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It is I, the Frenchiest Fry

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Muses Ray

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Ray (aka Hero, quietgrrrlriot, Celine)


MST -7, observing DST

What made you want to join Horizon?

Where else do you RP, if anywhere? Where have you RPed in the past?
Started on Furcadia, moved to neopets, and then various forum RPs from there. Northern Boundaries was a significant place for me. I’ve since been on Valoria, RoW, WOLF

Do you have any cool hobbies, or things you’re interested in?
Animal stuff, art, music, and sleep.

What’s something you’re really excited about right now?
Dinner, tbh

Any adorable pets and/or children we should know about?
Imma edit in pictures here…. Ah, who are we kidding? I’m gonna dedicate entire posts to my precious fur babies. Comin’ right up!

TL;DR - I’m a person in my mid 20s who enjoys dorky things like RPing and pet games. IRL I also enjoy dog stuff, like training — and speaking of dogs, my pupper is very much demanding my attention right now. So there’s that.
I’m not part of any fandom, but I enjoy most things.

Sep 10, 2017 08:19 PM

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Rathbone Fitzroy Sam Staff
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Welcome Ray!! I started on Furcadia, too (still kinda low-key like it but don’t have it anymore) and am also excited for dinner :3

Sep 11, 2017 01:10 AM — Post #1

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Rufus Raight Drew

Omg I used to be on Furcadia tooooo. And also Neopets.

Sep 11, 2017 10:30 AM — Post #2

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Relic Aureum Erin
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Welcome to Horizon!

What kind of dogs do you has? 8D

Sep 11, 2017 10:50 AM — Post #3

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Daniel Hayle kay
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show pets plz
i hope you like it here!<3

Sep 11, 2017 11:19 AM — Post #4

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Muses Ray

Name: Tigger
Alias: Tiggy, Tiggler, Mr. Meow Meow
Age: 18

Likes: Receiving pets, drooling, yelling, heated pads, temptations, super low quality food, receiving water boluses, sitting in the sun

Dislikes: High quality food, pooping, being ignored

This is my beautiful man, Tigger! Actually, I’ll let you all know now that none of these animals actually belong to me. They belong to my partner/their family, but whatever. I love them anyhow.

Tigger is a very old man who yells a LOT, because he’s deaf. He was on the verge of death just a couple of months ago, but we have since been giving him extra fluids (via sub-cutaneous injection), and he’s just perked right up. He is a very sweet and loving kitty, super gentle, and we have a special connection. Last night, we were trimming his claws, and one hadn’t shed properly, so it was curling into his lil toe bean. Anyhow, I fixed it, and he was very understanding. And now everything is better. I love Tigger, and so should you.

Tigger used to have a sister named Frisky (who was sent to the grandparents’ farm because she wasn’t doing so great as a house cat), and a brother named Midnight. Ever since his brother passed away, he hasn’t been quite right :( So I’ve been trying my best to give him the love and attention he deserves when I’m around, which includes extra snuggles, thorough cleaning, etc etc etc. He has arthritis all over (his x-rays looked pretty sad), and is chronically constipated, so he’s on laxatives.

But he’s such a good man <3 We would sometimes call him “Nurse Tigger” cuz he’d always come up to whoever was sad or feeling down. Once, when we lost Lulu (post coming), he even walked up and down the street with us while we were looking for her. When he could still hear, he would always run up to whoever was pouring themselves water from the fridge… And if he happened to be outside, he’d show up in the window!

Sep 11, 2017 03:13 PM — Post #5

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Daniel Hayle kay
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i hope he knows he is one of the cutest creatures to ever exist
pls tell him
soft soft boy

Sep 11, 2017 03:24 PM — Post #6

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Petunia Bamsy

;n; Tigger reminds me of our last remaining family cat, Jack.  Also a great sick day companion, also receiving water boluses.  He used to walk down the street with my dog and I each night on the last potty walk of the day!

Anyway, welcome to Horizon, I’m excited to rp with you!  I got my start roleyplaying on neopets :D

Sep 12, 2017 03:06 AM — Post #7

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Meir Evenfall Dom


Okay, but welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 13, 2017 02:12 PM — Post #8

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