, she still wished to speak with him; ask about Ares, tell him the truth. She was actually about to do just that, but, she caught herself, as her mind processed the situation once more.


If Ares was missing she wouldn’t wish to listen to some bullshit; the kid was more important. She remained silent, waiting for him to speak, give her something - anything. Intense pumpkin clashed against duller brown, studying him, concern clear on her features.

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Meir Evenfall Dom

Kamaal and Savannah had met it the what Meir could only imagine to be forest. That’s where Savannah normally was, and Meir knew that Kamaal was no stranger to the forests. Meir had met her there himself, so it made sense to him.

Before they could continue their conversation, however, Meir’s sight caught the glint of a grey pelt. Darkened by the rain, yes, but it was undoubtedly his much larger Guardian. Or, well, soon to be ex-Guardian and possibly ex-friend if things played out how Meir feared they might. “You’re just another deserter” type thing. That’s all he could picture. He just hoped Rufus would understand that Meir was leaving for the betterment of himself and Talio. Neither of them were happy, at the moment.

Talio had not driven him away from the Evergreens – Kin had done that – but he had given Meir the final incentive to leave.

Rufus, though, was tracking Savannah. She had likely gone to the beach? If that was so, Meir knew she might well be out in the open of the hills, right now. He barely knew young Savannah, but he knew that the rain was one of nature’s deadliest weapons, especially when combined with this cold and lack of sunlight.

Kamaal’s reaction to the news was something Meir had not expected. He moved closer to her again, but kept his gaze on Rufus. He nodded his way, but he felt little else towards the male but a strange sense of powerlessness. Probably quite similar to that of the wolves that the Evergreens had killed in the name of “justice.”

If she’s gone to the beach,” Meir began, “then I will happily find her and send her back your way. Accompany her, if it would make you sleep better.

Because Meir was quite solid on the idea of going back to the beach with Kamaal now. Only after he had told Rufus of his plans to leave and Kamaal got her chance to converse with Ares. Meir, then, hoped he would be able to pick up Aran and pass along his goodbyes to Cypress. And Talio.

He would miss Talio.

He looked at Kamaal, though, he said nothing of what she said she must tell Rufus. He wondered if he would have to admit what he planned on doing first. As he thought of this, a particularly large raindrop fell on his nose from a leaf above. He glanced upwards, but soon glanced back down as his face became soaked again. His eyes stung a little, but he returned himself to the present, looking at Rufus. He wondered what the male would have to say.

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Rufus Raight Drew

Kamaal seemed so surprised, and Rufus was surprised by that. She was the one who had put in Savannah’s head a trip to the beach. Had approached Rufus with plans to go, without so much as mentioning it to him, and forcing him to turn them down in Savannah’s moment of giddiness.

The swearing didn’t help, and Rufus’ ears fell back in confusion. Were they just…going…on their way then?

Likely bored, and enticed by the beach,” he said, eyes turning to Meir then.

It wasn’t a surprise that he wasn’t at the caves. If Rufus and Mari split, he…

Well. He literally couldn’t picture it. But certainly he wouldn’t be in the mood for mingling in the caves and explaining it to everyone.

He pushed a faint smile in response to Meir’s words.

Actually, that was…really, really helpful. He looked down for a moment, then back up. Rufus felt…strangely emotional about the whole thing, in this moment, and perhaps the relief was palpable.

I have to find her, just to…talk to her. To let her know she isn’t in trouble. Are you…

Rufus didn’t want to presume.

Do you have plans to stay at the beach for a while?

Certainly he never wanted Meir to leave. But if he was on the beach while Savannah was, if his daughter decided to stay, it would guarantee that a trusted friend and healer was nearby. His voice was free of scolding, simply tired, curious.

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Kamaal Kam

Well.. they were both surprised. I mean, it was no wonder Rufus was surprised by the fact that Kamaal acted in the way she did - she was pretty much surprised with her own fucking self at the moment - since she was the one who had suggested going to the beach with Savvy.

But.. she didn’t mean it like that

She meant going to the beach with her or with Rufus and Mari and the rest of her family, since they were supposed to wait for Mari to fully recover so they could visit the beach. But, clearly, that’s not how things worked.

Her eyes landed back on Rufus as he spoke, asking if Meir had plans to stay at the beach for a while. Meir’s offer was a bit.. surprising, but, she supposed that it was merely his nature - part of who he was. She side-glanced the ginger-wolf’s way, her gaze asking him the same thing.

Or well, nearly the same thing.

Was he going to help Rufus find Savvy?

“If she’s headed down there, she’s going to be safe; the Tribe and the Rangers make sure the beach if free of trouble.” Did Rufus know about the Rangers? I mean, she had practically learned that bit of information but a few weeks ago herself.

A sigh left her lips, ears falling back slightly. She wanted to help Rufus find his daughter, but, she also wanted to make things right with Ares. They could talk things out, she could listen to him - that was all she asked for. “Meir, you can go with Rufus and search for Savannah,” her attention shifted over to the small male. Maybe he could help Rufus cover more ground - that is if he agreed in the first place.

She wasn’t here to pressure anyone.

“I.. have to find Ares.” She moved a bit to the right, before she took a step forward, left foreleg still lifted in the air. Pumpkin eyes landing back on Rufus, waiting for his reaction. She was visibly tired and her tone betrayed as much - maybe even more.

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Meir Evenfall Dom

Bored and enticed by the beach.

Meir could not imagine wanting specifically to go to the beach because of pure boredom, but that was likely because of his general inclination to try and stay in forests. Maybe mountains. Just anywhere that was not a beach, really. Open areas did not suit him as much, nor did the mountains as very little grew there. That’s why forests were one of his favourite.

Rufus explained he had to let Savannah know she was not in trouble. Meir nodded, but he wasn’t that clear on whether she agreed with allowing him to go and find her. He would, after he’d done what needed to be done.

Rufus’ voice was tired. Meir understood why, but they were all tired, weren’t they? What a trio they were. Tired. Broken.

Did he have plans to stay at the beach for a while, though? Well, that depended on Kamaal’s plans. He looked at her, eyes questioning, but their gazes met and Kamaal seemed to be questioning him, as well. Did she want to know if he was staying? Hadn’t he already mentioned going there with her. Or maybe that wasn’t what he was asking. Meir wondered. Meir could not answer it, though.

Kamaal reassured Rufus before Meir could answer, so he decided to wait until Kamaal had finished talking before formulating a reply that was hard for him to talk about, and likely similarly hard for Rufus to think about, if he cared.

Meir wasn’t sure who cared anymore. He had lost faith.

If everyone he cared about left, then who was to say Rufus would not, either, the moment he say he had to go. Mari, too. Maybe even Cypress, who he had never had the slightest bad interaction with.

Kamaal offered that Meir went with Rufus, but he had other things to do. He had to go and see the others. Say goodbye. Kamaal knew that, surely? She had to find Ares, so he would go with her to the caves, then collect those he needed. Aran. He needed to find Aran and bring him along.

Rufus, I’m… I might be, yes,” Meir replied. It was hard to phrase and get out. “I might go to other places… I don’t know. But… I don’t think I’m returning to the caves. Not… not as Kin, anyway.

He looked at the ground and kicked around at the wet leaves.

I’m sorry, Rufus. I didn’t want to have to leave, but I think it’ll be better for Talio and I…” he explained genuinely. “I’d like to maybe visit, though… If you’ll let me.

And for Kamaal… Well, he wasn’t going just yet.

I’d like to go back to the caves, say goodbye.” Collect Aran. “Then I’ll be headed to the beach. With… with Kamaal. I can talk to Savannah then, if you want. If she’s there.

He lifted his gaze back up to Rufus. He just wanted to help, he wanted to make others happy, but the situation was too difficult, right now. He felt like there was hardly anything else he could do. And he prepared himself for another loss. Like Talio. Like Romulus. Like Zahrah. Like Halwyn. Like everyone.

And he blamed himself.

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Rufus Raight Drew

A lot of information came at him at once.

The Tribe. The…Rangers, a pack he didn’t know. But if they kept the beach free of violence, that was good news. Of all places that Savannah could have wandered, the beach was likely among the safest. He nodded, trying to take it all in as Kamaal mentioned Ares.

He was quite shaken by some events happening on the beach, it seemed. Said he’d been yelled at. I hope you can help him find some clarity,” he said, a little stern, but not overly harsh. Kamaal certainly knew who did the yelling, if what Ares said was true.

And then, to Meir, whose answer was…

Maybe what Rufus expected. Meir had distanced himself, slowly but surely. And he could hardly question that it was the best move for Talio and Meir both. Staying together in the caves certainly wouldn’t help either of them heal.

He frowned, slightly, but not inherently at Meir. Just at the entire situation.

I understand,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry it’s all happened like this.

One of their longest standing members leaving in a way Rufus never would have expected. But it wasn’t…just a sudden vanishing without word, without reason.

I hope you’ll visit. I…can’t imagine what you’re going through. But you’re always welcome in the caves. I need to find Savannah, but…perhaps we’ll cross paths on the way back.

Rufus couldn’t waste valuable time turning back to the caves now.

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Kamaal Kam

She locked eyes with Meir for a brief moment, attention solely on him as he spoke to Rufus, admitting that he’d be leaving. It was clear that he was saddened by that fact and the big guy was too.

She supposed that if the Evergreens were anywhere near as important to him as Yuna or Ares or.. Renegade were to her, she would be heartbroken to leave them as well. She gave a faint nod as Meir made his point clear to Rufus, before turning to fully face the faded guy.

So, Ares had told Rufus about the events on the beach. Kamaal was fine with that, as far as she cared Rufus was her friend - even if she had pressed some of his strings as of late. A dying sigh left her lips, words following soon after. “I will make sure of that, he needs to realize he can speak to me.” She was not the big scary boogeyman - at least not to him.

Ares did not deserve this.

“The Rangers are located south of the Tribe” she began again after a second or two. “They’re quite welcoming and I’m sure Nomad will give you a hand in finding Savvy if you come across him.” The blue-eyed guy seemed pretty nice - a bit too excited and bubbly for her liking - but, he had offered his services when Yuna had asked for help.

He had helped them with their breaks.

Her tail gave a swish behind her, the rain still pouring nonstop. Her eyes sought to lock with Rufus’s for a moment. “I’ll be returning to the beach once I make things right with Ares, if you’re still there, I’d appreciate it if you spared a moment for us to speak.” She told him, tone a tad more firm, but nothing too serious.

She had to tell Rufus the truth; of all wolves, he was not the one who deserved to be kept in the dark.

Jul 13, 2017 12:41 PM — Post #13

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Meir Evenfall Dom

Rufus and Ares had discussed the events that passed on the beach. Meir’s gaze flitted to Kamaal for a fleeting moment, but he looked back at Rufus anxiously as he addressed the fact of the matter: Meir’s leaving.

Meir’s ears fell back mostly in fear of what he thought might be to come. Being called a traitor. Of all things, Meir could never have imagined doing this. He was there to see the Evergreens be born from Willa’s fair and just paws, but he was not going to be there to see it crumble into the ground. That was mostly thanks to numerous shifts in perspective, but also the strange alienation he often felt. Not being greeted how he would have liked.

He was just not good enough for them.

But Rufus’ reaction took Meir completely by surprise. Flabbergasted, he just listened, quietly wondering if this was just a dream to make him feel better.

There was a faint frown, but Meir could not expect any less. What did it matter, anyway? He was leaving his friends. Family.

But Rufus apologised for the way things had been. Meir felt so confused by it. And he was always welcome in the caves, according to Rufus. And… And Rufus hoped he would visit. Meir could not believe it. Not after the thoughts about how Rufus would hate him. Mari, too. Maybe Cypress. Heck, all of Kin; they could join and start a Meir hating club, but Rufus changed it all. He… he broke Meir’s hallucination of the reality he was living in, and Meir felt somewhere close to excited at the thought. Moved, yes, but he could not quite place his emotions.

Thank you, Rufus. It means a lot.

But he wasn’t going to wait for Meir to go to the beach. Instead, he wanted to just go. Meir understood, vaguely, and nodded.

Kamaal explained some information about the beach which Meir might find useful, so he listened. The “Rangers” that he knew nothing about were south of the Tribe, which Meir knew was the pack Pace ran. They were both quite peaceful, he imagined, and a certain wolf called she called “Nomad” would be eager to help a Rufus that was in need.

But Kamaal mentioned talking to Rufus later on, not now. Part of Meir wanted to tell her no and say it was better now than never. Don’t let him build up anxiety and such, but he also realised that Rufus was hurting and it was likely for the best. Too much information in one sitting was enough to make anyone’s skin crawl, so Meir decided Kamaal knew what she was doing.

Rufus and her talking could wait, but Meir wanted her to also know that he would be there when the time came. He was coming back to the beach with her, thus he would stick with her. And if she needed help with that leg, he was happy to help, if she needed.

I hope you manage to find her,” Meir told Rufus. He was just glad that his dear friend remained that way and did not think of him as a “deserter” for leaving them. He could only hope the others shared the same view.

He was truly sorry for the choice he felt somewhat forced into.

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Kamaal offered more information, a wealth of it as she always was. The joy of being able to wander, he supposed. Rufus appreciated it. It was comforting, and he wondered who this Nomad was. The pack leader, he assumed.

She also seemed to have a sense that he was in a hurry, eager to go. Another nod.

If you don’t catch me along the way, you know where to find me.

Rufus could only guess at what it was she wanted to share.

I will. Thank you, Meir. Don’t be a stranger.

He stepped forward to lightly nose Meir’s shoulder, and then sighed softly.

I guess I’ll…be on the way, then. Stay warm.

A faint smile, and he moved to continue his search.

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