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[summons] evening, overcast | summoning Todd

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Randy Citrus

It was official. He still couldn’t move his tail.

Among other unpleasantries, he also had difficulty urinating. It likely wasn’t enough to affect his quality of life, but it was enough that the amount of time he had to keep his leg lifted before anything happened was definitely noticeable.

It was for these reasons that Randy had been hiding out for the past couple weeks in some seedy, undisclosed location. With some psychotic bitch at his rear and his brother at his front, he wasn’t going to allow either of them to see him in such a condition.

As hard as it was to believe, he still had some dignity left.

Except, there was something he’d been thinking about for a while, ever since Todd had first tried to drown him in his own home. He figured it was about time he mention it.

Randy strolled through the winter willows, stepping carefully over frozen ponds as casually as he could manage. His more superficial wounds had scabbed over by now, and he had never been one to greet others with a happy tail. No one would be the wiser.

“Todd,” he called out, his voice monotone. He didn’t have the time nor the patience for whatever bullshit his little brother might throw at him. He was strictly business.

Sep 07, 2017 07:51 PM

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Todd Meeko

Sorry for the wait omg




Todd was not a large wolf by any standards, wholly average in every way. Perhaps even below average when it came to weight and winter fluff. So he spent the most of his time hiding away and sleeping and praying that it was almost spring.

He was cranky as shit when his name was called. Cranky because it was cold, cranky because he was hungry, cranky because he was too tired from being cold and hungry to hunt and cranky because there was nothing to do in this place but mark over Randy’s scents and, well, sleep.

Which was boring as hell.

He thought about closing his eyes and rolling back over into the peaceful abyss of sleep, but boredom and curiosity won out. What the hell did Randy want him for? The two hadn’t spoken in weeks and Todd was, frankly, okay with that.

He pushed to his paw and with absolutely no rush at all, he made his to the ugly blemish of a wolf that was his brother. “What do you want, asshole,” he grunted, plopping unceremoniously onto his hind end a few feet away.

Sep 13, 2017 04:01 PM — Post #1

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Randy Citrus

| no worries!

With no feeling in his tail, it was kinda hard to flick it irritably while Todd took his dear sweet time in showing up. Ah, how he had missed that angelic voice. Not to mention he looked like shit. What, was he physically unable to survive without his big brother around to help him? Bet the idea of a cache was looking real sweet right about now, huh?

Except Randy wasn’t here to critise, miraculously. “I’m going to the wasteland to look for Petunia and Brutus, are you coming or not?”

“Also you look like shit.” Well maybe just a little criticism.

Sep 14, 2017 11:09 AM — Post #2

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Todd Meeko

Todd was ready to be kicked out, ready to be insulted or berated in some way by his older blue-eyes dickface brother, but what he got was entirely surprising. He reacted with a slight upward twitch of his left eyebrow, and a moment of quiet.

Petunia and Brutus…were they here?  He felt his heart skip awkwardly in his chest for some reason he couldn’t place, and his gaze searched Randy’s expression for some trace of this being some weird ass joke.

“Mkay. Now?” came his short reply, devoid of all the questions he wanted to ask but didn’t feel like hearing the answer to.

At the expected insult, Todd gave a snort and a half-smirk. “Guess that makes us twins.” Ha. Thank GOD that was not the case.

Sep 19, 2017 09:15 PM — Post #3

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Randy Citrus

“Now,” he confirmed with a quick nod.

Because he sure as hell wasn’t going to sit here and let the guilt eat away at him. The same guilt that he was trying very hard to forget even existed.

Even so, Randy huffed. “You wish.” It was going to take a lot more than some silvery bitch to ruin his good looks.

Sep 19, 2017 09:34 PM — Post #4

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Todd Meeko


Okay. Cool. Sure. Let him just, like, get situated. Todd gave a quick shake of his coat, in hopes of waking himself up and making him look less like the hermit he had made himself into the last few weeks. Then he bowed into a stretch, because his legs had not moved much in preparation of a journey. Or, like, at all.

“K I’m good,” he announced as he righted himself. “They’re here?” he asked, voice low. The ‘they’ he referred to obviously being their siblings. Had Randy seen them? Smelt them? Was he just guessing and dragging poor Todd on some wild goose chase?

Either way, he didn’t really care. This gave him something to do other than pissing himself dry trying to cover Randy’s scent and snoozing away the cold. And maybe, by some magical blessing of the universe, Brutus and Petunia were here.

Not that he cared. Four wolves defended a territory better than two, was all.

Sep 19, 2017 09:48 PM — Post #5

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Randy Citrus

Were they here. Like just because they were all related he could somehow sense their presence using the sheer power of his mind. “Fuck if I know,” he said after being force to sit through Todd’s entire pre-adventure regimen.

“You got here, right? They can’t be far.” Sure the wasteland was big, but Petunia was arguably the most capable out of them all. She was most definitely still out there somewhere, if she wasn’t making her way into the valley already. And if they were lucky, she’d have Brutus with her.

The big oaf would’ve been hard-pressed to make it out in the big wide world on his own otherwise.

Sep 20, 2017 12:37 AM — Post #6

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Todd Meeko

Randy didn’t even fucking know if they were here? Then why the shit were they leaving the comfort of their respective sleeping places to find out? Were they really the sort of family that went to the end of the earth to find one another? Todd didn’t exactly think so. Not unless it was to bitch at each other, possibly scratch one off the family tree.

Unless someone was getting all sentimental, which was not exactly the big brother Randy he had come to expect. But, hell, he had been sort of mopey and boring since they’d been reunited. Maybe he like. Felt bad. Or something.

A smirk slid across his lips.

“Randall. Don’t tell me you’re feeling guilty? Because I know damn well you’re not going out there to find them out of good ol’ family loyalty or some shit,” he chimed, before turning away and striding lazily towards the woods. He watched for his brother’s reaction out of the corner of his eyes.


Sep 21, 2017 11:53 AM — Post #7

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