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history of violence
early winter | afternoon

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Inigo Wynter

It had been two days since Inigo had left the Sanctuary’s territory. The journey wasn’t a lengthy one, but he had taken his time in returning, feeling no particular desire to rush back home. He’d gone to see if the Sanctuary wolves had someone among them who could teach him more about healing herbs, and he had come close to killing one of them. He would have done, had the tall male not immediately shown signs that he wasn’t ready to lie down and die where he was. Inigo should have spoken to him, he should have told him that he could help him. He should have tried to brought him back…

It was what any sane wolf would have done.

But he couldn’t. It would have done nothing. He knew what his response would have been to any wolf who had tried to help him, back when he had been a miserable wretch, afraid that any contact with others would only lead to more pain. He would have insisted that he was fine- he had done so, more than once. It was only at the end that he had lashed out, trying to force a sentimental, overly concerned stranger to put him down, because he’d been too much of a coward to find a way to do it himself. Inigo grimaced at the thought, and the motion pulled at the scabbed over scrapes that ran over the skin between and over his eyes. Two of the wounds had bled freely and were still sore and irritated, but Inigo had paid them little attention. There wasn’t much he could do, beyond sticking his face in the river to try to clean and soothe them. He could only hope they weren’t infected by now, but he found that the thought brought him little concern just now.

He began a slow ascent up the hillside, surefooted but strangely reluctant. He thought of simply sleeping out on the range for a time, to let the injuries on his face heal enough that they wouldn’t be noticed, but he knew Atlas was waiting to hear from him and would worry if he didn’t return soon. The Titan would expect him to come back within a few days, and Inigo had already been gone longer than he intended. Inigo didn’t want to worry Atlas over his absence. Not again.

The notion of speaking to his friend made him uneasy, gut churning with nausea and anxiety. He didn’t know what Atlas would say about what he had done, and Inigo didn’t know if he had it in him to lie to Atlas about what had happened. He didn’t know if the fact that he hadn’t found a healer would even matter in light of his actions toward the Sanctuary wolf. He’d failed in that. He had failed as a warden and a member of Atlas’ pack. There was nothing valiant in what he had attempted.

It took some time, but eventually he came to the top of the hill, and turned himself toward the nearest cache. He hadn’t eaten in days, and hunger gnawed at him. When he came to the buried meat, Inigo began to scrape away the dirt covering it, his movements stiff and mechanical, his gaze unfocused.

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Shade Dingo

Such an afternoon like this was one where Shade would return to the top of this cliff to view the sky as it turned a multitude of colors. He didn’t mind the height. In fact, he enjoyed it. Seeing everything from so far away never failed to get him excited.

But today was different. He smelled a wolf he hadn’t met. He was vaguely familiar with the scent, though. Mixed along with the scent was the irony smell of blood. He decided to follow and make sure everything was alright.

He quickened his pace, eager to assure himself no one was seriously hurt. The hill was steep, and he knew that a wrong step could result in injury. Keeping that in mind, he treated carefully. He huffed out deep breaths which drew from his panting mouth in white puffy clouds. They dissipated soon enough, scattering and vanishing in the cool air.

The scent grew stronger still, but Shade caught no sight of the wolf. He thought it best to give away his presence. Additionally, doing so could help him locate the supposedly bloodied wolf.

Still loping toward the wolf’s scent, somewhat out of breath, Shade yipped twice.

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Inigo Wynter

The scent that reached him made it obvious that the wolf approaching him was not Atlas long before he was visible. He smelled of the Alliance, though Inigo didn’t know who the male was, but that wasn’t unusual for him. He kept at his task, slowly unearthing the buried meat, his claws eventually scraping over a ragged scrap of dirty hide. Inigo paused briefly, the smell of old meat filling his senses. Fresh would have been better, but he had never turned his nose up at food from the cache. He’d take what he could get, especially now that his stomach was beginning to ache, his hunger reawakened by the smell of old meat.

He was very pointedly not thinking of the wolf who was approaching him, until it became impossible to ignore the stranger’s presence. Inigo did not turn or give any sign that he’d noticed the wolf’s approach until he heard the stranger woof at him, trying to get his attention. Inigo raised his head and looked toward the other male then, spotting the wolf’s dark form and looking him over briefly to make certain that it was no one he knew.

Inigo gave him an acknowledging glance and a quick nod before turning back to what he was doing, sinking his teeth into the scrap of meat he’d unearthed and working to pull it out of the hole. It turned out to be a larger scrap than he had expected, and he stopped and began to scrape more dirt away from it.

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Shade Dingo

He drew his lope to a stop when he reached the other wolf. He was large. His focus seemed trained on the ground beneath him. He was digging for something. Shade caught a glimpse of his face, which wasn’t in any good condition, briefly when he turned around. Shade also noted the odd coloring of his eyes.

He didn’t say anything just yet as the other wolf didn’t act like he wanted to talk. Shade wanted to get a better look at his face to see how bad the injuries were. Herbs were scarce now, but he could at least clean them up for him.

But for now, he decided to wait. He wouldn’t bother the guy until he seemed ready. Shade laid down, waiting patiently.

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Inigo Wynter

Inigo kept digging, but he was acutely aware that the other wolf had not made any move to approach past a certain point, nor to initiate conversation. And while he did not welcome an idle chat with a stranger just now, Inigo expected the wolf to say something, to give him some social cue that he could respond to. Instead, the other wolf lay down a short distance away and simply watched him. Inigo felt the hairs along his spine begin to stand on end as though in response to an unwelcome touch, but he said nothing. 

He didn’t feel self conscious, but it was difficult not to feel the stranger’s eyes on him. After another moment or two of digging, Inigo managed to pull what turned out to be the haunch of a pronghorn from the cache, but eating with someone lying nearby and watching him was more than he could stomach.

What?” he demanded finally, a distinct note of frustration in his tone as he turned his head to looked down at the dark male. He hadn’t raised his voice, but there was a sharpness there that he hadn’t intended. Inigo spoke again, this time his tone more neutral.

Am I in your way?

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Shade Dingo

Maybe not saying anything was a bad idea. He didn’t realize just how weird it was until now. The way the wolf spat out the word, it really showed he was annoyed. Shade tried to think of something to say. The wolf was definitely Stormborn. He could smell that even through the blood.

“No, not at all. I smelled blood—yours—and wanted to see what it was about. Your face, what happened, if you don’t mind my asking?”

There. He hoped that’d clear things up and make him not appear to be a creep who enjoys watching strangers eat.

Jul 24, 2017 02:55 AM — Post #5

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