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[summons] Singing for Apollo because he's around here somewhere | outside of cove | light flurries, wind

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

Bragi knew that scent was around and it was fresh.

Ahhhpppollllllllooooooh,” He sing-songed, suddenly more obnoxious than he had ever felt as he felt his muscles contracting. Dragging himself down the beach, he could almost feel the friskiness. He could feel the tension in the air, the nip of the earth itself.

Winter was upon them, and things were going to get sticky. All he wanted to do, himself, was bury his nose against the neck of the male who’d been on his mind. See if he was still as tasty as would have been called. Then, they could meet the family —

Gracious, he felt like a babe!

It was another piece of his imagination, he was sure. Surely the prairie boy wouldn’t have come all this way. Still, his heart was nearly in his throat, but he yipped again, his body wiggling. To imagine the sight! A beastly, studly land-lover -

and a Demi-god. Oh, it sent him all aflutter!

Jul 25, 2017 07:25 PM

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Apollo had lingered.  In that way he was very, very good at. Just barely out of sight and out of anyone’s mind at all, waiting… watching…

He observed the Tribe. Skuld’s advice had been to get permission to stay, but honestly no one seemed to give a single crap, big or small, about his being here, so he’d minded himself for the short time he’d been here, shivering lightly in the winter breezes.

He knew Bragi was here, but…

Where, here, exactly?

It was perhaps uncharacteristic embarrassment that rooted his paws. Rather than poking about or howling for his darling friend’s name, he’d waited and wanted politely. The most polite he’d ever been, he wanted to argue. Especially in he light of his circumstances.

Part of him earnest worried he’d see Bragi again and the magic would have been lost. Maybe this time he wouldn’t be able to understand the sultry bard or something. The gift of tongues escaping him or something.

But maybe it was just the scent of a female or two in heat or nearly in season that had his brain playing natural resistance. Nothing turned him off more than the threat of puppies.  He just wasn’t ready, or so he claimed. That did imply that he might be ready someday which waaaaas.. a matter of query.

At any rate, he reminded himself that whatever happened here, whatever Bragi might bring to the table, puppies were not even in the spectrum of possibilities. And so his emotional baggage could take a hike.


Just outside the cove, taking a little stroll to decide if there was a next move to make or if lingering was sufficient, he thought he heard… his name?

Oh, his very own name, unmistakable even as it was lilted and thrown into the air to mingle with the snow that fluttered about. His head turned back and his body spun with it, and with all alertness he stared down the coast and.


There he was.

Wouldn’t it be totally hilarious if at this point he decided to just turn around and book it back home?

The small part of himself that liked to do what was not expected of him almost made him want to. The defiant little voice that often got on the nerves of others.

But that voice was not allowed to ruin his holiday. Nope!

“BRAGIIII,” he hollered in is best imitation of a shameless young lady.

And then he ran. Well, more like bounced, really.  Apollo was not much of one for running, and the sand messed him up more besides. But he wasn’t going to just stand there while the one he’d spent months wondering over was right there within bounding distance.

Jul 26, 2017 01:28 AM — Post #1

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

The handsomest wolf in the world was indeed present. There was something so outrageously off putting about Apollo, that made him interesting. Made the stiffness a little more erotic perhaps, because like a pickle on the flesh it made him tense to see the responding wolf.

But then the ball dropped, and the warrior that was Bragi with his cat marks skidded in the sand a moment. Shocked, undoubtedly, that Apollo could make such flailing movements. Toward him, at that.


Behold a basking glow of a summer god,” he chimed delightedly, knowing that there was almost an edge of business to his voice. Relief or interest or whatever one may have wanted to call it.

And they just. Reached each other. And suddenly the bard was shy. Tail lifted and waving, gaze locked on the facial features as his heart hammered in his chest.

The joy in mine eyes carry far more brightness than the stars on high to see the likes of the ranger brought to the shores.” His honeybee tongue was ripe as ever with fluff and sincerity, looking at the nectar before him. Reaching out, after a moment, to embrace the other with a seeking to nuzzle.

Boundaries. What even are those.

Jul 26, 2017 10:40 AM — Post #2

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Savannah Raight Atari

Savannah was just exploring the area, enjoying whatever was left of her beach trip before she was sent home. The ocean, the sand, the birds.. She loved it. Everything about the hidden cove was magical, including its inhabitants. A few yips alerted her, and innocently she poked her head out from behind the rocks she was resting in. A little ways off, some tan male was prancing about.

Her tail wagged, brushing the sand behind her rump in patterns. Her paw stopped dipping into the water, and she rested her chin on the top of the rock to watch. A new friend maybe?

Oh! But whoever he was calling was coming too, another large handsome looking male. He reminded her a bit of Orion, and Savvy’s head tilted as words were exchanged. Bragi and Ahhpollo. 

Ahhpollo sounded like a girl, that’s kinda weird but okay. Meir was a male, even though he looked like a female. Maybe Ahhpollo was the same. But Bragi called him a god, and gods were boys. So were they two boys?

Why were they so romantic then?

Savvy was intrigued, but didn’t want to interrupt or anything. The wind was blowing her scent away from them, and she was well hidden behind the rocks. Maybe she could just watch for a bit, and try to figure out what was going on.

Yeah, seemed legit.

She tucked her head down, carefully, and peeked out from around the rocks to watch and listen.

((Skippable, I’ll post her here and there until she’s noticed))

Jul 26, 2017 11:07 AM — Post #3

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Maybe he was feeling a little silly.  Too long in search of a singular wolf messing with his head or something. Or maybe he was nervous. Just a little. Easier to keen and fling himself around than come at this sedately.

He was undeniably glad that no one who knew him regularly ventured the beach. He didn’t need these kind of stories back home.

The convergence had them both snuffling with uncertainty for a moment, tails raised as Apollo shifted almost as if dancing, but only on his own front paws. More energy than he’d ever know what to do with.

There was a part of him that had honestly feared he’d take one look at Bragi and wonder why he was here at all. But now he was reminded of the intrigue. Reminded of the words and the tone of voice and…

Apollo sighed, long and low and brain prickling.

The Bard reached for a nuzzle and the Warden could hardly resist.  They hadn’t really… touched… much. If at all. In their first encounter. A reminder that he’d wished to pluck hair from this wily fox’s flank the first time had him shoving a bit more forcefully into the nuzzle than he should have.

He felt warm again, despite the snow.  Sarcasm had abandoned him along with the cold on these breaths.

“Begun to think I’d probably dreamt you,” he confessed with a glimmer of rare sincerity, and a chuckle at himself.

Jul 28, 2017 09:46 AM — Post #4

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

He was utterly unaware of anything besides Apollo, the radiant beast of the hills. His heart hammering in his chest, he snorted with the pressure he received back from the nuzzle. It was almost alarming. Nonetheless, he steadied himself with his good side.

Paws gripped the sands, and the air exploded. A dream. Him. The tickle of that was enough to have him laughing, the huskiness of it all far more than the lighthearted amusement that had passed between him and the other the time before. Who would have guessed, such magic!

Hopefully bawdy dreams that whet the appetite,” The husky golden boy quipped, unable to contain the warmth that suffused him. It was unnatural. They were strangers with an attraction, but he felt like a giddy puppy standing before his first crush. It was a rush of adrenaline, to be certain.

I deemed the mountains a tally to stroke off,” His words were spoken apologetically, “A crux of an adventure that left me bedding death, rather than the hot sands and the sensual memories of a certain warden’s voice.” The communication was an easy tongue, but he stared at the male as he chuckled - enraptured, growing quiet.

Dreams were never so sweet.” As this. As this very second.

Jul 30, 2017 07:10 PM — Post #5

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Savannah Raight Atari

See, the Ahhpollo guy sounded super sweet, dreaming of the other guy. That sounded like, totally something Daddy would say to Momma. Right?? Wasn’t that how you wooed people? She wasn’t entirely sure, maybe she’d snag Albus to practice on one time. That way if someone tried to woo her she could be like Heck no, that leads to pups and I’ll get so fat!

But yeah, anyway, what would be the other guy’s retort?

... What the heck was he saying?

Bawdy? Wet appetites? Crux?

Who was stroking what off? The mountains? How did you stroke a mountain? What? Why did you make a bedding for death?

What the heck was this guy saying????

Jul 31, 2017 09:33 AM — Post #6

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Whet the appetite, indeed.  Apollo might have snorted if he hadn’t been utterly aware that was probably unattractive. Not something he normally cared about… but here he was. Definitely not utterly desiring to be attractive or anything.


Sounded as if Bragi had gone to the mountains and run into trouble. A little concerned twitched back ears that often weren’t concerned at all. He didn’t like drama, but… “You were hurt?” he murmured into the fur of the other, only slightly torn away from the warmth of the surrounding words by the notion.

A little distance allowed them to just look. Bragi looked fine enough, but it wasn’t as if he’d studied every inch of him.

Though he’d like to.

Eyes flicking now, he didn’t see anything immediately amiss.  “No more nightmares to be had, I hope.  I’ll try and be a distraction, but I’m not certain how good I’ll be for it.”

A little self deprecation. Just for the smiles. Somewhere torn between asking what had happened and just wanting to ignore in favor of this… this.

Jul 31, 2017 01:46 PM — Post #7

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

This was a home that Bragi had never tho7ght to be so lucky to have within his very own reach. Even now he could almost smell the warmth of the sand, and it called to him. Sung his name like the white caps playing against one another.

But it had been feeling a little empty. Perhaps this was part of the reason. He never would have guessed he was being chided for his twisting tongue.

Apollo, busy looking for the sight, amused and pleased him. “A boon of the winter pelt,” Bragi chimed by explanation, knowing the flaws had been cur deep. He cringed to think of the summer shed, alas there was little on that front he could do. Still he reached just behind his shoulder, pointing his muzzle to the first of the set of scars.

But then his head was turning forward again, not looking too troubled with the turn of events. His delight was still a sense of a plea, and thus his ears twitched. So be it. He would find his joy where it may.

A winsome smile was sure to follow. He stepped closer, and sighed huskily. It was nice. “You smell of a thousand golden suns,” He informed the other without mirth. “A warmth even a god would chase.”

Aug 01, 2017 11:04 AM — Post #8

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Whatever had happened to Bragi, it did not seem to have dampened the spirit, nor left him crippled. Enough, then, that Apollo could bid himself to not worry.  Apollo knew a great many plants and what they did, though he’d never confess himself a healer. That would have required some bedside manner, and a non-allergy to drama, which he did not possess. So he was glad that he… did not have to tend the wounds of this wolf.

Though he might have, if he’d needed to. 

“Is that what you are, Bragi?” he asked with the glimmer of a grin. A step forward of his own and he was daring enough to take a lick towards the snout of the other, head twisting to the side like an imploring pup.

Were he watching this from a distance, not a part of it, he would have been rolling his eyes. He’d never had much patience for the winter months because everyone got like this.

His excuse was that he had gotten like this well before the winter had come to patter them with snow flurries as it did now.

So shut your face.

Aug 01, 2017 11:52 AM — Post #9

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

Bragi would have been able to say a thousand things in response to the chaos that had been building up time and time again. So with the slow, lazy tail wave seemed to be accompanied with the tease. As the words trickled onto the air, the provocation was startling.

Was that what he was?

In that moment, he wanted to say… no. He wanted to say he didn’t believe in such nonsense. Apollo wouldn’t believe such, he pegged it. Perhaps it was incorrect of him to believe, but he doubted the man with such a worldly, keen view would reach out -

Would you like me to be?” The words were sung back, in partial tease but made into the curve of something else. Something a little more suggestive, grumbling as he dipped his head forward and returned the lick. Affectionate gestures far from foreign.

Another paw forward, pushing softly. “I’d fall better to the feet of the glowing warden as a slave.” Godliness. Not something he was ready to put between them.

So sexual tension was so much better.

Aug 11, 2017 08:22 AM — Post #10

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

These words of Bragi’s… perhaps the most straight froward that Apollo had ever heard from the striking wolf, and he wondered why that was… But not for long, of course, as his brain was caught up in other things, like his warming belly and the lingering brush of a tongue that…



Apollo muttered something so squashed and undecipherable to even his own ears that it could only tenuously be described as a breathless curse.

His own tail uncharacteristically lofty behind him, his paws twisting in the sand, he leaned into the other, his heart suddenly galloping so hard he’d have thought himself anxious if it weren’t for the fact that Apollo was certain never anxious.

“Never had a slave before,” he confessed, tongue searching for the edge of a coy mouth. “What if I didn’t know what to do with one?”

What if he just let him go?

Aug 11, 2017 11:34 AM — Post #11

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

Bragi wondered if there was anything so powerful, so true as the moments that he was standing there. The scent of Apollo, it was delightful. It was alluring in ways he could not begin, and as he went for a light peck against his neck - then he was leaning back.

What was that?

Husky, dark gaze was met looking at the colorful plains wolf. He was hung up, he could feel the warmth between the two. It was just because it was getting colder, wasn’t it? It wasn’t anything deviant or such nonsense -

A deep, quiet laugh rolled out of him. He couldn’t help it. What would he do with a slave? “A brought down god humbled at the feet of a warden… is meant to be feast upon.” Another brush of the nose, this time against Apollo’s cheek.

Tenderized on the tongue, used for natures unspeakable to young’s ears - devoured. This bard has never had such an opportunity.” Thoughtful, he allowed the admission to a hedge of as a bit embarrassed.

For as loud as he was, Bragi was utterly out of his element. Just a little better at poetic fakery.

Aug 11, 2017 11:44 AM — Post #12

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Apollo almost, almost laughed.  As it was his eyes squinted and he huffed, mouth grimacing as he refrained from what he feared would be an unappealing reaction. He wouldn’t laugh at Bragi. If he had laughed it would have been at the state of them. At the state of himself.

The confession could be matched.

And so it would be, because it was only fair, and Apollo loathed the idea of… seeming more than himself. Was that strange? That he didn’t want this wolf who called him sun warden, offering himself as a… subject…

He didn’t want Bragi to think Apollo did this every year, to some squirrely boy who caught his fancy.  He didn’t want Bragi to think that Apollo had ever ventured from home with such bold intent before. He didn’t want Bragi to think that Apollo… had…

Any of this. He wanted Bragi to feel like a first because he was.

“What is this, then? A pair of untested, wishing to finally test themselves after all these years?”

Neither of them were young. Neither of them played the innocent, either, but…

“I’ve never wished to make myself a fumbling fool with anyone else,” he murmured, certain it wasn’t nearly as seductive sounding as Bragi’s own choice of words, but finding it suitable to his own charisma.

Aug 11, 2017 11:54 AM — Post #13

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Bragi Þórbjörn Zoi

Apollo knew something about something.

And it was about feelings.

Ding ding ding, it was time for Apollo to come clean. But Bragi wasn’t concerned. He guessed he would have felt played for an old fool if he had been picked at the beau of the year, but at the same time, there was something even in that. To be selected. When he burned.

Desperate old bones seeking extra meat,” Bawdy words tormented, a quick quip right back to the notion of the pair of them just being done being alone. It couldn’t be that. And he found himself leaning back, looking at the back of the male.

Fumbling fool. The quirk of a smile, and his ears laid back faintly on his head, playing against his skull. “Fumbling from the fields to catch a sand cat.” He observed with amusement.

Feeling… foolish betwixt the warmth of everyone else enraptured in their own days, seeking that sense of contentment on our own.” He mused, his head tipping as he bent in for another muzzle lick.

Accompanied by insatiable lust of grass-fed warden, breaching my dunes and capturing with his aloof gaze.

Ah. Say it ain’t so.

Aug 11, 2017 12:01 PM — Post #14

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Apollo Stormborn Fao Staff

Bragi seemed to make enough sense of it. Watching others during winter was the worst, as far as Apollo was concerned. Watching females stare enraptured at Atlas only to avert their eyes with nervous flutters as he looked their way. The stink of heat, so appealing and so repellent all at once.

Apollo had never found a moment, a wolf, a wonder to get lost in.  There were consequences with certain pairings he could never bring himself to abide. But this… this Bard. All the appeal, none of the things that made him slink off to while the winter away by himself.

“Are you implying that I’ve been lusting after you, little bard?” he said, to the wolf definitely not little in the least. He grinned, and turned his maw to try and capture some cheek for himself.

Aug 11, 2017 12:14 PM — Post #15

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