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[summons] mid-winter | midday | calling for pace

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Calliope Song Jade

She’d been meaning to do this for a while now. It was just a matter of… getting around to it.

Because, of course, Calliope couldn’t just spontaneously walk right up to Pace and tell her that she wanted to take on some sort of rank within the Tribe. It wasn’t that easy. Or her anxious brain wouldn’t let it be easy, anyway. Although she knew that the Halcyon would probably be overjoyed to hear such news, Calliope nevertheless dreaded it — pressing herself to find her alone, to go up to her, to find a good way of bringing up the subject… it was just stressful.

Not to mention she still didn’t know what she wanted to call herself. Everyone had such creative names for their roles in the pack, but Calliope hadn’t been able to come up with anything so far. While she definitely knew what she wanted to do, she just couldn’t sum it up into a neat little title. She’d been thinking about it for months, stewing over it, trying to come up with something that didn’t sound totally stupid.

Eventually, though, she made up her mind to just… forget about that part and approach the leader with her idea. She wasn’t doing herself or the pack any good waffling over something as simple and ultimately trivial as a name. And heck, maybe Pace would be able to help her out there.

That’s what she told herself, anyway, as she stood there outside the cave mouth, peering into the dark.

She flexed her toes and dug them into the sand. When she was feeling nervous, it helped to feel “grounded” somehow. Calliope didn’t know why, exactly, but it worked. She didn’t question it.

After partaking in this little ritual for a minute, she drew in a breath to steady herself and then called out, projecting her voice into the cavernous space as best she could without outright yelling.


The plan was to check here first. If the Halcyon wasn’t in the cave, then she’d check up and down the beach.

This isn’t something Calliope would notice herself, but I figure it’s worth mentioning she’s entering proestrus. So it would be noticeable in her scent.

…My little baby’s growing up. ;w;

Aug 26, 2017 04:44 PM

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

This was the heat that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend…

Pace was sick to death of being hormonal.  Time with Vincent had been very nice. Otherwise she had felt very cross.  And right now he wasn’t immediately there and tending to her, so she was feeling weary and like she would much rather fast forward a few weeks to when she was out of season and maybe pregnant.


But as it was, that meant she was mostly alone, and at this time she was flopped out in the cavern, trying to not be restless.

But it was impossible for her to want to ignore her name, especially when called by a voice she associated with nothing but good things.

A deep breath, and she summoned all her good will and cheer, not wanting to pull Calli off.

“Heyyy girlie,” she called as she approached several moments later.  She put on a pretty good happy face, she felt.  She was pretty sure no one would think she was feeling off at all, right?

Aug 28, 2017 04:22 PM — Post #1

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Calliope Song Jade

For a second there, Calliope wondered if Pace was even at home. There was no immediate answer, and as she stood there peering into the darkness, allowing her vision to slowly adjust, she began to ponder where the next-best place to check might be. Maybe down by the waterfall? …no, the water had already frozen.

Before she could think on it any further, though, a voice emanating from the shadows jarred Calliope back into attention. Her ears shot up, while her eyes could barely make out a black silhouette moving towards the cave entrance. Of course, she’d known the voice at once.

“Pace,” she called her name again, this time smiling good-naturedly at the older female. “How are you today?”

Her tail settled into a subtle but happy little rhythm behind her as she eased a couple of steps closer, into the shade created by the cavern’s roof and closer to the Halcyon.

The question of how to bring up the subject of rank wasn’t far from her mind, but for once in her life Calliope had decided to wing it. Never mind that Pace would probably want to know why she was looking for her, and that would provide a decent enough prompt, but. Hey, the girl was doing her best.

And so far she wasn’t even nervous.

So far.

Aug 30, 2017 07:10 PM — Post #2

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

“Eh, you know, been better. That time of year,” she said, forcing a little chuckle at the small reminder of her state of existence. “But happy to see you. Been a bit!  Howsit for you?” she inquired further, her own posture tired but as uncaring as Pace almost always was.

When she was near enough, she even sat back down, and was polite enough to stifle any notion of yawning, which is what her body seemed to want to do today. A lot. Maybe yawns could be hormonal. She didn’t presume to know, but it was a good running theory.

Aug 31, 2017 01:27 PM — Post #3

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Calliope Song Jade

“That time of year.”

Given how much she’d been focused on this rank business, Calliope had nearly forgotten about… that. She’d discussed it with Melody, of course, but after that it had been swiftly forgotten, replaced by more pressing concerns. Now, though, she found herself wondering just how Pace had been faring since it was “that time” for her. While their mother had told them what to expect when they’d had The Talk when they were younger, Calliope knew that it was different for everyone.

Part of her wanted to ask Pace more about it. Because she knew that the Halcyon would willingly oblige, telling her anything and everything she needed to know. But part of her felt that it was a really… personal thing. So ultimately, she decided against it.

Once Pace was closer, she settled onto her haunches, and Calliope followed suit.

“I’m alright,” she chirped back at her. “I was… actually hoping to talk to you about something if you’ve got a minute.”

The words slipped out of her mouth before she hardly knew what she was saying, but it was an overall pleasant surprise.

She was still probably being way more polite and cautious about this than she needed to be, but at the very least she wasn’t hemming and hawing and fumbling over her words. Calliope counted that as a win.

Sep 05, 2017 03:12 PM — Post #4

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

Just more than happy to be talking to this little blip of sunshine more than anything, Pace smiled more warmly as the young she-wolf indicated her intent. “Sure thing, Calli.  Got more than a few minutes for you if you need ‘em. What’s up?”

Hopefully it wasn’t anything bad, or Calliope was looking to leave or something. Pace was fine with most things, but there were certain wolves she hoped stayed here forever, and Calli was pretty high on that list, honestly.

She did adore the yearlings she’d gathered, but she was also a bit grateful that not all of this last year’s pup population had ended up at the caves. That meant maybe they were doing okay where they were born.

Sep 07, 2017 04:18 PM — Post #5

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Calliope Song Jade

Okay, this was it.

Given the go-ahead by Pace, Calliope leaned back on her haunches and generally tried to look composed. She still was, for the most part. However, when it came down to the moment of truth, it was hard to ignore the butterflies flittering nervously about in her stomach. It was kind of a big deal for her, after all.

“Well, I’ve been thinking…” She began slowly, and as she spoke, both her expression and her tone of voice shifted to something just a touch more serious. “I think I’m ready to take up a real rank in the Tribe.”

Something more than just “Friend.”

Sep 10, 2017 04:06 PM — Post #6

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

The moment of pause had Pace nodding in encouragement to go on, and when the words came forth, Pace was like, oh, is that all?  But not out loud, because out loud she was like, “Yes!”  A little cheer to hear one of her favorite Friends take the plunge. She stll remembered Calli as a little thing, singing along the beach and drawing her in like a siren.

Good kid, this one. Never mad that she was here.

“Whatchu thinking, then?” she pressed, eyes alight.

Sep 10, 2017 07:20 PM — Post #7

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Calliope Song Jade

Her idea was met with much enthusiasm, which she supposed she should have expected in the first place. Calliope was Calliope, though, so when the Halcyon responded with what amounted to an actual cheer, she felt a tidal wave of relief wash over her. What little nervousness had stared bubbling to the surface washed away, replaced by a sheepish — but no less genuine — smile.

Of course, there was still the small matter of explaining what she wanted to do in this new rank of hers, exactly. Calliope still hadn’t figured out the perfect way of wording it, but in the end she decided it would be best to give Pace more or less the same run-down she’d given her sister. It had made sense, hadn’t it?

“So Melody and I met this girl from the Evergreens a while back. Ophelia.” She decided to drop the name on the off-chance Pace might be familiar, but afterwards she carried on without pausing. “Anyway, her job is basically to make sure that everyone in the pack is doing okay and has their needs met. And to welcome visitors, too. Tell them about the pack, show them around… you know, stuff like that.”

By the end of her little explanation, Calliope was fidgeting a little where she sat, kneading her toes into the soft sand beneath them. She stopped, though, once she glanced down and realized what she was doing. Then she peered up at Pace again, somewhat uncertain but with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“I thought… maybe that’s something I could do. For the Tribe.”

Sep 13, 2017 01:22 PM — Post #8

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

Ah, Calliope had no way of knowing it, but they’d once had a rank exactly like that.  Clementine had been Zephyr.  Vaska had worked as her Snowflake in the same capacity.  Well, maybe not exactly the same, as Calliope’s explanation seemed a little more thought out but—

Well, Clem was dead. Vaska was gone for a long time now.  Calliope was literally the most perfect wolf to take over this task, and Pace glowed for it.  She was surprised she hadn’t thought of it herself.

“Absolutely!” she said, unable to keep from just being utterly peppy, apparently. “We need that, exactly that. You’re in.”


“Now all you need is a rank,” she reminded with a waggle of her brows.  That was the fun part. Everything else was just logistics.

Sep 13, 2017 01:44 PM — Post #9

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Calliope Song Jade

Even with what she knew of her leader, Calliope nevertheless found herself holding her breath while awaiting an answer.

She didn’t have to do that for long, of course, because Pace barely missed a beat. And with her approval, Calliope practically melted where she sat — both from immense relief and the knowledge that the role she wanted to play in the pack was legitimately needed. The notion that she’d be able to do something truly helpful set her to doing spirited backflips… inside her own head, of course. On the outside, though, she was positively beaming.

She’d almost forgotten that being approved for the job wasn’t the only matter to hash out.

When Pace brought up the question of a name for her rank, Calliope instantly recalled the other reason for her apprehension, and her smile turned appropriately awkward.

“I haven’t been able to think of one so far,” she admitted sheepishly. “Everyone else has a really cool name, so I wanted to think of something that sounds cool, but…”

She breathed out a soft sigh, her shoulders sagging a bit as she glanced down at her paws. But then, after a moment, she peered up at Pace.

“How did you come up with yours?”

Even after belonging to the Tribe for as long as she had, Calliope still didn’t know what “halcyon” really meant. Thus far she’d been operating under the general assumption that it was another word for a leader. Whatever the case was, though, it sounded completely and utterly cool. And that was what Calliope was gunning for.

But nothing she’d come up with thus far had sounded even remotely close to that level. Frankly, she was too embarrassed to even toss out any of her failed examples.

Sep 16, 2017 02:12 PM — Post #10

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Pace Aekyr Fao Staff

Ahhh, the question of all questions. And the problem of all problems. Seemed that a few wolves had a problem with being creatively carefree. Not her own children, of course—the amazing Sea Monster and Splash Champion being the single most amazing rank names of all time in her opinion, not biased at all—but others seemed to get hung up on it.  Marce. Yuna. Calliope now, the most recent.

“Welp. Mine is just a word I heard on time when I was younger. I liked it. Couldn’t even tell you what it means.  But kinda the point, I guess?” She shrugged, but was still all grins, glad that Calli was so happy being told she could do the job she wanted to.

“Sunshine doesn’t mean much past what people want to say it means. Same with Starlight or Sea Monster or…” Wow, they were stuck on S-ranks, weren’t they? “You could be Singer, orrrr…” she tried to think of another cool but potentially more random word. “Valiant?”

More shrugs.  Really, whatever tickled her fancy.

Sep 16, 2017 05:22 PM — Post #11

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