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[summons] enzo, abrielle, maaike, anyone else around | evening

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Titania Morris Anna

no posting order, tita will make new rounds! :)

It was time to find out what else they could see and head elsewhere. It wasn’t Lysander’s threat about winter up here or anything that was making her want to get on the move again. Her paws were just getting restless. This place was awesome, no doubt, but she wanted more. And, anyway, they could always come back.

But she supposed they should find out if Enzo and Abrielle were gonna come, or Bianca and Lysander if they were still around. She didn’t doubt Abrielle would, but she was also avoiding any expectations. All she knew for certain was that Maaike was coming because she’d spoken to her about it already.

Well, time to find out.

Tita stood by the springs and lifted her head up, howling into the setting sky.

Jul 17, 2017 07:35 AM

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Lysander Jade

A sudden warm snap had reduced some portion of the accumulated snow to slush, but the rise in temperatures hadn’t lasted long enough for a significant melt. It had, however, made a mess of any trails laid down on the floor of the Pass. Much to Lysander’s chagrin.

Trying to track Titania and Maaike was difficult enough as it was, given the rugged, winding terrain and the girls’ general penchant for roaming. They hadn’t sought him out following their initial reunion either, which Lysander supposed shouldn’t have come as a surprise. They had only agreed to let him stay with them there in the mountains, after all; they didn’t have to make it easy for him. And if he was being honest with himself, they probably wanted to leave him in the dust. The two of them were stuck on this notion of being independent, eager to blaze their own trail without anyone else’s help.

Except for Miss Abrielle and Mister Silvano, of course.

Lysander’s nose wrinkled as his muzzle swept over the scents of the two wolves. Then he paused and lifted his head to stare flatly up at the surrounding peaks.

They were probably with the girls now, he imagined, watching over them and teaching them as parents would. The fact that he’d had his paternal role yanked beyond his reach once again didn’t sit well with Lysander in the least, but yet again, he knew that to offer resistance would all but seal his fate where Titania was concerned. If he tried to separate the girls from their newfound friends, he would be the bad guy. His only hope was to wait them out — wait for them to tire of their mountaineering jaunt or simply get routed out by the brunt of winter.

But the longer he stayed up there, following the two children like a lost pup, the more Lysander began to wonder if it was just wishful thinking. There was a chance they might tough it out. They were practically adults at this point. They could take up permanent residence there, if it struck their fancy. Meanwhile Demetrius and Oberon were back at home in the Alliance territory without a clue where he was. Growing up without him once again.

Not to mention he still didn’t know Rhydian’s whereabouts — which, to Lysander’s surprise, did actually concern him. He and Bianca had traveled into the Pass following the Warden’s trail, but they’d never found the wolf himself. Had he gone back home to his remaining family? Or was he still up there, like him, wandering in search of children who didn’t really want to be found?

He lingered there for a while, idly noting the familiarity of the area. He was near the springs: a place he’d never counted on getting near ever again.

But memories of a queen and her empire and a fallen friend came to him only distantly now. His head was too abuzz with other thoughts. Loud and persistent.

How was he meant to choose between his children? As much as staying in the mountains felt like an uphill battle that could end in nothing but failure, turning his back on his little girl and leaving here there made him feel sick to his stomach. Yet at the same time, prolonging his stay meant that he was neglecting his boys: two pups who actually… sort of… seemed to like him. While they’d yet to know him as anything more than their uncle, Lysander had forged at least something of a bond with Demetrius and Oberon. He felt that Titania might take to him more if they ever got a chance, but…

As if on cue, his daughter’s voice rang out through the chill evening air, the sound of it bouncing of the walls of rock and reaching him even from a distance.

Lysander felt his heart flutter uncomfortably in his chest. She was probably calling for Maaike, he told himself. Or perhaps for her new guardians. Surely not for him.

He stood there for a long moment in the wake of the howl, frozen, uncertain.

Then he threw caution to the wind, tilted his head back, and sent up a long, wavering note in reply.

When it was done, he merely lapsed into silence. And waited.

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Titania Morris Anna

Titania lowered her head and waited for moment, ears perked, when she heard Lysander. So he was around! Tita wondered if Bianca was with him.

She stood by the springs and lifted her head, howling for a second time. Yes! Come!

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Lorenzo Silvano Jill

Tossing Enzo in super quick; will bring Bi around shortly. :)

Lorenzo never wandered far from the hot springs as of late—making trips to the lake only when his thirst commanded him to. Otherwise, he maintained a presence near the wondrous cavern, discontent to distance himself from the invigorating, pain-sapping properties of the warm liquid.

He’d succumbed to a light slumber earlier in the afternoon, only to be roused by a howl. It was soon followed by one far deeper, from a wolf far more mature, only to be echoed by the initial caller once again.

Alright, alright. He’d bite.

With a yawn, he rose to his paws and shook the snow that clung to his underbelly from his fur. His tongue flicked out over his nose as he ambled along the winding path, feeling the warmth of the springs begin to permeate the thinner fur along his muzzle and legs before long.

As he rounded the last wall separating him from the cavern, he spotted Tita’s dark form among the stones. A smile edged along his muzzle.

“Evening,” he murmured, in a voice drowsy from sleep.

Jul 20, 2017 04:44 AM — Post #3

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Bianca Silvano Jill

Bianca had been slowly making her way to the upper reaches of the mountains. A trek further north, toward the lowlands, had provided her with some much-needed insight and solitude.

Now refreshed, she approached the path to the springs with confidence in her step, the sort which had been lacking as of late. Had been lacking since reuniting with her uncle, really.

Though she’d relied on scent trails to guide her this close to the caverns, the series of howls that pierced the air served as a better signal of where to go. The second call undoubtedly belonged to Lysander. She was relieved to know he was still around—that his nieces had him there while she’d taken a sojourn near the lookout.

Lifting her muzzle to the sky, she howled in response, letting the others know she’d arrive as soon as she could.

Much further down the pass. Won’t arrive for a few rounds, so please feel free to skip Bi until I toss her back in. :)

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Maaike Morris Chris Staff

((Coooomming I held off for a bit because I wasn’t sure if Neomii would still be with her! Here next round!))

Maaike came flying towards the hot springs with an eager set of barks. She’d heard the first lot of howls, and the second now as well! Here came Maaike! She knew what this was about, but it was time to figure out who was coming with them and where they were going.

Jul 21, 2017 01:45 AM — Post #5

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Titania Morris Anna

Tita bounced over to Enzo as soon as she saw him, going to sniff at his snout eagerly. “Enzo!” she exclaimed gladly before pulling away. “Have you seen Abrielle? She hasn’t howled back.” Maybe she was on a hunt, or just didn’t feel like howling back.

Tita heard Bianca’s more distant howl then, and Maaike barking closeby. Her tail wagged.

Everyone was coming! Except…

Abrielle was gonna be in so much trouble if she didn’t show!

Jul 21, 2017 05:55 PM — Post #6

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Lorenzo Silvano Jill

“Tita,” he breathed, squaring his legs as she bounded toward him. An old habit. He blinked down at her as she inquired about Abrielle, finding he could provide only a slow shake of his head in response. “I have not.”

Bianca howled, then, and her call was followed by a series of barks. They belonged to Maaike, assumedly. Lorenzo had come to know her as the more hyper of the two girls, even if their encounters had been few thus far. Such noise seemed fitting of her.

Glancing once more at Tita, he stepped around the girl to bring himself to the edge of the springs. The desire to ask after her reasons for summoning them rattled about his brain, noisy and impossible to ignore as a rock cascading down the mountain cliffs, but he refrained.

Surely, she’d enlighten her audience before long.

Jul 21, 2017 07:39 PM — Post #7

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Maaike Morris Chris Staff

((Oh right skipping whoops Chris :P ))

Maaike skidded in the snow, tilting forward and saving herself at the last minute. “Tiiiiita!” She sang, tail wagging, and pranced over to aim a lick at her sister’s cheek. “Wait til you hear all the stuff I learned fomr my new friend! It’s super important too!” She squealed and pawed at Tita, too excited. Then she grinned broadly at the two pale wolves.

“Hi Enzo! And did I hear Uncle Lys calling too?”

Jul 22, 2017 08:56 AM — Post #8

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Titania Morris Anna

A frown. And a humph.

He hadn’t seen Abrielle. This was troubling, but Tita trusted Abrielle enough to avoid it being troubling.

She wouldn’t just leave like Mum.


Maaike brought her out of her thoughts, planting a lick on her cheek. She giggled. She had super important stuff to tell her, apparently!

“I think so! And probably Bianca!” Tita replied. If they didn’t know where the springs were it might be a while before they got here—

“So, Enzo. Me and Maaike wanted to talk about leaving the mountains for now and exploring some other places,” she informed, once again moving back closer to him.

Jul 23, 2017 06:43 PM — Post #9

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Maaike Morris Chris Staff

Maaike settled down beside Tita, but her tail still wagged. She’d fill her in soon. First order of business!

“Yeah, we’re ready.” She agreed, smiling sideways at Tita. “We also talked about going to check in with everyone at home. But we don’t want to camp out all winter there - just say hi. Like Tita said - we want to explore new places.”

Jul 25, 2017 05:38 AM — Post #10

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Lysander Jade

He’d been expecting silence: nothing but the whistle of winter winds blowing through the peaks. And for a brief moment, that was all Lysander could hear. He stood where he’d stopped, his ears cupped for a response but with a tentative air.

Then the sound of his daughter’s voice rang out once again, calling back to him across the distance.

And without another second’s hesitation, Lysander was on his way.

To his surprise, another howl rose up shortly thereafter: one he instantly recognized as belonging to Bianca. It was very much a welcome sound. The two of them had gone their separate ways for a time, but it seemed that the Warden was back in the area. He would be glad to see her again.

However, the call had come from somewhere behind him, further down the slopes, and he was in no position to wait for her — or to double back. Lysander was swept up in a rare moment of excitement, his heart pounding as he worked his way up a steep climb. Now that he knew Titania didn’t want to avoid him, he was all too eager to close the gap between them. At first he could only try to pinpoint the origin of her howl, but as he continued working his way into the higher reaches of the pass, fresher trails appeared. In addition to his daughter, there was also Maaike…

And, of course, Mister Silvano.

Lysander’s brow furrowed softly, but he pressed on.

And in time, it became clear where the scents led.

He found the spot with ease. Even after so much time had passed, he could still locate the cleft in the mountain wall effortlessly. He slipped between the rocks and into the mazelike expanse of ravine, weaving back and forth through it without a second thought. His paws knew the way, and they carried him quietly and steadily toward the secret hideaway he’d known so long ago. The murmur of voices reached him along the way. Though he couldn’t make out what they were saying, he recognized them instantly.

And once he emerged on the other side, he saw them all: Titania, Maaike, and the silvery old wolf he’d come to know as Lorenzo.

But while he did see them there, and while his attention zeroed in on his daughter first-thing, Lysander simultaneously felt awash in a sudden, powerful wave of memories.

A moonlit night, wolves gathered all around, a queen seated on her throne.

His eyes tracked over to the ledge where Sparrow had stood — that lofty perch where she’d given out her orders…

Then he shook his head and resumed walking, headed toward the others. The whole moment had lasted scarcely longer than a heartbeat, but inside of his head, Lysander felt like he’d started down the path to reliving all of it.

Ultimately, though, he smoothed out the vacant look on his face into his usual blasé expression and regarded the group with a polite nod of his head as he sauntered over.

“Good evening, Titania. Maaike.” He looked to each girl in turn, then to the other male.

“Mister Silvano.”

For all the animosity he felt toward the wolf, he gave him a little quirk of his lips. Not quite a smile but a decidedly pleasant gesture all the same.

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Lorenzo Silvano Jill

Maaike entered before long, speaking rather enthusiastically about having made a new… friend. Lorenzo listened from beside the pool, wondering who the individual in question could have been. Faces of those he’d met in the mountains flashed in his mind, and it would be a lie to say he was not nearly hopeful that a select few had decided to linger.

It was with a smile that he lowered his snout to hover just above the water, seeking to breathe in its warm vapors. Inhaling slowly but purposefully, he found comfort in the way his chest swelled with the heated air, only for his breath to hitch when Tita admitted her plans.

Leaving. She and Maaike wanted to… leave.

Had it not been for his reflection, Enzo would not have realized how stone-cold his expression suddenly turned. Clearing his throat, he bid the lines of his face to soften before he turned back to them.

“Leave?” he echoed.

His eyes flicked from Tita to Maaike, who… agreed. Said that they were… ready. To leave—but not before visiting the Alliance.

And to think they’d been so adamant about staying in the mountains before. The suddenness of this change in conviction… it confounded him.

Lorenzo parted his jaws to speak, but he went silent as they were joined by another party. Lysander stepped into the room, and instantly the old wolf trained his gaze on the other pale male. The girls’ supposed uncle seemed unimpressed by the cavern, casting only a few fleeting glances around, leaving Lorenzo to wonder if perhaps he’d been here previously.

If he was, perhaps, part of the Empire that Melody had made warning him about such a priority.

In spite of his ever-turning thoughts, Lorenzo managed a polite dip of his head as Lysander greeted him, reciprocating the same sort of half-hearted smile. “Mister Lysander.”

He could not be bothered with the other male for long. His thoughts were still very much ravaged by the news the girls had broken to him with such little warning. It was to them he turned then, his mouth still slightly parted, though he remained far too stunned to summon words.

Jul 27, 2017 01:13 AM — Post #12

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Titania Morris Anna

Maaike chimed in, and Tita was quick to nod in agreement with her sister.

She then let all her attention shift to Enzo, watching his every little move. At some point, things started to feel tense. Not tense tense... but not… happy. Enzo wasn’t jumping for joy at this news, that was for sure.

“Yeah, we were thinking you and anyone else who wanted could come with?” Tita added quickly before she heard a new set of pawsteps.

“Hi Lysander,” she greeted good-naturedly with a grin, though not as enthusiastic as she would have been if she didn’t feel Enzo was off for some reason. Also, she noticed Lysander greeted Enzo by his last name, and Enzo by… Lysander. Did Lysander have a last name? Maybe she’d ask another time if she remembered. It hadn’t ever crossed her mind before.

“We were just telling Enzo about how we want to pop by the creek and then explore other places,” Tita informed him, before turning back to Enzo, eyes naively hopeful.

She liked Enzo. Say yes? Please please pleaseeeeeeee?

Jul 27, 2017 02:17 AM — Post #13

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Maaike Morris Chris Staff

“Evening Uncle Lys!” She called back, tail wagging, even though she wasn’t to sure if he was happy with them or not for their earlier refusal to stop traveling during winter. He didn’t seem too mad.

Maaike nodded several times at Tita’s offer to Enzo. “Yeah Enzo, you’re going to come too, right? We won’t be very long back at home, and I bet you know all sorts of cool places we can visit afterwards!”

Maaike went to rear up hopefully to plant her forepaws on Lorenzo’s chest, the way she had when she was small and she was trying to be affectionate with her parents or one of the Alliance adults. It was a good thing Lorenzo was such a massive wolf, since Maaike was certainly a lot sturdier than she had been when trying the same thing as a puppy.

She knew Tita wanted Enzo to come, and that meant Maaike wanted him around as well, and she’d do her best to convince the light-furred male to do so.

Jul 28, 2017 10:17 PM — Post #14

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Lysander Jade

Lorenzo returned his smile in kind, but Lysander’s attention didn’t linger on the male for long. After the girls had both greeted him, Titania piped up with some unexpected news: at long last, they had decided to leave the mountains behind. And what’s more, the two of them planned to make a trip home to their family before continuing on whatever journey they had in mind.

Lysander’s eyebrows rose, arching in surprise — pleasant surprise, of course. This was, after all, a very much appreciated development. But perhaps more importantly, he felt relieved. He could feel the pent-up tension begin to seep out of him with those words. His shoulders relaxed as relief came rolling in like the tide, washing over him in a gentle wave. They were ready to move on from the treacherous heights of the pass. And despite whatever coaching they’d had from their newfound mentors, they seemed to have come to this decision on their own.

Of course, Lysander knew that his own attempts to sway them probably hadn’t held any weight, either. Titania and Maaike were no doubt less concerned about the winter and more focused on seeing what the rest of the valley had to offer. He certainly wasn’t complaining, though. Whatever had made them change their mind, he was more than happy to go along with it.

Although Lorenzo, for his part, looked completely taken aback.

Hadn’t seen this one coming, had he?

“Well, I’m ready to set out whenever you two are,” Lysander replied, looking from Titania to Maaike as the latter reared and went to plant her forepaws on Lorenzo’s chest.

Lysander smiled a little slip of a smile. After a beat or two, though, something occurred to him. He hadn’t told them about Rhydian.

“Rhydian was actually searching for you girls,” he noted with a tilt of his head. “It was his trail that led me and Bianca into the mountains. I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed to see you — not to mention relieved. The boys, too.”

At some point Lysander had decided that if he could help it, he wouldn’t refer to the Warden as Titania’s “father,” and thus he very casually called him by name.

But while that sticky web continued to prove frustration, he did acknowledge that Rhydian had looked after his children and kept them safe, even if he’d kept them from him at first. And more importantly, they did know him as their parent. For them, that was reality. And for Rhydian, no matter what, he’d raised them as his own. He was undoubtedly just as worried over Titania as he was over Maaike.

Lysander could understand that. And in getting wrapped up in this family affair, with all its twists and turns, he’d come to care for Maaike just as he would his own children. He couldn’t know what would happen next, but he felt better knowing that they would be under his watchful eye again — and that they would pay Rhydian a visit, at the very least.

Of course there was the issue of how this all would pan out with him and with Demetrius and Oberon. Not to mention the question of Lorenzo’s involvement.

But for now Lysander would take this small victory and begin planning the next steps.

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