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Fenrir’s path
[continuation] "Ghost in You," with Norna | Moonglade Springs | Full Winter? | Evening, cold, clear

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Lorenzo Silvano Jill

“We are nearly there.”

Lorenzo hazarded a glance at his companion, straining against the fading light of the evening. Here, along the winding path to the springs, the walls of stone stood tall, their shadows long. Winter meant the sun set early, and in doing so had unleashed an initial wave of darkness on the land prematurely, one which sapped the brighter hues from Norna’s coat to replace them with a cold, steely grey.

In spite of the chill that had settled into his aging bones, Lorenzo pressed onward, undaunted. At this rate, the air around them grew warmer with each breath taken, heralding the arrival of comfort within the cavern. He was eager to return to it, habitual as it had become for him to follow a certain routine each evening.

Inhaling the springs’ vapors to warm his lungs. Soaking to alleviate his aching joints. Grooming the water from his fur so that his pelt remained clean and plush in the cold season.

None of it was as pleasurable as the prospect of hosting company once again, lonesome as he’d been following Tita’s, Abrielle’s, and Maaike’s departures.

“I wonder if it will be as you remember it,” he mused aloud, casting a good-natured smile at the she-wolf from over his shoulder.

Aug 11, 2017 01:54 AM

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Norna Morokei Adamantine

“I hope it will be,” was her soft answer.

She had settled into a comfortable stride, a comfortable state of mind, the impending dusk as welcome as the warm waters awaiting them. The stark and cold hues of a winter night had descended upon the landscape like a storm sweeping down from the peaks of the mountains, cloaking all in shifting shadows and soft somber hues. The night changed everything. Temperatures plummeted like the drop-offs of the cliff faces, colors merged and dulled into similar shades and stars slowly emerged in the darkened sky above after the sunset serenade faded and drained the land of color.

The springs were indeed near. The warmth drew her closer like a moth to a flame. In winter, warmth was life.

Her tail swung loosely behind her, her head held level with her back, clearly at ease.

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Lorenzo Silvano Jill

Lorenzo provided a gentle, knowing sound of acknowledgment from deep within his throat. He was admittedly curious to witness Norna’s reaction, to decide whether it was that of someone who’d looked upon the springs many a time and had grown accustomed to the sight, or—like himself—continued to view them with a deep appreciation each time he set paw in their midst.

“The springs have proven to be a fine place to winter,” he spoke absentmindedly, relishing in the way feeling gradually returned to his paw pads with each step he took. Even the stone here, warmed from within, proved more merciful than the cliffs at their backs.

Only a few more paces, and they’d be within the cavern. Familiar scents alighted on Lorenzo’s nostrils, one in particular—that of recently-hunted hare—prompting him to extend an offer to the wolf at his side.

“Would you care for a morsel? I regret to admit that my cache is… lacking, but.”

He chuckled.

“It is a cache, nonetheless.”

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Norna Morokei Adamantine

The air seemed to thrum with a hidden energy. Most likely a figment of her own musings, but the power and warmth were almost pulsing through the rocky ground. It was near, so achingly near. It was almost like that day in the rain all of those seasons ago, the baptism of a new Norna in a soft morning shower. Water. There was something about it, so clean and pure, renewing, reviving.

“I would expect so. Secluded enough for comfort, close to warmth and close enough to prey.”

She almost felt as if the warmth was slowly unlocking her muscles and joints and exposed fur and skin, letting her move more frewly, more effortlessy. It was a welcome sensation, made even more so by the scent of rabbit hanging in the air. Unbidden, her mouth began to water.

“If you would be so kind, I would be grateful for some substenance,” she answered sincerely, happy relief in her tone. “I would happily add to it to replace anything I might take.”

Oddly enough, she had a certain fondness for him already—he was a kind soul, and he had accepted her company with all of the graciousness she could have asked for. Perhaps not the same way as Lysander—they were two different wolves, after all—but Lorenzo reminded her that she was more than a divine tool, or a foreigner, or even someone to be wary of. While she knew her purpose, she still craved this kind of acceptance and kindness so long denied to her.

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