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Broken bones, broken promises
[summons] Morning, rainy, windy, cloudy [Looking for Ares]

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Renegade Dex Rem

{Keeping it a bit vague since the gorge thread is still going on}

Renegade was still limping a tad, the rain had been messing his leg up time to time. But his neck was doing a bit better. Not infected, just all scabbed up from the bite wounds.

Traveling eastward, he was prepared to head to the hills. The place his journey had began and ultimately ended, with Kamaal in this valley. It was sort of a comfort zone, of types.

As he hobbled a tad, he was crossing near the edge of the forest. The overwhelming scent of the Evergreens leaked well into the open, treeless prairie. And among those scents, was… Ares?

But… he was supposed to be at the beach with Kamaal? With Yuna.

A grumble rolled in his chest. Had Kamaal neglected to keep him happy and safe at the shores edge? Did she push him away too?

The pang of guilt hit him like a hammer. He knew he messed up. Yuna had told him that Ares didn’t wish to speak with him… and he feared that it was still very much the case..

“Ares…” a single step was taken into the woodland, his giant call echoing back in his face, “Ares, please,” a plea for his son to give him a chance to talk.

Jul 14, 2017 02:08 PM

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Ares Nightingale Box

Ares was digging. So sorry not-dad he totally couldn’t hear you inside this megacool hole.

Dirt flew from the hole as he dug under a tree. Not for any reason. He just kinda..wanted to. He hadnt really dug before. But now he was and it was totally cool other than when he sneezed and got dirt up his nose. And kind of smashed his face into the dirt with the force, causing a small dirt avalanche onto his head. That was not cool.

Maybe he could live in this hole. Become a hermit.

Jul 15, 2017 08:16 AM — Post #1

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Renegade Dex Rem

Not an appearance. Not a call back. Not a - oh. A sneeze? That meant someone was close.

Renegade lifted his hind leg and began to hop around the forest. Head low and nose actively seeking his son. “Ares! Where ya at?” he spoke up some. Where’d the sneeze come from? This way, right?

He followed the direction in hopes of finding him.

Jul 15, 2017 11:20 AM — Post #2

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Ares Nightingale Box

Okay now Ares was just actively ignoring him. Flinging dirt behind him as his tongue stuck out of his mouth.

Concentration was key to digging. And, as he scraped dirt out from under the roots of a tree, he swung his tail behind him.

If you want him you gotta find him Renegade.

Jul 15, 2017 11:29 AM — Post #3

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Renegade Dex Rem

The echoing sneeze had faded, but a new sound took its place.

Renegade followed it, ears perked, trying to decipher it.

Immense scratching and loose rolling objects. A strange thing indeed.

As he neared, he was hit in the face with an unknown debri. Making him shake his head roughly to free it from his coat. It was dirt.

It was Ares, and he was… digging. Just digging. “Lookkng for something down there?” was it a rabbit hole?

Jul 15, 2017 12:49 PM — Post #4

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Kamaal Kam

Meir had told her they’d meet in the forest, so.. since there wasn’t much else to do here, she decided to linger around some. Ya know, get herself familiar with the terrain again. Her tail swished habitually behind her, head hung low.

Pumpkin eyes flickered from left to right, studying the trees.

Her conversation with Ares was.. rather intense, but she didn’t blame him; she blamed herself for her choices. She was the one at fault. Not him, not Ren.

Only her.

Renegade’s bites on her neck and scruff were still pretty much evident - perhaps the latter ones were less visible, but still. Yuna had done a good job at treating them, but, the fur would take a while to grow fully around that area.

Part of her wished she could cure her leg like she had cured the bite marks her dear travel companion had given her, but such things were impossible.

Ah, what a bummer.

So, sticking to limping it was.

Slow, fucking limping and wobbling and shit.

[ Will be there in 2 rounds, not skippable though~ ]

Jul 16, 2017 03:21 PM — Post #5

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Ares Nightingale Box

Ares yelped, head smacking the top of the roots. Ow okay.

Your sense of decency, sneaking up on me like that ” Ares snapped back, slowly backing out of the hole. He shook dirt from his head, glaring at Ren.

Whaddya want.

Jul 16, 2017 08:13 PM — Post #6

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Renegade Dex Rem

Okay, so Ares may not have been his and Kamaal’s biological son, but he surely had their attitude.

A faint huff came from him. His reasoning for finding the boy was… changing.

“I originally came to apologize, which you should know I practically never do unless I mean it.” he paused and looked to the teal eyed yearling. Such a strange trait to carry - such vibrant eyes.
“So… I’m sorry. But once I saw you, I realized you probably won’t want to see me around anymore. So I suppose this may be my last chance to say anything to you,” he had a faint idea and what he wanted to speak about - but it was more or less of Ares would listen.

“I want to talk about you. Where you came from, how and why Kamaal and I took you in, how things had changed in Graywood. You’re old enough now and I want to tell you everything I recall from those short months I had with you and Kamaal in the Graywood Alliance,” Ares knew he was found alone and raised by he and Kam. But nothing more. He was young, too young to grasp everything. But not now. Now he was old enough.

Jul 16, 2017 10:10 PM — Post #7

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Kamaal Kam

Kamaal decided to lean against a tree for a moment or two, observing her surroundings as she tried to convince herself to push forward. Maybe it was foolish, wondering around in the forest on three legs.

Maybe she should turn back.

But, oh.. wait.


Who the hell was mumbling?

Or were they mumbling?

Maybe it was speaking?

Kamaal was actually tempted to shout and tell them to reveal themselves and she would, but ah.. she was no old hag was she now? Well, I mean, time slipped, but she was gonna do her old hag.. things when she was old.

Like… probably as old as Marigold.

Maybe older, because Marigold was a pretty fine lady.

With a faint grunt caused by her body shifting its eight away from the trunk, she pushed forward, deciding to find out where the heck that noise was coming from and from whose lips it was spoken from.

Jul 17, 2017 08:14 AM — Post #8

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Ares Nightingale Box

Ares would have snapped at him. But then..the other words came. And his eyes practically bugged out of his head. Ren..knew? He knew.

Okay. He would listen.

He dropped onto his hindquarters, ears perked forwards.

Jul 17, 2017 08:21 AM — Post #9

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Renegade Dex Rem

Renegade settled into a slightly uncomfortable seated position- more comfortable than standing on his bad leg but still, now he was sitting on it…so. Ares was ready to know all there was to know about Graywood and what had occurred there.

“Well, you were about two months old, barely big enough to eat on your own. You were alone, no scents attached to you. We recently had a large storm, its how I damaged my leg and it just never healed properly,” maybe the rain washed away whatever scents clung to the poor, defenseless boy.

“Kamaal and I didn’t even know one another. We spoke a but a few times, yet when you stumbled into our home, we didn’t hesitate to share raising you. You took quite a liking to her instantly,” Ren smiled to himself as he recalled the rowdy ball of energy Ares used to be. So small and full of wonder. Clung to Kam like her own child would be. Perhaps it was instinct.

“We were strangers that agreed to work together - maybe because we knew the pain of losing our own families, being left alone. By choice or fate…” Ares didn’t know their histories, they never told him that they understood his pain.

“My parents and one of my brothers were taken from me, and the last brother left. Kamaal’s father left her family. Abandoned her. Only to die later in Graywood. I helped bury him before even knowing Kamaal,” short. Simple. True.

“We didn’t take care of you because we had to. Another young pup was present and being raised. You could’ve been shifted to them if we didn’t want to. But we did. We wanted you Ares. And you need to know that no matter what, Kamaal and I will both always want you. No matter what. It may not seem like it and we may not be the family we used to be or the one you want, but we love you. Both of us.”

Renegade spoke softly, he knew Ares didn’t want to hear any of that. It was pointless to the child most likely. But he had to say all he could. He knew Ares’ pain. His family was ripped away too.

“you were cared for well enough when we found you - there’s a chance you got lost. Maybe someone stole you and hide you. Maybe your mother hide you during the storm. We weren’t sure, but we looked for your family. We tracked your scent to where you came from, but we never found them. So Kamaal and I kept you for good,” they tried to prevent heart break. To stop another shattered family, but they couldn’t. So they had to build a new one.

Jul 17, 2017 08:40 AM — Post #10

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Kamaal Kam

Ah, yes, the mumbling turned into speaking.

Full volume.

A curious spark danced in her eyes as she allowed herself to close the distance between a voice so familiar. She could’ve sworn he had said he was going to keep away and yet, here he was.

Right where she was.

Strange, wasn’t it?

Still, creeping between the trees and bushes, she made her way slowly toward them. Ares could probably spot her, given that she was right in front of his face, but Ren probably wouldn’t. Not immediately anyway. She was approaching from his hindquarters, as if it was death himself, ready to take his soul away from him.

She knew that she should’ve been mad at him, infuriated, but she wasn’t. She simply wasn’t and the fact that she felt kinda glad to see him was a bit worrying. Maybe her mind was slipping away from her quicker than initially thought.

It was the damn season, obviously.

Making her feel all fidgety and all.

It was mindfucking her, winter was mindfucking her and it was fucking horrible. She knew it probably meant that her heat was soon to follow, but right now she had to focus on the present. It was all in her head.

Everything was in her damn head.

And since it was in that forsaken head of his, she might as well make it stop.

“It’s true, Ares.” Was all she said in response to Renegade’s words, whilst she crept behind the brown and burlap man, closing the distance some more. “You’re here,” a brief pause, the words leaving her lips in a raspy twirl. Pumpkin eyes shifted over to Ren, regarding him coolly. Her vocals held no malice, no anger - she wasn’t angry at him.

“And here I thought I’d never see you again,” a quip, a faint one, but a quip nonetheless. Perhaps they could maintain civil - at least she knew she could.. maybe. “Your neck..” Another pause and she was right behind him, neck craning forward some, so her nose could touch the back of his neck. “How’s it healing up?” The query left her lips, perhaps betrayed by more concern and emotion than what she would’ve liked.

But, you know what?

Fuck it, she didn’t care.

Screw it.

Her nose still remained against the back of his neck, partially sunken in thick brown fur. He could turn around if he so pleased and snap at her. Maybe they’d end up dancing again, who knew.

Jul 17, 2017 09:49 AM — Post #11

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Ares Nightingale Box

Ares felt his teeth clack together painfully. God..just god. A low sigh.

I.. ” No nonononononono! Kamaal was here too!

They would not fight. Not so close to Evergreen territory. If they cared for him, they wouldn’t ruin his chances.

He needed a big long break from his adoptive family. Maybe he would head for the hills.

Jul 17, 2017 02:02 PM — Post #12

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Renegade Dex Rem

Ren’s ears perked and he felt whatever smile he had, fade as Ares began to speak. Speak until he stopped. A single word. A single syllable. And then nothing. Nothing until he realized why.

It’s true, Ares.

It was Kamaal. And she didn’t seem surprised to see Ares, so she porbabaly knew he was staying here. So, that was good, he guessed. Without glancing back toward sher voice, he opened his maw to speak again. To reassure his son that he meant all of his words that Kamaal meant them too. Until he felt his fur prickle instinctively.

Kamaal was close. Very, vey close. Commenting on not seeing him again and then speaking of his neck. Ren’s muzzle turned slightly, just enough to see the slender dark figure in his peripherals.

Kam seems quite content just lingering in his fur, and for some reason, he didn’t really mind.
“It’s gettin’ there. Legs been a bit irritated. So now I hobble around like you,” they were even. Three legs and old wounds.

Part of him wasn’t sure if Kamaal had snapped on him previously due to winter or was now civilly snuggling his neck due to it - maybe both. But it made him feel good to have her in such a close proximity. His tail gently thumped against the ground as he returned attention to Ares..

Oh. Dang. Ares was a yearling, which meant he might start to like girls during winter.

It’s a trap, Ares, dont fall for it!

“Ares, no one in the Evergreens has had the winter talk with you, have they? Ren knew that some packs gathered all the young to explain it, others were simply told by there parents.

Jul 17, 2017 04:47 PM — Post #13

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Kamaal Kam

He didn’t snap at her.

Huh.. that was rather surprising, considering how much he liked digging his teeth into her flesh last time they met.

Either way, she let her nose linger in his fur some more, until it reached higher up his head, only to pull away when she touched the back of his right ear. Ren spoke about hobbling around like her and she could swear she felt a bit of amusement build up within her chest at the idea of him being a tripod.

At least for a little while.

She thought about laughing too, but that would’ve been rude, wouldn’t it? Well, yeah, probably. But, honestly, karma was a little bitch, Ren. Much like Kamaal herself. Her eyes briefly flitted over to Ares, regarding him for a moment, before allowing her attention to land back to Renegade.

If she knew anything at all, it was that his leg was gonna worsen if the temperatures kept dropping and come the snow, he’d probably be stuck on three legs forever, which.. wasn’t the best.

She could probably call for Meir - if he was still lingering around the forest that was - and ask for his services, but.. in order to heal Ren’s fucked up leg the gingery guy would have to head back to the caves, to gather all of his herbal remedies and shit.

And he was uncomfortable last time she’d seen him.

And she had a feeling Mari had seen that as well.

So.. calling for Meir was probably a bad idea.

And… getting Renegade to the caves was also kind of a bad idea because a: he didn’t like being within pack territory and b: Meir was the only healer here, wasn’t he? Or was there another one? She honestly couldn’t remember.

But, ah.. Yuna’s advice still clung to her memory. Comfrey and.. willow bark. The girl had claimed that the latter would be available year-long, so.. perhaps they could find some? Did Yuna have some?

She knew what a willow tree looked like and the trees in this forest were definitely not willows. Maybe they were situated closer to the hills? Graywood used to have those by the lake, so perhaps they’d be able to find a tree or two by the river.

She honestly had no clue.

But, maybe giving it a shot wasn’t a bad idea.

“Why the hell did you come here on three legs? Yuna was closer you know, could’ve gone to her.” Perhaps his ego had grown bigger during his time away from her or perhaps he was just dumb and stubborn as fuck - much like her. Oh, hell.. she knew that he could turn this question right back at her, but she just dared him to.

Come on, do it, Renegade.

He spoke then and.. well, it wasn’t what she had in mind, but okay.

Winter talk.

Right now.

With Ares.


Flicking a single ear, she moved a bit to the right, before casually taking a seat against the soft ground, a few inches away from Ren.

No more touching for you.

Distance was fine.

Her attention flickered back to Ares, waiting for a reply of sorts.

Hopefully he wouldn’t bolt.

Jul 17, 2017 05:24 PM — Post #14

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Ares Nightingale Box

Ares blinked. And he blinked some more, looking mildly concerned.

Winter…?” What was wrong with winter? It was cold as shit, that’s all that seemed to be wrong with it. That and snow. And little to no food.

But what of this winter talk.


Jul 17, 2017 05:33 PM — Post #15

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