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where the sky meets the sea
with Jay | early winter, slightly backdated

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Athena Stormborn Wynter
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A clear day, Jay had said, and it seemed as though the overcast skies had let up for a bit, to give them some glimpse of the sky to the west as the sun slowly sank below the horizon. Athena’s last view of the sunset over the sea had been much farther south, where the coastline had risen far above the waves and presented a precarious view of the ocean below. It was where she’d met the odd-eyed Pace, and where she’d told the patient she-wolf altogether too much of her life before coming to the valley. Athena felt a little embarrassed at the thought now, and though she knew there was no taking back the fact that she’d spilled all of her problems to a complete stranger, she did realize it had helped a little at the time, when she’d been in a state of transition in her life, trying to decide what she was going to do and where she was going to for.

Athena’s tail waved behind her gently as she looked out toward the horizon, glad that they were nearly there. She didn’t often travel for the sake of traveling, and though she was far from weary, she felt the pull of home far from where she could reach it in even a few hours’ travel. Her trips out onto the range typically didn’t take her farther than half a day’s trot from home, but it would take her at least that long to return…

Not that she thought of going back now. She was here for a reason, not least to find her brother. And, she thought, to help distract Jay from the troubling thoughts that had plagued him the night she’d found him lying out on the range, sad and angry and isolated. That was it, she told herself, and curiosity had nothing to do with it.

Their journey had been well timed, though they hadn’t yet reached the sandy terrain that she knew awaited them when they finally hit the edge of the coastline, though the area ahead of them was rocky and not at all the relatively flat terrain she remembered, and they were perhaps closer to the lookout than she had intended. They might have to go a little north to reach the sandy beach, but she wasn’t too concerned about what lay ahead.

There had been a cold wind blowing off the sea that day, her senses inundated with the strong, briny scent of the sea miles before they reached it. Now, it was nearly overpowering. Athena found she didn’t particularly mind it, though it would take some getting used to. She looked toward Jay as she moved, her pace a leisurely trot as it had been for much of their journey.

Have you spent much time here? Before now, I mean.

Jul 26, 2017 09:59 PM

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