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Early Evening | Mostly Sunny, Sunset | Late Winter | Well away from the waterfall

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Faolan Fao Staff

He was impatient to show his father and his brother the waterfall. But mother had said ‘together’ and so he would wait until they were together again.  But since coming up all the way up here, they had divided out a lot more.  Going solo, knowing how to find each other if they needed to, the—so to speak—apron strings of his mother had become long, though intact.

Faolan liked this.  The lack of anyone telling him what to do or “suggesting” action was invigorating. He did what he wanted, when he wanted.

And right now, the little firstborn was laying flat on his belly on the bank of the river. Far enough back that he wouldn’t accidentally slip into the ice and rocks and frigid water, but close enough that he could observe. He had realized quickly how the color of the water seemed to change as the sun dipped lower, and now he was watching it almost obsessively as it went darker and then orange… less light to reflect that was blue. It was almost black and orange to his eyes now, as the sun went down behind him and everything began to cool.

What was color, then, if the time of day changed so much about it?

Sep 13, 2017 02:19 PM

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Rook Carra

The quiet was one of his favorite things. Somewhere in their growing independence, Rook was finding what made him comfortable. The mountains were exactly that - his comfort. Being up in the mountains brought him a sense of calm that the anxiety prone male hadn’t experienced prior. He liked it, and he felt whatever it was that mother had always been talking about. It was right.

It didn’t take him long to find where his brother went, as the dark male found his way towards the rapids. He found Fao laying on his belly watching the water. His eyes turned in the same direction and he regarded the water with a curious eye. While Rook hadn’t been around to see what his brother had just witness, he knew the water was another color.

Well that’s odd.” he commented, not understanding the change.

Sep 17, 2017 04:49 PM — Post #1

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Faolan Fao Staff

Faolan heard his brother’s approach as much as he felt he sensed it. He felt like he knew when Rook was near and when he was not.  A familiar presence. More and more they were apart, but never for long.

His tail stirred at the observation of his quiet brother, as well as the fact that he was here at all.

“I think the water shows us the same things as they sky,” he said. “If you look close in a still part yo you can see things like trees or yourself if you ignore the rocks at the bottom.”

He didn’t quite understand the why of it, of course, but…

“Want to come look closer?” he offered.  “It’s harder to see those things when the sun is orange, though.”  Right now he could scarcely see anything but the whirl of the sky colors.

Sep 17, 2017 06:46 PM — Post #2

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Rook Carra

Rook’s eyes sparked with curiosity as his brother explained that the water showed the sky, or even themselves. He had never…seen himself. How did that work? His head tilted slightly as he slid onto his belly, crawling up towards his brother. “I’ve never seen myself.” he confessed, wondering if he looked like his brother. Had Faolan seen himself?

He inched closer, nervous about the water naturally, but his curiosity came forth until he was close enough to stare at the swirls. If he moved any closer though, he could fall in. Rook weighed these options, before daring to scoot closer, casually eyeing his brother to see if he would join him.

Sep 19, 2017 06:32 PM — Post #3

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Faolan Fao Staff

Faolan was quick to join Rook, his own toes edging him along snow and ice to peer down at the swirling edge of the water.  He wasn’t scared, but he knew better than to be careless.

“If you can’t see yourself, I can tell you what you look like.” Honestly, until he’d seen himself in the water not long ago, he’d just rather assumed he looked like Rook. They were both dark like father and small like mother, so clearly similar…

But maybe not quite.

Sep 19, 2017 08:50 PM — Post #4

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