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When the world is cold

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

In her curiosity, Sparrow had traveled up and up the river, winding its way dangerously down the slopes until eventually it led to some thing larger. Nestled amongst the heights of the mountains was a lake, far larger than the one she’d known in Skyrise. It made sense, really, considering the size of the lake below the mountain.

For half a moment she was reminded of her meeting with Grey near the lake at the base. Had he ever scaled these mountains? Why was he ever on her mind? Nevertheless, she found herself curving around the southern end of the place, pausing to lap at the frozen lake, finding a spot further in that hadn’t quite frozen completely.

It was a dangerous thing walking a frozen lake, every step a chance at falling in, but she hadn’t gone terribly far. The place was nice, comforting almost, and after a moment, she withdrew, watching the sun rise over the peaks to the north, glassing over the frozen lake like a perfectly painted picture.

This felt right. She wondered if Ink would agree. She wondered what would follow.

Sep 01, 2017 10:06 PM

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Meir Evenfall Tam

It had taken him a while, but he was finally here – sort of. The mountains, the views, the heights he’d never reached. He was ahead of the others, or so he thought, but with the idea of a pack behind him and somewhere to start it needing to be found, he’d decided to travel ahead and have a look. And besides, he knew that Kamaal and Skuld couldn’t travel as quickly.

Despite that, he had headed off alone – almost alone; Aran was always somewhere nearby – while he was still in heat. And he could feel it, the terrible feeling, in his stomach. He felt, though, that it was coming to a close. With every passing day, the pull felt… weaker. Maybe it was just him, maybe it was just something stupid, but he thought he felt it.

He kept going higher up the mountains to explore, his curiosity taking over. He was under the impression that almost nobody lived here – there were very few scents and he was yet to run into someone in his few days there.

However, he could both see and smell someone now as the sun’s light reached over the mountains. It cast shadows that were different to what he found in the forests. Perhaps it was brighter. Whatever it was, he felt different in the mountains, and certainly freer than before.

The other wolf smelt female and she was rather small, but he didn’t know her so he decided to remain quite delicate, especially given he was still in heat.

He lingered, though. He looked around. Females were sometimes snappish at the sight of another in-heat wolf, so he wondered if she would be… less pleased to see him than Skuld or Kamaal seemed to be. Both of them were fine around him, but he supposed that there were some familial feelings there, which could help.

The female was out on a frozen lake – a bad idea at any cost – and Meir decided to bring himself to a stop the lake’s banks. He didn’t fancy falling into an ice-cold lake, even if the female seemed to want to.

For now, he just observed. It seemed the wolf had found somewhere to drink from on her short trip out from the shore.

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

As she’d been tracing back to the shoreline, she’d spotted the wolf, the unpleasant scent not far behind but she refrained from letting her fur rise for it. These mountains were still new territory, even if they’d been here for months, so she let out a bark and closed the distance some. Wondering if this wolf had been living nearby, as she did with every stranger.

“Hello, darling,” she called in her general fashion, posture confident as always, tone formal. “Do you live around here?” She could see no other explanation as to why one would have scaled to such heights but one thing at a time.

By the time she’d finished closing the distance, they were well within conversation distance, comfortable enough that it wasn’t so close to cause problems should the wolf be that type. Mountain wolves to the south so frequently had been.

She could suss out the scents of a few others, she thought, but added nothing else in that moment, letting the wolf answer to themselves before pressing more. It had her feeling rather unsettled, the ideas that it all brought up, but she had become far more rational in her role as a mother.

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Sep 03, 2017 03:50 PM — Post #2

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Meir Evenfall Tam

It didn’t take long for him to be noticed, nor did he think it would. Mountain wolves would have to be on the lookout a lot. One wrong foot and the ice could break from beneath their feet or the rocks could fall. There were dangers here, there were the aggressive, and he knew there were mountain lions. It made sense that she was aware of him before long.

She greeted him as “darling,” which he found odd enough, but he let it pass. Each to their own, but he still felt a mild feeling of distaste towards it, even if he didn’t particularly want to.

He sensed formality, though, so he remained formal, if not a little cautious just in case.

She wanted to know if he lived here, and honestly, he didn’t know how to answer it. They hadn’t settled here yet, but he knew they planned to. The answer, then, would be yes, but as of now, he supposed they didn’t. But in case they met again, he thought it might be best to just say that they were settling down here or that they did. Either of the two.

Hello,” he replied to start, his voice sounding a little formal, but nowhere near what hers was. “Yes. A small group and I. Do you?

If they did, then he did think they would have to settle somewhere that wasn’t where these wolves were. There was no point in some angry competition or whatnot.

Sep 06, 2017 12:59 PM — Post #3

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

In truth, she hadn’t expected a yes. Wolves were far and few between in these parts, and those that were here, had mostly consisted of passersby. There were no scent markers that she’d found, no trails frequented by heavy foot paths. It struck something in her that she hadn’t realize would bother her, and she took a few steps closer for it.

“I have to say, you’re the first I’ve come across that has admitted to much. How long have you been living here?” The place was harsh at best, had proved difficult even for her family who had been taking their time in acclimating or re-acclimating in her and Ink’s case as they climbed ever higher.

She had about ten other questions to toss out, but for now she let the one hang in the air. There was no rush, despite the sense of urgency it had struck in her just then. Perhaps Ink had run into one of this small group. If he hadn’t, they’d certainly be taking a trip to wherever such wolves resided sooner rather than later, without question.

For now, she studied the wolf, no judgment in physical appearance considering her own smaller size. It meant nothing. If a wolf could scale the slopes with ease, that was her judgment point, her way of noting whether or not the mountains had been inhabited for a long while or short. And she hadn’t seen them approaching so she had no basis just then.

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Meir Evenfall Tam

The wolf took a step towards him, which for him, was slightly discomforting, but he decided to let it go. The wolf was a stranger – one that was intent on knowing when they had arrived – and Meir supposed it wasn’t exactly the oddest of things, especially if the wolf lived here. Maybe it was a wolf that lived in a pack, or planned to, which he supposed would mean they had to be careful where they set up their home.

Only for a few days,” he admitted, which he knew wasn’t long. He wondered if she’d been here long, if she planned to stay, if she had any plans on a pack, and why she wanted to know, but Meir also didn’t particularly want to ask all of his questions at once, so he refrained from doing so.

How long have you been here?

Meir decided he’d start with the simplest thing of all – repeat what she’d asked. At least then he would know what kind of “competition” they might have, if Kamaal wanted to call it that, even though Meir viewed what they wanted to form as a peaceful family. Whatever they were doing, it certainly wasn’t anything that needed to be challenged, that was for sure.

Meir doubted there was any danger here. The female seemed more intent on finding out information than intimidating him, and if his heat was going to be a problem, he wouldn’t have thought she would’ve been so receptive to begin with. He still remained partially cautious, though, as he didn’t want to make any assumptions that could get him killed.

Sep 13, 2017 01:53 PM — Post #5

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

Only a few days, they claimed, and that felt somehow less intimidating.

“My family and I have been here since the start of winter,” she returned confidently enough. “We’re not seeking out a territory war or to run anyone off, though, I can assure you.” She’d learned enough from her past in Skyrise to know where to pick and choose wars. The mountains were large, vast enough to harbor more than one pack.

She looked up to the peaks overhead, hoping idly that this group who’d been here for a few days hadn’t taken to the lake, quiet as it seemed now.

“Though we are likely looking to settle into something permanent,” she affirmed after a moment, making it clear that just because she’d referred to their group as family didn’t mean they wouldn’t be attempting to lay claim somewhere. Perhaps the group would wish to join with them for all she knew.

For a moment she paused, letting her gaze fall back to the wolf.

“And your group?”

Sep 13, 2017 03:31 PM — Post #6

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Meir Evenfall Tam

Meir felt quite indifferent towards the idea of the wolf and her family being here since the beginning of winter. It was useful information to relay to Kamaal, especially if this was where they did want to set up their home, but given the female did confirm she didn’t want a “territory war” of any kind, Meir felt comfortable, even with her confident tone.

The confirmation that the female’s family, like his, planned to make something more permanent was interesting. Meir was aware that the mountains were plenty large enough to be the homes for two packs, but he did wonder how often they’d come across one another, especially during winter if the prey was scarce.

Territory wouldn’t be a problem, though, he didn’t think, not when he was so relaxed about things like that. And Kamaal had seemed to be quite relaxed too, so as long as they didn’t try and fight them over it, that would be alright.

Ours too,” he confirmed easily enough, a polite dip of his head. “We’re not looking for any trouble, though, either.” He hoped that she would understand that, even though they both shared the interests of the mountains, they could peacefully coexist together. Kamaal’s vision was right for Meir, and that was enough for him.

He dearly hoped, though, that Fray didn’t meet this woman and mess things up.

I’m Meir,” he added, realising that he’d not yet introduced himself to the female.

Sep 17, 2017 10:43 AM — Post #7

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Sparrow Kelly Staff

Not looking for any trouble he said, and she felt herself relaxing back a fraction. He hadn’t heard her name, yet, though, and some distant part of her felt a pull to lie about it. But that was the wolf from the south. She was no longer looking to deceive, not unless it was necessary.

“Sparrow,” she returned simply, gauging his reaction, be it facial or verbal. She’d run across wolves in the mountains who’d not known her name, but saying it to a wolf who’d be neighbors, it seemed, she hoped it brought up nothing.

Still, she was pushing her luck.

“We came from the mountains to the south of the valley after an attempt on our lives while I was pregnant with our sons,” she added quietly, hoping he’d take sympathy and not scorn. “That’s not the sort of life I’m hoping to raise our boys in.” Not anymore. She was done with petty wars, petty wolves. If these wolves turned out to be the sour type, she wasn’t sure what she’d do.

Sep 17, 2017 01:06 PM — Post #8

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Meir Evenfall Tam

The female introduced herself as “Sparrow,” a name that she didn’t know, and if he’d ever heard it, it was long forgotten. It was an interesting name for her, he thought, but then again, sparrows were rather hardy birds, as well as small, so he could see it for a mountain wolf that would likely be quite strong.

He simply nodded at the mention of her name, given he had nothing else to add.

Sparrow offered further explanation for her being here, all of which elicited sympathy from him. He frowned, mostly out of disgust for what the others had done to her, as he listened, and worried whether her sons were okay. He was, of course, a medic, and if she needed him, even if she was only a “neighbour,” then she was more than welcome to ask for his help.

That’s terrible, what happened to you. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to,” he commented, although he didn’t want to say much. Commenting on others’ lives wasn’t something he was fond of, so he avoided it mostly.

Sparrow did seem like better parents than his own, nameless ones, though, and that was a bonus point for her.

If you ever need help, for you, your sons, or anything, then just call for me. I’m a medic, so that’s what I’m here for. I’m happy to help you as well as my own family.

As long as she respected the fact that Meir had his own family to care for, he was completely open to helping her as well.

Sep 23, 2017 12:17 PM — Post #9

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